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How To Improve Google Ads: Boost Profits Without Increasing Ad Spend

How To Improve Google Ads: Boost Profits Without Increasing Ad Spend

are you worried that your Google Ads
campaign is costing you money well I’m gonna show you how to improve your
Google ads in this episode I’m going to show you five critical mistakes that
most people make and fixing them will result in a boost in profits without
increasing your ad spend at all hi I’m mark with adventures in econ and
my goal is to produce weekly videos that provide valuable information to help you
make money online so be sure and subscribe to the channel so that you’ll
be notified every time I create a new video now first thing I want to talk
about is your click-through rate and an article on HubSpot says the average
click-through rates are anywhere from for search are around 9 of 1.9 percent
you can see this chart that they have that it varies per vertical but you know
less than 2 percent is an average I want to show you over here on one of my
campaigns you can see this is April 6 to May 5th is just the last 30 days and
I’ll refresh this so that you can see it but our campaigns get 15.3 8% 10%
9.5 obviously I have a filter to go down from there but even almost 7% and 6 and
a half percent so I’m going to show you these 5 critical mistakes and you can
fix them just like us so that you can get more out of your ad
spend ok so over here I just did a search for oil change and you can see
you know everybody makes mistake this is very competitive search term and this
second guy right here he’s bidding quite a bit to be 2nd win the second position
on the page but oil change service and cost your mechanic calm yeah thank
goodness it has oil change in there but everybody makes mistakes these are
things that are so easy to correct you just need to go through and rework them
if you have your your practice and what your going to be doing then this whole
thing gets so much easier so nobody cares you don’t need to have your URL in
the title if anything I would put my phone number in the title this first
title it is the first thing that people read in search terms and it is the most
valuable real estate all of this information down here it backs up what
they their very first impression and you get about a third of a second to make
that impression so service and cost your mechanic calm in my opinion that’s all
wasted space so we can improve on this quite a bit the first thing that I want
to talk about on my list of 5 is keyword stuffing
now it’s not the year 2000 anymore we’re not stuffing our with SEO stuffing
keywords and things like that we actually get penalized against it but I
want to show you this search term here savings account I just did a search and
you can see this particular ad right so they have savings savings savings and
savings all riddled in this the body of their ad you don’t need to keyword stuff
these ads it doesn’t make it rank higher this is a paid system you rank higher by
paying more money you want to use the space that you have allotted to you very
wisely and you don’t want to keyword stuff you want to write complete
sentences you want to write great ad copy that speaks naturally to people
that back up what your big claim in your title of your ad is okay so the next
mistake that most people make in their search ads is not leveraging ad
extensions so I’m gonna run through a couple here and show you what I mean
Here I am just in a new campaign I’m gonna go ahead and click on a couple of
these things just to get us into that area I’m gonna click on a search visit
website that’s fine I can put my adventures in EECOM URL and let’s
continue and then I’m going to come down to the bottom where we create ads that’s
where our extensions are so the first one is site link extension you want to
leverage using site links it says right here Google tell you you get up to 15%
higher click-through rate by showing the additional information in your ad let me
come over here to an example and I did a search for Adidas shoes because I knew
adidas would be good at this but you can see right here they have these are their
site links they have their sale items and this goes right to their sale page
they have shoes they have new arrivals and Footwear so you can see that they’re
leveraging the usage of site links quite well and it’s really easy you just come
over here like I said and you can add a campaign level site link extension just
add a new extension and type in the information that you want you probably
– ideally at least have four so that they display very nicely you want to
maximize the amount of real estate that you can capitalize on so that is
sitelinks use them okay additionally in the ad extensions section is to use
call-out extensions so again you can just click on this add a new call out
extension and create it right here and I’ll show you what I mean you can see on
the same exact search you want to use your call-outs and they’ve done it right
here sports and Street shoes show your signature style maximize your workouts
so these are all things that just add a little bit more of a call to action call
out if you will to your search ad and the next under add extensions to use is
to use you can come down here to add extensions they have a bunch of extra
ones but structured snippets use structured snippets and you can come
right down here and add a structured snippet and this is based on several
different kind of options that you have you can go to types or styles and you
can see here you have different values that you can add in and I’ll show you an
example of this right down here Asics will show you down here women shoes
clothing collection featured flight foam collection so they’re using all of these
structured snippets in their ads you want to maximize as many of these things
as you can because you’re going to provide extra value and take up more
real estate on that page there are several other site extensions that you
could use if they are applicable to you so be sure and go through these and
maximize your exposure okay the next thing on my list is a missing call to
action I see this one happen all the time whether it’s search ads or display
ads it doesn’t matter this is one that happens all the time you wouldn’t have a
landing page without a call to action so you want the same mentality in your ad
copy you want to have a simple call to action none of these things hurt rocket
science but they are imperative to the success of your click-through rate so
add a call to action make sure that is relative to the intent of your
the rest of your ad copy and what the searcher is looking for and then make
sure that it is the same on your landing page you want it to be relative
throughout your messaging and you will see an increase in your click-through
rate okay the next on my list is not staying
consistent with your ad copy for what the searcher is looking for you want to
give your potential customer exactly what it is they’re looking for and I
just did a simple search for women’s shoes you can see the very first ad that
comes up is sexy and affordable heels I didn’t say anything about heels
I may look horrible in heels to tell you the truth but they’re they’re telling me
right away sexy and affordable heels what if I’m looking for running shoes
what if I’m looking for something else right they are making an assumption and
thereby I guarantee that they’re CTR on this particular ad has got to be super
low because they’re sending this out it’s too broad of a search and they’re
assuming that I want heels so be sure and fix that you can’t assume anything
use a dynamic keyword insertion for this and you can see here women’s shoes a
guarantee these guys are using dynamic keyword insertion because women’s shoes
women’s shoes you always want to start with relating to exactly what I’m
looking at now I probably would have put a better call-to-action in here than the
name of the shoe store mostly people don’t care about the name of the shoe
store because a it’s right here in the title so I know where I’m gonna go I
mean it’s right here in the URL link so I know where I’m going to go use this to
your advantage have a bigger bolder call to action up here and you’ll see an
increase in your click through ratio and the fifth thing the fifth thing on my
list and probably the most important thing in my opinion is I’ll come over
here and I’ll just say it oops let me get rid of this and I’ll say it real big always the testing always be testing
never be satisfied with a great click-through rate fifteen point three
eight is at the unicorn level of click-through rates as far as Google is
concerned my ad specialist that I work with he
tells me that you know that’s that really isn’t that top top 1% less than
1% get that but I didn’t just get there with the very first ad that I wrote I
had to work my way up and find what my interest of my audience was and really
be able to write ads and speak to them directly I’m sorry I can’t show you a
little more of what this is this is a campaign that I do for a client of mine
and and I can’t show his information but always always be testing never be happy
with 15.3 8% so what that tells me is I can do better so I want to hit 16
percent 16 and a quarter the better that I get the more money that I saved the
more success that they see so always be testing those are my five tips that you
can you know do better on correct the mistakes in your ad campaign so that you
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