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How To Know Your EXACT ROI With Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Custom Tracking

How To Know Your EXACT ROI With Facebook Ads – Facebook Ads Custom Tracking

Alright guys, so in this video, I’m gonna break down some of these different columns and you’ve got performance delivery engagement video engagement So you’ve got all these kind of like pre-built filtered ones. You can also customize these columns So what I’m talking about is columns. You’ve got the campaign name you got the results So how many? you know right here you’re looking at how many leads were in this weight loss challenge thing right here how much it cost Pearlie how Much was spent The frequency the frequency is basically how often it’s shown to your audience And I actually like to shoot from 1.5 over a seven-day time span So we come over here and we do this this hasn’t ran for a while So it’s going to be hard but since its lifetime and this was over the course of months If you know with a 1.6 is totally fine. So if we come up here and we do last 7 days If we’re looking at the frequency, which like I said, this is a demo account now, and I don’t really run ads on here But I shoot for this in the last 7 days to be out 1.5. Okay. So we got unique clicks. We’ve got all these different things that you can go through and see like delivery It’s gonna give you a little bit different information. Let’s just go back to lifetime So we actually have some data in here the reach like how many people wrought reached cost per thousand people reach? So, you know, that’s CPM. So it’s cost per milla which milla and Latin means a thousand So it’s basically that’s where that’s where the the terminology came from by the way So that’s where it’s saying like, okay how much it costs to reach thousand people which is twenty bucks So you’ve got all these different breakdowns, you know cross per device performance and clicks typically what I use is either the performance which is the default or Sometimes I do performance and clicks or if I’m running a video ad I like to do the video engagement cuz it shows you okay how much it costs per three second view ten second view and So on or you got like the twenty five percent video watch 50 percent 75 these are video ad campaigns So obviously that’s why it’s not showing up any data there. Okay. Now another thing you can do is customize the columns now this one is really big and This is something that you want to go through and do when you’re setting up your own custom conversions custom audiences all that so what we’re gonna do is took forever to pop up but like let’s jump over here and Let’s just go into custom conversions. Okay, so we want to initially set up some custom conversions Like let’s say we’ll set up a custom conversion for leads generated Okay or appointment set and then also a custom conversion for sales that actually go through Ok. So once this pulls up here in a second we’ll go through and we’ll make sure that those custom conversions are set and then I’ll show you how to go through and customize the calls because then it’s really nice because what happens is And let’s go over here to the demo account Just so we’re not messing anything up So what happens is you go through and you can see how much you spent per day Okay, what your daily budget is how much you’ve spent in total? How many leads were generated your cost per lead your cost per sale how many sales were made? And You just get a whole bunch of data here. Okay, so if we come on here and Let’s create a custom conversion. So let’s say that this is our our lead page that were generate leads from Okay, so this is kind of like a little Facebook Ads mini course. I’ve got right here So any one that hits this URL right here, that means they have become a lead in our system, right? So this is very basic. Hey, I’m sending you that the email whatever so they’ve opted in already So now I’m gonna go over here and create a custom conversion for anyone That’s coming through there. I’m gonna say they have now become a lead. So we’ll just say Facebook Ads Mini-course and then we’ll say lead Okay, so now we can come down here and we’ll say they are a lead and that you can give them a value once it Comes to the purchase once we set that up here in a second. Well actually give that a value for this one You know you maybe have an idea of what the the lead value is to you, but for me I just kind of leave that blank for the leads because I haven’t actually made money right out of the gate So now we’ve got that Facebook as mini-course the lead for this custom conversion right here Okay, so you can see no activity yet all good. If we just come here we refresh that page and Then we come back over here and fresh this it should show that it is active. Okay, so you can see it’s active right now And make sure you guys keep your face with pixels on all these pages We’ve already kind of covered that so that’s why We haven’t gone in and put the pixel on so we don’t need to get those details in this video So we’ve got the Facebook as mini course that lead will be gonna be able to have in one of those columns over here So we’ll have like the the daily budget the lead costs or the the leads that are generated how many leads the lead cost amount spent Cost per sale how many sales how much money’s made all that stuff in here? okay, so if we come back over here now, this is our so we had our Facebook Ads mini course, this is our Facebook Ads actual full-on course, so it’s a thousand dollar value So if we pull this up right here if somebody’s clicked right here or if they’ve hit this URL that means they have become a buyer Right. So now we’re gonna come over here to custom conversions create a custom conversion and we’ll say any one that hits this URL Right there. We’ll say six-figure ads Fire so this point they are a purchase and this is a 997 dollar value. I don’t know why it does this guys It’s pretty weird why you just put the 997 0-0 but it shows you like the dollar amount down here It’s kind of weird. But anyway, whatever so we hit create we go through we had done Good stuff, okay So now if you want to go through and get the eat this active and all that stuff you just refresh both pages But you guys kind of get how that all works, right? So we’re gonna come back here and let’s refresh this page Just because we just created two new custom conversions So we want to make sure that Facebook is pulling those new custom conversions that we just created Because as we’re gonna go through and customize these columns, we’ll want to make sure that it’s doing that. So now What we’ll do is come over here to the