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How to Make Facebook Ads Like Billion Dollar Companies (Human Psychology Hacks!)

How to Make Facebook Ads Like Billion Dollar Companies (Human Psychology Hacks!)

WHAT is up Ninjas! What if I told you
that billion-dollar companies use the exact same step-by-step formula every
single time to make their advertisements and I am about to reveal exactly how you
can implement that with your business without spending millions of dollars on
an advertising agency guys so stay tuned this is going to be a go one all right ninjas welcome to another
exciting episode we’re gonna talk about how to make advertising copy write the
text part of an advertisement and how to make images or videos that simply
convert right attracting people’s attention pattern interrupt getting them
to actually pay attention cuz guys remember this was a Facebook epiphany
that I had a long time ago but it took me hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve
spent to realize this people are not buying your product right they are
buying the solution your product solves and so that’s a very very important
point without going too far into the ninja vault where I reveal hundreds of
different advertisements that you know I’ve collected over the years that do a
fantastic job of this I want to talk about something that every ad shares
remember guys you only have 25 characters for the headline of a
Facebook ad and what I mean by that will jump quickly into the actual ad here
what I mean by that is you only have 25 characters for the headline 90
characters for the text 200 characters for the description when you are
creating an advertisement guys you don’t have a lot of space and so every single
ad that you make has to have the same commonalities because these things work
if you look at coca-cola if you look at Pepsi if you look at Microsoft Apple all
of the biggest companies they do the same things they just do it in their own
creative way and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
you know hiring these big ad agencies in New York to actually create these type
of advertisement campaigns for them when we don’t actually have to do that right
we can copy them we can take inspiration from these advertising campaigns that
these companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on and we can apply
them to our own businesses we just have to kind of shift our mindset to become
you know a little bit more of an observer of a researcher rather than
just a consumer when I see an advertisement for Apple or for Coke or
some of these billion-dollar companies now I’m not just I’m not just looking at
it you know and watching it kind of on autopilot I’m dissecting and I’m saying
okay why are they presenting this information at the beginning you know
how are they hooking me you know where’s the emotional draw and so you know I’ve
kind of broken down all of these billion dollar advertisements and I’ve really
you know it’s so clearly kind of laid this out this is a huge document we’re
not gonna go to too deep into it because obviously I have to save some some stuff
for the Facebook as an intern master class students love you guys but we are
going to talk about some things that are very important and something that we can
apply to all of our peasants right now right so a short and
sweet headline with an action and subject and so let’s take an example the
new age of email forever change the way you communicate with your customers with
just one click right and this is the post is saying you know email that lets
you store 250 gigabytes of you know storage and deliverability rate like
these are very different ways you can to convey the same message because people
don’t buy because of logic right somebody might you know logically buy
that email service the second one I talked about because it has more storage
or because it delivers higher but people buy because of emotion right the new age
of email it sounds so like epic and you know like the next level and enticing
forever change the way you communicate with your customers with just one click
right it’s so easy it’s like implementable actionable right now right
social evidence of social proof all successful ads for the most part in our
space you know unless they’re like a name-brand like coca-cola for example
doesn’t need to prove to you that it’s like a household name at this point
right because there’s such a there’s such a massive company and they are a
household name but most companies have to have social proof to kind of show
somebody who’s who’s viewing the advertisement that they should actually
care right so could a hundred thousand paying students be wrong right
you know like three-time winner of the the best pie award in you know Utah or
whatever the case may be if they’re a pie company right so having having
social proof where you’re really showing people you know how awesome you are by
by telling them that hundreds or thousands of other people already like
your product with that social proof strong value proposition right and this
is not to be confused with the product or service features but how they’re
actually gonna feel after they use your product or service right let’s take
socks for an example you know again you could say like a hundred percent cotton
machine washable socks or you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds right
people like to imagine what they’re going to feel like once they’ve used
your product or service if you’re selling an e-commerce product right what
is the benefit that the end user will get from your product not the features
of the product itself right and then again I caching communicative and
imagery through your ad creative and when I say creative I just mean like the
images of the ad of the video of the ad and then an action-oriented time
restrictive call-to-action right click the button below before
