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How to Insert In-Article Adsense Ad units with Elementor on your WordPress in 5 Minutes (2018 Guide)

How to Insert In-Article Adsense Ad units with Elementor on your WordPress in 5 Minutes (2018 Guide)

Hi this is Tim Novak with learnbuildprofit.com today I’m going to show you how to
insert an ad unit into your article when you are using Elementor page builder
with the WordPress platform okay let’s dig in
it’s actually a very easy process you just go into your google adsense account
you want to click on ads ad units and then new ad unit up at the top here now
it’ll give you some it gives you three options text and display ads in feed ads
and in article ads today I’m going to show you how to place in article ads
you want to select their name your ad unit one I don’t mess with any of the
other things you can style it change your text whatever you want to do the
only thing I do I leave it alone how it is because I like the white background
because it blends in with the site better and then I’ll just go to the
bottom save and get code copy the script here now that we got our script from
Google Adsense we’re gonna find post to throw it in so I am going to do be using
an email template let’s go ahead and select edit with Elementor so here we are need any element or edit
sections and what you’re gonna want to do is add sense recommends putting it
below the second paragraph, I’m gonna put it below the 3rd on this one because the
paragraphs are very short the idea being that most people only scroll down a
little bit on your page and then if the content isn’t interesting they click off.
So the theory is they’re gonna read some of your content and if it’s not really
for them they’ll be looking directly at a Google Adsense ad, so maybe they’ll be
more opt to clicking. All right, so let’s go ahead and try to put that right below
there, right between the “more sales you make” so in order to do that we need to
click on it, go over in the editor on the left hand side, go in the text, and then
now we need to find it. So I’m going to do a ctrl F and type in “sales you make”
as you can see it’ll highlight it here and it also highlights it for me in the
text now that’s exactly where I want to place my like code I always put it right
between the div tags it works out perfect this way. So I’m just going to
right click paste our code, go up here, I always click visual to kind of set it as you’ll see a little space there is opened up don’t worry that’s where an ads gonna go
it’s not gonna be that way on your website. so we’re gonna go ahead and
click update once it updates let’s go ahead and go to the go to the page see
what we can see now so Google Adsense says it could take up to 20 minutes to
do this usually it’s done within in 15 to 30 seconds so we’ll see how friendly
Google wants to treat me today oh it’s already in there as you can see
it already had already populated usually I have to come in here and refresh it
but let’s go ahead and refresh again and as you can see right below the third
paragraph there’s an ad and see how nice it fits in with the site I mean it
matches perfect that’s what I really like about this so like I said before if
somebody wants to start reading they start reading here and they say oh this isn’t what I wanted but then they see this do you use software get at
$10 Amazon giftcard yeah! I’d love a $10 gift card and they go ahead and click on
clicked off it I obviously can’t do it cuz I’ll get in trouble
so yeah so okay as you guys can see that’s pretty much it it’s very easy to
do yeah so I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I’d like to ask you
to light throw me a comment below and subscribe if this video has helped you
I’m going to be putting on a lot more videos that are short like this that
help you do things that people wouldn’t normally know how to do going into
something so again thank you very much you can follow me on instagram at Tim
Novak on the gram on Pinterest at Tim Novak LBP I would put Facebook on here
but I hate them right now so I’m not going to be putting them on anything in
the foreseeable future so again thanks for watching see you soon

12 thoughts on “How to Insert In-Article Adsense Ad units with Elementor on your WordPress in 5 Minutes (2018 Guide)

  1. I had a wordpress site 3-4 years ago and had an Adsense account and back then you had to paste some code in the /head section and then sort of have a text box and paste the actual ad unit details… I have just decided to build a new website using wordpress and its changed quite a bit in that time with this new Elementor feature and I am wanting to place some Adsense ads in my site… Just opening up my Google Adsense account now they are telling me about these auto ads and it looks like I still need to ad some code or whatever to the /head section?? Is this still the case? And If i want say 4 boxes across in a section and I want one of those boxes to have ads in it is there a way to choose ads that only fit the dimension of that one box or does google want the freedom to puts on your site of any dimensions? But thanks for the video/tute…

  2. I have been struggling with how to get ads posted ONLY in the blog section of my website. I have been searching for weeks for how to do it! This is perfect. Thank you so much for this video! Bookmarking you now… And Subscribed….

  3. Tim, great job. Thanks for the help. One question. Can you use the same code for other pages? Or do you have to get a new code every time for other pages?

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