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How to Make Facebook Ad Images (FB tutorial)

How to Make Facebook Ad Images (FB tutorial)

Once upon a time you were looking for
how you could make your own DIY Facebook at images or Facebook
images that you could post on your fan page that looked professional and high quality. Images that you were
inspired to create in the moment but because you don’t know Photoshop
because you’re not artistic because you don’t have all those fancy skills you had no idea what to do and then you
found this video we all lived happily ever after the end Hi there James Wedmore here with James
Wedmore dot com now even though I’m a big fan of outsourcing and getting people like
graphic designers and people that are way more skilled than you and I to
create our graphics sometimes we just need to get in there and get it
done and if you’re a big fan of Facebook and more specifically Facebook
ads like me well then sometimes you just
need to start making your own images and in today’s video I’m going to show you a really cool
tip and technique for making really good
looking Facebook ad images that represent your brand well and convert like crazy. So let’s get
started oh and here’s the most important part most beautiful part is
that i’m gonna be using Keynote to do it so whether you’re in
PowerPoint or Keynote you’re gonna find it this is an extremely easy way in fact if you can kinda see my screen right now
I make a ton of my Facebook ad images just here in
Keynote so here’s how you wanna start you want to first of all open up Keynote document. That’s easy a new
slide deck start from scratch. Create a blank white page and then you ‘re gonna
create a square. So you would pull out a shape and just
make it a transparent background just so you have
a border. Now the dimensions were going here for here is 1200 pixels by 628. Okay so I can put this on here and I can go
to arrange and I can do 1200 by 628. The problem is when I do that is it’s really big and so what i do is i
constrain the proportions on the right and I just drag it in so that I almost
like it’s what people see when they’re actually on Facebook. Just that gives us a little
bit more thing and this is our campus whatever we’re gonna create needs to
fall within the parameters of these dimensions here. So that’s very easy to
start with. That’s step one. That’s really easy.
Whatever you fill in there is up to you but for a lot of us a blank canvas is
a world of problems. What do I put in there? How do I fill it? So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to
do right now. What you’re looking at right here are examples of either images that I’ve created or
Facebook ad images that I’ve created um using a very cool style that I I really
like and kinda stumbled upon and I think it works really well. So what I want to do
is recreate something like this. Okay so
it’s very very easy. The first thing you’re gonna want to do
is find an image. Now it can be an image of you it can be an image of your what you do, something
that symbolizes your industry your brand or what you
stand for. Now here’s a great example this is a picture that I personally took of my
business partner Brandon Lucero. He’s up on stage at one of our workshops. He had his arms up like he’s doing a big
explosion. I said perfect. This is just an image I took my iPhone right? Really simple. The way you bring that into
Keynote is just go into insert and choose. Find that file. Drag it in here and I
actually have it on top of our little canvas here. So the first thing I want to do is I’m
gonna do control right send to back. So now it’s in the back and so you can see our red line above it
and I’m gonna go over to the right and I’m gonna make sure that I’m
selecting this image and I select the image column and I do edit mask. And what i’m looking for is
to trim it up with our red line. That way it doesn’t
have any overlapping. You can just drag it, play around
with that a little bit yourself. Okay and then I just wanna clean
that up right down here at the bottom. So that’s pretty good. So that’s our image. Ok so I can play with that. I can zoom it in
more, I can zoom it out. I can move it around whatever I need to do not going to go into that I just made it simple
here today. Then what I want to do is I want to select the image again I wanna be on the image column and I’m gonna
take the saturation and I’m going to go all the way to the left so it’s a negative a
hundred. That creates a black-and-white image. Then what you wanna do is you want
to drag a shape a square onto your canvas and we want to make this bigger then then our canvas right here okay then
what you wanna do is you might wanna make sure that it says fill it just says color fill. Okay right now
it says white so I want to change it to any color that
maybe do have a color that represents your brand? Like let’s see your big brand color is
red. Okay great. There’s red I wanna make sure that I have no border and
no shadow on it. So I’ve gotten rid of that. Then what we do
is we just play with the opacity. I like to go to about a
50 percent opacity. I think that makes starts to make it
look really awesome. Okay? So there you go there it is with red and
then what I can do as I can come back here and say well I don’t like that color. Let’s try the
blue. Let’s try a darker blue, right and I think
that’s the one I actually chose. So then what I want to do is once I’m
you know still playing around with it more I wanna match it up there okay but we’re
not done. Now we get to add a little bit of flair.
So the next thing I want to do is I want to take one more shape okay we’re gonna bring that on here.
We’re gonna do for the fill we’re gonna do no fill. Okay we’re gonna do a line border and
we’re gonna make this line white and we’re just gonna make it two points. Now I don’t know why but aesthetically putting a border an internal border around it starts to make
this thing look kinda cool and I can actually bring it in more. What I love about Keynote is that it helps you to like match
everything up and make it even. Then what we want to do is we wanna put some text
on here. So I can just open up the text and I know you can’t see it and I can say learn how to make Facebook ad images. Okay and I bring this on and I know you can’t see this so I’m
gonna make first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to do is make it white and then I’m gonna make it like 50 thats really too big but we can of course make it two lines. I’m