our sale ends forever this Friday and again if you’re using Facebook ads which
most of us are and that’s what this video is about emojis do a fantastic job
and we’re gonna go over you know one example of a very very well put together
ad kind of from start to finish with all of these examples and all these things
that I’m talking about really laid out beautifully for you guys at the near the
end of this video but before we do that I want to go over a few kind of
resources that you guys can use to find inspiration for ads we’re gonna go over
these very quickly again we do go super super in-depth on these in the Facebook
Ads ninja master class but let’s go over them very quickly just to give you guys
some sweet resources that I personally use to find advertisements for any niche
all right guys so let’s get into the resources so I haven’t left right here
and the first one that we’re talking about is called swiped KO and this is a
really cool website because basically what it is is a you know expert
advertiser kind of breaks down advertisements in all different types of
niches so the way that I like to use this website is kind of as follows so
what we can do is in all types we can choose Facebook Ads what you’re gonna do
in a second but first I want to talk about this controlled and tested write
tested is really cool because if you click this right here he’ll actually
show advertisements that they’ve split tested right so if we see right here
there’s the control and then sequential and so what this kind of means is and
you see this little of this little up arrow with the 5% they show kind of here
we’ll take a look at this one they showed two different versions of the
same advertisement with small differences and then they talked about
the conversion percentages right so a photo of him facing the form to draw
attention right versus like the entire thing
the original donation form was a little bit too long they kind of made it a
little bit shorter and they made it more self-explanatory right you choose the
amount first so it’s kind of a micro commitment rather than having to fill in
your entire information and then choosing the amount and we see that you
know there’s a significant kind of percentage difference in the amount that
people were donating based on these small changes right and he actually kind
of annotates them right a smart addition option to turn it into a recurring
payment make this monthly contribution hilary got a similar process but broken
it down into three steps and there unnamed right donate one two and three
but they kind of all used similar types of things here Burnie also offers a
recurring option but allows you to specify how long and so you know it’s
just really cool cuz like you know political campaigns have a lot of kind
of brain power behind them and he’s really breaking it down so if you have
you know a similar type of thing where you’re trying to get people to pay for
something you know perhaps offering it in this similar type of fashion would be
something that would be kind of worth doing but the point is guys you know
there’s a ton of different advertisements here you know tested
where you split testing or just control where they’re kind of giving just
advertisements and then annotating them based on you know what’s actually there
you know there’s all different types of things like dental services software
as-a-service you know health and well-being they have email copy they
have all types of stuff inside of this ad and so you know one of the things
that I always tell myself and my students is there’s no reason to ever
make an ad from scratch right there’s so much inspiration out there and there’s
so much that you can actually kind of get ideas from that’s sitting in front
of a computer and thinking you know I don’t know how to make an advertisement
don’t know how to make a Facebook ad it’s just an excuse right and I don’t
mean to say that ii like to call anyone out or anything like that but it is so
any time that you’re creating an advertisement there’s always a way to
find inspiration for the ad that you’re making right and you might be saying
yourself you know well i’m making ads for facebook or i’m making ads for
something that i don’t see here and so we’re gonna talk about how to find you
know ad examples and inspiration for pretty much any ad in a second but first
let’s take a look at these facebook ads right because he actually breaks down
the ones that had the control written here he breaks down you know the entire
campaign of these people and it’s really really cool i’m especially the ones from
Ryan Deiss right Ryan Deiss owns digital marketer I think in my opinion he’s one
of the smarter people when it comes to marketing I’m out there he’s definitely
spends the most time kind of dissecting it with a digital marketing perspective
and so you know when I’m going about creating a t-shirt campaign for example
there’s no reason on earth why I would go and try to you know make my own
completely completely unique strategy I would just take inspiration from people
that you know have these enormous companies that are spending hundreds of
thousands if not millions or hundreds of millions of dollars figuring out the
best way to do these things and then I would
you know copy it and then add my own creativity and obviously my own designs
I would never copy it exactly but there’s no reason not to take
inspiration and you know get ideas from these people that have these large teams
and that they’re you know actually really doing these things from a larger
scale okay so that is just another example of an actual Facebook ad
actually with annotations you see right here and you know you can also search
just like Ryan Deiss and everything you know they’re selling millions of dollars
worth of e-commerce products every year and so looking at you know their email
marketing looking at their Facebook ads looking at all of the things that they
