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How To Get Stars In Google Shopping Ads – Google Reviews Part 4

How To Get Stars In Google Shopping Ads – Google Reviews Part 4

Welcome to Reviews.io and the video How To Get Stars In Google Shopping ads. In this 4th instalment I’ll talk about how
your product reviews and the stars they create can appear in your Google
Shopping campaigns to improve your visibility against your competitors and
improve conversion and ultimately your sales. If you’re unsure as to how Google
displays your reviews in the SERPs just access the links in the description
below to watch parts 1 to 3 of our Google Reviews series. I’ve previously
covered the collection of business reviews in an earlier video but what
about your product specific reviews, where do they fit into Google? Similarly
to your stars appearing in organic searches, by implementing Product Review Rich Snippets by our badges and widgets on the product pages of your website,
Google will crawl this data and display it in the SERPS. You can see an example
here of a product review score which has been created from all the reviews left
for this particular item and how it stands out over results without stars. So
what else can you do with your products apart from advertise them on your
website? Google Shopping is one of the most powerful and profitable ways to
advertise your products and drive traffic to your e-commerce website. If
you’re advertising on Google shopping then it’s probably even more important
that you have stars underneath your ads. Google source Shopping Seller Ratings
from the same licensed third-party review providers such as Reviews.io as
well as their AdWords Seller Ratings, discussed in part two of this video
series. Let’s do a search and see how the results look. If I make a simple search
for “blue running trainers” and take a scroll I can instantly see here there’s
quite a few results with stars and they really stand out. This one has some
reviews which I’m likely to click and check ,and there are some here without. I
may like the look of them but I’m more dubious to their credibility as a seller as
well as their fit and comfort because there’s no feedback. To get your products
into Google Shopping you need to create a shopping feed. Your shopping feed is
the source of all your products and is the lifeblood of your campaigns. It is
sent to Google in the form of a spreadsheet, a CSV file, and contains all
the information Google needs to decide which ads to show for which search terms, and where to direct the user after they click. Your feed needs to contain
critical information such as the item ID, the title, the description and an image,
the price, and the link to your product page on your site. Each time a consumer
clicks your Google Shopping listing it cost your company a certain amount, but
as we know the better your click-through rate to the higher
your quality score. This reduces the amount you pay per click. It’s important
that showing stars on your shopping ads is one of your goals because in the long
run you will save money. Not only that as your customers are much more informed
about how many others have tried your products and like them, demonstrated by
those stars, conversion increases too, boosting sales. By showing one of our
product review widgets on your product landing page you’re putting your reviews
score front and center right where your customers need to see it. Having that
little bit of extra information and word-of-mouth recommendation right next to your products gives you a boost in your conversion. Overall using Google
Shopping is another way to get your reviews out into Google searches to
increase that visibility and positively benefit your company. I hope this video
was helpful – stick around for the final video part 5 in the Google review series,
in which I will talk about how you can manage your reputation online across a
wide range of third-party sites. Feel free to leave a comment, or for more
information we’ve put together some great content packages which you can
download for free using the links in the description.

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