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How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners In 2019 | YouTube Money

How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners In 2019 | YouTube Money

Today I want to talk about how to make money with YouTube And for those of you guys have been following my channel for a little bit You know how passionate I am about YouTube because it can be a total game changer for your life for your business doesn’t matter What type of business you’re in I started YouTube a little over a year and a half ago So January 2018 is when I actually got serious with my youtube business and this year just my second year Creating my YouTube channel. I’m on pace to make over $300,000 this year right now guys I don’t say that the brag but I want to share with you guys exactly what I’m doing show you the exact strategies I’m not going to share anything that I’m not doing like e-commerce or merch or anything like that because I don’t do that So I want to share with you guys what I do Because I have a pretty small channel and it’s been still pretty lucrative now real quick before we dive into everything though I don’t want you to think that like YouTube is something like get-rich-quick scheme Actually the first several months of YouTube. I was making pretty much zero money the amount of time I actually put into YouTube those first few months. I was making like less than fifty cents an hour Whereas now I pretty much can have it running on autopilot where I don’t have to be posting videos Non-stop every single day and I can still be making a good two to three hundred dollars every single day No matter if I post a video or not So with that said if you are solely focused on the YouTube ad revenue, which you get with Adsense showing ads in your videos I want it fully rely on that. It’s really not that exciting until you really get some good views Now this past month I made over $8,000 which that finally is getting to a point where it’s like exciting But it takes a long time you got to do a lot of work to get to that point so if that’s the only thing that you’re focused on I probably think about a different way to go through and make money because there’s a lot of other ways that you could probably make a lot more money without how to put in so much work alright So the very first step that you need to do is go and pick a niche pick a specific Industry or specific topic to talk about and start making videos, right? You got to start actually making content if you go and you create a channel, you don’t put any content out there No one’s going to find it because the only way people can find you your channel is through videos just like this and guys Literally, this is the very first video I’ve ever done. I just bought a brand new canon Camera, which I’m pretty excited about I don’t even know this video is gonna turn out or not because I have no idea how to work it I got a new mic guys. This is after over 20 months of doing YouTube videos All the rest of my videos if you go back and look at them They’re using my iPhone or the screenshare camera on my computer Ok, so there’s no excuse to like I don’t have the right equipment to go through and create, you know new videos I just got a new lighting so I literally just got all this this last week just so I could be like Alright that making some good money with YouTube now. I should probably take it a little bit more serious So if you’re brand new Starting out right now Don’t make that excuse just start creating content and even if you’re not that great at creating Content or you’re scared of being in front of the camera Well guys in the beginning the great thing is nobody’s watching your videos anyway So it’s a great way to go through and get some practice. Ok So number one create a channel pick a specific industry or niche Hopefully something that you’re good at or that you enjoy that you’re passionate about and start making videos Right now step number two this is something extremely powerful that I don’t think most youtubers do and If they don’t do this you’re missing out on a lot of money. Okay, and this is going through and building an email list so what you’re gonna do is create a simple landing page something looks just like this and You are gonna have a link to that landing page in the description in the top comment of every single one of your videos Okay, and you’ve probably seen all youtubers at the end of the videos they say hey a light comment subscribe Because then YouTube will send them notification emails if they subscribe and hit that notification bell But the truth is guys you too doesn’t even send emails to every single person that has that notification Bell hit every single time you launch a video So if you have an email list that you have built up You can take matters into your own hands and blast out an email to your email list Letting them know that you launched a new video and this is the number one way to get organic views in the first 24 hours of launching a new video and if your to YouTube and you’re like you don’t know why that’s so important Well YouTube’s algorithm They’ll take a look at your video in the first hour first 12 24 hours and they’ll see how many people are actually watching that video How many people are actually clicking on that video how long they’re watching that video for and they’ll take all of that into? Account as they’re ranking your video and making it a suggestive video to other videos And so the nice thing is if someone jumps in enjoins your email list a lot of times Those are the people that are most interested in your content So right out of the gate as soon as your video launches you can get your video in front of an audience who actually Knows likes and trusts you So you’re gonna get a lot more people clicking and watching the video and your watch time is going to be a lot longer so you can get more exposure for your videos which leads us into the third step of going through and actually Making money and that is selling courses. So my youtube channel I have a lot of content talking about Facebook Ads Instagram ads how to start a YouTube channel passive income all these different topics but they’re kind of all scattered right like you can’t go through and learn Facebook ads or you can But you’re gonna be jumping from one video to the next and jumping all over the place And so what I’ve done is I’ve created a course It’s a lot more straightforward Of like here’s step by step how to set up Facebook Ads how to get everything up and running and how to launch your campaigns How to generate leads so then people find my youtube videos on Facebook ads and like oh man, this guy knows this stuff I wonder if he’s got something a little bit more straight forward a little bit more step by step a little Blueprint and that is where the course comes in now You don’t have to be selling these courses for a thousand two thousand dollars or anything like that My Facebook Ads masterclass is just 47 bucks So guys if you want to learn more about Facebook