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How To Make $1,000 A Day Facebook Ads Case Study (Live) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

How To Make $1,000 A Day Facebook Ads Case Study (Live) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Hey everyone Ricky here. How are we today? I’ll about you, but I’m feel a little bit sick seems I’ve come down with a bit of a cold so Apologize in advance. I do need to drink. I’m drinking soft drinks probably best for me but look screw it Yahweh in right but today’s video is all About A case study how I’ve been marketing a new store That’s about three weeks old since I’ve stabbed marketing in all honesty It’s about four or five because I didn’t start marketing it for a few weeks just got caught up with other stuff but basically being marketing it for less than two weeks on Facebook ads and Already gotten these results. In fact, this is just from today It’s actually by the end of today pretty much has hit there, but just shy of 1200 with about $200 ad spend in total And I just want it tomorrow s show that this is possible for everyone and frankly I’ve been putting the ads on autopilot. I haven’t been just sort of blah blah. I do way too many things and so frankly I don’t get time and So it’s just more this is something that I’m just going to scale scalp to 2 K to 3 K I’ve got things in the backend that I’ll show you in future videos That you can do as well and just let see how easy it is. Again this you stick to these niches I always go a general niche not a general store because the general niche is General but its niche down. So what that more or less means is that your customers are more likely To actually add more products to their cart and buy so like my average order value today, I think when I looked briefly was about $65 Per order and that’s how I think it’s somebody And That’s how you’re able to to hit these figures so easily. It’s really not that hard People say it’s hard. There’s a million different theories. It’s a load of crap. I went I’ve been out most of today Doing other things and this was pretty much on autopilot. I am going to show you my ads manager Obviously, I’ll have to blur out a few things here and there but Basically I’ll show you the ads manager and just sort of give you an idea Again of just how easy it really is. I won’t be showing you the actual ads obviously for obvious reasons but Basically, let’s get into it. I just really wanted to make a short quick video just to one show that I’m not talking crap But to all start of the fact of just really how easy How easy it is. So if we jump into the ads manager You can see here that I have it said two ads Active only if I change it like I’m you know, what is it? I can’t remember still highly profitable $900 ad spend for three and a half K. So an overall of four Rho s but I only want to look at my active add sets because I was doing testing and Taking it slow before I start scaling With that being placed team With that being said so like you can see here that this pixel is actually in American time So that’s why you can see that these are just launched have no spend on them you can see here, but I’m actually Gzip on me that I’m Basically Yeah, so you can see those are in the learning phase so I’m Just this sickness is not helping You can see I’m testing at $3 ad sets Now these at $3 on sets are all look alike audiences that I made through tracker Phi from a custom audience And they’re VC, Aloise To 3% at the moment I’m gonna tomorrow start testing four five six, seven eight nine ten And then I’m gonna start making some ATC amylase And start testing them because I test so many things that’s why I do it at three dollars three dollars works well When I’m testing heaps of ants it’s fun. Testing a few I’ll do five and you can see here that my automated rules kicked in you can see which ad That one Overall that’s been but you can see here. It’s bumped it up to three dollars sixty, which is 20% Because it’s gotten a sale. It’s met the row s and As you can see it’s got insane row out there in st. Louis and that’s the thing with low ad sets Is that your one sale and you get great row as you can see here that these are close Six ad two carts if that would have got it. You can see very cheap cost per click that because they’re Good targeted VC’s. I’m targeting mainly Europe region for this and the UK is Performing really? Well, you can see here this one for a dollar fifty cost per purchase We so three dollars spent for a hundred and fifty three dollars back with tenor two baskets You know anything over one to one-and-a-half percent click-through rate. I consider good And look I don’t really care anyway You can see here that these ads are highly profitable. You can see scrolling down that they These are my original interest targeting ads there are ten dollars These weird figures is because of the percentages increases so ignore that but you Anyway you can see you can see here that over all these being running for quite a while these all started as $5 ad sets and These would you pickets at 10, but you can see here that for $18. I got not I’ve got 90 back now I might kill that wonder soon. If it doesn’t stop for me. It’s only gotten one purchase I at least want to that’s just how I look at it But you can see overall with the ad sets that are running there. I’ve spent just shy $500 and I’ve gotten three thousand two hundred back and a beer I Think out of that I Think it’s about 1800 profit and again That there’s an app there. I’m gonna configure for this store called all the metrics Really handy for when you’re scaling because I’m lazy that basically that app Allows you to connect your I’ll Express account your Facebook Pixel in the Shopify and I believe they’re even integrating it with your admittedly Further