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How to Get the Job After Being Rejected

How to Get the Job After Being Rejected

Hey, everybody, it’s Andy, back for another
week to help you build a career you love. Today we’re going to talk about how to get
that job after being rejected. That’s right. This is for all of you that have gone through
an interviewing process. You felt you were a great fit for the company
and role only to get that phone call or that email telling you you didn’t get the job. What are you going to do? Well, this story was inspired recently by
three people who used this very technique I’m going to give you with great success. It started about a month or so ago. I got an email from a woman. She was new to my community. Anytime you subscribe to my blog or download
something from my YouTube channel or my blog, you get a welcome email that says, “Welcome
to my community. This is me. Tell me about you. Tell me what issues you’re facing.” A lot of people respond. This particular woman said, “Andy, I wish
I would have found you a month ago. I just went through this interviewing process,
and I found out today that I didn’t get the job. So I hopped on YouTube, and I discovered you. I’ve been watching some of your videos, and
I downloaded this template. I’m just wondering, do you think there’s anything
I can do to convince the employer that I’m still a great fit for the role and that they
should hire me?” I thought, “Okay.” I responded to her and I said, “Here’s what
I would do,” and off that email went. A couple days later I got virtually the same
email from another gentlemen. He said, “Andy, I just done with an interviewing
process. I discovered I was not selected. So I hopped onto YouTube. I’ve been watching your interview playlist,
and I think I’m going to take in your interviewing webinar. Thank you for all you do.” That was it. So I said, “Hmm, if this happened recently,
why don’t you try this?” and I sent him the same message. About a week goes by and one of the students
in my job search boot camp texted me and she said, “Andy, is there anything I can do to
save this?” She took an email that she just got from a
company she was interviewing with. She pasted the email into the text. It said, “Mary Jo, we loved you. We really had a great time meeting you. We thought you’re a great candidate. We were really just looking for somebody who
had more experience working with larger organizations.” I was heading to a meeting. I hop in my car. I give her a call. I leave her a voicemail and I say, “Here’s
what I would say.” Two hours later she emails me back and she
says, “Andy, you’re amazing. I have an interview on Tuesday.” A couple days more goes by and I get emails
from the first two people both telling me they’d gotten jobs. The woman got the job she was interviewing
for, and the guy got a different job with the company. I thought at that moment this is a thing. This is something I need to share with my
community, so I’m packaging it up and giving it to you today. Before I give you the exact script that I
gave them, I want to give you a little perspective about this situation. I always want to tell you what not to do,
and then I’ll tell you exactly what to do. The first thing you have to realize is regardless
of what the employer tells you, and I’m not saying employers are lying at all, but you
could be in the beginning of the interviewing process and they might be holding out for
someone they think is perfect in which case they might say, “Hey, you’re just not the
perfect fit,” and genuinely mean that at that time. So off you go and then their process goes
on. But all of a sudden they start looking at
other candidates, and you start looking pretty good. You start looking pretty good. Or maybe you were in a pile of candidates. They thought they liked somebody better. Maybe they moved on with that person. They discovered they didn’t or maybe they
gave that person an offer. The person didn’t take it. Or maybe they gave the person an offer. The person took the job but didn’t do so well
and quit or got let go. This stuff happens quite often. Sometimes doing nothing but standing still
and being silent you can do an awful lot to make yourself look a lot better. I just want you to know that there’s many
things that are going on behind the scenes so just keep that mind. Just keep that in mind. Now, what I don’t want you to do is when you
find out that you’ve been rejected, I don’t want you to call up the employer and ranting
and trying to convince them that they don’t know what they’re doing, or they don’t know
what they’re thinking, or they didn’t get all the information that they needed. That ship has sailed. Don’t do anything like that or send any kind
of email that’s going to make you look defensive. At this moment it’s vital that you do something
classy, and you leave them with the impression that they made a smart move to interview you
in the first place. So here’s exactly what I would do. It’s kind of like a thank you, slash, cover
letter combo of a communication that leaves them with a wonderful impression of you and
leaves the door open for consideration. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to send an email to both the hiring
official and the HR person or recruiter or whoever was quarterbacking your recruiting
process. I want you to send it to both of them. “I want to thank you both for considering
me for …” whatever the position was. Then give them a compliment. “I loved meeting you and your wonderful team. You can see how this team will be successful
and so forth.” It’s just something to warm them up. Then what I would say is, here’s where you
want to reiterate why you’re the best person for the role, “While I feel I would be a strong
candidate and fit for the company and this position because …” whatever the reason
is, just insert why you feel you’d be the best person for the job, “I genuinely respect
your opinion that you know what is best for your team and your organization.” Stop. Then I would cap it off with, “If anything
with this position changes or you feel I would be a suitable candidate for other roles in
your company, I would be happy to come back for additional consideration. Thank you very much.” Your name. Sign it off and put that little final cap
on it. Go out with some class. Trust me when I tell you, that will do much
more for you than trying to be defensive or at this point trying to convince them of something
that they’d don’t feel convinced of. You leave this little doubt in their mind
that they let such a classy person go. That will do wonders for you. If you enjoyed this make sure to give me the
thumbs up. Share this with the world and all those other
people who haven’t been able to make it through their interviewing processes. If you are not yet subscribed to my YouTube
channel, please do so so you don’t miss any of the new weekly videos as well as my live
office hours on Thursdays. You want to make sure you’re alert of that. I go live every Thursday. Happy to help you and coach you on a deeper
level. Get to know each other a little better so
I can be a better coach for you. If you are watching this anywhere other than
my Tips for Work and Life blog or my YouTube channel, make sure to hop over to those sites
for much more on job searching and career development. Until next week, have a great one.

