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How to Make Over $30,000 Per Month With Facebook Ads

How to Make Over $30,000 Per Month With Facebook Ads

– Let’s see if this sounds familiar. You’ve got a college degree
and you’re not using it for what you went to school for. You took out all these student loans, have all this debt and
with the job that you have, you don’t even use it. I know I’m not the only one
that can relate to this. In fact, today we’re going to meet a guy that went to law school and guess what? He’s not working at some huge law firm trying to become partner. He didn’t open up his own law practice. In fact, no, he went in the
complete opposite direction and started an online business. In fact, his online business
right now is making more than $5,000 per day. Interesting, right? All right, I know you wanna
find out more about who this guy is and his journey. We’re gonna do that right now. (upbeat music) What’s up, y’all. Welcome back to the Make 1K Series. So this is a series where I’m highlighting successful entrepreneurs,
but we’re not gonna find out about how amazing they are
right now and how much money they’re making right now. No, we wanna find out their backstory. We wanna find out how they got started. We’re gonna find out who inspired them, who were the mentors to help them overcome the obstacles when it
comes to achieving success, and not just starting a business, but pushing through
all the junk to achieve that massive success that they’ve had. Today you’re gonna meet Mike Yanda. So Mike Yanda did go to law school, he did get his law
degree and then realized that’s not what he wants to do, so he started on online fitness business. That online fitness business led to him forming his own Facebook
ad digital agency. From there, he partnered with
an old high school friend and formed Laptop Empires
and they created a course to show people how to start Facebook ads for small business owners. So he’s got a lot going on. Today we’re gonna learn more
about his digital agency that focuses on Facebook
ads for small business because it’s pretty crazy
how much money you can make if you land one client, just one client, and that’s the story
that Mike shares today. – Hey, Jeff, thank you
so much for having me on the show today. I really love what you’re
doing at Wealth Hacker because I feel like you
share the same mission that we have at Laptop Empires
and that’s showing people that this is the greatest
time in history to make money using the internet. And if you’ve got a few
spare hours every day that you can devote to creating
something for yourself, it can potentially change your life. And I’m especially excited
today because we’re gonna be talking about what I believe
to be the most profitable side hustle out there
right now and it’s how I started making, well, it’s the second way I started making money online,
but it’s turned into my main business and into
a thriving business, but it’s something anybody
can start and you can go and make $1,000 a month right
out of the gate doing this. So I’m really excited to dive into today. Thanks again for having me. (upbeat music) So I actually own a marketing
agency that specializes in managing Facebook ads
for other businesses. So we work with a variety of businesses, but they can really be broken
down into two categories. There’s the local brick
and mortar businesses that we’re trying to help
them put their offers in front of people in
their area and get them more customers through the door. And then we have the online businesses, kind of like your business. It’s the content creators, the bloggers, the people that have
courses, programs, coaching, consulting, those sorts of
things and just helping them grow their audience and their influence so that they can make more sales. And the great thing about this job is that it’s really just half my job. The other half of my job is
that I’ve been a stay-at-home dad since day one of
starting this business. It’s something that you can
do from home on your computer and although you can
grow it into a big agency the way that I did and have a
team and have tons of clients, it’s something that you
can do in your spare time and make really great money in
only a couple hours per week. So I’ve done this the entire
time, staying home with both of my boys, ages one and three,
since my oldest was born. I’ve been home with him,
building this business, playing Legos and all the things that come with being a stay-at-home dad. Now my business currently
follows an agency model. I have multiple team members that help with service delivery,
reporting, managing the clients and all of the things that we do, and I’m at the top just kind
of working with the clients, developing strategy and helping with that. But the day-to-day can
really run without me. But, you don’t have to follow this model, you don’t have to have a ton of clients. What’s really great about
this business is that the going rate for this
service for a single client, especially at the local
brick and mortar level, is about $1,500 per month. So you can land one client
