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How to Go Live on Facebook WITHOUT Actually Being Live

How to Go Live on Facebook WITHOUT Actually Being Live

– I Just got the coolest gift in the mail that I’m gonna share with you that will show you how you
can go live on Facebook, without actually being live. And if you want to sign up you
can get a 14 day free trial, at ismarleylive.com. So now every time you
see me on Facebook Live, you might have that question, ” Is she for real live? or was this pre recorded and scheduled and showing as a live.” And you can use this both on Facebook Live and on YouTube Live. So ismarleylive.com, Now let’s go check out the unboxing and I’m gonna walk you through every step so that you can go live
without actually being live. I have these two boxes
from Mr. Brandan Fisher. So I thought let’s open them together. There are two boxes. Is there one I’m supposed to open first? (gentle music) This was what’s in the box. A Red Bull. That came from the States to Canada. And there’s a letter so
let’s see what it says. Hey Marley,
you’re probably wondering why you’re getting a
package from Boise, Idaho with a can of Red Bull in it, right? Yes, I am. (laughs) Well just wait because I’ve
got a few more things in store that I believe can really
slingshot you forward and make things way more
simple in your business. I’m confused about the pigeon part. Like that he said he’s
sending me a pigeon. Let’s see. Oh, wow. Whoa. What do you guys think it is? Okay, there’s another letter. So let’s see what that is.
Whoa. Okay, I gotta show you what’s in here. So LIVEpigeon. I’ve never seen one of this.
– What’s up Marley? It’s Brandan and I’m super excited to be sending you this video right now and you probably are asking yourself, Why am I sending you all these packages? Why Pigeons? Why? Like, how does all of this
stuff like work all together? Right? Well, that’s what this video is for. I wanted to explain it to you. So what I want you to do is to go ahead and rotate the card sideways like this. – Okay.
– And I’m so excited to be sharing this with you. And I want you to think for a second, how this will change the way in which you go live on Facebook. – Yeah. – But also, the audience that you serve, how it’s gonna help them go
live on Facebook as well. So check this out. (upbeat music) – Okay, it’s still talking. That is first of all, so cool the way that he sent that to me that it wasn’t I mean, there
was a letter part of it, but there’s also a like the video, I don’t want to play it again. But now I understand the first
package being the Red Bull, giving me wings because
it’s called LIVEpigeon. And then look what else is in here. This is the batteries for our remote control pigeon. That is so funny. I know that my husband’s
gonna have fun with that. So, to recap, and I have this letter here. So LIVEpigeon is a way to
share your message online, by being able to pre
record your Facebook Lives and still upload them to Facebook and have it
show as a Facebook Live. So for your audience who’s watching, it still appears that it’s a Facebook Live and that’s also going to
help you in the algorithm, because Facebook also values
videos higher than other posts, especially Facebook Live videos. So it’s gonna push it
in front of more people. Next comment thing it would
help me with my poor WiFi but what are your thoughts on trying to make a live video
perfect instead of live? Making the experience
lose a bit of its purpose. So I’m going to actually
try this right after, I’m gonna pre record a video and then upload it using LIVEpigeon. And I’m still going to talk, as if I am communicating with people. Because if you are so
scripted, like, the intention of a Facebook Live video
is to be more personal and sometimes vulnerable and
sharing the behind the scenes. So when I film that video, I’m gonna still film it as
if I’m talking to a person, not trying to like read
a script or you know, yeah, yeah, I would, I
would film it as if you are, still being authentic. And like every I mean,
anytime you film something, anytime I turn on the camera, I am envisioning who
I’m speaking to exactly. So if I’m speaking to my best friend or if I’m speaking to my favorite clients, like I always have that in mind so that I’m not pretending that I’m not speaking to an
inanimate object, my phone, I am speaking to that person. So that’s also how you should feel, every time that you turn on
the camera and you’re speaking to a whole audience, imagine just the one person because if you can change
that one person’s life, you can change their
family, the other community, their business, the world. So it really helps that you know exactly who you’re speaking to. I just recorded I pre recorded a video that I could have done as a Facebook Live. I was gonna do this as a Facebook Live, but we’re just going to test it out. So this is Hey guys,
How are you? We are so excited we are
getting ready to film one of my So that was a video that
I just pre recorded. Now let’s upload it with LIVEpegion. Alright, so I’m creating