100 thoughts on “How to Get the Job After Being Rejected

  1. Folks, this video is now public and open for business! Please let me know what is ailing your job search! Also, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel so you can stay up to date on new videos every Tuesday AND Sunday AND Thursday as well as my WEEKLY (YES! WEEKLY!) LIVE OFFICE HOURS SESSIONS every Thursday. Hope to see you there!

  2. This is great advice. It's not surprising that it's worked for multiple people – it really is a good way to leave an amazing impression and leave the door open for additional opportunity. I imagine there are many people benefiting from this advice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Andy! Great advice on how to reinforce a positive and professional image while leaving the door ajar for a future relationship with the company – you may well become industry colleagues, even if you don't end up as an employee at that particular company.

  4. Andy, this is GOLD! I absolutely love your method for helping someone that has been rejected for a job. So classy! Your passion and enthusiasm for this industry makes me so proud to be part of this field.

  5. Great tips as always, Andy! What you might call an "upgraded epiphany" just hit. As you know, a similar experience happened with me recently, and I had already planned to send them a classy "thank you" email, despite the rhetoric, as I believe the company to be awesome, and the person I dealt with wasn't the HR person assigned to this particular role. In any respect, after watching this, I now have a better idea on how to word that email for maximum impact! Much appreciated, my friend!

  6. How can I speak with you one on one? Is there a fee? Is there a chat room? I just need like 10 or 15 minutes!

  7. Hi Andrew. I went on second interview on Wednesday with the same company. And met with my main interviewer and team, all together 9 person. And they were busy at the time I came in because there’s a big order messed up, so they were all tired and didn’t ask me too much question. But I tried my best to interrupt and made them laugh a few times. My main interviewer said he thinks I did well and they will make decision by Friday. Which is today. I still heard back nothing, no emails no phone call. What you think? (Btw, my friend works in this company, she is my reference, may or may not got me the first interview)

  8. This is GREAT! What a classy way to handle rejection, while remaining open for consideration. Thanks so much for sharing, Andy! Is there a way to follow up with the manager/HR official a few weeks after being rejected? In case their selected candidate didn't work out? Or do we need to reach out RIGHT AFTER receiving a rejection phone call/email? (Trying to figure out how to contact the company that flew me to LA last june for my third / 3-hour interview… I didn't get the offer but I am hoping the people I met with would still remember me as a candidate?)

  9. I wished I'd had this info years ago when I experienced my only panel interview. I recall being very overwhelmed in that experience.

  10. Hi Andy! I did learn a lot thanks to your videos, even got interviews so many thanks for the amazing content! I have a question regarding a situation:

    I had a phone interview a month ago (with an interviewer who seemed very professional). I was supposed to hear back from him after a week but he didn't give me any update.
    I did send a follow-up email to which he didn't answer (it has been two weeks since the email).
    What happened there? I don't know how to react. Is the no answer a "No." answer? (tho, that's would be rude.). Should I allow it more time? I know interviewers are busy so I don't want to seem like I am harassing him. I don't hold on hopes so I take it as I was rejected. Do you have an advice in this case? Many thanks!

