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How to make Short films in Hindi | शार्ट फिल्म कैसे बनायें | #FilmyFunday #3 | JoinFilms

How to make Short films in Hindi | शार्ट फिल्म कैसे बनायें | #FilmyFunday #3 | JoinFilms

Hello friends, I am Virendra Rathore, and once again, you are welcome in Filmy Funday, joinfilms.com. Friends, on YouTube, our channels is running from many days, many years and in which many celebrities like Nasurudeen Shah, Sushant Singh and many use to share their experiences. But with this many of you people want to ask, know from me about industry the minute knowledge you cannot get from anywhere for any reason and by other sources. So, I thought to start Filmy Funday on You Tube by which I can give answer to you of your comments and can share my experience with you, because this is my goal to tell you people so that all you newcomers can gain benefit who wants to come in the industry. So, subscribe Filmy Funday, You Tube channel so that you come to know about this and if feel good, please share so that more and more people can avail benefits from this. Friends, today I am going to talk with you about YouTube, about makers of YouTube. In any profession, you want to pursue your career, start your career as an actor, writer, director or film maker, or as a cinematographer, so YouTube is a very good medium by which you can start your career. How? Suppose you are an actor, writer or director, so in order to showcase yourself, select a good subject, create a good video on it and upload it on YouTube. You have to be careful about one point on uploading it on YouTube that if you are releasing it through a channel partner then you will get more benefit in this instead of releasing it individually. The reason is clear, when you release it individually, only your friend circle will able to see but when you go through a channel partner then more and more people will able to watch you and what is your objective? That more and more people watch you, get to know your work, you get benefit with it in future, and in future, you get work from it. Okay. So, go through a channel partner Second thing you should follow that what is your goal? If you want to promote yourself as an actor so, what kind of role you are doing in it? It should match with your personality and according to you, do not do while keeping any star in your mind. If you want as a writer so, the best aspect of your writing, if you write a comedy, and then script it by writing a comedy. If you feel drama, horror any subject in which you have mastery, which is your main forte, write in that only. Do not attempt it only for showoff that any kind of jokes are in trend, or adult script are trendy, so I do this thing, do not go for this. As a director, as a director if you want to come then first of all try to come by a service provider, with experience people, search you can find your likeminded people. You have got a good cinematographer, your actors are very good, you have good writing, but the script you have written is good or not is essential to know. And, everything going in that budget, the budget you have got. It is very essential to know initially that what is your budget? How can you bring professional and experienced people in that budget, knowing it is very critical. As it does not happen, because what lives in the minds of people friends is that our budget is small so we should take newcomers, we should take friends. See, what was your objective of making a video is to become popular. And you will be popular only when your video is professional, and it will be professional when professional persons include in it, experienced people working in it. In addition, nothing is an issue in it. In your motto others goals can be included. That is why I am suggesting you to meet these kinds of people who are experienced and can support you in your venture. But if you feel any problem you can share it in our comment box or visit at joinfilms.com, we will definitely help you. So, while making a video, remember to be cautious about these 3-4 points, apart from this remember one thing that the video you are about to create, the things you have mentioned in its subject, are properly communicating or not. Suppose, you are an actor and doing acting but aloof with the subject, will get no benefit. If you are a writer and think that in only one script, because I will get a chance of making film by only one script and I have budget for this only so I put everything comedy, romance, then it will not go well. So, it is compulsory to have a professional guidance. You have to take care of these things as a director and as a cinematographer that if you make film according to the manner of film then it will tough people and you will get the benefit from this. Any information regarding film industry you can contact us, do write me in comment box, how you like my this video? And if want to know anything else, ask, I will definitely tell you in FilmyFunday, and will tell you very fast, I will release these videos frequently. That is why subscribe our channels so that you are notified of next experience I am going to share with you. Okay. And, if you like the video then please share it. Thank you.

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