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How To Get More Leads On Facebook | Beginners Local Business Facebook Ads

How To Get More Leads On Facebook | Beginners Local Business Facebook Ads

– If you want to make more
money, make more sales, and build a bigger better business, then you’re gonna need more leads, which is why today we’re talking all about how to generate more
leads with the world’s most powerful social
media network, Facebook. Let’s get to it.
(rock instrumental music) Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist. Welcome to The Modern Marketing Show where we help you make
marketing that matters. If you’re interested in learning about the latest and greatest
marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics that are really gonna help take
your business and marketing to the next level you may
want to consider subscribing, hitting that little notification bell. All right, today we’re
talking all about lead gen, specifically lead gen on Facebook. Because, frankly, there’s
almost no better platform out there whether we’re
talking about online, or offline, or different
social media networks. Well, regardless, there’s
almost no better platform out there to generate leads than Facebook. For starters, pretty much
everybody is on Facebook regardless of their
demographic details like age, or gender, or occupation,
their geographic details. No matter where they’re
located, in what city, or state, or province, or country. Also, their psychographic details, which means that we can laser focus in on different attitudes,
or interests, or behaviors, or anything else that they
might be interested in. Also, advertising on Facebook
is really easy to set up. In fact, the odds are pretty good that if you’ve got a
business and you’re watching this now you probably already have all of the assets required to set up and start generating leads on Facebook. Whether we’re talking
about personal profiles, business pages, or even an ad account. But I’m getting ahead of myself, and we’ll get to that in just a second. Also, the strategies that
we’re gonna be talking about today are either free, meaning they obviously
don’t cost any money, or they’re incredibly inexpensive to use. So you can be done with
only a few dollars a day. And you can scale up as
required or as necessary as you want to start
increasing that lead flow. All right, let’s get to
the meat and potatoes. Here are five steps on how to generate more leads with Facebook. Step number one is to
get your ducks in a row. I’m not really sure where
that expression came from. (duck quacks) When we’re talking
about getting your ducks in a row what we mean is making sure that you’re set up for success by ensuring all of the foundational, and principles, and all
the basics are in place before you start trying
to generate those leads. Now, there’s some obvious
things you’re gonna need to do like make sure you’ve
got a Facebook account, both a personal one, and a business one, as well as an ad account,
which is all gonna help. And if you already have an ad account you’re going to probably want
to make sure that it’s set up under a business manager,
rather under a personal name. This is gonna give you
more flexibility later, allow you to sort of share access to it, bring in other ad managers if you want, as well as create backup ad accounts. And creating backup ad accounts is definitely something you’re going to want to do if possible in your account. This is because once
those leads start rolling in you’re not gonna want to take a chance of anything getting interrupted or your ad account getting
paused or shut down. So you always want to make sure you’ve got that backup just in case. Also, even if you have no intention of running paid Facebook ads to generate leads you still want to make sure that you do
have an ad account set up. And you’ve got the Pixel from Facebook, which is completely free to get and installed across all
of your online properties. This is incredibly important, and the sooner you do this the better. Because it’s going to allow you to start collecting data today. All right, step number two,
once we’ve got things set up, once we’ve got all our
accounts registered, is to really dive into the psychology, and understand the principles behind successful lead gen campaigns. Specifically, the successful lead gen campaigns taking place on Facebook. The best thing to do here
is to really understand that Facebook is a social platform, which means people aren’t logging in in the morning with their credit card in hand looking for something to buy like they would if say they
were searching on Amazon. No, you need to understand
that they’re there to catch up on news, or chat with friends, or see what family’s up
to, or anything like that. Again, not with purchase intent. It’s for this reason that
any of your lead gen efforts on Facebook need to be friendly, they need to be casual, they
need to be conversational. And they need to be kind
of like you’re acting like a good neighbor or a good friend. Just chilling out and having a chat. All right, step number three to generating more leads on Facebook is to leverage both your personal profile
and paid Facebook ads. Now, we all pretty much
know that organic reach on a Facebook business
page is pretty much dead. Facebook basically throttled any reach or any chance of your organic posts, meaning posts that you don’t pay on your business page,
from reaching anyone. But the same isn’t true
of your personal page. Now, by personal profile I mean the one that’s under your name,
the one that you’re probably connected to
friends and family with. And the one that you would
go to pretty much any time you log into Facebook
just for personal use. Now, lately, this has been
one of the most underutilized, and yet most effective tools
available to us as marketers. Specifically, in direct
marketing and lead gen. Now, obviously, the
tactics and the strategy behind going out and using
your personal profile to generate leads is
gonna be pretty different than if you were using a business profile. Because, again, you don’t want to come off here as too
salesy or too pushy, especially on that personal profile. But that doesn’t mean
you don’t want to use it. Now, I get a lot of kickback
and a lot of resistance from people who don’t want to go out there and put out business messages on their personal page
because their friends will see it or their family will see it. They’ll get negative feedback,
people will criticize them. They’ll say, hey, why are you doing this, or what’s up with that? And, really, you gotta
