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How to Give Access to Your Google Adwords Account – Tutorial

How to Give Access to Your Google Adwords Account – Tutorial

Hi there. Mike Mancini with PPCVideoTraining.com. Today we are going to be
talking about how to give somebody access to your
Google AdWords account, such as another individual or an agency that might be managing and running your AdWords campaigns for you. Stay tuned. All right, so when you’re logged
in to your AdWords account, up in the upper left-hand
corner, there may be, there’s a couple of different
ways that you can do this. If they request your ID, your customer ID, go ahead and give that to them. Up in the upper left-hand
corner you’ll see your name and a customer ID and you
can copy that 10-digit number and give that to them. What will happen is, they will plug that into their software. They have to request and get
access approved from you. Once they request that
access, you can go up here to the wrench, you can
click on Account Access, and there will be a notification
down here at the bottom. You might have to click on Managers here. There will be a
notification under Manager, and it will say, “Requesting access,” and you can approve it like that. Now, another way to do it is
to go ahead and just give them access right away. Now you can go up to the wrench icon in the upper right-hand
corner, click that, click on Account Access again. Right here on the blue
plus sign, click on that. Now, it will ask you the access
level that you want to give. There are four different levels. One is Email only, Read
only, Standard and Admin. Email is exactly what it sounds like. That individual or agency
will only be able to receive notification emails and reports. Read only means that they can
browse through the campaign and take a look at what’s going on, go into the settings,
and they can take a look at what’s going on in your account. But they are not be
able to change anything. Now, if you’re doing an AdWords audit, this is the setting that you
will want to set someone up on. Standard means they can go in, they can receive notification
emails and reports, they can sign in, they
can browse the campaigns, they can change any part
of the account campaign or its settings. Now, this is typically the
access that you would give to an agency. Then there’s administrative. Now, the only difference between
Administrative and Standard is Administrative you can give others the account access, you
can change access levels, you can cancel or reject
manager account requests, so you can kind of
control the whole thing. But typically, if you’re
gonna have somebody running your campaigns for you, you would either give
them a Standard access or, if you don’t want
them changing anything, you could give them a Read only access. So once you select your access here, click on Standard, let’s just say, enter their email address in here and click on Send Invitation. A notification will be sent to them, and they will have to go
through an approval process where they have to answer a few questions. And that’s it. That’s how you give someone access to your Google AdWords account. Hope that helps. See you next time. Thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it and subscribe to our
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Thanks so much for watching.

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