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How To Make A Square Video In iMovie For Instagram & Facebook

How To Make A Square Video In iMovie For Instagram & Facebook

what’s up in this video I will show you
how to use iMovie to create a square video for your Instagram and Facebook
you know these videos are very popular in the beginning I’m always using iMovie
and I couldn’t find out a way how to make those square videos so me and my
team did our research and I found an easy simple way if you have a Mac to
take your movie from iMovie and create nice square videos and I’m gonna jump in
right now over the shoulder and show you exactly how to do this okay so you can
see I’m in iMovie this is where I do everything if you’re new to iMovie and
you don’t know where to start I will link a tutorial that I did on how
to use iMovie if you’re a beginner right in the bottom or top corner right now
and this way you can watch that video and get a little familiar with iMovie
now iMovie again we can’t make the square video in here but I’m going to
show you some cool tricks on what you can do to get the video how you want it
because I use this for Instagram and Facebook and I also use some apps on my
iPhone and I’ll make a different video about that and when that’s ready I’ll
link that over here as well but right now we’re talking about iMovie how to
get the square video I’m going to show you so you have a Mac you have your
iMovie open you dragged your movie and with your audio right you should be at
this stage and when your movies in here I want you to keep in mind right now
it’s a rectangle so if you start editing and adding text right now for an example
let’s say I go to titles and I was gonna add this text let’s add this text right
let’s say I wanted this at the end somewhere you’ll notice that this text
is going to be to the left right and when we make a square video that’s gonna
get cut off so you want to make sure that your text is within the center you
don’t want to go too far to the left and too far to the right and there’s no
exact dimensions but that’s why what I like to do is I’ll leave the text for
the end when I’m going to actually make it a square and I’ll show you what I
mean so what I would do is I wouldn’t leave any text
yet so I’m gonna get rid of this I just want you to be aware that when we make
this a square it’s going to cut off to be a complete square so your text is
gonna get cut off if you have text in there
okay so just be aware of that let’s say this is my video this is the one that I
want to use what we’re going to do is we’re gonna export this to our desktop
you know you just do file export to the desktop I already have it right here and
then what we’re going to do is we are going to open up keynote and with into a
white presentation I’m going to get rid of this get rid of this delete those two
sections okay you just click and click delete and then what we’re going to do
is we’re going to drag our video from the desktop into keynote next thing
you’re going to do is up in this right corner you’ll see document click on
document and then where it says slide size right here at the bottom under
document you want to go and create custom slide size what I do for
Instagram and Facebook I’ll make this 1080 by 1080 I’ll click
OK that’s going to adjust the slide to be the 1080 by 1080 so this is a
complete square now now you see the video is off right what we can do is
just click and drag what you want it now what this is good for is if you want to
put cool text up here graphics and I must show you exactly how I use this
you’ll see so for an example you’ll see some videos out there especially by
myself and some also big influencers where they’re square but they have the
video in the center and then there’s these cool colors and graphics at the
top and at the bottom right and you probably wondering how they do that well
I’m sure you had to do that by taking your movie out of iMovie and putting it
into keynote so what you want to do is you want to click in this white space
above your video so you know you’re off your video and then up here to the right
you want to hit the word format click that go to background color right we
want to change this background color I’m gonna pick blue okay you see that now
it’s cool right little blue color you could adjust your video up and down if
you’d like wherever you want it I’m gonna keep it right about here let’s
just say that’s where I want it next thing I’m gonna do I’m gonna add some
cool things so let’s go over it and get some
graphics to add in here and also text so that we can make those cool videos that
you see all over Facebook and Instagram so you have to have PNG files if you
want to add an image or if you want to add text so just keep that in mind
PNG files of the text you want to add and the images you want to add and I
have a few on my desktop already so I’m going to grab them now once you find the
text you want to grab the PNG file drag it and drop it where you want it and
then we’ll exit it there and then right here I’m gonna click on it and I want to
expand this I like to hold shift and expand I’m not sure if that makes a
difference but I hold it because I think the clarity stays better I could be
wrong that’s just how I do it but I’m gonna make that about that size and then
I’ll click and I’ll I’ll drag this over to about right there
let’s go this could say anything you want your brand name your name right
let’s go and then we’ll add another image so what you want to do is you just
again the same thing again in this corner and I want to adjust and I drag
it to where I want it I’ll probably make it like I don’t know something like that
subscribe now let’s go and then I’ll also add another one at the bottom over
here we’ll grab this X out of there and then we want to adjust this as well put
this in the center shift and then I’m gonna new but how I want it let’s see
just like that I can move it around a little bit and you get the gist and now
what we want to do that we have our let’s say this is how I want it I want
to add anymore things once you’re complete you come up to here to file
you’ll go to export and then QuickTime you just click right on QuickTime and
now it’s going to download and this will be your movie as QuickTime and I’ll show
you that after but let’s just say that you wanted this video to take up the
whole square for Instagram and Facebook that’s another option you have right so
what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna going to delete this
let’s scroll up let’s delete this we want also delete this let’s go so delete
that now what you want to do is you’re going to stretch come to the corner
where you see this white little square I hold shift always it’s just a habit of
mine and I’m going to stretch it out how I want to have it and I want to make
sure that I’m taking up this whole blue area and if it wasn’t if I wanted it
just on me I could do that if I wanted us both in it I’m gonna have to mess
with it and kind of you know cuz you gotta really you’re taking a movie that
was large and putting it into a square format and you see the blue is still
here so that’s not good I got to drag it down a little bit let’s see and we
always want to stretch it always stretch it from the corners let’s see if that’s
good and that’s this is why when you heard me
say you don’t want text off to the right or to the left it’s gonna get cut off
this is why if you’re gonna do it the way if you have text in the other video
that’s fine the way I just did the other one with the let’s go subscribe now
people will see that but if you’re trying to get this full video effect of
the square and let’s just say this is what I want this is what I wanted right
here of me let me just make sure there’s no blue and no blue I’m in the square I
couldn’t make it a little smaller and you’ll notice it’s not it’s a little
pixelated and it’s because this video that is shot right here is not shot in
the best quality if you’re gonna zoom more and more in you want the best
quality okay just keep that in mind you want the best quality video but this
gets the job done let’s see you really look there’s everything like a hole and
I remember okay so looks good let’s say that’s what I wanted I make sure there’s
no blue I can’t see the blue it’s a complete square again what we’re gonna
do here file export to QuickTime let’s name it I want to I want to come here
format 1080 export presentation this is gonna go next and we’re going to name
this example 2 square and we’re gonna go to desktop boom it’s creating
my movie once this is created I’m gonna go to my desktop and show you what they
look like okay so you can see here are my two examples right here let’s look at
example one remember I made this you’ll see look it’s the square well play
really look at everything like a hole and I remember when I first had a
conversation with you I’ve kind of let you know I liked no.2 so that’s a
complete square right and then if you wanted to square to take up the whole
image just like this one you really look at everything like a hole and I remember
when I first said you see it’s a complete square these are now ready for
Instagram and Facebook I hope you found that hack helpful so that’s how we’re
creating square videos with graphics square videos that take up the whole
space for Instagram and Facebook remember try to get your video the best
quality you can but at the end of the day take action and if you’re new to
iMovie I have a tutorial if you’re just starting out on how to actually use it
and it’s a great tool you know just to start off with comment below if you have
any other questions and also comment on other types of videos you’d like to see
from me and my team so again if you found value please share
it thank you I’ll see you in the next video