eight sent back, which I’ll show you in the future. No one talks about that. I don’t know what and But basically it will help Understand just at a glance that I K. I’m 40 percent profitable. I’m profitable at all whatever So I’m taking a very slow scale because I have multiple businesses that I run and you know, even this YouTube thing takes me time I build websites. I do consulting and I do this as well partly just as a case study, but also partly because I enjoy it So Getting further into this. Anyway, these top ads are optimized a bit I am Well, sorry. No, these are different ad creatives. I’m trying to see Try and increase my profit margin on my ads Obviously with better click-through rate on these so just starting at $5 each. I always when I do this do three times the ad set again at the boys said That’s why I started a low budget Because one or two or even three of these will do well and then I’ll just kill the rest and still be highly profitable It just gives me three different pockets of this audience and my audience is eight million people So I’m just going to hit up like, you know, if all these people how many impressions do I have? 70,000 people of eight million, you know, so it’s and this is what’s good. Sorry eighty five And so this is what’s good About slow scale You’re building passive income you’re getting the hang of it and you’re not stressing yourself out. So let’s Let’s get into it. Anyway, so I want to show you that ads that actually no, I haven’t even looked at this ad so We I use some extra columns. Then I should add as well a custom column Because the default ones that Facebook have as shit frankly, they’re just They’re not good for EECOM. They’re not good really for Legion. They’re not really good for anything So I don’t know why I’ve never taken on the feedback of the community. But anyway, so I add some extra columns So by default you’ll have a number of these but you want to add in website purchase conversion value Purchases link clicks which means just the amount of link clicks you purchase conversion value how much that purchase? was valued at the row s being how which is basically just how much you’ve spent and how much the purchase was divided by and it’ll give you a row s as a number so You know basically there this one here it’s fifty one row s because it’s a Hundred and fifty three point four seven divided by three dollars gives that figure And that’s that’s how bro S. It’s just a simple simple mathematical equation but in a glance again Just go damn Feeling like crap And so just as a glance to tell you how your campaigns running Cost-per-click again, you can see cost per click here My cost per click is very look very cheap on average So I’m not targeting America at the moment Europe’s doing really well for me, so I’m not going to change what’s working About anything under $1 considered good You can see here that all of them like I mean look at this I mean if that got more sales would be through the moon but 19 cents too cold traffic is Fantastic, I mean that that’s just in my opinion fantastic, I’ve gotten seven orders from it from this one ad that’s just slowly scaling and I’m extremely happy with that Only at one point set 1.4 percent click-through rate But that’s one of the columns you want to add two unique click-through rate. So Basically what that is, I can’t remember the mathematical equation I think it’s the amount of people there the amount of impressions divided by the amount of link clicks or something And so, you know, I’m not the best marker in the world There’s people I see get 3 4 % but I don’t really care unprofitable I have My store I like to go for higher purchase value than I do Vol 1, it’s Lester 1 It’s less stressful Especially, you know a lot of people out there they contact me just like that guy You know starting on very minimal budgets because they have families school commitments and that’s cool I mean laughs it can be a bitch so Basically, that’s why I like this strategy and I’d like to promote it to everyone because it’s just a very effective way to get started And you’ll keep scaling you just keep scaling like, you know, I’ll hit $10,000 with a couple of thousand dollar ad spend or something like that and I’ll be in complete control I’ll have enjoyed the journey and that’s the thing is enjoy the journey. Okay, enjoy it you’re doing this Most likely most of you were doing this the same reason that I have and it was to get out of the workforce And Just live your own life. Like I will admit it. It’s hard you once you get out of work You want to work even harder because you’re so worried about your bottom line, but that’s why I like this strategy it works Well, and I want to teach this all to you. So yeah cost-per-click explained that website Add two baskets again just in a glance and you can see you know, some great That’s why I’m gonna make some add to basket ll a soon and Start scaling that again. I’m not in any rush and eventually once I hit a hundred three hundred purchases, I Will make some ll Azon purchase and again your link. So just make sure to have all of these you can just scroll through most of this is hogwash for what we need and You don’t even need to care about your video watch I mean because we’re doing carousel or I am anyway, I don’t worry about that if you’re doing video you can Worry about that then but that would only be for if you wanted to make a custom audience to make a look-alike or retargeting So I’ll only launch this one today But that one today But let’s go to the one There which ones removing the most amount of money this one so it’s been a hundred and twenty two dollars for 750 of return and the thing is you’re always gonna get lower row s over time just Inevitable your ads are going to do well as you can see here because it’s on such a