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How To Make $1,000+ on YouTube 2019- Make Money with YouTube Ads in 2019

How To Make $1,000+ on YouTube 2019- Make Money with YouTube Ads in 2019

I’m gonna talk about how to make over a
$1,000 dollars with YouTube ads now this is part one of a three-part series
so if you’re just tuning in to this one make sure that you subscribe to the
channel so that you guys can see part two and part three in part two I’m gonna
talk specifically about how you make over a thousand dollars a month with
affiliate links on YouTube and then in part three I’m going to teach you guys
how you can make over a thousand dollars per month with selling merchandise and
I’m not talking about just selling t-shirts like everyone does I’m gonna
show you guys and give you guys some examples and ideas of how you can
monetize your channel with selling merchandise that’s kind of outside of
the standard t-shirt realm and it can be done guys I’ve done it myself so you
guys can do it as well hey guys this turns money growth Academy where we
demystify entrepreneurship simplify business strategies and multiply your
earnings so let’s just jump right into this so you guys can see how to make
over a thousand dollars per month with YouTube ads before we get started hit
that subscribe button right there so you guys can catch all our videos so to
really understand how to get paid on YouTube as the first thing that we need
to look at is what are the qualifications what do they want now
well we know that what YouTube did last year in 2018 was they kind of changed a
lot of rules so the minimum eligibility right now is for their partner program
as you can see you need to have 4,000 public watch hours which breaks down to
about two hundred and forty thousand minutes
alright so it’s a lot of time and then you’re gonna need and that has to be in
that at least the last 12 months and then you’re gonna need a thousand
subscribers okay and then obviously have an adsense linked account but that’s not
hard to do at all though the challenging part is going to 4,000 public watch
hours and then the thousand subscribers and then just make sure you kind of
follow this checklist to make sure that you get all that now why this is
interesting is because when they came out with this rule it hurt a lot of
small tubers a lot of small YouTube channels that didn’t quite have a
thousand subscribers yet had a ton of watch hours or vice versa you know we
were in that position with some of our channels where we didn’t quite have a
thousand subscribers but we had you know well over four thousand watch hours all
of the sudden overnight we were demonetized we weren’t able to make
money and we weren’t able to make any money off of those videos everyone
making you know thousands of dollars a month so it was really messed up
hurt a lot of people out there I know some of you guys might be in that
position but that’s why it’s so important to understand what we’re gonna
talk about in this part one and then especially what we’re gonna talk about
in part two and part three because that’s how I continue to make money
right now off of those channels without being monetized on some of those I know
that the four thousand watch hours the thousand subscribers can seem like a
massive mountain to climb and that you just can’t do it but don’t let these
qualifications stop you guys okay don’t let this stop you because like I said in
part two and part three I’m gonna show you guys why you’re building up your
channel why you’re getting to this point to be monetized with YouTube ads you can
still be making money so this whole method is about making sure that you’re
ready to really maximize YouTube ads once you make it there so let’s break
down kind of the math for you guys on this so the average CPM or which is
called the cost per Mille which is really the cost per thousand views okay
it’s about two dollars for every thousand views and that’s really gonna
depend on the niche that you’re in if you’re in a business niche in education
it’s a prank channels niche sports a niche they’re gonna advertise you’re
gonna pay a different CPM or CPC as well for you know those different niches so
and I’m gonna talk about and strategy 3 in this video I’ll talk about your CPM
and how that can very niche to niche and why you want to be really careful with
that but the average CPM rate shows that in order to generate income from YouTube
you need a lot of views I don’t think that’s a secret if you plan on making
money off of YouTube ads you’re going to need fuse which means you’re gonna need
to create content that gets people’s attention okay
and the hard part about that is figuring out what is that content what’s the
content that I need to create to get a lot of views so I’m gonna give you guys
two tricks that you guys can use to figure out what kind of contents gonna
generate a lot of views so for trick one I’m gonna call it net fishing and pole
fishing if you’ve ever been pulled fishing with a fishing rod you know that
it can take forever you can sit out on a dock forever trying to catch a fish if
you’ve seen people fish with the net they cast it out there or ships drag
these massive nuts behind them and they’re really broad and they capture a
bunch of fish and they pull it back into the ship that’s how we want to think of
videos okay we want to think of videos not in terms of pole fishing which are
