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How to Make Double Ad Revenue with the Same YouTube Videos

How to Make Double Ad Revenue with the Same YouTube Videos

what’s going on guys it’s been a while
I’m happy to be back I’m happy to bring you this video today today I want to
talk about really briefly how you can double your ad revenue and basically
just double your money with the same YouTube videos that you’re already
uploading so let’s jump in so how can you double your money how can you double
your ad revenue specifically with the same exact YouTube videos that you’re
uploading right now I want to touch on a brief you know really really simple
technique that I’ve been implementing that I’ve been seeing great results in
and I’ll cover that here with you specifically in a second but this is not
just something I do this is not something new this is something every
one of you if you’re uploading videos to YouTube can do and utilize to your
advantage to double your money so what about what do I mean by that how am i
implemented this and how can you so this is the main channel obviously this is
what you’re watching right Brian Guerra and you’ll see here that you know I got
about 16,000 500 subs roughly it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded so I’m very
very grateful to be back I’ve been super super busy watching a bunch of different
things for my business behind the scenes but enough about that so what I
basically do to double my ad revenue right is I create videos for this
YouTube channel specifically and then what I do is I clip those videos down
into shorter chunks of you know to give you a specific example let’s say this
video that I record is you know maybe 12 minutes long right then what I’m gonna
do is I’m basically gonna clip this video in an editing software down into a
simple you know shorter clip that might be titled something completely different
re-upload it to a different channel hence the Brian Geraghty V right here
which you can see right here and then what I’ll do is I’ll upload those same
exact videos basically in shorter form clips to another channel and capitalize
capitalize off more potential traffic more potential subs more potential ad
revenue obviously and obviously I saw my courses here as well perfect example
this we go into this right here is a we scroll down not only do I get more ad
revenue potentially once i monetize this is almost out of thousand subs now it’s
basically just a clip channel but I also sell you know obviously affiliate links
links to my courses here so I’m making more money from this and the reason that
I know that I’m making about I would say probably 500 extra right now
month doing this is because I don’t sell courses directly from this BG media
innovation shop anymore right this is the old if we cut this out right here
let me show you and stick with me I’m gonna tie this into how you can do it as
well and how other popular channels are doing this too so I don’t sell courses
from this this page anymore right this is where all my courses are hosted on my
website this is without where I used to sell them all directly linked on my
website I don’t actually link to these anymore the only place that I link to
these are in these other clip videos and yet I’m still doing about 500 a month or
you know however much that is it’s about ten there so what is that fifty fifty
times ten is about so it’s about fifty course sales directly from the
descriptions in my clip YouTube channel video about every single month on top of
the ad revenue once I monetize on top of the affiliate Commission that I get from
you know recommending affiliate links like these right here and also my
consulting and other things like that right so you this is something that you
can implement basically all I do is if for this specifically right here how to
retail dropship on mark re what I would do is I’d clip this video down and maybe
like a three to four minute clip of something more direct and to the point
and then title it that specifically upload it to my new channel and
capitalize off more ad revenue more affiliate Commission and potentially
sell have another opportunity to get a sub a viewer you know a different person
that potentially wouldn’t have seen my new channel or my other channel and also
capitalize off any ad revenue or sales I think I already said that but we’ll just
move forward like I didn’t so this is not anything new though other people do
this all the time a great example this would be Joe Rogan he has one of the
most popular podcasts out there currently he also uploads that that
podcast to YouTube videos as well and you’ll see here that his main channels
powerful JRE right he’s got about fifty five thousand or five point five million
roughly subscribers right now and it’s growing rapidly now he does not just
upload videos in podcast form to this channel instead you’ll see he has three
other channels here now one of them said is his editor and his leg producers
channel but the other two are his channels Joe Rogan and Gerry clips and
basically what he does is this Joe Rogan Ones an older one but he still hasn’t
monetized and it’s still there collecting you know potential subs and
getting traffic and everything like that and it’s also monetized
in the form of other videos so he’s still making ad revenue from this video
but basically a great example of this would be his Jerry Clips right
because all he’s doing here is he’s clipping short-form content from his