low budget as the budget increases the bro s will decrease that’s why you do a slow scale because if you just bump that budget right up, That bad ads could just end up costing you a lot of money. So let’s get into this ad So funny I just got an order anyway So if we go down so once you’ve set up your columns You didn’t want to set up. I sorry you should break down. You don’t touch it here This this is what you used to optimize your ads and you use that to optimize your ads and to understand that ad Duplicate it is what I always. Do you never touch an ad that’s doing well You only duplicate it with the modifications because you don’t know for some reason That that new ad even know logically, it should do better It may do worse and that’s simply because the people you might hit might not convert for any reason so But if you have an ad that’s working Duplicate it. If you want to test other parts of that ad because the part with optimizing is you’re Removing the fat right you’re removing the crap and so the idea is that you start broad and then you narrow down and that’s why that highest part is starting abroad because you sort of questioning this you’re questioning that so start broad and Then navigate it. Alright, so Let’s actually Let’s have a look at this ad this will do it for all ads actually Anyway, let’s do it. So if we go aged Lucky a good PC because otherwise this can just smash your CPU for some reason So you can see here that I’m primarily targeting People that are aged 25 to 54 as I said before I don’t target 18 to 24 year olds Did I say 23, I’m sorry. I probably said 23, sorry 24 is why I mean, I do apologize for that. That’s a mistake So because this is the new sort of segment, but anyway, let’s go down And let’s have a look at this so you can see here with this ad We’ve got an $8 20 cost per purchase again I’m getting about a 60 to 70 dollar average order value and I will be increasing that with retargeting email marketing. That’s The site performance and other website hacks that I am just introducing So we can see here that on average. We’ve got a 6.1 row ass 25 to 34 hour being the top one It has three purchases here 183 dollars in return for $28 Cost per click of dollar 35 bit over $1, but look it’s still a pretty low pretty low Unique click-through rate and you can actually see that with all my ads, but they’re all profitable But you can start to see correlation here. There might be some optimization that I need to do to further enhance this you can see Generally though that across all these three ads that my audience that’s converting. The best is 35 to 44 And So you can see here $84 ad spend for 500 and return pretty much so, you know a 5 to 6 row ass and again Look, it might be going down a little bit But it’s still doing well so I’m not going to touch this ad until it gets beneath to row us and then I’ll kill it if it’s doing bad and But you can see I don’t care. I’ve got good row ass for every dollar. I spend I’m getting six dollars back. So theoretically well in based off that I’m not going to change this at I am going to optimize it by duplicating it if I wish so what I would do is whenever you’re optimizing Basically, there’s a few ways you can do it but to properly split test you want to split test one thing so one change one thing in an ad so if I were to do these ads I would Make an ad for 25 34 or 35 for 50 45 54 and I would duplicate each of those ages Sorry Duplicate them three times each to give myself three times the chance on a $5.00 budget. So 45 dollars a day Guaranteed that two or three of those ads will start doing kill the birds are 48 hours Or unless they’re metrics for like cost per click is just horrendous like 2 dollars and above and Let the other ones run and start making me money and you can see how then I’ll optimize it further But we can see what I started doing so we can see now agenda so that my minor all-women so nothing to optimize their Agent gender nothing to optimize their business locations. I don’t do anything their Country. So this is where as I said, I’m targeting the European region I say, you know, France Italy all those places so it’s going to make my list extremely long and Australia I forgot yesterday So you can see Australia’s actually cost me $17 for nothing and return so, you know, I’m losing money there, but on the next one, it’s got 2 purchases and Then on the other one, it’s got nothing so you can see how You can narrow these down and I would but they’re working and I don’t care Again, I like to keep things simple. You can see though that each of these the United Kingdom is doing the best for me UK and United States and the two biggest countries in terms of the audience on Facebook followed by Canada, Australia, New Zealand In terms of first world countries or T or one Story So you can see here that again United Kingdom $65 $400 back 22 add-to-cart 6.2 return we can see Italy’s did Cashing it for me for $5.00. I’ve gotten three purchases for a hundred and sixty dollars of $27 return per dollar a low click-through rate. But again, what does it matter to me if I’m getting good bro ass? That’s what I mean. There’s people like 10 whatever his name is there’s Tai Lopez All these other big guys that I can’t remember the names Out there but you don’t need to compare yourself to them Because stop just do it your own way and start low. That’s what I mean like I’ve shown you now how you make how I make my ads and Now I’m showing you my case study and how I could optimize my ads and I probably will optimize these ads But I’m in no rush I will you know straight away. I can see here. I definitely will be split testing out United Kingdom, I will be split testing the ages You can DMA I don’t do anything their region is if you’re tying a specific country You know, I’ve had campaigns