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How to Make an Instagram Video Ad For Your Business

How to Make an Instagram Video Ad For Your Business

– Are you ready to start using videos for your Instagram ads? In this video we’re going
to talk all about it, and analyze different Instagram ads to see what others are creating so that you can get some ideas. I’m Amanda Horvath, and
I’m all about helping business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power of video
without breaking the bank or taking up tons of their time. If you’re looking to use video
in your strategy this year, then be sure to subscribe and
click the bell to be notified every time I release a new video. (air whooshing) The first type of Instagram ad that you should aim to
create is an awareness ad. This takes someone from
knowing nothing about you to being interested in finding out more. So you don’t have to tell them everything, but just enough to where
it peaks their curiosity. Today we’re going to analyze six different Instagram awareness ads specifically, so that you
can see how these work, and start brainstorming how
to use it for your business. When boiled down to the basics, an awareness ad presents a problem and then it has the business
that it’s creating that ad as the solution to that problem. So the six different ads
that we’re going to look at all do that. Ad number one is from
Light and Airy Photography. So this is a very basic image only ad. The image are placed
back-to-back to each other, and they tell a story. It is a video ad, even though
it’s an image based video ad. So check this out. It’s just showing you how with one click, it can make your photos look a lot better. Then it’s telling you that it has a sale, and it gives you a coupon code. So one click magic, check it out. Super simple. They just had to get these photos. They probably already had these
photos on their Instagram, and just like that, I’m aware that this is
something that exists. It is an option for me. The problem is that my
photos don’t look good, and that they need editing, but editing takes a lot of time. With this, one click,
and you’re good to go. By the way, here’s a sale. (air whooshing). Ad number two is by Writers Work App, and it incorporates stock
footage plus motion graphics. So check this out. (upbeat music) So now we’re gonna watch it again, and I’ll comment through it. It has some text, get paid to write. Writers are on demand now. That’s probably a stock image. The wait is over. Work from anywhere. You can start today. Take charge of your own work, and then this little
graphic comes on screen, be your own boss, click to learn more. So it’s talking about how
I could get paid to write, that there’s a need. There problem is that they need writers so it’s really hiring someone, and it’s super simple. They didn’t even need to
shoot anything for this. I highly doubt they went out
and captured these shots. I bet you they just googled pretty woman sitting on computer on beach. Right, or whatever it is,
and then put this together, hired someone off of Fiverr, or Upwork, to create these graphics. Super simple graphics and then
they had and ad out of it. So use stock footage, and motion graphics to create your video. Ad number three is from Video Husky. This ad like number two uses stock footage and motion graphics, so let’s take a look. (upbeat music) Awesome. Okay, so let’s count, one, two images, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. This only has 10 shots
and it’s all stock images, so if you could pull 10 stock images to present what you do visually,
then all you have to do is work on the text element of it. So if we’re analyzing
the text element of it, it starts off with having tons of footage but needing polished videos while they help solve this problem by doing the editing for me, and it’s 100% stress free. You can request as many
revisions as possible. They tell me the price, and then they say to learn more, and they say that they’ll
show me the next step. So they make the action super easy, and all I have to do is
click through and learn more. Ad number four is from Daily Harvest. Unlike the first two ad,
this ad actually did go out and shoot footage, but it could all have been
shot in one afternoon. So here’s the ad. – [Narrator] Emily hasn’t
bought groceries in weeks. (cash register dings) So how is she creating this masterpiece? (high pitched electronic music) Her freezer is stocked with
Daily Harvest, that’s how. Chef-crafted food, organic ingredients, delivered to your door, ready in minutes. See for yourself at DailyHarvest.com. – All right, so now we’ll
go through it together. Let’s look at the imagery first. It’s a smoothy being poured in. It’s stuff in the blender. Try taking a sip of it, pouring
out the stuff, in reverse. They reversed that shot. Looking in the fridge. So you can see these shots are
nothing spectacular, right? It’s just pretty basic. They are shot on a DSLR,