providing these services and get $1,500 every
month, month after month to manage these simple
Facebook ad campaigns for them. I always tell people, if
you can manage a spreadsheet or you can create a
status update on Facebook, then you can manage
Facebook ads in this way. It’s really not difficult
and the best thing about it is that it’s one of those
things you create the ad, you get it figured out and
then once it’s running, you just let it sit and so
it’s very passive in the sense that you might be checking
to make sure performance is good every day, but you’re
not actually having to go in and do work for those
clients every single day. But you’re still gonna
get paid because it’s a really valuable service that allows them to make a lot more money
and it’s taking something off their plate, it’s
taking this marketing work that they don’t know how to
do, they don’t have the time to do, they don’t wanna learn how to do, you’re taking it off of their
plate and doing it for them. So you can have a bunch of
clients in the way that I do and you can build a team,
or if you are like me, you’re a stay-at-home parent
but maybe you just want to put in some work during
nap time or in the evening after the kids go to bed,
you can totally do that and you could get three,
four clients paying you $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 per month and make a really incredible living doing this with a really minimal workload. (upbeat music) You know, this is such a
funny question because I don’t actually know what
inspired me to start an online business. I can’t remember exactly what prompted. I think I just saw an
opportunity and I took it. And so my online business
journey actually started with my first business
which was on online fitness coaching business and I
started this years ago when I was still in law school. And so what happened is
I was kind of overweight and I started working
out, started eating right, lost weight, got in great shape. I had a six pack back then. Now I’m back to kind
of having a keg again, but back then I was in really great shape. I started having people asking
me hey, how’d you do it? Can you help me? And I was giving people advice
and I saw this opportunity. There was this website at
the time called Fitocracy, it might still be around, I don’t know, but it was like Facebook
for fitness and they were putting out these really
affordable coaching programs and I took one, I thought
it was really cool. They were looking for new
coaches and I was like, I can do this, I know this stuff. And so I created a program
and, these programs, we would have 100, 150 people at a time that were going through
these fitness programs for 12 weeks or whatever it
was and it was just a support community and it was providing
motivation and advice and giving them their
basic diet plan the their workout plans and just
encouraging people and motivating people and that was how
I got my start and I was making good money with that. But I didn’t wanna be
reliant on another website. I wanted to build my own brand. But I was in law school and law school, in case you haven’t heard, kind of sucks, like it’s really brutal. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of studying and so I didn’t have the
time to go and create a blog and do all of the things
that these fitness bloggers, these online fitness coaches were doing. I just couldn’t fit that into my schedule. And even though I wanted
to make money online from this business to help
pay for these student loans, I had so many student loans. I wanted to make that extra money, I just couldn’t devote more hours. And so very naively I thought
to myself, you know what, I’m gonna run Facebook
ads to get more clients. I’m gonna put up an ad
saying I have a program and then they’re gonna give me their email and their phone number,
I’m gonna talk to them and I’m gonna sell to them. And that’s what I did
and it worked really well and I built a great business
and made good money from that. And then all of my friends that
were in the fitness industry started knowing and they’re
like, how on earth is Mike getting all these clients
when he doesn’t have a fitness blog, he’s not active on
social media, he’s not doing all the things that we’re doing
and he’s not even one of us. He wasn’t a personal trainer. Like I was just some random,
lost weight in law school and started helping people. So when I started showing
people this kind of stuff, I was able to say, look,
this is what I’m doing and then just like with
the fitness industry, where I was able to say hey,
I can help you lose weight, I know this thing. Give me some money and I’ll help you. I was able to start doing the
same thing with marketing. I was able to say to these fit pros, I can help you get more
clients using Facebook ads. Pay me and I’ll take care of it for you. (upbeat music) You know, this is a really
tough question to answer because I’ve never really
had a mentor in that sense with my online businesses. I’ve kind of had mentors, but I’ve been more of a self-study. So the way that I learned was
actually going into Facebook groups, going into
