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How To Make Money With Instagram! ($500+ A Day Online)

How To Make Money With Instagram! ($500+ A Day Online)

what’s going on guys in today’s video
I’m gonna show you how to make money on Instagram the right way this is how I
make thousands of dollars per week and pretty much everyone I know who’s trying
to make money on Instagram this is how they do it so I’m gonna show you how the
big ballers do it how they make money I don’t make nearly as much as a lot of
people on Instagram but I’m going to take you through the process on how it’s
done now this question came about from my last video how we got 10,000
followers in 13 days a lot of my subscribers didn’t really understand why
we’re building these big Instagram accounts and we’re not monetizing them
or making money from them straight away so I’m gonna teach you how you do it
properly in the backend and actually make really really good money and while
you’re wasting your time if you’re doing it like pretty much everyone else to
turn the door and sell things straight away now that account we actually talked
about guys is now at 27 thousand followers and I only did this video 6
days ago so we’ve gone up another 10,000 plus a little bit more and wow 6 days
pretty crazy right and by the way the winner from last video is pinned at the
top comment every single week every time I post a video I give away access to one
of my courses so like this video and subscribe and you automatically go on
the draw to win access to my training so anyway guys that’s this is a profile
we’re talking about growing at an enormous rate but how do you monetize
this how do you make money with these followers that are not really related to
you because we’re using viral content to go viral well first of all this is how a
lopes grew a massive following this is how a lot of other people grew a massive
following the Technic views in the last video but this is how they also made
money with their accounts ok this technique right here now the wrong way
to do it and it kind of goes against what ty Lopez is done because he’s done
it but the wrong way he’s only reason he’s done it he’s got a massive
following now he doesn’t he you know he didn’t he used to have a
competition here but you don’t want to try and sell something in your profile
straight away keep it clean maybe put a competition in there or tell people to
you know have a link to a photo and tell people to like it or something but you
don’t want to have a link trying to sell something on the profile was that’s not
how we’re going to be making money with these accounts that’s not how we’re
making money with these particular accounts number one what we care about
and the most important thing to us is the profile views so this profile has
had 70,000 in the last seven days this is really important to this method now
the second thing is this story we rely heavily on the story to warm people up
warmer prospects up and sell them products via the story and the next
thing is you can actually well first of all before we jump into the actual
method that I use probably one of the easiest ways to make money with
Instagram if you are growing fast or you plan to grow fast is to do shoutouts
okay people will automatically just contact you we get like one or two a day
and we’re getting more and more frequently so that’s really an easier
way out it’s an easy way to make money from your Instagram account as you grow
however we did this one don’t offer gonna do any more we don’t really need
to but it was just a quick 40 bucks on the side but I gave to my social media
manager anyway for growing my account now what I what we need to understand
here guys is Instagram stories are insane for making money so what you want
to be doing is because we build our counts with viral methods viral videos
that don’t but not even related to me whatsoever but we get all of these
followers the first thing we want to do is post stories now I only post stories
every one or twelve two or three days if I posted daily I would probably have
more success but I’m getting some you know when we’re getting a massive amount
of followers coming in four thousand story views three thousand story views
this is when we’re not getting lots of followers around about a thousand it’s
around about twelve hundred this is actually we had a lot less
followers but what I’m doing is I’m putting my face out there like guys if
you want to grow if you want to be successful Instagram you’re gonna have
to put your face out there because that’s what Instagram is it’s a platform
where people show off show their life put their face out there but we’re not
doing it on the front end on the we’re not sorry we’re not doing it on the
profile here we’re doing it on things like stories okay the stories are really
really important to warm up your followers okay that’s number one and
then you can sell stuff in your story guys you can sell heaps of stuff so this
has 600 views this was a pitch for a training god I look really tied there
that was a pitch for a training of 600 people viewed it had a bunch of swipe
ups and made money right now what kind of stuff do you sell the story something
that is free okay or cheap so first of all something that’s for free like a
free training a free fitness course a free flip program that you find but they
get sold later on with upsells or something like that or a free free their
monthly membership so let them into something for free well I should say for
a dollar and then charge them monthly so I kind of doubled up they’re a paid
Facebook group under 37 dollars a month it’s kind of a sweet point you can use
it to grow your other social media accounts or you can use it to run
competitions see people just want to make money but you can use this traffic
to build out your other social media accounts okay that’s really you you’re