they do look really good, but they could have also
been shot on an iPhone. Let’s count. There’s one shot here, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. That’s the same shot, 10, 11. Okay, so 11 shots. That’s all they needed to
present this video together, and then they just added text over it. Then they also narrated the audio so that if I didn’t want to read, and I did have the audio on, then I could just listen to
it instead of having to read. If you think about 11
shots that can display what you do for your business,
then that’s all you need. So the problem in this video is that I don’t have time to go get groceries. Well you can just order ours, and make a smoothie on your own, and eat delicious food. (air whooshing) Ad number five is from Lively. This is my favorite ad, and I definitely bought this product. It is a strapless bra,
so let’s check it out. (upbeat music) So super simple. Can your strapless bra do this? No, mine could not at the
time of watching this video, but it can now. So any girl knows strapless
bras fall down very easily. They can be really frustrating, and it’s just a total
pain to have to pack it if you just need it for one occasion. So being able to roll it
up like that is super cool, and they make it really fun and engaging. It’s not that hard to shoot. This girl is just dancing around in it. It’s not falling down. They are really doing a good job of presenting the problem here. Let’s count the number of shots. Let’s wait for it to start over. We’ll start over. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, that’s it, okay. We’re kind of noticing a pattern here. It’s between seven to 11 clips is all that you need to
make up this Instagram ads. They can be super short,
and we have a tendency to overthink them. Just think of a storyline
that you can tell your audience about what you do visually in seven to 11 shots. You’re seeing a pattern here. Add text over it, and
you’ll be good to go. Ad number six is by Vessi Footwear. I could be wrong, but to me this ad looks like they took a ton of different footage
that they had shot before, and they just combined it into one video. With that, let’s take a look. (dramatic orchestral music) So now let’s walk through it together. They’re talking about, are
you tired of wet socks? Socks, that’s the problem. This is the first waterproof shoe, so they’re announcing that
this is a thing, right? And the awareness element of it. Keep your feet dry wherever you go, and they’re showing several
different shots of this. They include photos, leave
the rubber boots at home. That really stood out to me, keep your feet dry, because
what cool technology if you don’t have to
wear rain boots anymore, and you can just wear waterproof shoes. That’s super cool, right? So let’s count. This is one shot at the beginning, another, two, three, several photos, four, five, several photos, six. I believe that’s it. Yeah, so that last one was really long. So that was six photos incorporating several different image shots as well that they probably already
had on their Instagram, so you can see once again,
choose between seven to 10. Maybe add some photos in there. Add some text, talk about the problem that your customers are facing to hit just enough what they need to know to find out more, and you’re good to go. (air whooshing) Which ad did you like best? Go ahead and drop a comment below and tell me what stood
out about it to you. If you have any ads that
you’d love me to review, I would love to do it. Just go ahead and hit me up on Instagram in the DMs and you might
actually make my next YouTube video. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool? I think so. (bleep) When boiled down to the basics, an awareness ad takes someone from five different
ads, six different ads. Ad number one is by One Click Magic. Is that what they’re called, no. Oh I need to hit screen record, okay. Ad number six is by Vessi Footwear. Hopefully I’m saying that right. This ad looks like they have shot tons of different videos throughout. The light totally just changed in it. Oh man (chuckles).

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  1. Haven't come across content in this niche at this quality, great to have you as part of the no small creator community 👍

  2. We do a lot of light and airy for my photography business and I love how you worked through different types of ads to show the versatility of the ads for IG stories. Just started with these type of ads and still trying to figure it out. Great video

  3. Such great tips!! You really made this look simple and I can't wait to try and use this for some of the ads I want to do.

  4. This was so cool to see!! I love the Video Husky one. Because I'm not looking to do an ad – I would love to see how you could incorporate this into doing something catchy for a post or story (being a very small IG account). THanks Amanda…you are the best!

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