entrepreneurial communities that specialized in things
like paid adverting, list building, course
creation, email copyrighting, whatever it is that I
wanted to learn about I would go and become an active
part of these communities. I would meet the members,
I would see the questions they were asking, I would
watch the free trainings they were putting on in these communities. And then when I could afford
it, I started investing in courses and so I feel
like the best way to learn from people is to go
and take their courses and read their books. A book is a great way
that you can spend $15 to learn everything that
person has to share. Sure, it might go deeper,
but people put a lot of information in the books,
they give you the blueprint. And then if you take
course, you’re gonna spend a couple hundred bucks
to really learn exactly how to do something. Courses wouldn’t make money
and they wouldn’t do well if they didn’t lay it all out
there, they didn’t give you the plan, show you how
to do it step-by-step. And so I, coming from this background, I went to college then
I went to law school and I studied for the bar
exam, became a lawyer. Studying was part of my life
and so when I was building my business, the thing
that made the most sense was to get a book or to
get a course and to study the same way that I was
learning the practice of law and apply that to my
business and that’s always worked really well for me. So I can’t sit here and just
list out a bunch of people, like list names of people
that have mentored me. There’s a whole lot of people. I never would have been
able to do this for myself and there’s a lot of people
that deserve recognition, but I definitely don’t
wanna leave anybody out and so what I would just say
is like if you’re wanting to get started, invest
in courses, read books, follow the people that
do what you wanna do or know the thing that you wanna know. Get on their email list,
consume their newsletters. People share their best stuff via email and that’s a great way to learn too. So go put in a little
work, do some self-study and then actually apply
the things you learn. I think that’s the biggest
mistake people make. They buy a course, they buy
a book, they don’t implement. Study the things and implement
it all the way through before you get shiny objects
and buy the next thing. (upbeat music) I think the biggest
obstacle for me starting out was just like charging
what my service was worth. I told you earlier that
these Facebook ad services for local business, you
can charge $1,500 a month. That’s kind of the industry standard. And people range from $1,000
to two grand and some go way above that, but for must
basic, for a mom and pop shop like running ads for a
gym or a chiropractor or a restaurant or a realtor
or something in your area or in another area, because fun fact, I have zero clients in Texas. All of my clients are out
of state and I have clients on four continents, so I
work with people that are all really far away from me that
I can’t meet with in person, which is kind of cool. But for those kind of brick
and mortar businesses, you can charge $1,500,
you can charge $1,000. But you have to kind of
break through that mental gap because that’s probably
a lot of money for you. And I know when somebody
would pay me $1,000, I’m like, oh, my gosh,
that’s so much money, but you have to look at
it from their perspective. Business owners don’t see
money the same way that we do as consumers because if
they have this brick and mortar building, they had to take
out these massive loans, they have all there expenses. Their rent for the location
is many times what you charge and they also understand that
they are going to get sales from this so they might
spend $1,000 and spend money on advertising, but they’re gonna get five and times that back. It’s gonna be a good ROI for them. But that was really difficult
at first to kind of learn how to sell the them, to
because confident saying, this is how much I charge,
even knowing that that’s what everyone else was charging. And I honestly, I think
if anybody gets into this, Facebook Ad Management
Side Hustle, I think that’s the hardest thing to overcome
is just being comfortable saying like, yes, I’m happy to
provide this service for you. It’s gonna cost $1,200 per month. And then just sitting and
being quiet and not ruining it by being a blabber mouth, like
that’s a big thing in sales. Say your number and then
just shut up and let them be the next one to speak. (upbeat music) So my first $1,000 online
definitely came from my online fitness business
and it was actually not a $1,000 line item, it was
a bunch of different people signing up for a program, equally $1,000. But for the business that I
currently do for this agency marketing business, the
first $1,000 I made online was actually my very first client. They paid $1,000 per
month and stayed with me for a really long time
and it’s kind of funny. I very specifically remember it. I remember I was in a Facebook
group and I was talking about Facebook ads and was
answering some questions in the comments and
