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How to Launch & Rank Amazon FBA Products Using Facebook & ManyChat JSON Ads (Tutorial)

How to Launch & Rank Amazon FBA Products Using Facebook & ManyChat JSON Ads (Tutorial)

How do you grow your Amazon FBA business,
drive external traffic and launch your product using Manychat with Facebook ads? How do you capture your customer’s email address? If you want to learn more, make sure you watch
this video until the very end. In this video, I am going to be talking about
Manychat and Facebook ads. I have never talked about this topic on my
channel before so thank you so much for joining me here today. I am going to break it down for you guys step
by step, how you can grow your Amazon FBA business by implementing Manychat with Facebook
ads. And also how to build a landing page so you
can capture your Amazon customer’s email address. If you are new to my channel, please subscribe
and please hit that bell for more videos to come. For those of you who are new to my channel
and don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Tamara. I got laid off of my 9 to 5 office job in
October of 2017. I finally had enough. I was working at an office job for the last
10 years of my life. I got laid off over 4 times. I think it was 5 times. I think one time I actually got fired. But my point is that I finally had enough. And I finally decided to start my own online
business. It first started off with Amazon FBA, then
affiliate marketing, then I opened my YouTube channel for all you guys and I wanted to provide
more value for you all and really help you get rid of that 9 to 5 job, or whatever lifestyle
that you have right now that you’re not happy with. You all deserve happiness in your life. You all deserve financial freedom. And it is possible that you can make this
work with Amazon FBA or with any online business that you choose to do. So let’s get down to it. Before we jump inside my computer so I can
show you exactly how you use Manychat with Facebook ads, and how you build a landing
page so you can capture your Amazon customer’s email address. I want to just verbally talk about what this
means because I think this is new to a lot of sellers still. There’s a lot of new sellers that are coming
in to the Amazon FBA world and you guys are confused and you don’t know what to do. And I am here to clear that up all for you
guys. When I first started selling on Amazon in
the summertime of 2017, I only had one goal. That one goal was to only focus on getting
sales on Amazon’s platform. I was not driving external traffic and I did
not know how to grow my brand outside of Amazon. A lot of times we’re so stuck and focused
on Amazon itself, that we forget about growing our brand outside of Amazon. So this video is to help you drive external
traffic to your brand, to your products, so you can market to your customers again and
again. There’s a lot of ways on how you can use Manychat
with Facebook ads to launch your Amazon FBA product. However, if you are new to selling on Amazon,
I strongly advise you to stay selling on Amazon for a little longer before you use this strategy. Because you need customer data. When you have customer data in Amazon, with
the customer’s name, and address, and postal code, state, and country, you can use that
data, grab all that data and build a look a like audience on Facebook to market to them
who have the same behaviours as your customers who already bought your product off Amazon. Facebook is super, super powerful. Without customer information, it’s impossible
for Facebook to find you the right customers to place your ad in front of. I hope that kind of makes sense. There are a few sellers that message me and
they were confused. They said that when they tried this, when
they started advertising their product on Facebook, nobody claimed their promotional
codes. No one claimed, no one wanted their product,
no one clicked on their ad. Well that’s because they’re driving cold traffic
towards your ad. Cold traffic is super difficult to convert
when you are trying to run Facebook ads. Make sure you have a solid customer base before
you start using Manychat with Facebook ads. If you don’t have customer data then nobody
is going to click on your ad on Facebook, right? So make sure you have some sales going for
a few months and then you can implement Manychat with Facebook ads to launch your product. I think it only costs me $27 to do a full
launch using Facebook ads with Manychat. So it’s super, super powerful and super useful
to learn and to have within your Amazon FBA business. However, you’re probably wondering, “okay,
well, maybe I shouldn’t pay a launch service”. You actually should pay a launch service if
this is your very first launch. The reason being is because customer data. You want that customer information from Amazon. You pull that customer information from Amazon
and then you build your audience on Facebook. It’s going to be super, super powerful. So if you’re trying to launch your very first
product, I actually suggest you to pay a launch service because there’s so many hot customers
there that will convert into really good look a like audiences on Facebook. So we will be diving inside of my computer
in just a little bit so I can explain to you further about everything I just said. If you are already a student of mine in FBA
Winners Course, all of this information, step by step in video tutorials and PDF reading
documents will be available to you right now. But if you are not one of my students yet,
make sure you check out my course in the description below. I’ll leave you guys a link. This will teach you everything step by step
with Facebook ads, Manychat, how to capture your customer’s email address, and just basically
everything about how to grow your Amazon business as a whole. Alright guys, let’s dive into my computer. Alright guys, let’s get started, how to use
Manychat with Facebook ads. If you are absolutely new to selling on Amazon,
