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How to Launch a Facebook Lead Generation Ad

How to Launch a Facebook Lead Generation Ad

This is awesome. This is really good news. What you’re looking at right here is a Facebook Lead AD. Unfortunately this is only a preview of the
Power Editor of Facebook because I can’t actually find a running version of this ad
because I haven’t sent it running all over the place to various pages, and it’s not showing
up on my own at the moment. Nevertheless I’m going to be able to explain to you why this is so cool. Like any other ad, you can send this out to
your target audience however you want to do that. And you can track it with conversion tracking
via FaceBook Pixels. But what’s different is that when people
click on your call to action button (and in this case I’ve chosen DOWNLOAD), they will
automatically be given this cute little OPT-IN form. It’s a little miniature opt-in form that you
create right here in Facebook and it auto-populates with their name and email. So the person opting in doesn’t have to
fool around with typing. Their name’s going to pop up and they’re
going to click OK. After that, depending on what your “Call
to Action” button is, is where they going to go next. In this case, I have them DOWNLOADING this guide. So after they click DOWNLOAD, they opt-in,
then the download starts to happen immediately. I could have just as well said “Sign Up”
or “Learn More” or one of the many “Call to Action(s)” and they’re going to go
to that site. So let’s dive in and I’m going to show
you quickly how to set one of these up. From my Facebook page profile I’m going
to scroll down to MANAGE ADS. And then I’m going to go into the POWER
EDITOR. It’s ok; do not be afraid. I’m going to click here (folder icon on
the left). Make sure the TOP folder is highlighted. Then I am going to click CREATE CAMPAIGN. I’m going to call this “Test Demo Lead
Ad.” Then I’m going to keep that at AUCTION. And in the “Objective” drop down menu
(this is the important part), you’re going to scroll down to the LEAD GENERATION option. Then I’m going to click  CHOOSE AN AD SET. And I’m going to name the AD SET based upon
the audience I will be targeting. So for demonstration purposes we’re going
to call this AMY PORTERFIELD TEST DEMO. Then I’m going to click CREATE NEW AD, and
then your NAME (your) AD. In this case I’m naming it “Twitter Lead
Guide Graphic.” This is just for your reference. Now I’m going to click CREATE. My campaign is set up, so I’m going to click on AD SETS. And over here I’m going to choose MY
PAGE, Jen Lehner. And I’m going to choose a daily budget of $5 a day. I’m going to choose to START IMMEDIATELY and
I’m not going to schedule an END DATE. And this is where I’m
going to edit my audience. I’m going to click EDIT AUDIENCE. I’m going to choose the UNITED STATES. I’m going to change my AGE because my audience
tends to be 35 to 55 women. Of course you can do this based on your audience. I’m going to choose ALL ENGLISH. Then that’s it. I’m going to click SAVE. Now I’m going to come over here to AD. Its asking me for the link where I want people
to click once after they opt-in. Well I have uploaded this PDF guide to Amazon S3 services. I’m not going to go all into that. But its basically a place where you can store items to give them a unique URL for a purpose
exactly like this, ok. Now I’m going to go back to POWER EDITOR
with that link. And you know if you you could put any link there you want. This is just what I’m choosing to do. Then I’ll choose PASTE; now its time for my image. I’ve already uploaded the image I want to use. Its here. And I’m going to make my CALL TO ACTION:
DOWNLOAD. But if you were to choose LEARN MORE,
then your URL could go to your SALES PAGE, your website, a blog post or whatever. The important thing is they would have already
opted in before they are taken anywhere. That’s the important part, right? Now it’s asking me to choose a LEAD FORM
or to CREATE one. So I love this because going forward I don’t
have to keep creating these opt-in pages. I can use ones that already exists. But I’m going to show you how to create
a new one. We’re going to name the form “Test Demo
Lead Ad.” NEXT. And then The user information it’s going to collect
is EMAIL and FULL NAME. However, and this is a very cool feature,
you can ask for more things if you want. You can even include a custom QUESTION. Some of these are pre-loaded you can choose or I can say “What’s Your Biggest Marketing Pain Point?” Then you can leave it open-ended or you can
give them choices. So I can say “FaceBook Ads,” “Twitter
Ads,” or “Consistency.” OK? And then I’m going to click NEXT. This is very important. You have to have a PRIVACY POLICY. I’m going to show you where I have my PRIVACY POLICY. If you don’t have a privacy policy on your
website, you can go to FreePrivacyPolicy.com, I believe it is. click START NOW and create a privacy policy. Once you have the privacy policy, you’re
going to put that somewhere on your website. I’m just going to put just any old URL here for this demo. And click NEXT. Then this is where Once they have completed your form, you can
prompt them to visit your site. And we’re going to say CREATE FORM. That’s it. Then we’re going to click REVIEW CHANGES. That’s it! Now you need to know where to get your leads.So what you’re going to do is go to your business page. And look at the top and you will see PUBLISHING TOOLS. Click on PUBLISHING TOOLS. Then you’re going to click LEAD AD FORMS. And you’re going to find your leads. These are both TESTS up here but you can see this one has 32 leads in it. And I’m just going to click DOWNLOAD. Now maybe you want to take a look at the results of this particular campaign. I can tell you that unfortunately just before I did this tutorial I added a new AD SET And I did not keep a close eye on it, so the cost of my leads went up. I should have just stuck with the AD SET that I had. So if you look here, it says LEAD AD. I’ve gotten 34
leads at $1.92 per lead so I’ve gotten 34 leads and I’ve spent $65. It was a lot better before I added that other AD SET. So I am very hopeful about this feature. Like anytime you do a FaceBook AD you need
to go in and tweak it and keep a close eye on things and make sure you’re getting value. But I do think this is a great new feature. Give it a shot and let me know how it works
out for you!

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