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How to Get More Clients with This One Tip 💰 (John Carlton Taught Me This)

How to Get More Clients with This One Tip 💰 (John Carlton Taught Me This)

So I’m on my way to see a venue for the
high-status summit we’ll see if fresh you’re gonna hold the high status summit
there this is cool thing I want to talk to you about one of the speakers at the
summit named John Carlton now if you’re an advertiser a marketer a copywriter
than you already know who John Carlton is if you don’t know who John Carlton is
you should John Carlton is one of the greatest living copy writers of all time
Gary Halbert is kind of known as the king of copy writing of all time
John was his apprentice and him and John worked on a ton of ads together John
here’s how you know John is good back in the day when these big Los Angeles
advertising agencies when they they had a client and they couldn’t get the work
the the campaign to convert for the client the way they wanted they would
sneak John in the back door to create marketing campaigns for these clients
but they don’t want the clients know they’ve done actually put it together
all right so anyways I invested in some mentoring and some coaching from John
last year and I paid him a lot of money for it well well worth the ROI that I
got back one of the first things that we worked on was one of our upsells and one
of our funnels and this upsell it was converting okay but I knew if I could
get this thing to really really convert then our ally would go up and RC are
allowable CPA would go up a ton I’d be able to acquire more customers faster
etcetera like it was important so John’s looking at her up son he goes good offer
good copy etc he goes you’re missing one thing what are we missing John that he
goes this offer is all about the late gratification meaning you’re promising
what they want but you’re telling them they’re not gonna get it for 30 or 60 or
90 days because you’re being honest and you don’t want a lot of them but no one
is gonna buy anything from you unless they get some type of instant
gratification at point of purchase and I want you to remember that right now for
yourself and your offers whether you’re closing in person or online if there’s
not an instant gratification component you’re gonna lose a ton of sales and
conversions so what he did is we just added a bonus to it something where when
they buy the thing they could implement right away and they could get a desired
result in the very first day and instead of you know
putting it at the bottom the copy we actually led with this like yo you’re
gonna get this great result in the very first day and then with that momentum in
the results you want you really get these other results in 30 60 90 days as
well we made a change and we instantly doubled the conversion rate on this
upsell decreased our LV by about seven bucks which if you’re buying customers
you’re marketing your advertising that is enormous that makes a huge difference
all right so I don’t know what industry that you’re in but I promise you if
you’re selling anything you need to add a instant gratification component to it
this is what John taught me and I do with everything that we do now if you
are a Jim and you sell personal training sessions there needs to be something the
client gets right when they buy that they can use for a good result maybe
it’s a meal plan maybe it’s a 24 hour diet where they can lose three pounds in
a single day something that you get a result right away if you’re a copywriter
yeah like the person’s gonna pay you to write a vesl or a webinar or ads or
something but can you give them something on that very first day it’s
free a bonus when they work with you that is give them instant gratification
or maybe you are a agency right someone’s paying you to run ads for them
what can you give them on the very first day that is gonna make them want to sign
up with you right on the very first five all right so just something I want you
to keep in mind and a really good idea is go back and audit all your offers
everything you’re selling is it are you selling the leg gratification are you
selling instant gratification if you are selling delay switch it add the instant
gratification component you will see an instant boost in everything that you
sell and make this a rule for yourself for the rest of your life and your
marketing career now if you don’t have your ticket to the high status summary
yet hit the link below in the description for my YouTube audience it’s
gonna take you to a private page where you guarantee your seat at the summit
you’re gonna say $400 off your ticket while other people are paying right now
and instant gratification you’re gonna get four free bonuses when you buy so
you guarantee your seat at the summit to see me and John Carlton and all the
other millionaire mentors that I’m bringing in to work with you but you are
also going to get four free bonuses right away that are valued at $500
together as well that’s at the link below you’ll see there’s a timer on the
page so don’t delay on this guarantee your seat get the bonuses come see me
come see John Carlton and let’s rock today this week this month this year
let’s fucking crush this together I am Jason Capital you are an action taker
and we are here together I rode in the porch handcrafting your
legendary life together I’ll see you at the summit you

9 thoughts on “How to Get More Clients with This One Tip 💰 (John Carlton Taught Me This)

  1. Were you aware of this mistake a lot of people make? FIX THIS ASAP! Think about how you can implement this into your business.
    See you soon studs but before you leave, make sure to watch this next: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeBuyCs7fGa2yLIYrQzTPybv1Zh0zdvlV

  2. wow this made us learn directly from mr carlton! really learned a lot about instant value! i have observed this one from a lot of online marketers!

  3. I got the 10$ mentor class learned some information that was useful but absolutely NOTHING on a precise process on how to actually MAKE MONEY. Nun the less discontinued my membership… hours and $ spent on so many of these guys that try and sell you more and more common sense information you don’t need a mentor to be successful all you need is that millionaire napkin apparently I’ll pay for a step by step process to make money other then that this is all just TALK

  4. This tip is dope! It doesn't matter what kind of industry you are in.
    I work in a ballet School, and I use this technique to make people register. For example I tell them if they register now or leave a deposit they can secure their spot with the times that is suitable for them because we have limited spaces. Nine times out of 10 it works.

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