in the United States where Texas is horribly hard to convert I’ve had it where New York’s hard to convert. You might want to take those regions out You know there might be some fan group in some one of those states that my absolutely love your product for No reason at all and don’t question it Impression device I’m tagging mobiles so So you can see here that I phone is very dominant. We can see that I’m getting some purchases on on Android back 95% of it except for this one is IPhone we can see here, you know iPad Android tablets very rarely convert IPods, I don’t even know many people that use them anymore But you can see here like that. That’s ideal. Like I got for a dollar 55 six clicks and a $50 purchase for 26 cents click 5.5% Unique click-through rate, which is insane Because again Facebook is a social media network Most people are going to skip your ads that is just inevitable alright, so I have actually started I’ve decided to start split testing based off mobile device Not country yet. I’m gonna go mobile device then age then country because That’s just how I want to do it in this instance. And that’s how I will do it But you might be different, you know, there’s no one set path When it comes to optimization, it’s purely follow the data and you cut okay Just like I’ve said before follow you you got don’t think that you have to be absolutely perfect I’ve made mistakes and adds in some reason it’s worked. I’ve done things perfectly and it’s not worked so You just go with your gut see where it flies and if it doesn’t fly, well will then just move on so and then the last that I use is Platform So being Facebook and Instagram And messenger you can see here. I have targeted messenger for a few of these ads and it’s not really converted but That’s why I mean those those were actually mistakes but Facebook and Instagram are the only ones you need. You can see here that my audience is female and it’s Doing extremely well on Instagram you Know just all these sales Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram. You can see I’ve got a rogue sale on messenger which I’m not complaining about I want that row s forever, but you Can see how it’s just Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram. Alright, so basically That’s all there is to it I’ve just be a all ads running to traffic and So that’s pretty much what you want to do. You want to look at that data and then you want to start optimizing So I will start optimizing I’m going to duplicate these ads I have started taking out Facebook Just because I mean Facebook the pixel has started targeting Instagram anyway as the primary one, but you know That’s a few dollars that I can throw to my other one over many ad sets that can be 20 30 40 50 dollars that I could have my back pocket, so You know, I’m taking out Facebook and I’m going to start optimizing specifically for iPhone app iOS devices and Then just look at the data again and take it from there. Basically, that’s as simple as it needs to be and it doesn’t need to be difficult you just Just look at the day to go with you gut feeling you use those metrics Placements not needed that’s not needed product IDs not needed time of day not needed Time of day in their time zone is not needed There are all things that you can use by action never even looked at those if I’m honest so You just don’t need them. The last thing I wanted to show you in today’s video it’s part of the case study was I talked about dpi ads and a number of people have Asked me about that. So just one second and I will do that All right. Ah So I’ve gone into my DPA ads and I’ve currently got three. I’ve just actually just got to prove just then You can see how they’re in learning phase that’s just Facebook’s method of saying that you need 50 purchases recommended before it can optimize Don’t think all of that It’s nothing to worry Dpi adds. The worst thing with dpi ads is they are a bit more expensive than a retargeting app being full of custom audience, but you do a fraction of the work and Facebook does the rest for you and I’m happy to I’m happy to pay for that so you can see here. I’ve only been running these ads For two to three days. I Made some mistakes early on but I fixed it up And And anyway, we can see that I’m running about ten dollars a day start with this one fourteen because it’s increased its budget through the automatic rules I’ve just left it you can see the major difference the major difference is the click-through rate So these people now know me these people know that I’m a person They know that I’m serious about selling something to them. They’ve looked at my website They’ve looked at some products and now they know who I am. They know I’m not just some scammer So you can see immediately How big of a difference? The DPI ads have for click-through rate ten percent So for every one in ten people see my ad they click it. So the Cost per click may not be as much because DPA ads aren’t hitting as many people Because it’s purely just retargeting based off the people that have already hit my pixel now You can see I actually just made this ad before this video Because of American time I wanted to launch the ad But you can see I looked at the data and what I’ve optimized for So if we go in here I optimized for age Plus I also optimize for platform so we can see here. This one’s had no sales, but it’s at dirtying add two baskets with Temps sent click-through rate, which I’m extremely well Anyway old people 65 plus that one but we can see here that predominantly my audience again from the pixel because That’s just what people I’ve hidden Italy is in the 25 to 54 range and so what I’ve decided is making you add 25 to 54 and I have found that funnily enough. Obviously. They’re all gonna be Wow some men I Spent $3 for men what? 25% clicked