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How to Hire a New Employee : Placing a Job Ad: Hiring a New Employee

How to Hire a New Employee : Placing a Job Ad: Hiring a New Employee

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth
Training, I’m here today on behalf of expertvillage.com to talk about tips and techniques for hiring
a new employee. On this clip I’d like to talk about placing a job ad or developing
a job ad. When people are in the process of hiring somebody and they’re developing a
job ad often they create sort of a list of the keys skills I’m looking for, and they
make their job ad very much a list of items I’m looking for rather than a marketing
part of the process or marketing brochure. You have to remember that if you’re placing
a job ad, part of what you’re trying to do is generate interest that qualified people
would want to apply for your at your company. So more than just a list of what you’re
looking for you need to incorporate some of the personality and characteristics of your
company so that an applicant would be enticed to apply, even applicants that are already
working for other companies would be enticed to apply for your company. So when you think
of placing your job ad yes and definitely look at the fundamental skills, knowledge
and attitudes you’re looking for for this position but also look at how can you market
your company and promote your company so that you can generate enough interest that somebody
might want to apply. The goal of this job ad whether you do it online, whether you do
it in the paper, no matter where you’re going to put this ad, you want to think of
the promotional value. You need to determine how big you’re going place that ad cause
larger ads get more readers and therefore get more response, those are the kinds of
things you’re looking for so if you’re really in need of this person you might want
to place a larger ad, you might want to speak to your paper or to the company you’re posting
this ad with in terms of finding the spot within the paper so you have better coverage.
The other thing to do is to look at some sort of nontraditional approaches to posting your
job ad. Contact maybe some of the high schools see if they have positions that might match.
Look at job fairs a lot of the universities and colleges have job fairs, even local areas
often have job fairs. Chambers of commerce’s sometimes have newsletters and those job ads
can be placed in there, there are lots of different opportunities so look for some nontraditional
ways to place your job ad as well. A key thing to remember is definitely highlight the key
skills that you’re looking for, also make sure it’s a marketing brochure and a marketing
material for your company that generates interest so that qualified applicants will want to
apply to your job.

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