do right are you such a good idea like one dollar trial offers are is a great
way because something once you get somebody to kind of break that mental
barrier that boundary of spending one dollar with you you know they’re much
more likely to spend more money it just fits it’s a hundred percent more
difficult to get somebody to spend one dollar with you then to get them to
spend a hundred dollars with you after they’ve already spent that one dollar
which is why you see a lot of huge companies software’s offering one diet
one dollar trial pages and so we’re not gonna look at all of these but you know
obviously in the facebook as in Jim Astor class we go through the ones that
convert the best and we go through you know things that I’ve learned cuz I’ve
added my own creative creative elements to these ads and made them significantly
better as well so that is sweat co it’s a great resource I’m another cool
resource is add espresso comm / ad examples so if you’re let’s say that
you’re in like a random niche like you’re selling like maybe like snacks
right so have some peanuts right there so here we go so there’s 320 Facebook ad
examples for snacks and I bet there’s probably stuff let’s see if you put like
healthy snacks okay so 320 goes down to 35 and now we
have advertisements this is beautiful right look at how nice this ad looks
with the use coupon code noot refers to get 15% off your first order right this
is less than 20% text it kind of features like a big beautiful type of
thing coffee right almonds the granola lots of great stuff here to take a look
at right the yummy plants five tips for healthy and productive workweek lots of
different stuff here snacks are a great way to eat healthy with organic
ingredients while on-the-go available in six delicious flavors all raw vegan
organic gluten free and dairy free like a lot of buzz words here so just
a ton of you know examples of Facebook advertisements and there’s some really
advanced ways to kind of use this even better that we do go over you know super
in-depth in the Facebook as in your master class but that is kind of intro
to it I mean you can use it in a lot of really cool ways I’m just kind of from a
basic perspective you know just putting in searches here without kind of using
any of the advanced features to get a lot of inspiration because the point
here guys is don’t kill yourself right don’t just sit in front of a blank
canvas don’t let yourself get writer’s block don’t get overwhelmed right
decision paralysis kills entrepreneurship make sure that you’re
getting inspiration from these other large companies that have been doing it
for years that have thought about it that have tested things that have spent
hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars figuring these things out right
and if you’re using kind of the ninja blueprint for making an advertisement
like we talked about before right all advertisers kind of have the same types
of commonalities I mean we go you know much more in-depth about that as well
but most you know almost every ad has the same kind of elements where they’re
you know drawing people in with enticements they’re making you feel it
rather than the product features right they’re getting you emotionally all of
you know most ads have the same type of kind of blue most successful ads of the
same type of blueprint whether it’s like a brand new company with just you
running it or if it’s a you know billion dollar company like coca-cola right and
so if you’re looking for ads you can use Google right so if like I have a pitbull
company I’m obviously some of these like this one would probably not work very
well unless I was like trying to you know start a like a movement against
pitbulls cuz he looks kind of angry here but this is a good one right if like you
had something like 30% off and just like this picture kind of attract the
attention but a lot of people say you know how can we use these images like we
don’t own these images and that’s a good example or that’s a good kind of
statement right and so what you can do is you can use a website called unsplash
so if we come in here and actually type in pitbull unsplash gives you these are
royalty-free no copyright images that anybody can use right and so this is a
great way to find no copyright images whether you have like a Shopify store or
you’re starting like your own kind of e-commerce type of situation but there’s
an like if you want if you need these images for something else there’s a this
is a great way to do it but if you need it strictly for a Facebook ad there’s
actually a way to do it right so if we come in here
and go into the AB media itself we can see here where it says free stock images
and a lot of people don’t use this but it’s actually a super powerful tool so
if we go in here and type pitbull for example there’s literally like a million
pictures of pitbulls in all different types of way in all different types of
ways and you can use these images copyright free right so Shutterstock and
Facebook have kind of a recidivism agreement where they can where
Shutterstock allows people to use these ads free and it won’t have that
watermark like it says watermark won’t appear in the file final ad image but
there’s so much here guys like if you don’t have you know money to create your
own creatives you can seriously get so many like beautiful images completely
for free right and so even if like you for example you went and got like a
graphic artist for five dollars you can get inspiration like this is such a good
picture and you could put that you know the ad text over here on the right side
of that picture in that blank space or you know like a beautiful woman with
smiling you know there’s a lot of very kind of predictable things that people
react to as far as advertisements right beautiful smiling people whether to put
that ad the ad the text of the ad on the right or left all of these things matter