this video is going to be a little overwhelming for you. It’s a little confusing if you are new especially. So for all you experienced sellers out there
who already have their first product up and selling on Amazon, this video is perfect for
you. Let’s get started. The very first thing we need to know how to
launch a product, is obviously know which keywords to target, right? We need to know which keywords you’re going
after and how many units you need to give away per day, for 8 days. Please do not try to do a 1 day launch, that
is totally ineffective in my opinion. I’ve seen some sellers lose a lot of money
and inventory on this, so please just stick to the 8 day launch. Okay, so if I am selling the beach ball. I am going to use the beach ball as an example. I am going to find out what keywords I want
to launch with. So let’s go with “beach balls”. Say I want to rank beach balls onto page 1. My exact searches for a month is 3,466. By the way you guys, this is just an estimate. Nothing is ever going to be accurate. Especially after Amazon has told us, there
was an update lately saying that there’s no way to actually connect to Amazon and see
exactly how many searches there are per month. But this is an estimate from Helium 10. If you guys don’t have Helium 10, make sure
you get started on it. I’ll leave the link in the description of
the video below. Okay, so over here it’s just saying I am going
to need to give away 104 units for a total of 8 days. This means it’s 13 units per day. Every time Helium 10 gives you an estimate
of how many units to give away per day, also right here it tells you that this is CPR Total
Giveaways means 8 days. CPR Daily Giveaways mean how many you need
to give away per day. Back to what I was saying, if they are suggesting
13 units, I like to round up. I would actually add a few more units. So I am going to be giving away I would say,
16 or 17 units a day. I just want to cover my butt, right? The worst thing that can happen is if you
launch your product and you don’t make it to page 1 because you don’t have enough units. So in order to be safe, it’s better to over
estimate. Okay, so I have, I know how many to give away
now. I am going to just bump this up to 125 for
8 days. Now, I am going to target the word “beach
balls”. The next thing you want to do is go into Feedback
Whiz. Yes, you do need Feedback Whiz for this because
you need to go into the Reports and download the report where it is grabbing all of the
customer data. As I was saying earlier, you have to download
customer data in order to build audiences on Facebook. This is a very crucial, important step. Please do not try to drive cold traffic towards
your Facebook ads, it’s not going to turn out very well and you’re just going to lose
money. So what we need to do is download our customer
data from Feedback Whiz. This is all of your customers’ information,
their name, their address, the country they live in and their state, everything. What we need to do is go to Choose Report
Type, and either use Orders or Buyers. If you have more than one ASIN, you need to
separate your products. So for example, if I am selling a beach ball
and I have another brand that I am selling a garlic press, I probably want to separate
those 2 audiences, right? Because if I advertise my beach ball to my
customers who bought my garlic press, I am very unlikely to convert. You want to convert as much as you can by
selling similar products to your customers that you already sold to. So if you were to just download Buyers Report
and I would probably go the last year. So you can have all that customer data. Click on generate report and this will send
the report to your email address. This is my dummy account. So it says Processing. After it’s been processed, you want to open
this right here and look at the report. You also have to format this data. What I mean by formatting the data is that
Facebook will only recognize your customers from Amazon if you were to upload your data
how Facebook wants it. So if you Google “Facebook ads custom audience
format”, they will have an Excel sheet that tells you exactly how they want you to format
this information. So this information right now is just downloaded
from Feedback Whiz. But for Facebook, they want it in a certain
format. And I have this information in my course,
you can also find it on just simply by Googling “Facebook ad custom audience data formatting”
or something like that. And it’ll come up. So a lot of this information you don’t need. For example, everything I am just going to
delete just has to do with my order, we don’t need it. They obviously need, and there’s a phone number
here, this is because this is FBM. For FBA products, there are no customer phone
numbers so I am just going to remove that. And there’s some data here that Facebook doesn’t
need. They don’t need your buyer’s email address
because this is all emails, these are all email addresses that don’t exist. When you’re trying to download your customers’
data from Amazon, Amazon doesn’t have, they don’t give you the customers’ email address,
right? So you would delete that. Anyway I am not going to spend too much time
on this. Just make sure you format this into the way
that Facebook wants it. It’s very, very important. If you don’t format this how Facebook wants
it, they are never going to fully match your customers on Facebook. Very, very powerful stuff. Okay, so after you have downloaded and formatted
your Feedback Whiz customer data, it’s time to create a Facebook ad. So if I go into my Ads Manager account, this
is my Ads Manager account for summer beach balls. You want to create a Facebook ad where you
are telling the customer to opt into your Manychat bot. They see your ad and they will click on it,
and then it will lead them into your Manychat sequence. Now, all you do is create an ad here. And I am not going to pick at this specifically. You just need to make sure that right here,
you’re clicking off Messages because we are trying to drive the customer into our bot. And then, I am just going to leave this as
Messages. You can even do A/B split testing. So if you want to split test ads, and see