  11. I love your videos and I am implementing your strategies for an anticipated interview. I work for a federal agency that uses performance based interviews, an interview panel, and a scoring system that is applied to candidate choices. I will be applying for an administrative-level position and expect a similar interview process that I experienced when hired to a staff-level position. Do you have any additional insight into the hiring process with the VA? Would this technique apply to this type of hiring process as well? I just took your 3-keys to Ace any Job Interview (it was great) & ordered your book “Interview Intervention” which arrives tomorrow (before I found your free offer)! Thank you for all you do for us, and good luck with your boot camp!

  12. Thank you for this great video, Andy!

    Can you please help me with a good subject with this mail. As nowadays usually people delete emails only after seeing its subject.

    An early reply would be highly appreciated.

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍 I can't like this video enough!! Such great advice! Thank you! (I was rejected due to test results without even a chance to meet with the manager) job is still available! 🤷

  14. Hi Andy,

    What a great piece of advise which I must say I had already done so but in not so many words, as hadn't listened to the video until now. Needless to say the same company are advertising a role which I would say is a grade lower than the position I interviewed for, but I am concerned about reapplying, as it only happened a few weeks ago. I think it would more than likely be held by the same person who interviewed me previously. Did you think it is too soon or risky to reapply? As any foot in the door with this company, would begin my dream career/job for me.

    Thank you in advance,

  15. I am currently a job seeker diagnosed with autism. I have been recently received interviews and I have been rejected for those positions after those interviews. I have sent them the follow ups after receiving those rejection letters in order to stand out. Statistics show that 85% of job seekers with autism are unemployed and those who are unemployed cannot move past the first interview due to their communication deficits compared to job seekers without autism. And some of them did not follow up after receiving their rejection emails because they feel that the interview process is brutal to them. This video is helpful for those seeking job opportunities with or without a disability and I appreciate your advice!

  16. Hi Andrew, I recently found you videos and they make so much sense. I am a pharmaceutical sales rep that was let go after 14 years with the same company. i have applied to so many positions and not even getting a phone interview. i have tried to re work my resume to show my accomplishments. I think that my tenure is an issue with potential employers. it seems that pharma company's (not all, except the one i worked for and the job description) would rather have zero to little experience because, they feel us seasoned reps are tanted. I uncovered some great tips in your videos, Thank you! I have little confidence in my ability to interview if you have any tips or ideas to help me….It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in Advance….Heather

  17. I recently tried this and really worked positive for me. Although I didn't get the position I was recommended for another position within the company. Thanks allot for sharing this video. The question now is, how to thank the manager that proposed me 🙂

  18. Hey Andrew, thanks so much for the video. I am based in Singapore. I have personally attended two interviews recently only to receive dead silence. As a job applicant, we are expected to read their minds that we are rejected. I have sent emails requesting for a feedback or an outcome but just dead silence. Personally, I find it is just plain rude. It shows unprofessional those companies are. This is the worse thing ever – not knowing any outcome. P.S. I am new to the community. I received your book on Interview Intervention and found it very useful.

  19. Incredible!! Tonight I'm in bed heartbroken about being recently rejected by my dream job which took 3 years of extra study and experience to get an interview. I'm drafting my letter tomorrow! Thank you so much for this

  20. Never even thought about doing this! I knew I wanted to send another or follow up thank you email to the rejection email I got but never knew I could spin it like this! Thanks for the great advice!

  21. Hello Andy. I watch and use tips from your youtube channel. I have used them with the very few interviews I have gotten yet have not received a offer. I have been looking for a job for several months and for some reason do not get called for a interview or land the job. What can I do to get myself noticed and get a interview/

  22. I was turned down today for a job . I did all the hard work but due to lack of presentation I lost the job and this video was exactly the perk I needed. Thankyou sir !

