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How to Increase Your Facebook Reach and Outsmart the Algorithm

How to Increase Your Facebook Reach and Outsmart the Algorithm

Organic reach for Facebook Business Pages is plummeting. In fact, some people say by more than 50%. So, how do you make sure that the content you share on Facebook is actually seen? There are thousands of factors that determine how the News Feed ranks content, but overall, Facebook’s goal has always been the same: Connect people to the stories they want to be connected to. That means prioritizing posts from family,
friends, and news organizations over content from brands. To claim your spot on the News Feed among the 60 million other businesses marketing on Facebook, you have to understand two things: one, how the News Feed ranks content, and two, where Facebook is heading as a business, not simply a social network. When Facebook ranks content, really, it’s looking at four things: who posted it, how people engaged with it, what kind of post
it is, and when it was posted. The more engagement a post gets, the more it — and your future posts — are seen in the News Feed. Remember, less is more. For brands, reach actually drops with each additional post, especially if you post more than three times a day. Be selective about what you post and how often. You’ve also got to avoid clickbait. Facebook tracks the amount of time people spend reading an article and watching a video and decreases its visibility if people immediately bounce from it or scroll past. Facebook is looking more and more like a video platform every day and the algorithm reflects that. The News Feed prioritizes Facebook Lives in real time, and now notes how long people watch pre-produced videos, giving long videos with high completion rates an extra boost. But more than anything else, you’ve got to know your audience. The News Feed is smart enough to know the type of posts people want to see. To increase those engagement rates, try using Preferred Audience Tracking to optimize who sees your content. Jump up to “Settings” and make sure “Audience Optimization for Posts” is turned on. The next time you post, just click on the
tiny target and choose interests relevant to your content. If your organic reach is dropping, don’t be surprised. Instead, know your audience and post quality content they want to engage with. Definitely consider promoting posts with ad spend, but know there are ways to make the algorithm work for you and your business.

32 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Facebook Reach and Outsmart the Algorithm

  1. You find it in the Settings IF you have created a page in addition to your personal page in facebook. It is under settings on the top right hand.

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  3. Influencer marketing can be an interesting way in trying to increase your facebook reach, i've used this with phlanx as my platform on mines and so far i've been doing really well with with very rewarding returns

  4. Unfortunately, it seems as though Facebook since removed this option. They're almost forcing everyone into paid advertising.

  5. Most people I know have stopped posting personal status updates because the algorithm nerfs their posts and then they feel unpopular and are even more reluctant to post. The only posts that I'm seeing in the news feed are annoying re-shared videos and dreary life quote gif posts. Basically, it's become a wall of non commercial spam. They've really messed things up and are absolutely forcing normal people away from the network. This is the real kicker, normal people (who aren't selling products) should not have to hire a commercial marketing team just to have their status updates seen by their friends.

  6. Hello does sharing other pages content counts as a post for my page? For example If I would like to post 2 times per day, and I would share something from other pages, it would cost as additional post and it would decrease my reach?

  7. Can you please show me where to find the targeting button? I adjusted my setting but can't find the targeting button from the post block. It looks different than what it does on the video. It may be because the video was made more than a year ago and FB has changed things since then? But, I should still be able to find the targeting button. Right?

  8. So should Facebook stop targeting businesses and business activity? What good is the cultivation of business activity if Facebook is going to stagnate, stunt, and impose limitations on them. I can understand people needing to be considerate and not spam or simply blaze through the system with a flood of posts…but, to be more engaging. But, if you are going to create rules that criminalizes posting business content to various groups then Facebook should just stop courting businesses and business activity…and just be social. Not everyone has a generous advertising budget. Some people have to start off small and build up to regular advertising on Facebook. In short you are not very friendly to the little guy. Not at all. The guy that has to use incremental gains to make smart choices with, or bigger choices with at a later date after saving his pennies. Hey and did anybody notice GM just announced in the news that they are laying off 14,000, so can anybody tell me where this concept of money is not an issue on Facebook keeps coming from? Do we need to encourage business or stagnate it? Good grief. I just reached my post limit in the Facebook Marketplace…it is cyber week and I have a sale that is 70%…I need to reach people pronto…not just in US but overseas where they have already reached evening in the Oil Countries…and I don't have control of when the sale ends, so could end tomorrow. This algorithm is not intelligence but is counter-intuitive.

  9. You are doing well. You are #6 in the top 10 results for the keyword 'how to increase your views on facebook'.I can show you what other keywords you rank for. Would you like to know?

  10. so the detail is,, Facebook want more money from us, that is simple, no mather how hard you tri facebook can always limt your page, that's way facebook is just mean to leave. no more spending on facebook, will make they reformat itself

  11. The backwards thing about facebook algorithm choosing coverage I how long you stay on the video is they now put ads in the middle of them all – even 3min videos- which is when me and majority of others turn off

  12. Where do you get the more than 3 posts a day lowers reach? There are pages that post every 15 minutes that get huge reach.

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