specific and really to niche down as beginner youtubers and to get a lot of
views we need to kind of figure out what are those broad videos that people are
making what videos gotta catch the biggest audience with okay and so that’s
what how I want you to think about videos and let me show you some examples
here because what I don’t want to happen is I don’t want you to spend a lot of
time making a pole fishing video alright and then figuring out oh man no I spent
all that time all those resources in there and no one’s coming to the video
okay alright so let’s look at marques Brownlee’s channel okay he’s got 8.2
million subscribers he’s a massive massive youtuber love what he does on
his channel but let’s look at his videos and see the type of videos he makes
alright so if you look at these videos what would you say they are well they’re
fishing pole videos that he makes but you got to understand here he’s large
enough he’s got a large enough subscriber base now and he makes he’s so
renowned in the industry and tech that people see him as an authority figure
and they’ll go to watch his videos even though their pole fishing you don’t have
that luxury being a small channel it’s very very hard for you to be found when
you’re really down low okay so if we look at Marcus’s channel air pots to
Tesla Model Y Samsung Galaxy S 10 es10 plus his videos are very product
specific right but look they’re still generating a lot of views so let’s look
at his most popular and his most popular or look fishing pole videos right so in
last 10 months you got 20 million views on this that would be incredible 20
million views on the 1 plus 6 review right it’s very product specific but if
I try to do that if you try to do that if we just try to copy what Marcus is
doing it’s not gonna work for us we’re gonna fail so let me show you how to use
the fishing net method alright and some great people who do it so if you guys
know Peter McKinnon he’s a great filmmaker he makes some really cool
stuff on here let me show you one that he’s using that is a very broad video
that captured a lot of people and brought a lot of people back into his
channel so if I go to most popular videos
alright here’s a great one by Peter McKinnon what
should you buy okay and you’re gonna see here he’s not talking about one specific
lens right no no he’s talking about what Lynch should you buy he’s talking about
multiple lenses so someone who’s interested in camera lenses and trying
to figure out what should I buy they’re gonna see this video notice that he’s
talking about multiple lenses which is great because that’s gonna draw in a
bigger crowd now if he just talked about you know the sixteen to thirty
five-millimeter buy can and l-series glass you know that’s not gonna draw as
many people because it’s very specific okay so on your channel for example
you’d be better off making a video about what lenses should you buy or the top
ten lenses versus you know just the best lenses gonna bring in a larger crowd now
the other cool thing about this is if we click on this video let’s just click in
real quick and see by talking about multiple lenses look what he’s able to
do look how many lenses he’s got here listed in his links for his affiliates
which is something we’re going to talk about in video two of how to really kind
of maximize affiliate links and make money off of them but by talking about a
broad topic video like this he’s able to generate a lot more traction and so
would you as well now let’s look at one other example I want to show you here
Sean Campbell from think media law this guy’s great and he helps youtubers out a
lot with their channels and if we got back into his videos as well let’s see
if we can see something let’s go to most popular ok look one of his most popular
videos one of the top ones is best cheap cameras for YouTube once again it’s a
very broad it’s a broad video it’s one of these net ones so he’s dragging in a
lot of people who are searching for this term he’s dragging him a lot of people
back to his channel whether if he just talked about this Canon HD here this
camcorder it would have been a very small audience he would have brought in
okay instead he’s talking about multiple cameras up my GoPros canons you know
lumix Panasonic all these different cameras for people to use so really take
a look at that guys when you’re coming up with your ideas think is this a pole
fishing video or is this a net all right which one’s gonna bring the most people
back to my channel and when you get a little bigger
you have the luxury of doing more specific product videos okay alright for
strategy two to understand this concepts you really have to understand how
YouTube makes its money so simply YouTube makes its money by selling ad
space to advertisers on videos the more ads YouTube shares the more chance they
have to make money from companies right because they’re showing more of their
content they’re showing more of their ads they’re getting more people in front
of you know their digital billboards we could call them and so look at these ad
formats alright so you have display ads I’m sure you guys have seen those
overlay ads skippable video ads non skippable video ads which we all hate
bumper ads sponsored cards there’s a whole bunch of things when it comes to
ads that they can put on your channel so here’s the Strad man and you can see
these little yellow parts right here okay so if I just let this play let’s
