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How To Get Leads In Real Estate – (no one is showing you this..🤫)

How To Get Leads In Real Estate – (no one is showing you this..🤫)

What’s up You guys Jason Wardrop here in this video going to break down how to get leads in real estate and I’m gonna show you guys specifically Using YouTube how you can generate those leads buyer leads so leads if you have listings don’t have listings doesn’t matter if you’re bringing in real estate or even a seasoned veteran this works extremely well and the great thing about YouTube is that Facebook Instagram since they’re owned by the same company they’re taking away a lot of the targeting options, right? You can’t target based on income can’t do a lot of like the you know, the gender profiling or racial profiling stuff But you can go through and find people on YouTube based off of their income if they’re in market to buy a home if they’re homeowners and Facebook is taking a lot of that away Now if you guys are brand new to all this stuff and you guys do want to see my facebook ads set up as well As my Instagram set up All you got to do is type down below this video just type facebook leads and I’ll share with you guys my 100% free Facebook Ads mini course on how to generate real estate leads on Facebook and Instagram Right now as a quick overview before we dive in I’m gonna show you guys step by step So just hanging with me here how to actually go into YouTube and AdWords to go set all this stuff up But this is the exact lead generation flow the exact lead generation Process and this is gonna be true for YouTube for Google for Instagram or Facebook doesn’t matter what platform you’re using what we do as we go through we have an ad or a post or a video something like that to get the exposure on these different social networks And we’re leveraging these different social networks of these different advertising networks because that’s where all the eyeballs are. Everyone’s on YouTube Everyone’s on Google. They’re on Facebook. They’re on Instagram and then we take them from that platform and we’re gonna send them to a landing page also known as a lead capture page as you see right here and then after they opt-in get their, you know, We get their name phone number email address We have an automated email and text marketing follow-up in place that we can book more Appointments from the leads that we are generating So that is the simple overview the simple process of how we’re gonna go through and set all this up so what we’re gonna do right now is I’m gonna show you guys how to Set up this be YouTube ad with all the specific targeting everything that you do, too Then when somebody sees this video when they’re on YouTube, you know You’ve seen those ads on YouTube when someone’s watching a video and they’re just in your specific area They click out hit the landing page They opt-in you have an automated email text marketing follow up and you’re good to go. You’re able to book more appointments close more deals so Let’s jump over into Adwords now if you guys don’t know if you guys don’t have an AdWords account or anything like that go to Google Adwords just type that in Google go create your accounts 100% free, but then it costs money obviously to advertise But let’s just make this full screen. So you guys can see this right here I’m gonna zoom in so this is a my actual Google AdWords account right now You can see I’ve only got one campaign running right now. I do most of my advertising over on Facebook This one’s running about 250 a day generating leads for about a dollar and 44 cents per day So, you know, that’s pretty good. So let’s go over here. What we’re gonna do is from your AdWords account We’re gonna come over and click on this big blue create new campaign. Alright, then we’re gonna go new campaign and Then what we’re gonna be focusing on here is we want to focus on lead generation because if you’re in the real estate business You got to be not gonna sell a home online You’re gonna do get a lead and then take them offline and actually have the sales process offline So we’re gonna hit leads and for this example, like I mentioned we’re gonna do video we’re gonna do a YouTube ad so we’re gonna choose the video option right here and So this is gonna be focused around driving more conversions so hit continue and then This will take us to the next step just like on Facebook if you guys have followed me on other videos in the past This is where we can choose our budget. We could choose our targeting how we want to actually set this thing up Okay, so we’re just gonna say video ad Test campaign and guys your daily budget really it doesn’t matter like it’s all up to you what your budget is I usually like to start with about $10 per day But obviously this is up to you and your budget and what you can really handle and afford, okay? Now you can say a campaign total that’s just like Facebook’s lifetime budget. So a lot of this stuff is very similar So if you guys have followed my videos you guys have launched some lead generation campaigns in the past when it comes to facebook as you’ll see there’s a lot of Crossover right here. Okay. So you got the start date end date same exact thing with Facebook. Okay delivery methods standard accelerated We just want standard. Alright maximize for conversions the networks We’re just gonna do the YouTube videos and see these ones are all blocked out because we’re going off of lead generation So that’s all set up for you languages I like to just type in like I’ve you know I speak Portuguese, but no one