guys and once you can shift your mindset from being kind of like just a consumer
like where you’re just like kind of mindlessly watching TV and watching
commercials and like listening to listening to advertisements you can
shift your mindset to actually become kind of a researcher where you’re
dissecting those ads you’ll start to notice similarities you’ll start to
notice commonalities and you’ll start to be able to apply those things to your
own business guys and so as promised at the beginning of the video let’s go over
kind of a full example of an advertisement that I’ve used to generate
hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit and let’s actually kind of break
it down right so here we go this is an advertisement that I’ve actually used
and I changed the image here just to show you guys that it can actually be a
stock photo like I just showed right but like you’d want to have some specific
elements that we discussed kind of in depth right you want to have a smiling
human you want to have the text on the right side you want to have specific
specific elements right it has to be less than 20 percent text there are some
more advanced things that you want to talk about but from a very basic
perspective having a beautiful smiling human in the right place and how
you know text that is kind of adhering to and kind of taking advantage of
people’s pain points related to what you’re selling is good enough which we
go over super super in-depth so first of all number one right challenge or
frustration so the very first step here you guys see this this is called pattern
interrupt so when people are scrolling through their Facebook feeds right
they’re not looking for advertisements they’re looking at their friends photos
they’re looking at pictures of cute dogs and stuff and so when they see wait
right that’s kind of a very deeply ingrained thing when people see wait
right it kind of snaps them out of their autopilot where they’re scrolling and
you know before you keep scrolling answer need this right and we’re not
gonna go super in-depth on this but I love to lead with a question or story
because people are very predictable right people are all unique but they’re
predictably unique and they react to advertisements very similarly if you
know how to do them correctly right so before you keep scrolling answer me this
why is it that even though people know e-commerce can change financial destiny
that they don’t go for it right and that’s a very like good question because
if people had seen how successful my Amazon and my Shopify students at my
Facebook Ads students are then why wouldn’t they pursue it why wouldn’t
they want more financial freedom right so I really truly believe in that
question and it kind of shows a pain point because if people truly understood
how intensely it like you know if you’re doing it right how intensely ecommerce
and Facebook ads and things like that can change your life
then why wouldn’t they do it right so I’m asking that question I’m kind of I’m
taking advantage and I’m poking that pain point and then the credibility and
authority statement right over 5,000 paying students all have the opportunity
to refund their purchase of the Amazon FBA ninja course and chose not to why
right is it because of the hundreds of hundreds of success stories you know why
is the Amazon FBA course the fastest growing Amazon course anywhere I could
tell you all of that but I’d rather show you right and so today only today only
here we go I’m offering a completely free training showing how to go from
complete beginning to econ ninja in ninety days flat here’s the call to
action right which people call the CTA so this is what we’re actually because
people need to be told what to do right they’re reading an ad but they need to
know what they’re supposed to do cuz people you know if people just prefer
being told what to do in in these cases they don’t want to be confused right
they don’t want to read this and say okay what’s the next step and watch was
to click here my supposed to call someone
right so make it very very obvious all the time you know click here join our
free training here click this button right here’s this 1200 by 626 28 pixel
image with less than 20% text the display URL right the one that shows
right here the link cba to main hook today only free training for Amazon
beginners we see that right here the headline and then the link description
right the secondary pointer benefit which we see right here are you tired of
working for the man going to the same nine-to-five job day after day after day
right again poking at that pain point that a lot of
people who are looking for a passive income source actually would you know it
would be kind of speaking directly to them right cuz the better that you know
your audience the more that you can kind of tap into their pain points and the
more that you can present your product or service as the solution right where
you make them feel how much better their life would be once they join your
product or service right and so that guys is an introduction to you know how
to write amazing ad copy how to really kind of speak directly to your perfect
customer and then how to find inspiration for your ads using ad
expresso using swipe KO and then how to take advantage of copyright free images
pretty much for any specific niche guys and so like I said we go so much deeper
into like using human psychology exactly how to make ads everything you guys
would ever need to know to make million dollar ads in the Facebook ads a ninja
master class so if you guys are interested there’s a completely free
training down in the description it will be the very first link and check it out
if you guys are interested I’d love to have all of you and I hope you guys
enjoyed this one and I’ll see you on the next one

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