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How to Get FREE traffic from Facebook Groups – WITHOUT Using Facebook Ads

How to Get FREE traffic from Facebook Groups – WITHOUT Using Facebook Ads

If you search online on a way to get
traffic to your content through Facebook it looks like the only way to do it is
to pay for ads to promote ads on Facebook but actually there are other
ways to get free traffic from Facebook to your content are you curious keep
watching welcome to the Growth Academy Facebook at the moment
is the social media with the most significant number of distractions
when we want to use Facebook for our business we start with the best
intentions and then we end up watching a video of a raccoon with a better life
than ours the best way to use Facebook productively is to get rid of the
distractions and I’m sure that if you are on Facebook for a while your account
to your wall your newfeed is full with posts from family from friends and
cleaning the slate from all that mess it’s a lot of work and I don’t
advise you to do that instead is a lot better to create a new account a second
account that you use just for business your personal account and your
professional account they should be completely different different in the
style different in the way you use them here you can see my two profile pictures
from my two accounts and as you can see in the picture for my personal account
well I’m an idiot I’m doing what I what I can do best and in my
professional account instead I have a super professional picture that gives a
different impression of me whatever is the vibe that you set for your
professional account you need a professional image that inspires trust
also your professional Facebook account is nothing else than a funnel a funnel
that leads all the viewers to the target you decided in my case my target is my
youtube channel and I optimized my professional Facebook account in order
to send all the people who land on my account
straight to my YouTube channel and talking about optimizing your Facebook
professional account this is a vast topic and I don’t have the time here to
discuss and it’s not the topic of this video so if you want to know something
more about that if you want to know what you need to do to optimize your Facebook
account in order to send all the people to the target you decided I created a
PDF for this where I explain all the areas you need to optimize on your
Facebook account if you want to download this PDF you have the link below this
video in the description so get on the description click on the link and
download this PDF let’s keep talking instead of what you need to do after you
created your second professional account certainly don’t send any friend request
to your friends and your family you don’t want to end up with the first
account with your personal account what you need to do instead is to join all
the Facebook groups that are related to your niche and I’m talking about a dozen
groups that are related to your niche in this way when you when you join all
these groups your newsfeed will be covered by posts they are in these
groups now set a daily action in your schedule every single day I want you to
spend 20 minutes scrolling through your newsfeed and helping people who needs
help or helping people who are asking questions and in any situation that one
of those questions can be replied by a content you wrote or you recorded or
you filmed I’m talking about a video or an article or podcast you have when a
question can be replied can be answered by a content you created you can post you can add a link to your content in my daily schedule in todoist
and if you’re not using todoist I suggest you to start using it because
it’s a lifesaver well in my schedule I have two moments each day when I have to
scroll through my newsfeed instead if I don’t have any YouTube video for a
precise question but I can answer that question because I have knowledge about
that well I just write a comment I help those people
honestly without getting anything back and even in that case even if
you didn’t post any link to your content people will start recognizing you if
you’re spending time every single day helping people on those groups and they
will check your your account they will check your page on Facebook that’s the
reason why you should download the PDF that I was talking before because in
that PDF I explain to you everything you need to do to optimize your your account
since I’m adopting this method my youtube channel my Facebook page my
newsletter they’re growing day by day the only secret year to make this method
work is to be consistent you know that every single day you have to spend 20
minutes and I don’t want any excuse I want you to spend your time there 20
minutes per day being in front of the computer scrolling your newsfeed helping whoever
you can help let me address a question you may have right now can I get banned
from these groups if I’m if I’m posting my links there that’s a reasonable
question because every day people are kicked off groups because they are
spamming but first of all I’m not putting my links in every comment as I
told you before I’m posting my links just when they’re helping with a
question otherwise I just write a comment and in second instance I’m not
posting my videos without a reason I’m posting my videos to help people to help
people with their questions so my videos are related to the
questions they’re asking and if you post links just when they are necessary
administrators from those groups they will get along with you they would be
even happy that you’re doing that let’s recap what you need to do to get free
traffic from Facebook number one create a second profile a professional account
number two do not send any friend request the not accept any friend
request do not end up like your personal account number three join
groups there related to your niche I’m talking about a dozen groups at least
number four spend 20 minutes each day scrolling through your newsfeed
helping people with their questions and in case you post your links so you get
traffic from Facebook straight to your content this is all for today if you
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are you already using Facebook groups to grow your business and if yes how post
your comments below let’s have a discussion there and for the rest I see
you in the comments or see you in the next video
cheers mate

4 thoughts on “How to Get FREE traffic from Facebook Groups – WITHOUT Using Facebook Ads

  1. Yes. I do use FB Groups. I learn a lot from the group's. Also, I found few clients from those as well. it wasn't my intention. But still it's a contribution for my business.

  2. Great video Alessandro. Very easy to follow and the steps are completely do-able ! Thanks for sharing these tips – yes I will put them in place after this ❤😊.

  3. This is a super great video. I found it very helpful and I never ever thought to do this! If I’m going to spend 20 mins a day, do you think it’s more helpful to spend that time on my professional Facebook account or commenting and answering questions on YouTube

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