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How To Know If Your Facebook Ads Are Performing

How To Know If Your Facebook Ads Are Performing

How To Know If Your Facebook Ads Are Performing it’s taylor Timothy with marketing hicom and today we’re going to talk about how to determine if your facebook ads are performing properly ok guys let’s dive into our ads manager here and go see the different metrics that we look at to determine if our ads are performing well on a click of this campaign here and i’m going to click into this ad set and the first thing we are going to talk about is the engagement of the ad so this ad has had seven different shares its been clicked on 161 times to go to our site it’s got 38 likes so first off our ad is getting great engagement that’s one of the first factors that we look at when looking at our ads is the engagement and the next thing that we’re going to look at is the performance so under the performance we see that this adds has it this ad has an eight relevant score so that is being determined by what is going on inside of our engagement so if we have low engagement here then if we look at our performance then we are going to have a bad relevant score so engagement and the relevance of the ad we always shoot for a six to ten on our relevance if it’s lower than that then generally we turn off the app so the next thing we are going to look at is the delivery so under the delivery this is one thing that we always look at is the frequency school number so our frequency score on this particular ad is 1.4 so this ad has been shown on an average 1.4 times to a person when we get up into like three or four of a score then we generally turn off our ad because we’re delivering too much to our audience so that’s this the third thing we check is the delivery of the add another thing we look at is under performance and clicks we always look at the cost per click generally the cost per click here because this is the cost per click to the sites or paying two dollars and ten cents for a site visit and we look at our click-through rate our click-through rate we always like it to be about 1.5% or higher if it’s not then we consider it a bad ok the next thing we look at is the video in a video and check out the dimensions of that so video engagement so this particular video is performing well first thing we look at is percentage of video watch so forty-six percent of the video has actually been watched if you look at these tabs video watches at twenty-five percent you’re 70 fifty percent of watch 439 75-percent of the video where 2795 20 in a hundred percent we are at 20 so what that tells us is that when we’re remarketing to our audience we definitely have 20 people that have been very interested in what we do so 20 of these people here are having gauged in our video and have watched it all the way through so we know that this ad is performing well because of that usually we like this average percent watch to be about thirty percent or higher and again looking into this add our frequency score has been it’s been delivered 1.08 times to our audience engagement now this video has I had a ton of engagement but it has had five link clicks to site which is great so under our performance clicks as you can see our click-through rate is 1.75 percent which is great but we just barely started this ad so are relevant score will not show yet because we have not reached 500 people so once we have reached 500 people will start to see are relevant score that’s why you aren’t seeing the relevant score just yet so i hope these i hope this these tips and tricks help you guys out with running your ads if you guys ever have any questions feel free to reach out to us at marketing hi dot-com and we love to help you guys out the end the tutorial is now over unfortunately but check out the other videos that i have created i’ll be releasing more free content subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll be sending these out to you guys letting you know when our free content is now available so subscribe to our channel 2 and keep it real How To Know If Your Facebook Ads Are Performing

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  1. I have 209 at 25 percent watched, 63 at 50 percent, 45 at 75 percent and 38 at 100 percent, but my "Video Percentage Watched" is 2.84%?? Is that a mistake

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