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How to Grow Your Business with Yelp Advertising

How to Grow Your Business with Yelp Advertising

How to Grow Your Business with Yelp Advertising. Every week, millions of people turn to Yelp
when looking for a local business, because Yelp helps them figure out the best place
to spend their money. Yelp’s free tools can enhance a business’s
presence on the site, but to really attract new customers, the YelpAds program puts your
business front and center. You will need and yelp business owner’s account. Step 1. Know how YelpAds work: When consumers use
Yelp to find a great local business, they start by entering a search query, along with
a location. While you can’t directly influence the natural
search results, which are based on factors such as reviews and distance from the user,
YelpAds provides the opportunity to display sponsored links above them. In addition to the sponsored search links,
your business will also appear prominently on other relevant pages on Yelp. Having YelpAds in these places ensures that
customers looking for a business like yours can easily discover _your_ business. Step 2. Build an advertising campaign; Yelp has options
for every budget. To create your ad, just write a brief description
of what’s great about your business. Your ad space can also be used to promote
a special offer or event for your business. You can set a daily limit that aligns with
your desired budget, and you’ll only pay when someone clicks on the ad and is directed
to your business listing. You can stop advertising or edit the ads at
any time. Yelp makes it easy. More options exist to enhance your business
profile. To learn about Yelp’s full service-advertising
packages, which can include video and a dedicated Account Manager, go to “yelp.com/advertising”:http://www.yelp.com/business/advertising
or call 877-YELP-ADS. Step 3. Sit back, relax, and track your campaign’s
success from the business owner dashboard. Did you know YelpAds was so successful for
Ike’s Place, a San Francisco eatery, that they now recommend customers call ahead for
“sandwich appointments.”

7 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Business with Yelp Advertising

  1. Yelp is effectively a protection-racket. Yelp's representatives post or promote poor reviews unless businesses agree to pay for advertising. Lawsuits are already underway.

  2. I have been in business for over 15 years, developed an excellent reputation for honesty and good workmanship, 2 years ago I had an incident with one customer whom I jumped throw hoops to satisfy and resolve the misunderstanding. The customer posted a negative review on Yelp since then Yelp has been filtering all positive reviews and keeping that one only,
    Listing my business on yelp is my biggest business mistake I ever did and it's costing me my good reputation that I worked hard to earn.

  3. Yes I’ve contacted yelp and the answer was that it’s the person’s opinion and they
    Have no control over it. But several weeks ago I got another positive review from a customer defending my store and yet again yelp filtered that one and kept the old negative review.

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