  23. Hey Andy, first of all, thanks for the video. It was really helpful. But I'm a dilemma. I had interviewed in a company for a particular position 3 months back. And for various reasons it didn't go well. And I didn't any idea what to do after that and I guess it's too late to do what you mentioned in the video. But now, the company have put up the position again. Should I apply for it again or not. Or anything else I can do? Please help me out. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  24. Question. How do you answer that you left you previous job to take care of a sick parent and are ready to return to work.

  25. I’m only 17 and I’ve been applying for many jobs since August of 2018. I’m only getting more of a an aggressive person with pure angry hatred rage to those who had rejected me. I just feel like I should start robbing and stealing all because I simply can’t get a job. I’m so broke now. It’s so simple and all they got to do is hire me and it’ll be over. It’s already in the beginning of February and I’m still can’t get hired in a(BEEP) job. I’m just getting rejected because the more I get rejected the more hatred in my heart I get. I’ve been rejected at cookout,Dunkin’ Donuts,Ihop,Burger King,Taco Bell,dominos,papa john’s,and at little ceasars(which was my biggest chance to get hired but the manager told me that I didn’t passed the interview and I might come back to get the job soon.)
    Recently I’ve been rejected at McDonald’s which is only getting me so tired of looking for jobs that I feel like giving up because even not giving up isn’t working enough for me to get a job. When will this be over!? I just hope I get a job soon. As well as passing all of my classes. Even praying doesn’t work if it does.

  26. It actually works. I had a similar experience.
    5:30 isn't that trying to convince them that you are indeed the right candidate? I mean you told them why you would be right for that position. Is it wise to repeat yourself?

    I also believe that once employers reject someone they think that that candidate wouldn't consider the position again at the company.

  27. Well I got an interview a couple weeks ago and finally got and email and it said I didn't get the job I kinda expected it. I'm a little disappointed, but I did send this idea back through email we'll see what happens. Any how I don't know if it will help any time soon, but I hope it gives me a better chance for future openings.

  28. Just saw the video. Amazing gift you have – this is the exact pick-me-up I needed. Just received the thanks but no thanks email today. This video showed me exactly how to deal. Thanks for all that you do!

  29. Hi Andrew, what about if I was never given the hiring manager's (CFO) contact email, (but I can guess it). I thought I had a great first interview and was told the next step in the process but suddenly rejected 3 days later after a weekend. Thanks!

  30. Recently got rejected from a position at a doctors office I REALLY wanted. I wish YouTube had a "❤" button because I love this advice! Thank you!!

  31. About 2 hours after taking your recommendations to reach out to the interview team, I got an email saying that my thoughts were so sweet and appreciated! Thanks Andy 🙂

  32. Although I never saw this video before, this type of reaction does work. I actually got rejected for a senior leadership role but sent a positive thank you letter to those involved in the hiring process similar to what was described here and lo and behold, I did get contacted a few months later asking if I was still interested since the current candidate they picked is not working out for them. Unfortunately, I already moved on and found a better job but was delighted to see that this method does work. Good video Andrew.

  33. This is an awesome tip, at least show them you are a resilient person with integrity thank you Andy 🙂

  34. thank you for your help in all of this, it's a shame i didn't find this years ago. Do you have anything for positions in higher education, specifically teaching, that differs from corporate positions?

  35. Hi maybe you can help me the story on this video sound like my situation. I used to work days for the company I’m working now but in another plant that recently close, and I was the one to stay till the last minute , they told me about 2-3 months before that my position in the morning was secure, but 1 week before the close they changed their mind and they told that I have to work nights because my position was already taken and now I try to get on days with the same company in another plant but the rejected me saying that they chose a better qualify person

  36. I have gotten rejected 3 times and I'm so bombed out and I just moved my fiance has he's previous job but it hasn't been easy for me.

  37. Fantastic idea. I interviewed 2 weeks ago within the company I work for. No news on Monday means I probably didn't get the job. I'm expecting to be told tomorrow. 32 people applied, 12 got interviewed and I was one of the 12. I was feeling really irritated today, thinking I prepared for two weeks, over the past two years always took on extra work. I know what's coming. I may sound self defeating and that is not my intention, I know how the company works. I always accepted feedback well but this time I was about to let them have it. Until I watched your vid. Thanks for putting my emotions in check. I will type of that letter. You do have something good going here. Good luck to you.