Okay, well maybe he’s after the prison food boy I thought of that but anyway that’s funny I need optimized for this Whatever it’s $3, I’ll wear it I’ll just think if there’s no coffee. I don’t drink coffee anyway, but we can see here that that’s what I’ll opt amaizing at that So there you go mistake made Again if I don’t ever really want to optimize for country, I’ll have a look at country You can see here. It’s Well What I’ve never seen that Well in what Croatia is that one I know how to blurt out but in Croatia I Don’t know I wouldn’t upload it Krosh I reached one person and i’m gonna click that If that would have been a purchase, that would have been my background It’s funny what you’re fine, but again, you can see overall it’s well Belgium Dave I Don’t know why I have that anyway bad You can see here that I got an order from the United States. I’m moment. I’m the United States That’s that’s what’s cool as well Is that someone from the United States clearly seen my head and they decided to purchase so good on them thumbs up bro if you’re watching this video, but Basically here. I don’t want to optimize for country because I don’t see any reason to I want it to hit everyone You want to optimize for things outside of country? Okay, you want to optimize for age Gender which I’m not doing which I will be doing Impression device and platform. So if I have a well I decided to do was impression device because When when it loads? You’ll see that I’ve spent of that. You know, how much of I spent? $70 a third of that being or just under a third of that has been to About 20 percent sorry twenty twenty five percent has been to Android devices and None of them have converted barely any out carts barely any You know, you can see look at that. I got sixty one row s on iPad I got what 1302 baskets on desktop well Anyway, so I’ve decided but it’s not converting. So well, it doesn’t matter. So it’s funny actually here our desktops actually not doing bad But in terms of add to baskets that is they’re not converting the sales so Interesting And what did you do? Actually, this is the part where you start to doubt yourself Be like I missed this this is this is sad But this is all me being honest and trying to be transparent with you all and you can see here that I make many mistakes I mean like two dollar cost per click is shit, but Turning and baskets. That’s close anywho The main important thing is purchases right, so I’m going to stop getting off-topic So I’ve gotten six purchases here on iPhone you can see it’s all iOS devices so what I’ve done is I’ve gone 25 to 50 for taking out 65 plus so that nothing gets what so 55 plus and nothing gets wasted there and I’ve made it so that it’s iPhone and the platform see I would have done it for Instagram, but you can see here that tiny amounts of ad spend on audience network But that’s being taken Like of all of this we’re talking a couple of dollars But I’ve taken that out actually in the other ad but you can see here that Facebook and Instagram Actually doing quite well, you can see Facebook is actually doing better and Instagram on this one And you can see that Facebook on that one is doing better than Instagram. So There might be something like split test in the future where I actually split test Facebook in the Instagram and And just see where it goes, you know Like I can see that it’s all I find so I know that these are all iPhones I know that it’s 25 to 50 for women and what I don’t know is which is still technically better Instagram or Facebook and right now They were very similar. These two ads are exactly the same ads it’s just the return on adspend so that’s basically it I Hope this has helped you in some regard I wanted to also show you this because again, I just wanted to show you that I’m not faking Any of this? It is very simple. I am human just like you as you can see I’ve made many mistakes just in this video already so don’t be afraid just Always believe in yourself. Okay, it’s a mite I’ve been doing this for over a year and it took me a long time and Every step along the way you will doubt yourself Mindset becomes a very important thing doubt yourself and that’s why I read As much as I’d like, but I read I take my dog for a walk. I’m getting into meditation mindsets very important, so Anyway, my point is don’t ever doubt yourself. Keep it simple as you can see here Keep it simple and just keep going with it. Okay start with Women’s fashion women’s jewelry with women’s cosmetics. I did forget to mention another one which was baby I am very sorry about that And if you really want you can go general but I would start with one of those four Because you’re in a niche and that’s how I’m able to get these very easily Because dropshipping is orientated towards products like that Selling electronics through drop shipping you can do they have a high chance of not working. So you’ll have a lot of returns So I just steer clear of it. So that’s why I like to do this. Okay, but anyway until tomorrow I’d love it. If you could drop a like share and comment below and if you like this video, of course and if you have any feedback, you know, I want to hear from you all I want to Get to know you all better in and help us all grow as a community Okay, so it’s been an absolute pleasure like every other one until tomorrow Talk to you then. Good. Bye

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  6. Hey everyone. Thank you for all your support on my videos, and I truly appreciate every one of you. I do have a course for those of you who are DETERMINED to get to the next level. (NOT for people who just want a 'quick buck' from dropshipping, but a lifetime of wealth). If interested, schedule something with me here ? ?? http://lnkh.co/ecomlifeuni

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