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How to increase App Downloads on Google Play using ASO

How to increase App Downloads on Google Play using ASO

Hi, this is a minute of Overpass. My name
is Eric and I make apps. This week I wanna talk about how to increase
your google play app store downloads. Today, I kind of wanna go through some of
our strategies on keyword optimization for Google Play. There’s a lot of advice out there
on optimizing your iTunes page or your iPhone apps and there’s lots of really good tools
out there, we use sensor tower a lot. But for Google Play, sensor tower doesn’t that
great for us so we try other things. And if you just released a Google app, you may be
experiencing this “Oh my God, it’s not working” kind of feeling. And I know, I know the feeling
so I kinda wanna show you the kind of things that we do. So let me show you Ear Spy here,
which is our Google Play page for Ear Spy. And you can see here like on a consistent
basis, we have some delays today, but we get a round off, between four to five thousand
unique downloads a day, daily installs. It does really well and it brings in a lot of
money. If I show you, but it wasn’t always that way, if I show you like the all time
growth here of this curve, you could see that we started off kinda small here when we started
out a couple of years ago. We had like a what’s new and noteworthy kind of bump and then it
just sort of gradually grew over time and it was introducing new things. We see some
spikes here when it gets mentioned in like Gizmodo or some other blogs and we see kinda
how it grows. So that’s the idea. We wanna have more apps like this where we have a lot
of daily downloads, we have a lot of people installing it, a lot of people clicking on
ads, or purchasing or upgrading to a bigger version.
So let me contrast this with one we just released a few weeks ago, which is Algebra Study Cards.
Now Algebra Study Cards, you see here we got a few downloads, sixty-five downloads, that
was the day where I was running Facebook ads, so it didn’t really compared to how much money
we spent, it was not a lot of downloads. And we’re lucky with this one, we’re lucky if
we get ten downloads a day. And this is typical of a lot of apps on Google Play. This is a
lot of our apps. You put it out there and you have to try to get those keywords up.
And keywords are the one way to improve the app ranking.I mean you could do ads like this
but this ad cost, I think we spent about forty pounds, and we got hardly any return on it.
I mean ads used to be so much easier with Facebook and Twitter and Ad Mob. But now,
it’s a much lower return on the investment. So this is to give you an idea when somebody
goes in to Google Play is this organic searches or the things that you wanna really key for.
So, like for example, somebody goes into Google play and they type in “Spy”, Ear Spy comes
up first. If they type “eavesdrop”, it comes up first. So you have to think about how you
want people to actually find it. Now we have Mandarin Bubble Bath, which is our Mandarin
learning game, one of our Mandarin learning games, so one of the keywords that we try
to search for well is learn mandarin. So, ideally, when I type in “learn mandarin”,
Mandarin Bubble Bath would come up near the top but it doesn’t. So you see here we’ve
got Learn Mandarin Chinese, we got all of these and we go way farther back down and
we could see Mandarin Bubble batch way down here at the bottom. So it’s not doing well
and we need to kinda play with that and get that up. If we type something that’s a bit
less popular like “learn Swahili”, then you can see our app comes up relatively high,
but ideally, we like the first one. So, how do you get higher search rankings
for those keywords? And, to be honest with you, since Google is pretty much closed doors,
so is iTunes, a lot of these people have theories that almost borders on superstition because
nobody really knows for sure, so we all try different things. And it has to do with the
name, the right keywords in your name. So for example, this app is actually called Swahili
Bubble Bath, but for Google Play, we changed it to Learn Swahili Bubble Bath in order to
try to increase those keywords and get that up. So, one of the tools that we use to measure
these changes that we make, and it’s always tweaking, that’s the nice way about Google
play is you could always change things all the time. You don’t have to keep uploading
and build every time, the same way you do with iTunes. For Google Play, mess around
with the description, do different things. I mean, Google Play, the keywords are driven
from the title, the subtitle, and the description. So, let’s take you into App Annie. For Google
Play, we use App Annie all the time. Sensor tower is good for iTunes, however, I think
sensor tower, when it comes to Google Play, it doesn’t quite work well for me so we do
things like this. If you go into App Annie, and set up an App Annie account or don’t,
you could go in and search on any app and go down to this section here called keywords
and ASO. And what this will do is it’ll give you a list of all the keywords, or a lot of
keywords that you’re ranking for and list them here in a graph. You can see here Ear
Spy is working for “spy”, it’s working for “eavesdrop”, it’s working for the word “hearing”
which is fantastic. That’s kinda new. So that kinda drips a little bit. And you can see
like a history of this. Now if I show you Algebra for example, we can see that for Algebra
Study Cards, which is our new one and I put in “Algebra”, it’s actually not ranking that
well. It started off at, coming in at 235, now it’s kinda growing. Right now, it shows
up number seventy two if you type in Algebra. If you type in Algebra game, it comes in a
little bit better. It comes in at thirteen. So, what we do is we keep making changes and
checking this every few days and try to see where it is. Now this service on App Annie
is completely free, which is probably the best feature of App Annie. Sensor tower costs
eighty dollar for I think, usually it’s about three apps, it’s actually based on the tracking
of the keywords but I find it a bit overpriced however, it’s worth it if you could make that
work. And down here on App Annie, you could type in any keyword that you want so let say
“multiplication”. So you see for multiplication, it’s out. It’s not
even in the top 250. But this is the kind of thing that you should do. You release your
app to Google Play, sometimes we’ve actually played around with actually changing the title
of the executable to see if that made any impact. We did that with Chinese Heroes, we
called it Chinese Mandarin Alpha Team just so we get the words “Chinese Mandarin” in
there. And the nice thing about this is you could search on any other app. So here we
go,i already did a search on DragonBox, which is one of the top Algebra apps out there and
you can see how they rank for things. And they automatically put some stuff in here
at DragonBox, algebraic, they ranked at number four at the moment. And it changes on a day-to-day
basis and that’s a nice thing to see; the history over time. So let’s say I changed
the description a little bit on Tuesday, I could check it on Wednesday and see it it’s
actually gone up any. And also, I could do things like adding back links that go to the
Google Play page. I could try to get people to add more reviews and see if that’s had
an effect. And it’s really a case of making a change, testing that change, and seeing
how well it works. I hope this has been helpful. It’s longer
than a minute as always, but I hope this has been helpful. One of the most discouraging
things about releasing an app is not seeing it take off. And when I showed you that Ear
Spy graph, at first it was that way for me too, it really was a slow burner but it’s
building and building and building and trying to get those rankings up. It is possible.
So that’s it for this week. If you’re watching this on the iTunes podcast, please leave a
review, I’d love to know what you think. And if you’re watching this on YouTube, please
leave a comment. Or on Facebook or LinkedIn, please leave a comment and let me know what
you think. Good luck with your apps on Google Play and I’ll talk to you next week.

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