kind of get over that. I know, I know, that’s
easier said than done. But the reality is that if you
want to be generating leads, if you want to grow your business, you’re gonna have to develop a
little bit of a thicker skin. And that means accepting
a little bit of criticism that’s gonna come with you first starting to make those posts on your personal page. But I assure you the criticism is well worth the effort
because the results, and the authority, and the authenticity, and the ethical way that
you’re able to market by kind of coming at it
personally just far supersedes any of the negative
comments that you might get. Plus, nobody’s saying that you need to be salesy here on your personal posts. You can use this to express your views, or to tell your story, or to
tie things into your business, and how that’s a part of your life. Because the odds are good that
if you’re an entrepreneur, well, the entrepreneur aspect of your life is a pretty big part of your life. So don’t be afraid to share your story, and share your journey, and
share how you’re helping people. All right, so I hope I’ve convinced you, but let’s move on to paid Facebook ads, which is where Facebook
really starts to shine. Now, the key to running a
successful Facebook ad campaign to generate leads is
really to be strategic, and to think things through right from that very first click
all the way to the sale. This means spending a
lot of time ahead of time by making sure that
you’ve got things set up with good ad copy, and good images, that you’ve chosen the right
objective whether you’re going for traffic, or
conversions, or video views. And, essentially, just being strategic about the entire process. Now, obviously there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to
setting up a high converting and profitable lead gen Facebook ad, so I’m gonna link up
this video right here, which shares some of the tips and tricks behind some of
my highest converting six and seven figure generating campaigns. You definitely want to check it out. All right, step number four
in generating more leads with Facebook is you need
to give them something. Now, this approach is
pretty much lead gen 101, but essentially what it means
is that we’re gonna need to offer something of value in exchange for our lead’s contact details. Whether we’re going for an email, or a name and email, or a name, email, and phone number, whatever it is, we need to provide
something of value in order for them to be willing
to exchange that detail. Now, when it comes to
giving them something of value you can overdeliver
because we’re all busy. And the last thing you want to do is burden someone with a 1000 page E-book, or a 30 hour video course, or something that they are gonna
really just have no time to consume or no desire to consume, which means you won’t even get
the lead in the first place. So when you’re thinking about what you can exchange for their
contact details make sure to remember to keep it short, keep it fun, and keep it actionable, which
means that they’re going to be able to get it, consume it, and then take action really
quickly to get a quick win. And when they take this
action and when they get this quick win, well, they’re
automatically gonna view you as a position of authority,
and they’re gonna know that you know what you’re talking about. An example here is my
Facebook ad image guide, which is gonna help you select the perfect image for your Facebook ads. Now, it’s not gonna walk you
through absolutely everything you need to know about
setting up a Facebook ad. But it is going to give
you a very quick win, and it’s going to be very effective in decreasing your cost per acquisition, increasing the quality of the lead, and basically making your campaigns all around much more effective. So if you haven’t already you
might want to check it out. I’ll make sure to link it up
in the descriptions below. All right, step number five when it comes to generating more leads on Facebook is you need to send them somewhere, which means you can’t leave them hanging. This is a mistake I see all the time, whether we’re talking
about personal posts, or whether we’re talking about paid ads through a business page, or an
ads manager, whatever it is. People will write really good copy, they’ll have really good content. And then they’ll essentially
just say, all right, good luck. You don’t want to do that. Rather, you want to end
absolutely everything with one single crystal
clear call to action. You want to give your prospect, or the viewer, or the
reader, whoever’s going through this content the
exact next steps to follow. And, normally, they need to be incredibly, incredibly simple and incredibly clear, which means one click, yep, one click. Whether you want to say
click here for more info, click here to register now, click here to download this free guide,
whatever it is make it clear, make it simple, and make it direct. But make sure to include it. So the key then to generating
more leads on Facebook is much the same as
generating leads anywhere. First, you need to understand the psychology of the platform. Next, you need to make sure
that you’re being strategic throughout your campaign from
click all the way to sale. Next, you need to leverage
all the tools available. In this case it’s gonna be your personal profile and paid ads. After that you need to make sure that you’re giving them something of value in exchange for their contact details. Finally, make sure to include a clear, concise, and compelling call to action, which tells them exactly what to do next. When you get all these lined up Facebook is easily without a doubt
one of the most effective lead gen platforms available today. Thanks so much for watching, I
hope you enjoyed the episode. If so, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, hit
that little notification bell. For more great marketing strategies, tools, tricks, tips, and
tactics I highly suggest you check out adamerhart.com, which is packed with the latest videos, podcasts, articles, and a
whole bunch of resources to really help take your
marketing to the next level. Thanks so much for
watching, and I’ll catch you next time on The Modern Marketing Show.

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  2. You talked so much. All I hear is one crystal clear CTA button at the end… sums up your entire video. Waste my time. Nowadays marketers love to dance around one point just to give an impression that they are sharing valuable contents…

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