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How to Get Your 2019 Marketing Together – Fast!!

How to Get Your 2019 Marketing Together – Fast!!

Hey there, this is Andrea with The ADS
Agency and today I wanted to chat with you about a quick little topic which
some of you may be ashamed of today however, do not be ashamed, you are not
alone – and that is your marketing plan for 2019. Oh yes! I know many of you have
not even gone there yet especially if you’re a small business I know many
small businesses who have no marketing plan whatsoever and these are people
making 20 mill plus a year, 10-15 mill a year even doing 500k to a mill or better
in revenue, or even if you’re just – if you’ve got a side business and you’re
doing 20k a year in revenue in addition to your – in addition to your
full-time job (a friend of mine calls that “dualpreneur”). So today is for you –
entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, personal branders. What do you do? It is the first –
end of the first week – first Friday in 2019. Hey Friday! (laughs) But what do you do? You
got through the first week of 2019, you’re back at work, everything is
returning to a new norm and you have neglected your marketing for the year
and you may think to yourself: it’s the least of my worries,
my marketing’ll take care of itself, I’ve got bigger things to worry about.
DO take a moment – it doesn’t have to take long not – dedicate your Saturday, dedicate
the beginning of your Saturday, your Saturday morning to your marketing and
you can knock this out. I promise you especially if you’re a small business, I
don’t want to see you go through the year without doing this. So I have a
whole series about this and I also have a link to my ebook about Authentic
Marketing Magic below – it’s got all the templates and exercises and everything
you need to quickly quickly quickly get this done and knock it out, okay? So it
talks about everything from how do you set your budget if you’ve not formally
set a marketing budget before, if you’re confused about what items go in a budget –
let me know what questions you have there and it also talks
about starting – number one – with your business goals. So I’m not going to go
through everything that we talked through in our three to four part series
on this – I will link to all the videos below so you can see that; however, what I
WILL do is tell you if I were in your shoes what would I do to quickly get a
plan together. Again, it doesn’t have to take long so – number one – consider your
business goals: what are they? At a minimum, most people have revenue goals
that they want to hit – think about those put those out there, put them down on
paper – even if you don’t know exactly, get some kind of goals down for yourself, okay?
Because the part of the point of all of this is marketing is meant to support
your business goals. This. They’ve got to work in tandem okay? So we can’t really
put a plan together without knowing what the goals are especially with regards to
sales, so what are those sales goals again – not marketing’s job to do sales –
sorry – but we do support sales, so what is it that we want to achieve? Get those
down on paper, then the first thing I tell clients to do all the time: look at
your competition. Look at your competition, pick seven of them – even if
you feel “I’m so unique I have no competition” – everybody has
competition. You know what competition is? It’s in the mind of your buyer. Even if
you feel there’s no one else like you – great. Wonderful. You need to feel like
that. But in the mind of your buyer, in the mind of your potential client, who
else could they go to besides you for the same problem that they’ve got? That’s
your competition. The other people, the other companies that they’re looking at
besides you is your competition so keep that in mind and think to yourself “If
I’m – if I’m my buyer, and I’m going online and I’m googling my problem, what kind of
problems am I looking for? What am I googling? What am I searching for?” – that’s the
level you need to get to in your head so do that for yourself.
Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and say to yourself “What would I be
searching for?” and see what comes up. See who shows up
in the top of the feed. I have an architect friend – I tell them all the
time: look at your competition Google the stuff that you want to be known for –
if you are, if you want to be known for airport work – a go-to as an airport
architect, Google that: “Airport architecture Atlanta,” “educational
institutional architecture Atlanta” – you know, Google that stuff and see who’s
popping up in the search. If it’s not you that’s a problem. You need to be looking
at ways to enhance your local and organic SEO – that’s how you’re going to
get found out there, and also look at your social media plans in general. So
first – competitors – what, actually first – your business goals, then
competitors. Do Google around, search around, pick five to seven to look at and
what I want you to look at are their – go to all their social media channels
everything you can see from a digital footprint and look for messaging, look
for visuals, look for how they’re portraying themselves out there, how
often are they posting? Are they getting engagement? What’s their followership