which one converts better for you, you can do that as well. We’re not going to do that right here. Click Continue. And remember that audience that we just downloaded
and we just formatted. We need to upload that. So right here, we will leave it as click to
messenger. This is where you will upload your custom
audience. This means that you are now uploading all
the Amazon customers that bought your product and Facebook will match those customers to
their Facebook profiles. Super cool stuff. And then, what you want to do is do a look
a like audience. So this means that Facebook is going to find
all these different types of people who act exactly the same as the customers from Amazon. So you can advertise to them. This is so powerful. You guys need to start doing this. Anyway, if I were to create a custom audience,
you would just upload your Feedback Whiz customer data right here, customer file. And click on choose a file or copy and paste
data. So this is where you’ll upload your Excel
document. Be sure to check out how to format it. Like I said, look it’s right here. Read best practices for preparing your customer
data. These are the identifiers. So make sure you guys again format it correctly. And also, I would create a look a like audience. So that’s exactly the same way how you would
upload it. Create a look a like audience. Source, just click your source and location. Alright, so you can even put these in separate
ad sets. And after you have all this filled out, you
will actually go to create your ad. And when you create your ad, I use single
image. There was absolutely no problem with that. You guys could test with video or slideshow. But you know what, when you’re just trying
to launch your product, when you’re just trying to get people to opt into your bot, a single
image is more than enough. So I would just go down here. And this is where you fill out the text. So here you could put, “are you interested
in our summer beach ball for 75% off today only on Amazon.” Something like that. It’s super click bait so they will take action
right now. And you want to mention to them that it’s
on Amazon because they need an Amazon account. It’s kind of obvious, right? And then you would just edit the headline. Again, just something that tells them, “click
on send message.” I’ll leave this to you guys. I have some awesome ways of getting the customer
to physically click on this send message button. A lot of the customers would just scroll past
your ad, right? But I have some really good templates in my
course that makes the customer click on it. You cannot bypass this message. Okay, so call to action is just send message
right here. You can, if you’re doing a different ad, you
can do sign up or subscribe or reply now. This all depends on what you’re trying to
advertise, right? But, we want the customers to click into our
bot so we’re just going to send message. So if we keep going down, now we need to install
something called the JSON code. When you are in Manychat, I am going to show
you my Manychat account. Now in here, there are so many things that
you can do. I am not going to go through everything in
detail. It’s pretty self explanatory. But everything step by step, my students will
have access to. The most important thing that you want to
know and get started on though is the JSON code, right? We need to integrate the JSON code inside
of our Facebook ad or else the flow will not work. It’s not going to work. It’s not going to link up. So if we go into Growth Tools and we just…
this is a growth tool that I already made as an example. So if I click into it. This is my example that I have created for
my students. Now, if I were to set this up and get the
JSON code, I’ll just go back here. Set Up. There should be a code here. And all you do is copy and paste this code. And then, you would paste it inside here. Custom template and go to create new. And JSON, right here. So, if you can delete all of this. And replace it with the JSON code from your
Manychat. Then it will all link up. Now, Facebook will know, “okay, everyone who
clicks on this ad will get sent straight inside of your Facebook Messenger where the bot can
start doing its thing.” It can start distributing coupons, right? So let’s just say everything is set up now
with your JSON code and you’re ready to go. Make sure you preview in messenger. It’s very important and click on Finish. So I am going to click on Finish. But you also want to preview this inside of
your Manychat to make sure it works. So if I get out of here. And go back into Edit. There’s a preview button right here. This is going to send the message straight
into your Facebook Messenger, from your Facebook page as if you are the customer. Make sure everything is up and running and
it works! Because if it doesn’t work, you have done
something incorrectly. Let’s talk about Flows. So if I go back to Flows. These are all the different ways that you
can create a flow. If I go into this specific flow, this is my
welcome message. You guys all should have welcome messages. Basically what a flow is is just a message,
this is my welcome message. And there are buttons here connecting to other
messages. Every time a customer clicks on the button,
they’ll get sent to a new message. You can even direct them on Amazon, direct
them straight to your product listing. There’s so many things that you can do. For broadcasting, you can even send out broadcasts. So if you run Facebook ads and a customer
has already opted into your bot, you can market to them again and again by doing broadcasting. Now there are rules around this. Just make sure that when you do your broadcasts,
if I click on new broadcast, there are rules where you are not allowed to send out some
messages after certain amount of times. So right here, it says, promotional broadcast
messages can contain ads and promotional materials but can only be sent to subscribers who are
active in the past 24 hours. Make sure you really read the Terms of Service
because if you break these Terms of Service, you risk getting banned on Facebook or they’ll