in my market is really even know Portuguese. So I like to just do English right here. Okay, so Let’s do English. If you are in a spanish-speaking market and you want to throw in Spanish if you speak Spanish Throw in Spanish as well But obviously you want to throw in whatever language you actually speak and then four locations once again You want to go through and spend target your specific market? What’s not gonna do any good targeting the whole United States? You want to get in here and enter another location you do an advanced search right here and we say location So let’s say I’m gonna do throw Bo, Utah Okay Coming here We can do all Provo Utah we can go in we could do a radius just like on Facebook Right so we can say hey we want to do Provo, Utah With a radius of 20 miles or we can say 10 miles or whatever it is So let’s say maybe like 10 miles and see what this gives us right here So this is like the rap rap now over there. Maybe that’s something a little bit big. Maybe we don’t want a full Well, we don’t 50. Okay, so you go through and you can go through and change this you can see that already We just changed this right there boom nailed it So we got like this is kind of covering some of the surrounding cities We hit save and then coming down here inventory type standard inventory. We just will leave that as is Excluded content. I like to go through and check all these boxes Okay, cuz all this stuff like I don’t want my videos associated with this type of content I like my brand all that So I just I check all those boxes and then exclude types and labels we go through down here. I usually to uncheck where I check the mature audiences and I uncheck all of these the reason why if Someone’s watching a live stream video and an ad pops up they’re not gonna pay attention your ad because they’re watching the livestream if their gaming if they’re all like, They’re more and into whatever they’re doing right there, and they’re not gonna want to pay attention to your ad Whereas like if somebody’s watching a video that’s not a livestream. It’s not a game or anything like that They’re more than likely gonna spend a little bit more time paying attention to whatever you gotta say. Okay now coming down here additional settings Come over here devices. We’re gonna leave that on all frequency capping I like to do frequency capping because what happens if it is if one person Goes through and let’s say they’re on a youtube binge. You’re watching like 20 YouTube videos in one single day. All right well If you don’t put this cap right here what’s gonna happen is that one person is gonna see your ad 20 times and so not only are you gonna be annoying that person but also you’re spending all your money on This one person. That’s probably not really gonna take action So I like to come over here cap impression frequency right there And I’m just gonna do I like to do two times per day So that means if they’re watching multiple videos, you’re only gonna have the chance to have that pop up twice for them and then we do a cap view frequency so view that means they’ve actually watched a Portion of your video and I like to just do one time right there and then moving down you just have an ad Schedule so I just leave that all day guys. It doesn’t really matter Like I know a lot of people freak out like what days of the week are the best to advertise? Well, what if it’s like 2:00 a.m. I don’t really want to show my ads. The crazy thing is is I generate leads 24/7 365 days a year doesn’t matter I have my ads on all the time and literally they perform like it’s crazy people opt in at 2:00 a.m Because they’re up you might be sleeping, but but they’re up and they’re often in so you want it on 24/7 365 Ok, so now right here. This is your ad group This is we’re going to get into some of the targeting some of the targeting options that I talked about a little earlier That Facebook’s taken away but Google slash YouTube. They still have them. Alright, so we’re gonna come over here ad group name So we’re just gonna say we’ll call this one homeowners, okay? So let’s say you’re looking for sellers you want to go through and hit the homeowners down here. So we come over here to demographics and Someone that’s like a lot younger right 18 to 24, maybe 25 to 34 Probably probably owned a home by it by this point But we just check all those we’re gonna uncheck that and then you can have the household income Okay, so like you want to make if you want to go through and target buyers or sellers in a specific income I usually like to take off the lower 50% and I also like to take off unknown because if they’re unknown a lot of times they’re in that lower 50% because that’s gonna be a majority of the people and then sometimes if you want to get really exclusive you can say hey I don’t even wanted to uncheck the 41 to 50% here. Okay, but then everything else you can usually leave just as is All right. Now moving down here. This is we’re gonna get into the targeting. So audience is right here So we just click on audiences and then we come down here this search this all these prefilled ones These are all my custom audiences which we don’t need to worry about right now If we come over here to the Browse section, look we’ve got the home ownership status Which if you are a realtor? This is huge right Because you want to go through and you want to focus on home owners or if you guys have seen some of my videos with Ashley in the past. She’s out in Memphis and in Memphis, there’s a huge market of renters And so what she does is she’s focusing on getting the renters to