24 thoughts on “How To Make A Square Video In iMovie For Instagram & Facebook

  1. I hope this video helps anyone who is searching for how to make a video in iMovie for Instagram, Facebook or any other social platform.

  2. Thank you for this, it was very helpful and didn't have a bunch of extra talking to skip around in trying to find the actual part of the tutorial lol

  3. thank you for this. i think holding down shift when changing the size keeps the proportions locked – it keeps ratio of the image/video the same.

  4. Cool tutorial bro. What I don't understand is why iMovie can't do a square format by default. There's a whole bunch of smaller apps that can do it from the start – square, insta story etc.

  5. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I was looking to learn!
    Haha only took me 4 videos before finding this one!

    Thanks for the information!

  6. I do not have the option in keynote to export to quicktime… it gave me a MOVIE option. So I clicked it instead, but I can't post it on IG. What do I do now?

  7. Thank you so much for that! I spent 5 hours staring at my computer screen to wait for Adobe After Effect downloaded but unfortunately it didnt work on my mac. Your video really saved me.

  8. I actually think this video is pretty good but the title is misleading… The first thing you did was take it out of iMovie and drop it in Keynote. When there's software involved in a tutorial I like ALL the required softwares listed in the title. That way, if I don't have them all, I can skip it. I have Keynote so I'm OK with this one.

  9. Noted it calls square video. I will try this trick so I can optimize using the keynote. Before I've tried trick of tilt it for rotate the clip counterclockwise for two times, to the left then to the right. It works that way too. Thank you to share. Done Subscribe. Salam from Prambanan Jogjakarta.

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