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How To Learn Digital Marketing Skills (For Business Owners)

How To Learn Digital Marketing Skills (For Business Owners)

– What’s up ninjas, it is
Tim from Exposure Ninja here. And in this video, we’re
gonna look at the best ways for busy business owners to
learn about digital marketing. (upbeat music) So first up, why do you need to learn
about digital marketing? Well, many businesses
these days understand the importance of digital marketing really, it can make or break a business. And we’ve seen client sites
that have completely taken off because the owners have
baked digital marketing into the very core of the business. Meanwhile, other businesses have seen their market share decline as
traditional marketing methods that they rely on have kind
of fallen by the wayside, and they’ve been disrupted
by new businesses that understand digital marketing. So really, it’s a very important
skill to have these days. What we like to say to people
is even if you’re not planning on doing your own digital marketing, you’re considering working with an agency like Exposure Ninja, which for most small or
medium sized businesses is really the only sensible choice, you still need to learn enough to know that you’re getting good quality work. Back when Exposure Ninja
started, one of the reasons that we exist is because
so many business owners had had such a horrific experience with digital marketing
agencies previously, because they just didn’t
know what they were buying. So as soon as somebody phoned them up, trying to sell them SEO,
they’d just hand the card over, without knowing anything about
what was good quality work, and what was bad quality work. So we wrote how to get
to the top of Google to help educate people and
then we started an agency on the back of that, to actually do good
quality work for people. It’s really important that you know enough about whatever you’re buying to know whether it’s good or bad. So what are the best digital
marketing skills to learn? Well, it’s really important
that you’ve got actually a fairly good overview of a range of digital marketing skills. So the sorts of things which
can have a massive impact on your business include websites, mostly conversion rate optimization, not necessarily the kind of
technical behind the scenes of a website, you don’t really
need to know that too much, but you need to know
about what turns a visitor into a lead or sale because
that’s so fundamental to your business. So having a good understanding of conversion rate
optimization is important. Also knowing about how to
drive traffic to a website. So typically it’ll be SEO and some sorts of paid traffic as well, whether that’s Google ads,
Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, that will really
depends on your business. I mean, I’m joking, there are very few
businesses getting anything from Twitter ads.
(Tim laughs) Our most successful clients tend to have what we call a T-shaped
knowledge of digital marketing. So they’ll have a broad
understanding of everything, but they might have one particular area where they’re most switched on. And those are exactly the
sorts of people that we hire at Exposure Ninja, because the reality is that
nobody can have a broad and deep knowledge across
all of digital marketing, it’s simply not possible
things move too fast. So whilst we’ll have a ninja
who’s very good at SEO, they might have a bit of an
understanding of content, but they typically won’t
have much of an understanding of Google ads and vice versa because each of these
topics is so specific and potentially so technical, that to understand all of
them would mean your brain would just simply explode. Okay, so what are the six steps to learning digital marketing from home Step one is to find the very best courses and training available. There’s tonnes of great
stuff on YouTube, hmmh, and there’s loads of
great blogs as well, hmmh There are even fantastic books. (upbeat music) There’s a lot that you
can learn through study. And actually, when we onboard new ninjas, we pile them through a whole
load of video training. So it’s a great way to actually
show them on the screen what they need to do. We also have our own training
programme marketingu.ninja, where we show you behind the
scenes and take you through the tasks that we do for our
clients here at Exposure Ninja. The second tip is to
practise in every free hour that you have available, there’s really no substitute
for actually applying what you’ve learned in the real world. The third step is to check
out some certifications and qualifications. Now these are great way
to give you confidence that you know what you’re talking about, but really, they’re not
actually that necessary in the outside world. If you come to work at an
agency like Exposure Ninja, for example, we won’t
require that you’re certified but we’ll actually put you
through the certification, when you join. Step four is to start
your own blog or website. This really is the absolute best way to learn digital marketing, because you’ll actually see
every element for yourself. So what I would do if I were you is either start your own website or find someone that you
can build a website for. So when I first started, I built a website for
my next door neighbour who was a plaster and that
website changed his life and actually resulted
in the Exposure Ninja that you see today, that
never would have happened if I just stayed watching YouTube videos and trying to improve my
theory and my knowledge, you’ve actually got to apply yourself. When we’re hiring or recruiting, one of the things that
we’ll ask people is, do you have a website
that you’ve worked on? And if they have their
own project website, and they’ve got it to rank
or they’ve got it to convert? Well, that’s a really
easy way for us to say, this person, clearly knows
what they’re talking about. Step five is to make
connections with your peers. You can find some fantastic
digital marketing groups on places like Facebook or LinkedIn, make sure that you’re
spending time with people that are actually doing it though you get a whole load of
people in these groups that are just talking
complete useless theory to each other and never
actually do anything with their lives. So you can spend all your
time on Facebook and LinkedIn and these groups and you can
either become a super beast or you can become a complete loser that spends all your time in
Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Step six is to never stopped