Ads get down there and check out the link So as people are watching your videos, they can see a link out to your course down in the description But then also your email list that you’re building letting people know about different videos that you’re launching. You can also notify them Hey look We’re got a special deal going on on the course that you can jump in and get it today and you can make some discount or promotional type thing or tell some success stories of other people that have gone through Your course your training and have had some good success Now of course is our great way to make some good money because you set one course and you just made 50 bucks Whereas they get 250 dollars per day with your adsense revenue That can take several months of creating a lot of content and really working hard to promote those videos now Obviously not every channel that every topic can have an easy course, like if you’re a vlog or something like that Someone’s probably gonna have a course on like how to live the life that you live right or something like that they’re not gonna buy that but if you have some type of channel where you’re an expert on of like maybe like it’s Taxes or how to make money or marketing or whatever it is You can easily go through and say hey Here’s some different strategies and have the YouTube videos about that And then sell a more in-depth course on the back end to make some money, which can help pay the bills While your YouTube channel is actually growing so you can make some of that Adsense revenue as well alright So just a quick recap one picking niche pick an industry a topic that you can go through and start making videos on Number two build an email list so that you can let your list know of new videos that you’ve actually launched and then number three Make a course Maybe it’s a low ticket course a higher end course, whatever it is Or you can have multiple and then you can let people know that are watching your videos or that are on your email list About the course that you can actually have them buy and make money off that and then the fourth one This is one that I’ve actually been playing around with the last two weeks or so And it’s been working out pretty well because we can actually leverage our email list as well as our YouTube following To make money and that is through affiliate marketing or affiliate promotions. So I’ll pop up here This is my affiliate commissions right here. I’ve been promoting a product and the last couple days has been pretty good I’ve been making about a couple hundred bucks every single day and this is something I literally just started playing around with but basically what Affiliate marketing is is if a company has a product right they want to go through and they want to make sales for that product Well, if you recommend somebody to buy that product they will pay you a commission for doing that So let’s say they have a hundred dollar product and their affiliate payout is thirty percent well if someone buys that hundred other products you get a thirty percent commission or you make thirty dollars for Referring that person to that company, which is pretty nice Especially as you go through and grow your email list your youtube following you can make money Of these affiliate offers and you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment the support anything like that So that’s another great way to go and make some nice passive income from your YouTube channel Alright, so basically kind of a quick recap here guys Go through The first thing is to start making YouTube content and as you go through and grow to a thousand subscribers Four thousand watch hours. You can start throwing ads on your YouTube video and once you have ads you make some ad revenue money and then you can have your courses on the back end and you can Be making money on course sales and then if you have a great product that there’s like a Software or some other type of training or whatever that you’ve used and you absolutely love it You can recommend people to those products and also Amazon if you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon It’s easy to become an Amazon affiliate and just get a little affiliate link drop it down in your youtube video So like let’s say you have a YouTube channel on unboxing like unboxing my new Canon camera Well, you can have an Amazon affiliate link out to that camera Where is someone buys that camera you get paid for those efforts? so anyway guys I hope this video was helpful if you guys been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, or if it’s really worth it It was gonna be lucrative one. Keep the long term in mind. Okay, don’t be thinking about a quick fix here You’re not gonna be making money in 90 days. And if you are it’s going to be very minimal but if you have that long-term mindset like the two three Four five years of building your own personal brand making money off of ad revenue Courses affiliate offers and then even at that point there’s brand deals There’s econ there’s merch or so many ways that you can go through and monetize your personal brand You can monetize your YouTube channel So if you’ve been thinking about it jump in take action I highly recommend it and at the end of day you’re gonna get over your fears if you have that fear of shooting videos I’m a super shy person. I’m very introverted Yet. I’ve been just doing these videos for a long time and you just get used to it So anyway guys, I hope this video was helpful If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you think And if you have a youtube channel linked out to it so we can all check out your guys’s channels and if you’re brand new here, make sure you tribe hit that notification bell and Joint my email list. Alright, so anyway guys, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners In 2019 | YouTube Money
    STEP #1 – Get My FREE Facebook Ads Mini Course Here 👉 https://www.yoursocialsystem.com/fb-ads
    STEP #2 – Get My #1 Facebook Ads Sales Funnel (For FREE) By Creating Your Own Account Here 👉 https://bit.ly/2lItczX

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for the value, I've been a follower for a bit now. One thing that totally stumps me regarding YouTube channels is how do you get those initial viewers to your new videos? It seems YouTube's algo will show people videos with more watch time/views first, so how does a new channel break in? Do you run FB ads to those new videos to try and generate some watch time so it'll actually start showing up and ranking when people are searching for that content?

  3. I'm a first-time YouTuber and super excited, definitely need help. I raly like your video and will definitely continue watching your channel.

  4. I started YouTube 2 months ago, I'm really having fun with it, but no one seems to be watching my idiotic videos LOL. It is what it is. It's all about patience, eventually I'll do something stupid enough that people will watch. Enjoyed this video Jason, thank you 🙂

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