warming them up guys you want to make you want to warm them up so you can make
money from your prospects later and persuade them into purchasing what you
have on offer now you can’t just send rent send traffic to a random links and
hope it sticks like that’ll work guys but you’re gonna not make nowhere near
as much money as you possibly can in fact you’re probably not going to make
much at all you need to have a system in place and this is why I’m sure in the
exact system that I’m using to make money for my Instagram account now I pay
someone to grow my account and I highly suggest you sit down and have a plan do
you want to grow the account or do you want to monetize it
you can’t really because it takes a lot of time I mean
you can if you have a lot of time but I’m good at selling the person that
grows my account is good at growing so I pay him to grow I myself am good at
selling so I sell the products and the stories and in the ads and all sorts of
other things okay that’s my job so if you don’t know how to grow an Instagram
account but you know how to sell product then you can simply just go and pay
someone plenty of gurus do it Tyler Oakley’s did it a lot of people do that
that’s how they grow their accounts now this is where the real baller money is
made and what I’m going to be doing guys is actually showing you my secret sauce
at the end of this video but what we do is we go and build out these massive
profile visits because that’s the point we want to build out these huge what we
do is we can connect our Instagram to our Facebook we can build out what we
call a retarget list and this is actually what a retarget list is right
here so in the last seven days I have 50,000 profile views now you may
be asking yourself Franklin why is it different to this this is 70,000 because
it only tracks people who are actually logged into Facebook so it’s a lot less
sometimes and then we have 180,000 people in the last seven days who have
liked and commented our stuff on our stuff it doesn’t include video views but
we can do video views but we don’t do that
so what I’m going to do guys is advertise to these particular people and
make money now what we do is we want to build out an email list we want to turn
these guys people have visited our profile into an email list now if we’ve
already done stories to some of them AB large portion of these people going to
be quite warm but a lot of these guys are not going to be warm yet so what we
have to do is warm them up inside an email autoresponder to sell products to
them okay affiliate products you might have a
fitness course you might have a blog you might want to send traffic to our blog
this is a traffic source guys okay you don’t have to sell products or anything
you can use this traffic to send traffic to your blog to your social media
accounts your other ones this is just traffic that’s what we’re doing here
we’re putting up a mess of traffic sauce and this is exactly how
it works so let’s get little bit more complicated here
I’m getting these people who have visited my profile and putting them into
a list of 50 1,000 people because some are not logged into Facebook then I’m
taking these people and the other ones as well and I’m taking them down here
and I’m promoting to them a video that has no promotion no link or anything
like that just a free video now this video in particular is how to build an
affiliate business okay and it’s about 30 and 40 minutes long now what I do
then is I go and build a list of people who have watched 50 percent of that
video then I do an advert of that’s about two to three minutes long with me
screaming grabbing their attention and they actually screaming but you’ve got
to grab their attention and say hey you just watch my video I’ve got this
awesome free training you could download you can jump into then what I’m gonna be
doing guys is giving them a free training or something for free a free
book something for free a free pdf showing off a YouTube video I might just
go and get one of my youtube videos and say hey I got a free video for you and
what I do is I click the email guys at this point okay so I’m gonna click their
email and then they’re gonna go to the Thank You page where I can sell them a
product I can tell them scribes me on YouTube or go like my latest Instagram
post but either way guys what I’m doing is people miss the big picture here I’m
not trying to sell straight away I’m warming them up with an ad that’s just a
video teaching them something then 50% who have watched then I’m going out
there and promoting I’m sorry clicking emails then what I do guys is number one
some of them are going to go to the Thank You page and the rest going to go
to the email which my email looks like this okay they come into here I have
like four or five days worth of training free training and then like day five or
six I promote a product now I have two lines here because I promote two
different products I basically asked my survey are you interested in affiliate
marketing or e-commerce people that are interested in e-commerce go to the right
and I promote my e-commerce products people that are interested in a flip
marketing go to the left and I promote my affiliate marketing
products okay so you can really sigmund people in two different categories and
make a lot of money with the stuff now what’s the secret sauce so this is how I
do it guys obviously can teach me everything in this one video but there
are other videos on my youtube channel so go and check them out subscribe and
you will get all the videos but you know this is kind of the gist of how we do it
I know it looks a little complex but if you go online and learn about email
marketing Facebook advertising you’ll learn all of this stuff okay I
have a video on how to create Facebook retargeting I might even leave that
