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How to implement ads.txt in 3 minutes!

How to implement ads.txt in 3 minutes!

hello and welcome to smarts at txt tutorial today you will learn how to create your own ads txt file and make the file available on your website to start with let’s have a look what ads txt actually is at cxt is an IAB project which aims to eliminate counterfeit and unauthorized inventory from being sold in the marketplace this solution was specifically designed to fight against domain spoofing essentially buyers can verify if a seller is a legitimate and authorized source of inventory to edit your ads txt file open your text editor in the file itself each line will correspond to an authorized seller who delivers ads to your website each line is composed of three mandatory fields separated by commas the first field is the domain name of the advertising system in case of smart this is smart @ server com the second field is the ID in the advertising system this is the smart network ID the third field is the type of business relationship it can be direct if you as a publisher sell your own inventory and use smart or it can be reseller if a reseller sells your inventory and uses his own smart network ID if your inventory is sold by multiple parties each with their own smart network ID make sure you specify a separate line for each one this example shows the content of an ads txt file with three entries line one says that the publisher sells his own inventory and uses the smart network 1-2-3 client 2 says that a reseller sells the publishers inventory and uses the smart network for 56 line 3 says that another reseller sells the publishers inventory and uses the smart network 7 8 9 once your file is ready please save it and host it on your website’s root folder via a simple drag-and-drop with your index.html file once this is done buyers will then be able to crawl this file and retrieve all the parties which are authorized to sell your inventory if a buyer detect suspicious sellers he can take appropriate action we hope this video has been helpful in guiding you on how to implement at txt how there should you be in any doubt or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact your Technical Account Manager or the smart support team thanks for your attention now let’s implement ATS txt

7 thoughts on “How to implement ads.txt in 3 minutes!

  1. Went real fast on the most important point — where to actually put it on the harddrive — and didn't cover WordPress file directory structure.

  2. I’ve created the file, and after 2-3 days I only got about 3-5 impressions per day, so I need to add more /different rows to that list? And how?
    How do I get the info I need to implement on the second and third row, thanks

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