somebody reached out to me, they sent me a private message. It was like, hey, I’ve got a gym. I really wanna use Facebook
ads, but I don’t wanna do this myself, can I help you? I was like sure, we’ll hop on a call. And so we hopped on, we Skype
call or something like that, and we talked and I found
out about his business and what he was selling,
what his prices were, what his demographics
were, all that information and he was like, cool, I wanna do this. How much is it? I hadn’t thought that far ahead. I was like, I don’t know. And so I just said $1,000 per month. And I just spit it out and
it was a total random number and the way I was looking
at it at that point was just like, hey, if he
hires me, I’m making $1,000. If he doesn’t hire me, who cares because I wasn’t doing this thing yet. And he was like, sure,
cool, when can we start? And that was that. We got off the call, I
sent him a PayPal link and he paid my $1,000 on the
spot and continued to send, pay me $1,000 per month after that. And what’s really crazy about
this is I remember making my first day where I made
$5,000 because another one of my clients, we got
really great results for him and he went and posted
in this Facebook group and was like, I’ve been
working with Mike for 48 hours and we’ve gotten all of these
results, it’s incredible. If you’re looking for this service, you really need to reach out to him. He was over in the UK and so I woke up, six hour time difference,
I woke up that morning like 6:00 a.m., it was lunch time for them and I had all of these
messages in my inbox. And so from 6:00 a.m. until
about 1:00, I went through and I talked to all these gym owners, kept just doing call,
call, call over and over. And at the end of the day,
I had five new clients at $1,000 a piece. I was suddenly making $5,000
a month in new business on top of the business that I already had. Man, that was just such
an incredible feeling. And I remember both of
those instances to this day. (upbeat music) The really interesting thing
about my marketing business is that just the very nature
of Facebook ads themselves are so passive. This is a service-based business. You are delivering a
service for other people. You’re doing work for
them, but really what it comes down to, you create this ad for them and it goes live and then
you don’t really do much. It’s very hands-off. Every day you show up,
you check on the ad, you go, okay, cool, it’s performing well, it’s bringing in leads,
they’re making sales. And then you don’t touch
it and you go away. And so you can really just
spend a few minutes a day on it and then maybe a couple
weeks later it stops working and then you create a new ad. And so I consider what
I do very, very passive, even though it’s a service
business and that’s one of the reasons that I’ve
been able to scale it the way I have is because
you can get so many clients. You can stack so many
clients before it becomes a lot of work every day. Because really when it comes down to it, if you’ve got a handful of clients, one day you’re working
on one and you might not work on one one day, the
next day you work on another. It’s never that you’re
working on all of them all at the same time. So the great thing about this
is that you’re making money even when you’re not working
because you’re providing a result for them. They’re paying for a result. They’re paying to get more
customers and to make more sales inside of their local
business and you’re putting those people in front of them. So even if you don’t
have work to do for them, you’re making money and
that’s pretty passive. But it can really go to the next level. But I think what’s really
great with this is that I’ve always just been able to
take time off to travel, to go on vacation, to be with my family, whatever it was that I needed to do. In the early days when it was just me, I would just let a client
know, be like, hey, my family and I, we’re going
to the beach for the next four or five days. These ads are on, they’re
going well, just check on them and if one starts not performing well, then all you have to
do is flick the switch, turn it off and I’ll take care
of it as soon as I get back. And we rarely, there was no
problems or anything like that. But now that I have a team,
I have people helping me with service delivery, multiple
times a year I’m taking off good 10-day, 14-day stretches. Last year my wife and I
went to France for 11 days and we traveled all over and
we had wine, we had good food. I did not take, have my phone. I didn’t have internet. I was 100% unplugged and the
income still kept coming in and so this is a business that
can be very, very passive, even if you’re just a solo
shop, even if it’s just you, but especially if you wanna
grow it one day and have a team like I do, even if you
only have one person, even if all you have is
a single assistant or VA. (upbeat music) Okay, if I was starting over
today, I know exactly what I would tell myself. I’d be like, Mike, focus. Don’t get distracted. I know that you’re really
interested in all the different things, all the bells and whistles. It’s easy to go, I wanna