size like? Look at Facebook, look at Twitter, looked at LinkedIn, look – look
at Instagram and also look at their website of course and go through every
tab – see what you can see and consider the fact that they may also have
hopefully an email newsletter. If you don’t have one, that needs to be on your
list. There are – and I’m saying that you know, forgive me if some of you already
have this in place but I’m saying it because I’ve run into so many businesses
that don’t have this stuff. I’m telling it to you because you need this stuff in
place for yourself okay? So go through, pull visually – pull – take screenshots of
this stuff, the Facebook page, the Twitter, the LinkedIn, the Instagram – what
do their posts look like, what is their followership like? Do this for five to
seven competitors at least – you could go to ten if you want but look at five to
seven and again look at their messaging as well – what are they saying? What are
they putting out there on their website what’s the overall – if you just glance
through their stuff, what’s the immediate takeaway that you get looking at their stuff – all right? So that’s gonna give you a good feel for
where is the competition, what do they look like, what do they feel like, what are
they saying and then how can we be out there – look a bit different, say something
a bit different that’s gonna hit the pain points of our target audience and
so that’s the other thing you want to make sure you consider: your target
audience – who are we going after, who are we talking to? Refresh yourself on that
and build in a little time this year to do some one-on-ones with your target
take them to coffee. Get your clients together and talk to them and give them,
you know, have them give you some honest feedback – but you want to get to know
them because the better that you can know your target audience and the better
that you can know their pain points the better that you can serve them
throughout the year. True? Yes. All right – and so thinking about your
marketing plan the basics for you as a small business owner – if you – even if
you’re considering starting your own business you need – I would highly
recommend Facebook, I would highly recommend Instagram – minimum! If you’re
more of a B2B business, definitely get on LinkedIn. Twitter – you can kind of do
without for a minute if you’ve not started it – don’t worry about getting on
there yet, you will want to get there eventually – it does still have value, but
those are the main ones: Facebook and Instagram, minimum. Get there. Authors – get
there. You need that audience, build that audience before you write your book. If
you already wrote a book, you’re behind the 8-ball – get that going now. Your
audience matters – you must build up an audience. I have a friend right now who’s
got a book out there and you know she worked so hard on writing this book and
now you know she’s in a position where she’s needing to push it and get sales
and having to build an audience from scratch after the fact. Do not put
yourself in that position, do it now. Build your audience now. I don’t care
what it is that you think you might run into everyone needs some kind of
audience at some point you’re going to need people to do something so how do
you build an audience? You do that by giving. Give, give, give of your
expertise – give of your time, give of your expertise. Answer questions, put out
information that you feel is helpful, ask people what you think they want to see
what do they want to see from you, you know, and so build an audience through
your giving. You need to do that. Do not go out there immediately pushing for
sales to an audience you don’t have, you might as well kill yourself right now.
That’s horrendous. Do not do that – that’s murder to your own self. Do not come out
the gate asking for sales – okay? You don’t do that. So build the audience now and
also consider your email list – it’s another basic staple that most small
businesses – all small businesses need and even if you’re a solopreneur
you still need an email list – I don’t care how small it is. Start somewhere and
see what you need to do is get your – get MailChimp, get Constant Contact – any one
of those email automated service providers and then work through how to
build an email list – all of them have guided steps on how to do that. We will
share hits on that too but basically you’re going to want to build a landing
page and you’re going to want a pop-up if you’ve got a website you’re going to
want a pop-up on your website I like exit pop-ups, not the ones that
are in your face before you even get to look at the content of the site, but as
people are leaving the site – a simple pop up with an offer that’s free –
you know, you download my ebook that helps you with this main problem, buyer,
that I know that you have and get yourself on my email list in return so
you’re giving something to get their email in return, all right? Those are the
main things: look at your competition, consider your budget, consider your
business goals and then consider your own messaging and imagery. Your own
messaging and imagery, again, you’ve already looked at the competition, what’s
out there, how can you be different, how can you show up in the world and how
does your brand move and shake in the world that’s a little bit different from
