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How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Marketing Automation

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Marketing Automation

Hello everyone, welcome to another episode of Nick’s Ad Chat. We are talking all things PPC. Last episode, I was showing you guys a little bit about how Facebook lead ads worked and how to set up your very first lead ad campaign. So today, I’m going to show you what you can actually do when you start actually getting those leads in and how to integrate it with HubSpot. So let’s hop onto business manager and take a look at how everything works. So self-explanatory, once they fill out that lead or once they fill out your lead ad form, where does their information go? First off, everything is stored on Facebook, so once you go to your campaign that you just created, this is the one that we made. And once people do start filling out your form, an option is going to appear here. I’ll show you one of the other ones that we’ve done. An option is going to appear right there. Once you go into the individual ads where you can download your leads. So you click that, select the date range and you can download them. It just pulls a nice quick CSV file right onto your computer. Now like I mentioned, this is a very manual process if you want things to be automated you have to set up something external to make sure that once that lead ad form is filled out. They are sent that automated email. Obviously, it’s not ideal if you’re pulling this information every time someone fills out your form. So to do that, I’ve chosen to set up an integration between HubSpot, which is where we do most of our automation. If you’re using HubSpot, this will be very useful. If not, I think it’ll still be very useful to show you the process that you can go through to set it up, so the first thing you have to do if you’re using HubSpot is go into your portal and create a list, a static list. I’ve already created it here. Don’t give it any criteria. Make sure it’s not a smart list. It’s just a empty list and you can call it whatever you want. I’m calling it a test lead ad list and just let it sit there. And then you’re gonna go into zapier. Zapier is just one option of integration software, I think it’s very useful is I think they have over 200 connected programs that you can use. If you want to set it up the way that I’m setting it up now, you are gonna have to pay for it. We managed to get in our RCM managed to get in before they started charging for their plans since we’re going to be setting up two-step integration. You do have to pay for it if you’re just setting up the one, then you only need the free version. But I’m going to show you how I set it up and you can do whatever you like with it. So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re gonna hit make this up. So first thing we’re gonna select is Facebook lead ads. Click that. This is our trigger so once somebody fills out that lead ad form, save and continue. I’ve already connected my Facebook account if you want to connect another one, all you have to do is click that link there, and it’ll open up a little box where you can sign it and connect your Facebook account. So save and continue. Move on. This is where you select your page, so we’re going to select Campaign Creators Facebook page and then also the form. So you scroll down, you find the form that you’re working with, we’re selecting that form that we just created the test lead ad form. Select that. Move on, and now what it’s going to do is just to make sure it’s really really useful, just to make sure that everything is working fine, what zapier does it creates a test contact. Contact and puts it through your process to make sure it’s going through the Zap properly, so we’re gonna do that, it creates just a test contact or test lead and it tests it going through the steps, okay? Continue, then we set up our actions so once that trigger happens, what’s the next step that you want Zapier to do, so we select HubSpot obviously and a lot of people do this, they go straight to add a contact to List. I was doing this at first and I was seeing that it just wasn’t working out, and I couldn’t understand why so I got in contact with Zapier, and they explained to me that it can’t add the contact to the list unless that contact is already created, so this is where you need those two steps. So first you’re gonna have to create the contact, select that one you select your HubSpot account so if you want to connect to the account open that up, fill in your Hub ID which can be found at the top, Hub ID you can find it right up here in the top right corner. Fill that out, and then you’re connected to your HubSpot account, so we’re gonna select Campaign Creators it’s already been connected. Connect that, this is where you can fill out all of the different fields. Before your new contact that you’re creating since our form is only asking for an email, That’s the only one that we need to update. So click this here select the email, for your new lead, and you don’t have to worry about any of this other stuff. You have tons of fields in there. You don’t have to worry about any of that. Move on to the next and once again is gonna try to test. So test is successful now, If that’s all you want to do if you just want to create a contact in facebook or in HubSpot, Then you’re good to go. This app is ready to start rolling. However in our case we want to set up that automated workflow to trigger once that That specific type of contact is imported, so we’re gonna add another step. So we’re gonna click this. Plus icon here, select a Hubspot and here we’re going to select add contact to list. So once again selecting our HubSpot account, going through this is where we find our list name that one that we just created Test lead ad list, that static list with nobody in it. And then we’re going to once again select that test lead that we started out with at the beginning. So continue, once again, it’s going to test make sure everything’s working test successful looks good and We’re done. Give it a name test lead ad zap. Boom! good to go turn it on and now once you start running your ads, then people start filling out your form, they’re gonna be immediately entered into HubSpot they’re gonna create a contact and HubSpot And they’re going to be added to that list So one way to check that the whole if you still don’t trust Zapier one way to test and see if that whole process worked. Open up HubSpot, Go into your lists, go into that list you just created and you’re gonna see that test contact there. So Hope that gave you guys a little bit of an explanation about how you can leverage lead ads to improve your lead generation techniques. Obviously, it’s not a one size fits all but you’re going to have some industries where sending people to a landing page is going to perform better, but like I said, the last couple of campaigns that we’ve run the lead ads, the cost per acquisition for a lead has been a lot lower so Get out there and test it let me know how you get on Obviously something you can try out if your regular campaign is working, too well, and you want to you know test something new And see if you can lower that cost per lead but Anyways, thank you for tuning in to another episode of Nicks ad chat, and I will see you guys next time.

8 thoughts on “How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Marketing Automation

  1. Hey i am not getting an option for lists under the contacts tab in hubspot, is that because i am using the free version of hubspot? do i need to buy a premium version to get that feature? or something have changed?.

  2. Great video, I have found the new lead generation through hubspot however it is restrictive in the amount of information. Is this option still available for integration, ie is there a way to continue forward without the lists?

  3. Hey Blake, I like your videos. I would like you to please change your mic as your voice is too low. Also, please create a playlist on your channel, and make a step by step guide for Facebook Manager because believe or not many people are having trouble understanding it. Facebook created the best tool with the worst tutorial for it.

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