learn this, I wanna do this, I wanna do that. But I would just pick a strategy and I would go all in on it. And this is what I eventually
did with my agency businesses. I was like, this is how
I’m gonna make my money, I’m gonna grow this, this
is gonna be my career, I’m leaving law practice behind, I’m gonna do this full-time, I’m gonna build a team
and I’m gonna change my family’s life. And when I got that singular
focus, everything changed and things grew and it has,
it has completely changed my family’s life, but it
took me focusing and so it took me taking a
course, learning everything that person had to share with me, being an active member of that community, implementing like crazy, not
being afraid to put myself out there and work for
other people and to sell and say, hey, it cost
$1,500 to work with me. And when I got that
focus and that dialed in, everything grew at a rapid rate. But before that, I think
I was like most people where I got distracted and I was like, what if I did this, what if I did this, oh, that looks interesting,
and I kept trying all these things and I didn’t have focus and because of that my
business grew pretty slowly at first, or kind of plateaued. So, just put that time
in, have singular focus, know what you’re gonna do,
don’t try to figure it all out yourself, ask other people for help, get educational resources,
learn and implement. (upbeat music) I truly believe that everyone should start an online business. You should have a side
hustle of some sort. The opportunity is too
great for you not to do this and the reality is that not everybody will be an entrepreneur, not
everybody’s cut out for that. But everybody has this
opportunity and should give it a shot to see if they like
it because the worst thing that can happen is that
you try it out and you say, this is isn’t for me,
I like my nine to five, I like going into work, coming
home and seeing my family. But the best thing that can
happen is that you do this and you start making incredible money and you get to buy your dream
home and you get to pay off all of your debt and you
get to go on dream vacations and you get to pay for your kid’s college and you get to do cool
things with your family that you have time
flexibility, that you can spend more time with your family
because you’re business does not require you to be
somewhere else or to work when your family wants to hang out. So, what’s the worse that can happen? You try it out, you watch an hour less of Netflix every night,
you try to make something for yourself and if you
decide it’s not for you, cool, that’s fine, go binge watch shows. I love doing that. But maybe, just maybe,
you’ll be like so many people in this world that have
created an online business and started making thousands
of dollars a month, maybe making six figures or
even seven figures per year and just totally changed
the outlook of what life is gonna be like for
themselves, for their families, possibly for even generations. So, don’t pass up this opportunity. At least give it a chance and
all you gotta do is start. – All right, so there’s
so many things I love about this story, obviously
being a father myself, the fact that Mike could
be a stay-at-home dad from day one, that is huge. I don’t wanna skirt over that because that is an amazing blessing. Sometimes it’s a struggle
when you got kids crying, all that fun stuff, but
still, the fact that he can be there and be around
his child from day one, like that’s such a huge thing. The other part that I want you to focus on is whenever that customer asked Mike, like how much do you
charge for your services, and he didn’t really know what to say. His reasoning, his rationale
was, well, I can just ask for this, the worst case scenario
is that they will say no. If you don’t ask for the order, you’re never going to get it. So the fact that he was
willing to go above and beyond his comfort zone and ask
for that amount of money, and the fact the customer
said yes, I mean, heck yeah. You gotta ask for the order. Please take that away because
if you’re too afraid to ask, you’re not going to get it. You gotta be willing to
put yourself out there. And who cares if they say no. There are plenty of other people
that are going to say yes. You just have to ask. All right, I hope you
enjoyed this addition of the Make 1K Series. If you haven’t yet,
please subscribe because I got more people coming to the channel sharing their origin story
of how they achieved success. So if you have any ambition
of starting a business, especially an online
business, you’re going to meet some amazing people from
all different walks of like, from all different
backgrounds that are creating amazing content, amazing
businesses that are not just only helping people, but they
are giving their family and their own personal
lives just some freedom that you really don’t know
what it’s all about until you actually have it yourself. So I hope you enjoyed this. Until next time, this is
Jeff Rose reminding you that it’s your money, it’s your life and only you can make it awesome. Subscribe, peace out, later.

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