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How to learn effective Facebook Ads Targeting

How to learn effective Facebook Ads Targeting

Hi I’m Dr. Karen Sutherland this video
is for small business owners who are keen to use Facebook ads to target their
customers effectively but are unsure where to start or are just overwhelmed by
all the options that you can choose and that are available when you’re putting
together an ad. Last week I completed a course online through the Fiverr website
that was created by digital marketing experts Dennis you and Logan young from
Blitz Metrics and it was on Facebook ad targeting and it was really great. It was
simple a step-by-step guide on what all of those options mean and how you can
actually bring them together to create a really effective ad campaign that will
not cost you a lot of money and you’ll get more bang for your buck. I really
recommend it. I’ve put a link in this post so that you can have a look for
yourself. It was worth about $45 Australian if you’re in Australia. It
was definitely worth the money. It was their really comprehensive and
simple to follow. Just so you know I didn’t haven’t been paid to do this
endorsement or anything I actually paid to do the course because I like to see
what’s out there so that I can recommend it to others. But if you would like to
take advantage of Facebook advertising but would rather someone else to do it
you can always contact me and I can help you with that as well so just message me
or leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch. Have a great day

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