  38. This has not worked for me on every occasion I had to send it out. Maybe it takes time, but it's just devastating to get rejected when you already had a verbal job offer.

  39. Hi Andy, wow, how i wish I'd find your channel before!!! I had an interview for the job of my life at a major company and i didn't get the job… still this day i try to think how could i try to reconnect with the recruiter again, can you help with some tips? (ps: im from Brazil, and my english is very rusty, hope you understand)

  40. 3 phone interviews, in-person, "We really like you. We're very serious. Please hold off on other offers." They call me the other day and tell me it's between you and another candidate. Then the email…Thank you but unfortunately… Ugh Why even tell I'm the last 2? Just decide. Of course I'm thinking I should have gave them a final pitch. Did the other candidate ask for a lower salary? I skipped an interview because of how serious they were. My mistake. Also blew $ getting there. Out of town job…just venting. Frustrated.

  41. Same here I got rejected now I'm doing more research for another job interview. It involves an internal vacancy role for a higher position. Thank you for your advice

  42. I wish I saw this video about an hour ago after getting my rejection email I did respond with something somewhat similar to what you said but I liked your response better. Why is it so so hard after being rejected I feel awful and I really had so much invested in getting this job. Anyway I appreciate your videos.

  43. Thank you so much andy for this wonderful video!I've did all your advised and it really works!They have called me for re consideration to have another interview with them and hopefully i land the job..Thank you so much sir!

  44. Hey so I got rejected for "not being able to work in a team environment" its frustrating because all of my jobs past have included teamwork but I think I answered their past mistakes question in a way that made them think I couldn't handle teamwork. It was a learning experience question and I know I learned from that mistake but they did not see it this way. Help! I dont want to make this mistake again! I'm a competitive person but I understand that i will have to work in a team environment and i just feel really worthless now

  45. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this advice, though I completely feel deflated and bruised and unworthy.
    I know dramatic, but job rejection when you really really want the job, totally sucks.

    Best wishes,

  46. I applied for a Project Manager role in a Network Services company. I underwent three interviews and all went well. I even received a feedback from the Operations Manager saying “you passed because I badly want and need you in my team”. After a couple of days from the day of my interview with the client, I received an SMS thanking me to take my time to apply for the said role and they didn’t consider me for the role.

    I feel that I was the perfect fit for the role and I am so passionate in the Project Management field. My passion is highly proven by the accolades that I received from our director of the company I currently work for. So I feel like I need to try to convince them to reconsider me for the role.

    Should I bring this up to the employer? What about bringing the matter to the Director of the company I appied for? Is this going to work better?


  47. Should I ask for a call claiming as a learning experience? And truly just listen and not trying to convince them during the call.

  48. Hi Andrew. Just saw this video and the timing is just perfect. I received a rejection yesterday from a job I wasn't too keen about but in a company I really respect. So I just send an email to them following your guidelines and we'll see what happens. If nothing else, I love the idea about leaving a final, classy representation of myself to key people in my industry. Thank you for all your work!

  49. Very nice, extremely classy! Just interviewed Thursday, and of course got rejected. I wish I would have found this sooner, but I did send a very nice email to all three people who spoke with me. You never know….

  50. Hi.Andrew I have a question? So I got this Gmail and said I got the job but I couldn't finish the paper work on the computer so the manager said he will call me. But he never did. So my Friend that works there said that the manager didn't want to hire me because I was too quiet. What should do?

  51. I’m literally heartbroken, I believe I was the absolute perfect fit for this job that I didn’t get offered

  52. Thank you Andrew for this great video and providing a good template to help people on how to respond to a rejection email. I applied through an agency to a company where I passed the first interview and progressed to the second, unfortunately I received the dreaded rejection email two days later. However, the company knew that I had been interviewed by another company the day before their interview, which I am awaiting a response from. I am about to send the email as per your suggestion to the company which rejected me, but will this make them think I have also been rejected by the other company (which is not the case as I am still waiting)? If so, does that make me less attractive for the job or other possible vacancies should they come back to re-offer? Thank you so much Andrew fr your help and great tips.

  53. REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE ON THIS URGENTLY: I got rejected by a company. My friend works there and told me that they could not offer me an opportunity. He also told me that the HR person would call me on the phone. So I don't have a chance to write an e-mail. It's going to be on a phone call. Should I say basically the same thing? In general, it's about the same? It's not the same because I don't have a chance to do it in writing.

