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How To Get Stars And Seller Ratings In Google Adwords – Google Reviews Part 2

How To Get Stars And Seller Ratings In Google Adwords – Google Reviews Part 2

Welcome to Reviews and the video How To Get Stars And Seller Ratings In Google Adwords. This is part two of a five part series teaching you everything you need to know
about review stars in Google. In this second installment I’ll talk about how
reviews improve your visibility in Google by displaying stars alongside
your company name in your AdWords and Google Shopping paid search results. I’ll
talk about Google shopping in much greater detail in a later video. If
you’re unsure as to how you can collect reviews and publish them online or any
of the terminology used in this video, just access the link in the description
below to watch part 1 of our Google reviews series. If you’re all up to date
let’s get started. I’ve mentioned AdWords so what are they? AdWords are paid adverts for your company which appear at the top of the
SERPS, and the stars that appear underneath them are called Seller
Ratings. These Seller Ratings are important, as research suggests that
customers are much more likely to click on an ad if it shows a star rating below
it. Even Google suggests the need for stars on your ads, and if you don’t have
them it will tell you in its AdWords interface. So why are Seller Ratings so
important? Let’s say you’re getting one click for every 100 ad impressions. Your
click-through rate is at 1%, but if you can get 2 clicks for every 100 your
click-through rate doubles to 2% .Stars in ads improve your click-through rate,
which improves your quality score, which reduces your cost per click. You could
save up to 20% of your Adwords costs just by showing stars on your ads, but
Seller Ratings only appear if you collect verified reviews through a
licensed Google review partner, such as Reviews.io these reviews are periodically
uploaded to Google by Reviews.io in the form of a review feed, and Google sources Seller Ratings from these. So how long after you start collecting reviews will
you get stars in your Google Adwords? The short answer is it depends
Google currently require that you collect a minimum of 150 verified
reviews in a 12-month period. Some customers will collect this many in a
day and for some it will take a few months – it really depends on how many
customers you have, however if you fall into the latter category new customers
can take advantage of our Review Booster. The Review Booster lets you send your
fully customisable review collection email out to a list of your past
customers, which is a great way to get a head start on that 150 figure. Once you
hit the 150 threshold and as long as your average review score
is over three and a half out of five, Google will usually start to show stars
in your ads within 21 days or so. Showing review stars on your paid ads is a
great way to get more traffic to your site, because it increases trust in your
business before your customers even reach your website. Pair that with
displaying live reviews right on your website using our great range of review
badges and widgets, and your great reputation is at the forefront of your
customers mind. By building trust through your reviews you’ll save money in
AdWords make more sales and get more customers. I hope this video has been
helpful – stick around for part three in which I talk about how to get stars and
reviews on Google Maps. Feel free to leave a comment, or for more information
we’ve put together some great content packages which you can download for free using the links in the description. They’ll give you a full overview of how
reviews across Google can improve your online reputation.

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