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How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with CRM [Sample: Infusionsoft]

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with CRM [Sample: Infusionsoft]

– [Sabrina Wekerle] Hey, this is Sabrina Lead trainer for Ballen Brands. I’m gonna show you guys how to integrate your Facebook lead
forms with Zapier today. So, to find your lead forms, if you guys haven’t created one already, you’re gonna go to your Facebook page. Then you’re gonna go to
publishing tools at the top. And then there’s a forms library option on the left-hand side. Now, if you do a lead form
through an ad directly, it does give you the option to
create a new form from there. That will work as well. But this is one way to find
your forms nice and easy, if you ever need to deactivate
them or create a new one or duplicate an old one
to create a new one. So from here, you can go
ahead and create a new form. Or you can duplicate an existing form. You’re going to basically follow the steps on here to set it up. So you put in your headline, an image. You go to your questions and determine what you would actually
like to appear in your form. Then you’re going to go into
your privacy policy section if you decide you want to
add any information in there. And then you can change
your thank you screen. So once they register, they can, there’s a little description here, there’s a button, whether
you want them to view a certain website or a download, and then you have the button text and the website link, all available here. Once you’re done, you can
go ahead and hit finish and your form will be created and ready for us to connect in Zapier. So, in Zapier, you’re gonna
start by making a zap. And we’re gonna choose a trigger app. Now the trigger is what happens first that then puts them into our database. So what’s gonna happen
is they’re gonna fill out that Facebook ad lead form. So I’m gonna search Facebook. And there’s a Facebook lead ad options. Keep in mind, this is only available with the premium version of Zapier. So you’re gonna follow the steps here. It says, when a new lead comes in, that’s gonna be our trigger. It asks you to set up your
Facebook leads ads account. We already set ours up. If you haven’t, just
hit connect an account and it will walk you through
the steps to set that up. Now it’s gonna ask you
which page the ad is on. With this one, we did Lori Ballen Team. And then here’s one of our forms that we created the other day. So it’s gonna ask you what
page you’re running the ad on and what form you’re using. So we’re gonna hit continue. It’s gonna run a quick test. I’m not gonna run a test on this one, I’m just gonna go ahead and skip it. But it is recommended
that you run a quick test, make sure everything’s
poppin’ in properly. Now it says to choose an action app. So the action is, what
do you want to happen after they fill out that lead form? In this case, we want to
put it into Infusionsoft, so we’re gonna choose Infusionsoft. And I want it to create
or update a contact. ‘Cause if they’re not a
contact in our system already, I want it to create a new one. If they are, I want it
to update our system so we know that that person
registered for this offer. So I’m gonna hit save and continue. It’s gonna ask you to choose
your Infusionsoft account. Again, if you don’t
already have it connected, just hit connect an account
and follow the steps to get that set up. Then it’s gonna ask you to set
up the Infusionsoft contact. So it’s gonna give you
all the field options here that you can set up. So you’re not gonna be able to pull a whole bunch of information from the ad, but if you click on this little icon on the right-hand side
here, it’ll tell you what you can actually
pull in from the lead. Now, it told me that I skipped this action so there’s no data available. So it looks like I do have to
go back and re-run the test. It only takes a second. Okay. Now I should be able to go back in here. There it is. Okay, so it pulls from your form. This is all the information
that you can pull from the Facebook lead. So, since this is an email field, I’m gonna click on the email
option from the Facebook ad. I’m gonna scroll down. Has this person opted in to receiving marketing communications from you? I would hit probably yes on that one, just depending on what the form is. You wanna make sure that
you’re complying properly. First name, last name. So I’m just matching them up. If you want a tag to be applied, you can choose to have a tag be applied. And then these are all
of our custom fields and addresses and billing information. So I’m just gonna scroll
down to phone number here and pull in the phone number. There it is. And then any of this other information, if you wanna have it
manually filled out, you can, if it applies to every contact that might fill out that form. That’s the only time it would make sense. So, for example, we have a
section on here for person type. So person type in our
system may be buyer lead. So if I know I’m only using this form for ads that buyers would register for, then I can put in buyer
lead and it would pop that into my field in Infusionsoft here. Once you’re all done, you’re
going to hit continue. It’s gonna ask you to run another test. And then it’s going to complete it. I’m not gonna go through
that process here on video because we are using this
form for something else and I don’t wanna mess up
where it’s already set up. But you just hit continue, click the yes I wanna test it button, and then it’ll say, okay,
your zap is all good to go, go ahead and turn it on. And you’re gonna flip the
little toggle that it gives you like what you see in the
upper right-hand corner here to turn it on. Once it’s done, you’re
going to see it on your, oop, I have so many
drafts in here. (laughing) You’re gonna see it at the top. And it’s gonna be one of the only ones that you have turned on, unless you have a whole
bunch of zaps in your system. But it will show as turned on. You have the name here, which,
you actually create the name in the upper left corner
here, when you’re editing it. And it runs pretty much immediately. So any time anybody registers from the ad, it’ll trigger Zapier. Zapier will run and fill
out all the information, put it into your Infusionsoft account. And if you guys have Autopilot ISA, which is our campaign system
to follow up with leads, then you can actually, in your zap, under the template options here,
you can have a tag applied, like what we have here. That triggers your Autopilot campaign. So you can have it trigger the
buyer or the seller campaign and automatically have
follow-ups going to them via text and email, right off the bat, for a higher chance of getting those leads to follow back up with
you and become a closing. So that is how to integrate
Facebook ad forms with Zapier so your contacts can go
from your Facebook ads into your Infusionsoft database. If you guys have any questions, you can always reach us
at [email protected] And if you liked this video and wanna learn more
about online marketing, go ahead and follow our YouTube channel and also check out our online
courses at ranklikeaboss.com. It’s our video course where you can learn everything there is to
know about online marketing and we also have a real estate expansion specifically for agents, where we talk about real estate processes, tools, and online marketing strategies for real estate specifically. So that is all of that. Again, if you have questions, contact us at [email protected] And have a wonderful day!

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