practising and learning. Because digital marketing changes so much, we recommend checking out
blogs and magazines sites that cover digital marketing. So things like Search Engine Journal, podcasts like the Exposure
Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, are fantastic ways to
keep up with what’s new and what’s changing in digital marketing. The things that we were
talking about five years ago aren’t always the same today, although I have to say a lot
of the most fundamental truths in fact, all of the most fundamental truth in digital marketing really
haven’t changed at all. But it’s the kind of particular tactics and particular tweaks and hacks and stuff, that’s the stuff that changes most often. So what are the best digital marketing certifications to get? Well, the best ones are typically the ones that are most recognised. So for example, the
Google Ad Certification is widely recognised as a way of judging that you are good at Google Ads. Although I have to be honest, you can just take the
exam, research your answers and then put them in as
you’re doing the exam. So it doesn’t really
prove anything at all. You can get certifications from the Digital Marketing Institute. And there’s also Google
Digital Garage Certifications that you can pick up as well. Like I said previously, the certifications are one thing but you really can’t be
real world experience and actually doing stuff on real websites, really, there’s no substitute for that. So go and have a play by all
means get the certifications, but they are not a replacement for doing the real actual
work and practising and honing your craft in the real world, they are definitely just an
extra nice thing to have. So what about some free digital
marketing online courses? Well, there are some great courses which we’ll link up in the descriptions of this video including
the Google Ads Course. There’s a good Unbounce,
course HubSpot has a course in its academy, you got the Google Digital
Garage Course as well. And all of these will give
you a particular insight usually into one main
area of digital marketing, whether it’s HubSpot and content marketing and inbound marketing, or
Google Ads, and obviously, how Google Ads works. So it’s good to check out
a range of these courses to help you become that T-shaped marketer. Another great skill to have is understanding Google Analytics because Analytics is really
the kind of diagnosis point that you do for any website
or marketing campaign. It’s a little bit like taking
a patient’s vital signs by having a look at
any website’s analytics if you’re skilled with analytics, you can figure out
exactly what’s going on, how that website is getting its traffic and what it needs to do to improve things. So you can check out the Google
Analytics Certification too. Although spoiler alert, the
certification’s pretty worthless and actually the training
is so theoretical, it might not be that useful. Check out instead the Exposure Ninja
Google Analytics training at exposure ninja.com/google-analytics. If you wanna learn about
content marketing then HubSpot, Neil Patel and Optinmonster
all have some good guides and if you wanna learn how to
write like an absolute beast you might wanna check out CopyBlogger, QuickSprout and Eduonix. You also wanna check out a fantastic book by Dan Kennedy called “The
Ultimate Sales Letter.” If you wanna learn about Google Ads then WordStream, Bing Ads and SEMrush all have some good guides. There are also some paid
courses out there as well. Now whether these are
worth it really depends on what your goals are. If you’re gonna take any paid course, I would make sure that the
person giving the paid course has a proven track record in doing what they’re actually teaching you how to do and there not just a theory professor. There is so much digital
marketing training out there which is just regurgitated
stuff from forums and blog posts and it’s
focused on best practise, rather than what actually
works in the real world. So make sure that there are
plenty of practical examples and demonstrations to show
you real life applications of what you’re learning. We’ve also compiled a fantastic
list of books as well. So some of these are free,
some of these are paid. But check out the
Exposure Ninja blog posts which we’ll link in the video description to read about these. Recap, so to recap, digital marketing skills
are absolutely vital in today’s world, if you’re gonna be
growing a business online, even if you’re not planning
on doing the work yourself, it’s a good idea to have a
good, broad understanding of digital marketing so that
when you’re contacting people and bringing them on to
do your digital for you, you know that they’re doing a good job. Most of the most successful
digital marketers we know have a T-shaped skill set. In other words, they have a
broad understanding across all of digital marketing and then
they have one specific area that they are truly expert in. The best way to learn digital marketing is study everything that you can but you’ve got to try it
out on some real websites and get yourself out
there in the real world, doing some of this for yourself. Plenty of courses and
certifications available and all sorts of companies will tell you that you need to learn
this and that and that. But the reality is, if
you can apply yourself by actually ranking or
improving a website, whether it’s your own or
whether it’s for a client, that is the very best test of your skills, if you’re looking for a
job in digital marketing it is that type of thing that
your employer should want over the latest certification, which at the end of the
day is pretty easy to gain. So I hope you found that useful, that kind of honest take on
how to learn digital marketing. Don’t forget to like this
video if you enjoyed it, subscribe if you want more videos from us and if you have any
comments or suggestions for fantastic digital marketing resources, then leave them in the
comments section on this video. Don’t forget if you want help with your own digital marketing then you can request a free
website and marketing review from Exposure Ninja. Head over to exposureninja.com/review, we’ll ask you a few
questions about your business and your goals and we’ll then
record you a 15-minute video which shows you how to
improve the leads and sales that your website gets for you. Totally free, no obligation
and absolutely awesome. Until the next video, see you soon.

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