see what type of ad this is alright boom you see how it’s just dropping right
down there that lower banner and here’s another one popping up for Sheen bikinis
I don’t know it has to do with this but it’s there and you can kind of see you
know there’s Tom Clancy and at the video he’s got another one so that’s one ad
right there Kevin David if you ever seen him he does a lot of business type
things but let me just click on one of his videos alright we click on this
video okay we got a pre-roll ad that’s skippable right here okay so I can skip
this ad that’s another example there so the most important thing with this
strategy is watch time alright so the strategy is all about watch time you
have to increase your watch time because if I can increase my watch time that
means I can get more people to see that ad so as we saw in this one let me just
refresh it so that you can catch it again but you can see how there’s one
two three there’s four ads right so if someone only watches to you know a
minute thirty they’re gonna see one ad if I can get I want to watch the entire
video they’re gonna see four ads okay so I’m gonna get paid a lot more for those
cost per impressions so that’s something that you guys got to think about with
your channel is how can I increase this watch time how can I make this video
more entertaining for people to watch alright and that’s why you’re gonna see
a lot of youtubers like look right here 12 minutes okay a lot of youtubers
you’re gonna see them making 10 minute videos or longer because they can stuff
more ads into there versus someone who makes a video that’s only two minutes
long not saying that you can’t make money off that but it’s a lot harder
because here I can show four ads in one video so I can make a lot more money so
that’s something to think about is increasing that watch time on the videos
and your content has to be good right Strada man here he can’t just stuff this
with a bunch of crap for ten minutes it’s actually got to be good content if
I’m gonna watch it for ten minutes okay so it’s really got to be good and cuz no
one’s gonna sit around for ten minutes to watch it if the values not there and
I’m actually gonna cover some strategies on how to increase your watch time and
get people to watch your videos longer so make sure that you subscribe so that
you can see that video strategy 3 is all about focusing on keywords within your
niche and really figuring out the content that you’re developing and the
keywords and what ads could be associated with that video you’re doing
right so for example let me just show you so if I type in pranks okay we get
all these prank channels and on YouTube we know there’s tons of prank channels
okay and then if I checked out you know someone like legal eagle or an education
channel you know this channel is probably gonna make a lot more money
then one of these just prank channels that are on here and the reason is is
advertisers are willing to pay more money probably in the legal space than
they are on random prank videos right so legal eagles his channels very specific
right so it’s gonna be people looking for law stuff and then he’s got
illegally a law school here that’s even more specified so you really want to
think about what your niche you’re gonna go into as a channel because if you
focus on higher CPC keywords for example the keyword prank I looked that up
earlier in Google and the keyword pranking goal keywords is estimated
around 13 cents now the word online degree is worth about thirty nine
dollars and seventy cents all the way to one hundred and forty seven dollars guys
that’s a lot of money per click so can you see the value of you know how you
could have only you know a thousand subscribers yet you’re in the online
degree space you know making a channel around that and generate some serious
money because your CPC is so high versus someone who has a prank channel millions
of viewers and I know a lot of people like this I got friends who have these
channels massive millions of subscribers and they’re only
making a few hundred dollars a month and I’ve got channels that I know that are
making a lot more money which is a few subscribers all cuz of the CPC don’t
just go into niche because it has a high CPM or CPC because you’re gonna burn out
real fast if you don’t have a passion or if you don’t love that alright and
that’s why it’s so important that you watch part two and part three of this
series because I’m gonna show you how to make more money off of youtube
regardless of the YouTube ads alright like I said the YouTube ads that’s great
and all fun but I’m gonna show you how to make the real big money that
youtubers make and that comes in part two and part three as I mentioned
earlier I never rely on YouTube as a source of income on all the channels we
have I just see the revenue coming from YouTube as tips or you know pennies from
heaven or surprise money but I don’t rely on it nor will I ever rely on it
guys subscribe subscribe subscribe cuz you need to see part two and jenissi
part 3 of this series because if you don’t have a thousand subscribers or
four thousand watch hours you won’t be able to qualify to make youtube ads but
I’m gonna show you how on some channels of mine I’ve been able to make thousands
of dollars through selling stuff and with affiliate links so make sure to
watch part two in part three and hit that subscribe button see you guys later

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