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How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video).

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video).

Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated… Around the world every day,
thousands if not millions of people give presentations. Some are great, and have a powerful impact
on their audiences. Others…well, let’s just say they’re works in progress. This
is Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated. Meet Jim, an aspiring professional trying
to make it in the world. Jim used to give presentations like just about everyone else he knew. PowerPoint was his tool of choice. He’d use it like an outline, with a header
followed by bullet after bullet, and sometimes even sub-bullets! When he wanted to be fancy, he’d add what usually turned out to be an ineffective chart or sometimes a table.
And when Jim wanted to really spice things up, he’d add…yep…clip art. Unfortunately,
Jim’s approach would often confuse and bore people. This was a problem because he had important things to say. And because it was dimming his prospects for success. Fortunately, Jim learned a better way and didn’t stay in the dark for long. Perhaps most importantly, he now
focuses on the story he wants to tell. In doing so, he tries to follow a simple structure, with a clear beginning, middle, and end that links together his various points and builds to his conclusion. When formulating his story, Jim uses a simple pad of paper or sicky notes.
Staying low tech at this stage helps him think more creatively and stay outside the box.
He then considers what tools will help him best tell his story. Jim sometimes opts to
use a whiteboard, flip charts, handouts, or even no props at all. When it makes sense
for him to use PowerPoint, he tries to remember the adage that sometimes “less is more.”
He doesn’t dumb down his presentations, but he does try to limit each slide to one
key idea. Or, depending on the content, he sometimes builds an idea incrementally so
it’s easy to follow. He looks for visual ways to tell his story, with minimal text,
photos, and clear charts and graphs. Sometimes he’ll use quotes, but he tries to remember
that people can’t read his slides and truly listen at the same time. Jim still uses
plenty of text to help him remember what he wants to say, but he hides it in his notes
that only he sees. Jim’s new approach takes more time, energy,
and rehearsal, but it’s been well worth the effort. His audiences are now much more
engaged and better understand and remember his presentations. And, as if that weren’t
enough, his pocketbook doesn’t mind either. This has
been Powerful Presentations: Simply Stated.

100 thoughts on “How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation (Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video).

  1. Thanks, but i find your presentation simple mediocre. I think you need to get more modern and human now a days!

  2. I love this video:) It is so true…to make a presentation is not enough, you have to present it in a special way. Make your slides eye-catching with these templates:

  3. Simple, sharp and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing!
    For more presentation design tips, check out http://pptpop.com/ and let me know what you think.

  4. Hi there, I did check out your webpage. Watched a few of your videos. But, I'd like to ask, where you find music for your videos?

  5. I've been trying to figure out how to do a path way story on a power point, so that when you click right or left, it would go to that slide. Please could you try and find out for me? Thanks so much

  6. But what do you do when you have been given a topic that is boring as fuck, and you HAVE TO present something about it… I cannot see an easy answer to that at all, close eyes and push through?

  7. This is the best video I have seen from a week or so! 

    I used to get almost 3-4 dreams in a day and some where really fearsome and some inspirational!

    I did not know what to do! but , i did one good one which is tracked all my dreams using "dreamed" mobile app by lokesh and then after a month , I showed to a expert and he helped me to transform my life.

    I have more focus now and more passion in life and less fear!

  8. I really like this video and would love to show it at a Girl Scout event I have next weekend. We're teaching girls marketing and sales skills to enhance their cookie sale. We don't have internet at our venue. Could I get a copy of the video emailed to me? Or can I access it offline? Thanks!

  9. Excuse me! How do you make this animation video? What program do you use? Can you give me some link of the tutorial? Thank before hand.

  10. What a great idea!
    Presentation is not only about telling people what we think, but also how to attract audience attention in the same time.

    I agree with you that Presentation should have story which made it's unique and "less is more" when you put your design into slides.

    Just in case if you need clean, professional looks design on digital presentation media, such as powerpoint, prezi, or flash.
    You can check my video on Youtube. 🙂

  11. Okee well I think this helped me a lot instead of doing these things tomorrow I got onto the object right away to finish it 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  12. This is awesome 🙂 a question though, I am doing a business and marketing course, and I have to give a presentation about an opportunity I chose, I chose franchising out for my dream cafe I want to run, what should I do, a story through powerpoint a pivot animation (stick figure animation program) or a play of sorts? Which one do you think would be best for this? 

  13. Check out our channel if you are interested in Retro Themed Spoof News. We cover the 1950's through the 1990's of American History.

  14. I have a presentation on my favorite tv show. I also need to make PowerPoint slides for my presentation. How will I do it? Any advice? Btw I dont watch TV that much so don't actually have any favorite tv show. I usually watch sports but that is not allowed. :/

  15. Hi, i really liked an idea of your video. Did you shoot your real drawing on a simple board or its kind of plug in? I will be very thankful for your respond. Cheers

  16. How to make successfull PP:
    1. Make boring tittle that noone cares about
    2. Make sure to put in these animations to spend more time making it
    3. Put a lot of pictures so they cant see text and you can say whatever you want
    4. Make fake broken PP so you will have more time making it
    5. Make it to make teacher happy. Others don't care anyway.

  17. Awesome,it is very simple and helpful; a BIG THANK YOU, I realy love it. I just have a question, how can I make a successfull presentation like this one, if there is only scientiste audience ???? and how can I chose my story?? Waiting your advices thank you !!

  18. thanks a lot. it is very simple and helpful. i think you deserve a very big big thank. I honestly love it.

  19. you need to have much more subscribers……. you helped me a lot i got good grades THANKS 😀

  20. real interesting
    tell me to a greater extent
    can you give more illustration?
    what should be the #1 take away from this vids?

  21. Hello!
    I'm a student, so this video is very interesting to me .
    Next week, I have to give a presentation in school.
    I will definitely use the tips that were mentioned in the video.
    Everything is well explained! My English is not so good, but thanks to the whiteboard animation, I understood the whole video.

    Thanks for your effort!

    Kind regards


  22. I hate to say it, but I run away from these types of Ads. Most last way too long before they get to the point and tell you the magic message or the price. If I do watch the whole thing, I'm afraid I pay too much attention to the drawing and miss the point of the AD. Sorry, maybe its because I am soo visual in my learning style.

  23. Sharing this one for my students.

    This is 'EXACTLY' what I always wanted to tell them.

    Thx, 'Unknown Jim'. 🙂

  24. what about if we KNOW how to give a proper presentation, but crippling anxiety prevents us from doing that

  25. The best thing is that this is a presentation about how to present well. And you follow your own advice!

  26. Hey guys, thanks for the subtitles. It makes it educational EFL material. Good job!
    p.s.: something happened to the contractions, though. Would it be able to be fixed, please?

  27. My classmate made a presentation about byzantine architecture… it was all copy paste from wikipedia and he just read the entire presentation

    to top it all of he gave us a copy of his presentation to study instead of making a summary of his 50 slide presentation
    don't be like him

  28. My classmate made a presentation about byzantine architecture… it was all copy paste from wikipedia and he just read the entire presentation

    to top it all of he gave us a copy of his presentation to study instead of making a summary of his 50 slide presentation
    don't be like him

  29. Your videos are just awesome!!! no words! i usually never like/comment/subscribe a channel but, done all the 3 to this video…awesome way of speaking and presenting..Thanks!!

  30. Could you please tell me the software that helps you make this video ? so awesome and wonderful ^^ Thank you very much!!!

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