my LIVEpigeon account. What’s really cool is that
there’s a 14 day free trial. So right, logging into
the coop, that’s awesome. That’s a great way to name it. Check your email.
All right. I’ll do that. Man I have so may tabs
open instead of using. Oh This is awesome. He has also when you
sign up, you get access to a 21 day Facebook
Live kickstart program. So for anyone who needs
support and practice and getting better at that, he’s helping you with mindset that you need to succeed
with Facebook Live, how to like the technical
training on LIVEpigeon and simple and practical ways
to add more Facebook Lives to your business, some real
life case studies on people who use Facebook Live to
propel their businesses to new heights that is so
awesome way to over deliver. This is really cool. So not
only can you do Facebook Lives, you can also do YouTube lives. Wow, okay, signing in with Facebook. That is fancy. Okay. So I’m going to send my video and upload it, What! You can also go live
right from this platform, but I’m going to schedule it. Okay so its connected to my Facebook page. I want to make sure that its
connected to the right one. Okay, so I’m gonna schedule it. I’m gonna schedule this to go live like, pretty much right now. You can also choose what
thumbnail, that’s awesome. Okay, so i want this to live
like pretty much right now. Let’s have it go live in
like couple of minutes. Choose thumbnail i don’t know I didn’t really pick a thumbnail right. Next I don’t want, I’m
gonna to remove this Oh, that’s cool. You can have
it scheduled notification. Maybe I will put the schedule notification that way people know that it’s coming. Give me a few more minutes then. Oh, must be 15 minutes for
now. Okay, so how about that? That’s not 15 minutes enough? Okay. How about 10:45? Okay. Schedule a new time. Okay, let’s just do a little bit later. Video title. Okay, so I’m gonna type in the title. Okay. Next. I want it to go okay, so
where do you want to go live, my profile, my pages, my groups. I want you to go to my pages. I’m going to have it go
to my Marley Baird page. Choose a file, I’m going
to drag and drop it. Okay, so that’s uploading awesome, easy. That’s not the greatest thumbnail. I see why they asked me
to upload a thumbnail. You know, what you can
do for the thumbnail part is you could open the full video and you could just find, part of the video that
has a good thumbnail and just take a screenshot
and upload that one. So if I scroll through here and try to find something of me smiling, anyway, grab a screenshot. All right, so this is cool. It’s saying that it’s going to depart in 18 minutes 39 seconds. Its cool that it has a
countdown timer there. And then so here, i
only have one scheduled but I can have all of
my videos scheduled here that I could see the
list of them built out and when they’re all departing. So that if I need to like
reschedule them or change them, what is this one? Click
here to replace your video. No don’t want to do that. That is so awesome, Okay. And then here I assume if
you’re going to complete it, it will show the ones
that did go out prior. This is amazing. Brandan Fisher, I am super impressed. So now in 17 minutes and 36 seconds, we will get to see it go live. Here it is, It’s live
on Facebook right now. Except that I’m right here. So I’m not doing this live, yet it looks like I’m live,
How cool is that? And like people are
commenting on it right now. This is awesome, this is so cool. Look at this, I even have like tons of comments on it already. Why just keep it to myself From bringing it on,
We need to share this as a Facebook live with our community of
visionary leaders like you so that we can help you get
the exact same results too. Regardless… So I could be anywhere in the world and have my Facebook
Live still going for me. Tada.
That is awesome. Oh, I just got a message
from Brandan Fisher and it’s also cool, I just got the notification
on my phone too. Marley Baird is live now. Wasn’t that amazing? So if you want to use LIVEpigeon, just go to ismarleylive.com. You can sign up with my link that will give you a 14 day
free trial and try it out. See if you love it. I think that you will, because it has already
been a game changer for me. I can see how I can use
this in so many ways. You’re gonna love it. Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video hit the thumbs up, comment below and of course
subscribe for more weekly videos and go sign up for LIVEpigeon. What are you waiting for? Go! Go!

11 thoughts on “How to Go Live on Facebook WITHOUT Actually Being Live

  1. cool! BUT what about live engagement and comments? you can't say hello and all that live actions…

  2. Great video, I've been looking at this for a few weeks now. Ready to signup 🙂

  3. Nice product but way too expensive. Their competitor (onestream.live) prices are much better, and they also provide analytics. Plus Facebook now offers a prerecorded video feature for free, it's called Facebook Premiere.

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