remove your account, delete your page, whatever it is, make sure you know what these mean. Okay, going back to Facebook ads though. So let’s just say that’s done now. And we have previewed. All you do is confirm. You confirm your ad. You’re running your ad. And make sure that in your Manychat, you have
your coupons already set up, right? So if I go to my Growth Tools. I am just going to edit my flow here. Make sure that you already have your coupons
set up in Seller Central. My way of distributing coupons is not by using
Zapier. You don’t need to use Zapier. Some of you guys might not even know what
that is. But you do need Zonpages if you want to create
a landing page and distribute individual coupons. If you want to do it that way and capture
the customers’ email address, you can do it. This is Zonpages right here. It’s $1 to get started. So if you are not familiar with Zonpages,
I will link this in the description below as well, of this video. Very straight forward stuff. We will only be focusing on Manychat and Facebook
ads in this video. I may do a video in the future. If you are my student, this information on
how to build a landing page and capturing your customer’s email address is in the course. Alright, now, if I were to go back to my Manychat,
I want to stress that, for your coupons, make sure that it is active and it is running in
Seller Central. If it is not active and not running, then
unfortunately, whoever opts into your bot, it’s not going to work. Your customer can’t claim the code and you
won’t be able to launch. So there are a lot of steps that are in this
video. If I were to go over everything step by step,
it will probably take me a few hours. So I am not going to do that. But this is the gist of it, right? This is how you do it. This is how you set up Manychat and Facebook. And this is exactly how it’ll work really,
really well if you just get your data from Amazon. Get your customer data from Feedback Whiz. Download that report. Upload it onto Facebook. And then integrate it with Manychat. That’s exactly how it works. Also, make sure that when you are sending
your customers to your product listing right here, that you do have your keywords attached
to your URL. That you are ranking for those keywords. Again, or else that will not work. The beauty of launching your product using
Manychat and Facebook ads is that you can only mark your… you can mark your product
off at 75% and there will be customers claiming. 75% off is the magical percentage off where
I have gotten really, really good results. So I am just going to show you some of my
results. So this is my Facebook Ad Manager account,
where I did my product launches. I did two launches here. And one of them, I did for a full 8 days. It only costs me $27.86 Canadian. So that’s about $21, $22 US. For you guys who live in the US and you want
to use Manychat and Facebook ads to do your product launches, it’s going to cost… you
can get your price that low, you’re paying like $20 for a full launch. This works super, super well. Super powerful stuff. Now, these are my results. So, on average, it’s about 25 cents for every
customer to claim my coupon, which is super, super cheap. Some of them costs me even lower and some
costs higher depending on Facebook’s algorithm. I actually don’t know how they determine cost
per result. But as you can see here, if I go into my Manychat,
I look at my audience. And I look at my subscribers, I have 256 subscribers. That means 256 people saw my Facebook ad,
saw my product, and they decided, “I want it, I am going to opt in, and buy this product.” So now I have over 200 people who I can market
to over and over again. They are all in my Facebook Messenger now. All I have to do is send a broadcast. You have to do this properly, of course within
Terms of Service. But, now going forward, I don’t have to run
Facebook ads anymore. I already have my audience and I can sell
them things again and again. This is exactly where you want to get to. I know that this price is really appealing
to you guys. You might think, “wow, it’s only like $20
to do a full launch instead of paying a launch service.” But, you need to pay a launch service to get
customer data remember? It’s very important that you have your customers
from Amazon where you can create that audience on Facebook. So Facebook can match all these people who
are ready and willing to buy your product. Do not send cold traffic. So again, if you are just new to selling on
Amazon, and this is your very, very first product, and you have not launched yet, I
do suggest you paying a launch service just to get some data. After this, going forward, you can start doing
this. You can start building your own customer list. You can start marketing to these people over
and over again. And it’s going to cost you literally pennies
to do this. Another launch that I did, it costs me $16.24
Canadian. So that’s about $12, $13 American. Just imagine, every time you do a product
launch, and you want to target new keywords, it’s only costing you a little over $10. That’s crazy. You guys need to start doing this. You need to stop only relying on Amazon’s
customers. You want to build your customers outside of
Amazon to really grow your brand, grow your business for super, super cheap. I mean, just imagine, every time you want
to rank for a new keyword, you’re only paying $10 to $20 to rank for that specific keyword. That’s crazy compared to paying launch services. So eventually, you guys want to start doing
this. You want to start growing your brand outside
of Amazon. Don’t just rely on Amazon, right? You want your own customer data. You want their email addresses, which I also
teach. So make sure you get on this after you get
some experience selling on Amazon. Okay guys, if you have any questions for me,
please leave me a comment in this video below. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. And please subscribe to my channel. I’ll be posting more and more videos like

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