below for you now my secret sauce guys is once I’ve done all of this what I
actually do is I have a Google pixel on this account on this page sorry that
they go to where I click the email so that’s actually an ad in the page mixed
I’m a nice person of the box but never have room but I exclude people that went
to the Thank You page so the people that went to the email page right didn’t put
in the email I do more ads to them on Google and Facebook but Google’s
performing really well for me I’m getting 90 I’m actually getting between
50 to 93 sent leads a day New Zealand which is like sip of 93 cents is about
60 to 70 cents u.s. I’m getting leads on the pennies for literally nothing right
you saw a lot of you guys know how expensive leads are they can be five six
seven 10 20 bucks a lead I’m getting them for under $1 New Zealand’s like
under 70 cents American wonder 80 cents American US dollars and that’s my secret
I’m going out there and capturing those other leads that lift that page okay so
I know it can SAP look a little bit complex but once you have this someplace
and it’s running you’re literally printing money no jokes and then you
build out these massive email lists we can go and promote affiliate products
you can go and build out a blog and have this huge audience and I haven’t even
tapped into facebook Messenger yet I have a huge facebook Messenger list of
people as works on clicking nose on the Thank You page there’s so much you can
do to build out this huge audience but you need to remember Instagram if you’re
not going to take it seriously and not going to
face out there build a personal brand you’re wasting your time unless you just
want to do shoutouts but to make thousands of dollars per day I’m telling
you the truth here you need to do it properly with advertising and utilizing
those audiences but the reason I did this video we’re going to talk about
some offers in a second but the reason I did this video guys is because people
couldn’t understand Franklin how are you making money from viral travel videos
how are you making money from all these useless videos going viral you know that
are not related to you it doesn’t matter if they’re related to me or not I can
make money from the profile visits I can make money in the story you know these
stories again thousands of views guys forth that will 3,000 3,000 4,000 these
want a little bit less this one here I just did today I think no maybe no
today’s are up here I think I did this a few days ago nearly 2000 guys could you
imagine 2,000 people at your fingertips you could sell a product – right this is
a traffic source at all of those you utilize it for what you need to utilize
it for it’s that simple now what kind of stuff can you promote
guys first of all don’t sell to them right away biggest mistake we tried it
didn’t work I mean we still test things like that because you never know but
we’ve tested it doesn’t work so something desks feel free then you can
sell to them later it’s like a free course a free webinar and you sell them
in the webinar you sell them to them in the course a $500 plus product you want
to be selling a high ticket product at some stage in your email marketing to
make back money for the ads a monthly workout plan if you fitness coach or
something I paid facebook group you can do a
higher price at this point because they’re quite warm you can promote
affiliate products you can use this traffic to grow your other social media
accounts okay so that’s how I am making money from my Instagram guys there’s
lots of ways but this is literally the best way to make thousands of dollars
per day you’re not going to make a thousand dollars a day online on
Instagram by just having your link and the profile ain’t gonna work you have to
have a strategy in place and this is my entire strategy right here okay just one
more time before we go we get the followers we we you know we
like the followers we do stories but most of all we want the profile views we
go and build lists from these profile views and the engagement as well from
like likes comments then we go into a free video teaching on how to create a
business or if you’re a fitness coach how to do cardio or work I don’t know
I’m not under fitness you can tell them a fat the fat dude but you can do 10
best pressure press up methods pull-up strategy I don’t know you can do a video
teaching someone stuff about fitness and then 50% people who watch that you can
promote your fitness program okay but you need to have a buffer in the middle
you can’t just go on sale to them straight away it’s not gonna work you
need to have a buffer video where you warm them up people that have watched 50
percent of your video they are warm they’re ready to buy from you they’ve
literally just watched your face or whatever you promote I put in front of
them for 50 percent of that entire video okay
fifty percent you can even target 90 percent 25 percent if you want 90
percent measuring how powerful that is imagine how warm that traffic is you
have 90 percent a person that’s watching 90 in program probably if you’ve got if
you’re good at selling right so that’s how the big ballers are getting a rich
on the Instagram guys is the stuff you see in the back end you don’t see it on
the front you probably sitting there going Franklin’s an idiot why is he got
all these viral videos but little do you know we’re making thousands of dollars
where you don’t see it okay and this is honestly how we’re doing it guys all
right that’s it for this video guys I’ll see on the next one I just want to share
this because you guys had a lot of questions make sure like to get in the
competition you may have to like this video we want 500 on there so we’re not
going to be doing the competition subscribe and I’ll see you guys the next

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