your competition and stands out from that clutter. Consider your photography
this year – photography does not have to be expensive but do not think that a
little cheesy headshot is gonna do it mmm kill me with that. This is about
lifestyle, this is about people getting to know who you are, this is about people
getting a feel for your flavor and how you move and flow so they need to see
you in action. If you’re an architect, they need to see you at your drawing
table, if you don’t do drawing tables any more, they need to see you on-site at a
construction thing doing your architectural thing you know like get in
your element and get photos taken around that but let them be natural photos and
photography doesn’t have to cost a lot I know an excellent photographer that does
wonderful photo shoots at $250 like a morning or also I’ve done one you know
it’s $750 which was also great and what you want to make sure is that the
quality is there, the quality is there you don’t want cheesy, you don’t want
stuffy, you don’t want unnatural, you need a photographer that takes great shots
and they – they need to take direction from you – so what I would do if I were
you and this is the last little tip for today – there’s far too many to share
in this one video, I’m just giving you snippets for those of you who need to
crank it out – but what you need to do is go through, look at competition, look at
other people, pull out photography that you’re like “Oh I love this shot, I need a
shot like that” and get your inspiration shots together – 10 to 15 shots so you can
give it to your photographer and you guys can plan how to work through that
photo shoot for the year, and if you can afford it, do a photo shoot now so that
you have content and imagery to use for your website, for social media, for your
email stuff but also planning one halfway through the year – ideally – you
would do one once a quarter if you can but plan one halfway through the year
when the weather is nice when it’s spring and beautiful when it’s not too
hot so that you can get some external shots as well and something in like some
different clothing so you’re going to want to plan all of that, but that’s the
basics, all right? So that’s the high level for small to medium sized
businesses, if you do not – if you’ve not put your thought towards your marketing
for the year, those are the basics high-level, but you need to be thinking
about – again – I’m gonna post all of the links to series one through four of how
to do this for yourself really DIY marketing for the small to
medium sized business, I want you to read it, I want you to look at it, also
download the ebook – if you’re getting this now, that ebook was free you know to
my followers before the end of the year however, it’s a very nominal fee on
Amazon right now so like it’s like three bucks you can spend three bucks on marketing – I mean seriously that’s McDonald’s, you can do it. Alright people?
Good luck and let me know what questions you have, I’m here for you – no question is
too stupid, I don’t care what it is that you’re doing, even if you’re thinking
about starting a business. I was just talking to someone today who’s like a
singer and he – you know – for his side gig he just does this like here and there
but he’s wanting to pick it up this year he will sing at like retirement homes
and things like that maybe weddings occasionally and you know
it’s fun cool stuff, Elvis and stuff like that he was saying I thought that was so
cute and so he was like what should I do you know if I just – you know – he was
talking about getting a business card and he was wanting to ramp it up a bit
maybe get some ads together or whatever other stuff I’m telling you is this
basic same stuff I was telling him and I would tell any small to medium-sized
business owner – these are the basics that you need to have in place and if you’ve
not thought through your marketing plan for 2019 I can’t tell it – I can’t tell
you enough: do it. Do not let this be another year – you know why this is so
important? Because it’s 2019, and 2019 is the setup for 2020. Do not – do not – let
this be a blase blase lackadaisical year for you with regards to your marketing –
can’t afford that. You know why? Because 2020 is coming and you need to have an
awesome 2020. How do you do that? You have an awesome 2019.
Let this be your foundational year. If you’ve not done your marketing well
before, let this be the year of foundation for you so you can really kick it up in
2020 alright cool – see ya thanks so much for
being here and again don’t forget to subscribe to this channel – The ADS Agency –
you can also follow us on Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn – @theadsagency – THE ADS – like ads like advertising – agency. Alright? And don’t
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Cheers and happy planning!

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  1. If you don't have your 2019 Marketing Plan together yet, tell us what's holding you back. What questions do you have about marketing for 2019? We want to know! Cheers to a marvelous 2019 for you!

  2. I love the architectural examples. Very fitting for me at least. All are simple ideas that just am afternoon over coffee I very quickly was able to accomplish a good bit. Thanks.

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