columns we’ll go down to customize columns and This will pull up a little modal here in a second My computer’s going a little bit slow right here And then we can go through and we can detail out what we want the columns to be. Okay So like the campaign name, I like that. I don’t really care about Aires Delivery no, no. No, so I just kind of like go through and these are all based off of more of The video views so we can just start from scratch right here Okay. So what I like to do is I kind of like to set it up where you got the campaign name Okay And then the number of Lisa were generated the cost per lead and then typically like the the number of sales Costs per sale how much money I’m making from there? And then how much what the daily budget is and how much was spent, okay So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go find all of those different things that we want to have included Okay. So for example Conversions these are these are like the custom comers. We just set up. So if we want to come down here and Find those custom conversions that we have set up Okay, so you can see right here this is the six-figure ads mini-course this is the lead right there right then We’ve got the 60 rads buyer, which I’m just giving them out here and then we’re in a little bit later we’re gonna go through and Make sure that we’ve got them in the right order that we want them in Okay so you can see I’ve kind of gone through and I’ve like been finding all these you’ve got the so like down here in the Conversions area this is where you’re gonna find them all. Okay, so cost per action right here You just go through and you kind of takes a second to get in the right category You see website custom conversions So we’ve got the we’ve got the six of your ads Facebook Facebook as many course the leads and we’ve got the cost per website conversion So that will show this one up here will show the number of conversions. So like this five ten fifteen However many this will show us how much it costs us to get that conversion Okay how much we had to spend before getting that so cost per six for your ads buyer cost per Facebook guys mini course lead and Then another thing that I like to do is see So I’ve got the the campaign name the Facebook guys mini course leads So like how many leads were generated the costs of the lead? Okay our budget? Okay, like how much like how are we spending like per day? Okay six for your ads buyers How many buyers have we had the cost per sixth you guys buyer? This is the six-year ads by our conversion value case. That means that like we put in that value 997 so if it shows right here we’ve had five buyers and then 997 value that would be five times the 997 then we can see like our cost per Purge sale right there. So let’s say is the cost of this $300 right here and to get a 997 dollar sale Then we’re in the money and we’re good and then right here. I also like to add a Search here amount spent Okay, so I can kind of get a whole thing right there So if we just hit apply, it’s gonna go through and apply that right there now We just come over here and we say we can save this. Okay, so I like to save this and now I will say Six-figure ads And then we’ll just say like the 997 course and then we’ll just hit save right there And you can see we’ve got okay So this one right here and this? Obviously that’s not showing any data because one we haven’t ran the ads and two these campaigns are not set up for that But you would see how many leads you generated. So how many leads from this? Campaign right here, okay so like we were running running our our Facebook Ads to this landing page right here how many leads we were actually getting and then how much it cost per lead break that down our budget and then how many buyers so like if we come over here to If we’re after that after that lead page, oh click funnels. It’s got an air or something like that right now So so then once they go through and if that next sales page we’re sending to how many people are buying from there It’ll listen number so it’d be like let’s say we’ve got 100 leads right here, and we’ve got one or two buyers right there It’ll show the cost. So based on how much it costs to get the leads how much it cost. Like, let’s say it’s maybe $300 and then if there’s one right here, it’ll show 997 right there because for every six figure ads buyer, it’s a nine or $97 value to us Okay, so five maybe five times 997 and so on and then we would see the amount spent so at this point we can kind of see how profitable and how bad all of our ads are over campaigns we can see how many leads are We’re getting the cost per lead which we dive in here We can kind of see like which ad sets are performing better than others. Maybe some are performing extremely Well, maybe some are not performing that well, and then we could even click in here and take a look at the ads How each ad is performing on the Leafs side of things cost per lead as far as sales go Because it’s interesting. Sometimes you’ll see ads that are getting great cost per lead, but the cost per sale Actually is not that great because the ad is not setting that person up To be the mindset of a buy right? So so that’s something you got to go through and kind of take a look at the go and use the customize columns in here Go break break it down like this. I like this is the format I like to use you might find your own format that you like But I kind of like to just take a look at the leads cost per lead How many sales have gone from it cost per sale? How much does it cost to get a thousand dollar sale? Viscosity eight $900 you get a thousand dollar sale yeah, you’re still like breakeven slash making a little bit of money, but it’s not that great and then from that how much are you actually making and then I like to see total amounts spent so like if we’re you know getting Ten sales right here and that’s getting nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars from this right here then How much did we spend to actually make that ten thousand dollars right there? So anyway guys go away Take a look at the the Facebook columns right here. Kind of take a look You guys can check out my format that I’ve got right here set up your own format But I like kind of looking at these core basic things. These are these are my kind of like KPI So like the key performance indicators that I like to go through and look at and know all about when I’m running my ads and so Anyway guys if you guys do have questions on this go ahead post those in the Facebook group And we’re here to help you guys. So with that said I will see you in the next video

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