podcast so the podcast might be like three hours long right or two hours long
but then he’s clipping maybe that three hour long video into like 10 to 20
potential clips uploading them them to this channel as well capitalizing off
more views more subscribers and more potential ad revenue you’ll see this is
almost 2.4 million or two yet 2.4 million subscribers almost and growing
as well so everybody does this it’s smart to do it you can basically
repurpose your content and when we think repurpose content we usually think
across platforms right like Facebook to Instagram or Instagram to YouTube or
YouTube the Instagram right but a lot of people don’t think of repurposing
content from YouTube to YouTube in the form of a different channel it’s very
very easy to do it’s your Kent content already and you
can do this super super simply with an editing software and obviously if you’re
uploading YouTube videos you already know how to do that so another great
example just show you that I’m not pulling this as an anomaly and there are
thousands if not tens of thousands of examples of this is Gary Vee right Gary
Vee has a great channel we all know who Gary Vee is if you watch this channel
I’m sure you understand who Gary Vee is we all love entrepreneurship and I’m
sure a lot of you follow him as well now he doesn’t just have this one main
channel instead he also understands that he wants to upload to other channels to
potentially give him more opportunities to get more potential viewers get more
potential subscribers and reach a potential audience member that wouldn’t
have potentially seen any of the videos on this channel right here now I’m not
sure if he actually monetizes them I didn’t check this beforehand I know for
a fact Joe Rogan does but even if he doesn’t monetize them it’s a greater way
for him to grow his brand equity and his brand awareness by giving more videos of
the same content right none of these videos are different
they’re just clipped from his main channel and uploaded here in short form
content look three minutes a minute a minute 30 a minute 12 and as you know he
does this more and more he’s also potentially if he’s monetized collecting
more ad revenue more videos or more views more subs etc etc etc so this is a
simple simple simple technique I’m not doing anything
here I didn’t reinvent the wheel I’m simply mimicking what other successful
youtubers are doing and is working for them and I’ve seen that it’s working for
me it’s like I said simply selling my courses at my affiliate can get gaining
my affiliate Commission and I’m almost monetized on that other channel so I’d
be happy to report back you know maybe in a month or two and
show you exactly all the passive income I’m getting just for uploading videos
that I already have and repurposing them on a clipped channel so I highly
recommend that you do this for your channel start in another channel it can
be like a fun pet project you don’t have to like make it like super super serious
right away just upload what I literally do if I can pull this for you is relays
the message really well if you see this it’s just May 2019 right and what are
these okay I don’t know if you actually see this in the the actual camera
because the word filming from my laptop but if you can notice there’s two pink
X’s right here that’s the YouTube videos that I scheduled on those certain days
for this main channel you notice if you can see that it’s the fourth of this
month so I haven’t uploaded the video forever but you’ll notice that there are
X’s all over the other days right and that’s for my clip channel so I already
went through on a Sunday when I was bored one day clipped about 30 videos
and scheduled them for upload to both my facebook page and my other clip channel
so all those are working they’re already just popping up and earning me views
subscribers potential core sales and potential ad revenue once I’ll monetize
for work I did one time on a random Sunday when I was bored while I watched
TV so you can do this too I highly recommend that you do it if you guys
want to learn more about the strategy this is just one of the techniques that
I use to make more money online with content I put an entire free training
together I will make sure to link that free training down in the description
it’ll be the first link in the description if you want to check it out
that will run you through how I make thousands every single month in passive
income with content and methods just like this one there are about 9 methods
not just this one I don’t even talk about this method in that training but
there are about 9 other methods that you can use to make money online with
content in the form of passive income so I highly recommend you check that out
it’s 100% free but I just wanted to touch on that because it can
really help a lot of you out so I hope you liked this video I’m glad to be back
and with that being said I’ll see you in the next one

9 thoughts on “How to Make Double Ad Revenue with the Same YouTube Videos

  1. Smart move, I’m nearly at that level to monetise. Do you ever promote any of your udemy courses or do you only promote your website courses and let udemy do the heavy lifting for you? Good to see you back on the YouTube grind 💻👊🏻

  2. Making seperate small clip channels is pretty smart! I kind of do this but I post the small clips on instagram!

  3. Day #17937 of telling people to install a fucking adblocker in Google chrome extension software store

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