moving really fast but they do call me the Keynote master and then there’s there’s the makings of our the first stop of our Facebook ad
image and what we can do from here is a lot of
things. I can move the text around maybe put it down here so you can still see Brandon I can change the font type. One my favorite ones don’t steal this, this is
my font is Bebas Neue and I really like that one.
See how like a simple font change can make a world of difference, make it a
little bit bigger here. Okay and then what you can do is you can change the line spacing and
I can do that down here in spacing. Boom! Okay now here’s the final step
that we need to do. Now this you might want to add more maybe you wanna add an image. Like let me let me give you an example of something. Maybe you wanna pull in something like BOOM a
rocket ship and then you’re going to have your rocket ship going
through the page or something like that yes we’ve done rocket ships before. Okay you know something like that but here that’s just a great example of a preliminary styled image that you can use. You can
you can have your logo or a button or something in there
as well. But before we upload it if we’re gonna do paid ads here’s a few things we need to do.
First of all a shortcut on the the keyboard is command shift four. That’ll bring up our cursor across there
cursor and we want to drag across and capture this
image that’ll take a screenshot of the image. Now I
have a folder on my desktop all my screenshots and that’s a you can
google how to create a folder of for putting all your screen shots in there. Otherwise they just sit on your desktop and there’s our facebook an image. I like it. I like the style. I like how
it looks. Again we can look back at some of the
other ones I’ve created just like oops I moved this one over how that looks. I think it’s I think it’s pretty fancy. So
we have this image here what we need to do now is this. From
Google you want to type in the Facebook grid
tool. Okay This is super super duper important and
it’s for me it’s this third one down. It says Grid
Image Checker. Okay, so it’s I don’t know if this is exactly, this is
social contest dot com check image I don’t think this is Facebook itself but
you can still use it. But what we wanna do is we want to upload the photo
that we created. So I’m going to my screen shot folder. I’m gonna pick this image. I’m gonna
bring it in here and now you’ll see what what we’re doing is
we can only have 20 percent of text and I’ll show you right here. So we want to
click every square that has text. Two, three, four, five now right there is 20 percent but you can see that we’re
spilling over and if we were to technically do this
one this one and that one you’d see that now we’re at 32
percent text and so what you would have to do is go back and fix that. So here’s a little like a you know way
you can do that kinda quickly and easily. I go back to
the five squares and then you can kinda just take a take a screen grab of what five squares kinda looks like and
you can actually as you’re pulling your crosshairs you can see what those
exact dimensions are and you can play with that a little bit.
Okay so I would go in make the lines and make the difference. Here’s the biggest
advice I can give to you on this call. You know whether you want to make your
images yourself or have someone else do them or make them look like this. Maybe you don’t like this
style I don’t care but uploading your Facebook ad images this is for paid ads on Facebook. You
want boost a post, promote a post stuff like that, if they They will check and if you’re putting up too
much text they penalize you and people have been
getting their accounts shut down for that. So this is not something you want to
ignore. That’s not a step that says oh that’s not for me. No if you don’t want your account shutdown you
definitely want to do that. So there you go that was my little tutorial a little way of for non creatives to get
creative in your business. While I got ya here I’m gonna show you two other examples of ads that I did that I use the site called Swiftly actually I’m gonna show you three ads. So there’s a
website called Swiftly where you can get graphics made for nineteen bucks. I have an image of me
from my GoPro and this is me surfing and for nineteen
dollars I said Hey can you get a laptop in my hand? I
was not really surfing with the laptop and he added it and he had it done in less than an hour.
Here’s an example of an image where he took an image and then he blended together this is you know you saw something similar to this in the beginning of this video where he just blended a gray so I
could put texture and I’ve used this style for
Facebook images. In fact here’s an example of one just like that, looks very similar.
And here’s another example I had I took a screenshot from one of the videos I was
doing with with my good buddy Brandon Lucero and
I put this video this image on Swiftly and I just
asked a gentleman to create a gold glow around our laptop to make it
look like we’ve just found gold and he did that in less than 30
minutes and brought it back. Now here’s another way that we can use
our opacity and do some really cool stuff. So I can take some text like let’s say this is the seven
lessons I learned. I’ll bring this up to 150 and I’m just gonna
show you I can put that down there at the bottom and then what I can do is start to go
over to Style and I can bring the opacity in and just lighten it
a little bit is has a really cool effect. We’ll even try it as a as a black and see
if that if that looks cool too. Yeah I think the
white still stands out better. So we’ll go back to that. So there you go
a fun little way that I’m using Keynote to make some of my Facebook ad images and
making them really fast and the thing is is that then I create just this swipe file so I have different images to choose
from and and different text and I can make my images so fast now. So notice how I’ve taken
the same image and used it multiple different times in
different ways just like this one and that one. So
this is all about making it more efficient easy quick and just get it out there. Get
it to look as good as possible. My name is James Wedmore. Thank you so much for
watching this video. If you haven’t subscribed to my my channel yet well make sure to do that right now.
Press the subscribe button underneath this video. I’ve got a tons of tutorials, tips advice, strategies, fun stuff.

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