  54. What about when an app is declined before even hearing from a human in the supposed "Human" Resources department? And how would one send an email to a hiring manager or anyone specific for that matter when companies disregard any attempt to communicate outside of the cattle maze?

  55. Did this after I found out I never got the job and I got an email back saying that if something should come up that they would reconsider but that was it. Nothing more.

  56. I came across your video while searching on job rejection after I was extremely depressed for getting rejected after the last round…I heard you nd thought this may work in US but will never work in India.. nobody does that here…I don't y but your words played in me and finally wrote a nice mail on the lines of what u told…IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC…got a HR call inside 15 mins saying they would give a opportunity and reassess me…had I not heard you I would hv missed this opportunity…now I am not missing any of your videos.. thanks a ton

  57. Thank you for sharing this. Wrote the exact message, and the hiring manager wrote back within minutes. They said I was a strong candidate and they would highly recommend me for another opportunity within their department.

    Made me feel much better.

  58. I get it.. but what if you get a rejection from your resume and you know it's just a from letter or they didn't even bother giving you an interview. Or what can you do if your phone interview person had negative energy and you could tell they didn't really click with you. But, you may click with someone else in the company.. Like the person you'll actually be working for.?

  59. Thank you Andy, I just got rejected after the 2nd interview that I thought for sure they were going to hire me.. Kind of blew my mind.. But, I will do this letter today..

  60. Can I send this 3 months after being rejected and the opening is still available??? they said my passion was more in another department, but in reality thats where my experience happened to be out of luck in my last job, i am happy to take on the role they are offering.

  61. this is almost the same as getting rejected by a girl, you have to act and think positive, never deffensive and let her know you are a very good mate

  62. I keep getting denied for fast food restaurants I just want to work as a casual and all the companies keep denying me any tips ?

  63. Carmax called me multiple times last week and this week, later on the machine sent me an email stating they moved on with other candidates, but once I go back to the website to check my applications status, I saw that 2 of them are still in process including the one(car detailer) that the email stated they moved on to other candidates.

    Should I get in contact with the human resources or justs wait it out?

  64. i ve done that, they keep me waiting additional two weeks without a letter or phone call, when i finally give a call them, HR type b…. told me that the boss is on vacation, same thing that she told me on the first interview. But i did that classy thing, they wipe the ass with it and keep me waiting even though i told them that my current contract is expired

  65. Does this work with initial shortlisting? If you don't get shortlisted for an interview and receive a rejection email can you still do this?

  66. Everyone makes songs and books about getting a girl or a boy, but we should have more songs and books about getting a job 😭

  67. Hi Adi, first all thank you for a wonderful tips I need this advice of yours. I had a interview in video interview but they email me that I'm not fit with the job but a mutes later the woman called me and they want my resume. They will be the possion .

  68. I agree with this approach. You should always show that you are proud of your self and that you respect their position. It's not your goal to seem unsecure. Swallow it and continue.

  69. Thank you, Mr. Andrew for this amazing video.. Recently, I've got a rejection e-mail from one company that I really want to work at and I feel so broken.. Surprisingly, your explanation is totally relieves my anxiety and make me realize that I still got another chance… Once again thank you very much.. I appreciated it.. 😊😊😊

  70. I just found this video today, but I responded similarly about a month ago to a position I was told I was overqualified for and that they wouldn't be able to compete with my last salary (which, unfortunately I had given them). I got a new message yesterday from them asking if I'm still looking for a job and again expressing their worry that essentially they can't afford me. I'm so glad I sent a message like this one. I've been watching your salary negotiation videos in preparation for their next response, and to help me craft my response about looking at "the entire value of working for your company", but I still don't even know what they're willing to pay. Waiting for that offer! Let's hope this 4 month unemployment is nearly over!

  71. Does this little formula work if the rejection was about 9 months ago and I just saw that the job was relisted a few days ago?

  72. Employers do NOT always act in good faith. They want someone that they can take advantage of, pay less, won't ask questions, etc. If they wanted someone more "qualified" they'd get an Asian immigrant who graduated from a prestigious American University because they will work for 30% of the salary as a U.S. trained worker.

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