actually see that Oh, it’s actually a lot cheaper for me to actually buy a home to put a little bit of money down first-time homebuyer Get all this stuff and my monthly payment each month is a lot less so she goes and she focuses on renters Okay, so you can come in here You can just click on homeowners if you’re looking to find sellers or if we come over here to the search part right here We type in real estate And I’m just showing you guys a lot of these different target options So you guys can get in and explore so these different things yourself okay, so in market audiences Residential properties okay that they’re in market right there and the crazy thing is you might be thinking Well, how does Google know this? This is crazy. They don’t really actually know this well The crazy thing is is that Facebook and Google they have so much data on Every single person on the Internet, right they have way more data than you’ve been thinking even can be comprehend And so you might be thinking well how they know that they’re in market Well, they know exactly what websites are searching for they know exactly what websites are clicking on They know how long they’re spending on each one of those websites Okay, so they have all this data and so you can just use it to your benefit case will be coming here We can click on residential properties. Hey houses for sale in market audiences real estate residential properties Residential properties for sale right here. Okay. So you see all these different things right here new houses commercial properties I know a lot of commercial real estate agents have reached out to me about different lead generation tactics Today houses for rent apartments for sale. So you’ve got all of this right here at your fingertips, right? So recently moved. So even if you’re in the mortgage space, I mean that there’s a ton to tap into right here. Okay So coming down here, then we’re just gonna leave the keywords topics placements You can go in and say like typing keywords of like homes for sale in your community But I would just leave it as the audience is up here that we’ve already got then right here This is where you’re gonna go through shoot a 90 second a two-minute video talking about yourself your business Like how you can help that person if they’re looking to buy a home sell a home whatever it is you’re trying to focus on get that branding out there get that brand recognition your face and Throw the video URL right in there Okay, so I’m just gonna pull up a random YouTube video just so you guys can see how this works Let me pull up my channel Just give you guys a full-on overview So let’s say this is the video right here this Instagram ads video and I’m just gonna pull this one up And I’m gonna throw it right here in the URL and then what we do is this is an in-stream ad what that means is just how I pull up this video and this ad is Running as an in-stream ad, okay So before I watch the video You’re gonna have this video playing and they said after five seconds you can skip you guys have all seen this Right then coming down here. You have the final URL This is where you’re gonna put the URL to your landing page alright, so like let’s say for example, I’ve got this as a Landing page for our webinar. So what I would do if I’m trying to get people to my landing page for my webinar Which you’re gonna be trying to get them to your landing page for your real estate business. You copy that Throw that in right there Has the display URL auto populated you can put a call to action right here. You can say learn more or whatever it might be have a headline and you can see how this all prepopulates and Gives out a name hit save and continue’ and boom you’re done. That’s it Okay So guys go check this out because this is like this is extremely powerful when it comes to generating leads for your real estate business Leveraging YouTube and then a great thing is because YouTube has all of these Different targeting options that Facebook is actually taking away Well when someone sees your video ad they click to your landing page if you have your Facebook pixel Installed right here. Which for those guys were on a familiar with the Facebook pixel That’s basically Facebook’s tracking mechanism that tracks every single person that clicks your website They track every person that becomes a lead. Well if you haven’t installed you can actually have retargeting or remarketing campaigns following up And showing ads to every single person that saw your YouTube ad click to your landing page and then when they get on Instagram or Facebook they’re gonna see or Your attic in and they’re gonna get them coming back and they’re just like you were just gonna be in all places You’re gonna be on YouTube Google Instagram Facebook. Just all over the place And so the branding the market exposure the lead generation. Everything is just absolutely powerful Okay. So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful if it was go ahead give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that if you guys would also drop a comment down below Let me know any questions thoughts concerns anything that you guys might have. I respond to every single comment So if you guys want my personal feedback opinion Whatever drop a comment down below Also, if you’re a brand new here to the channel, make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell So you’ll be notified every time we launch a new video and we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I’ll talk to you all later

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