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How to Get Free Google Advertising for Nonprofits using Google’s AdWord Grant

How to Get Free Google Advertising for Nonprofits using Google’s AdWord Grant

Hi, I’m Susan from digital marketing
agency upriseUP, and in this video I’m going to talk to you about Google Ad
Grants; what one is, how to get one, and why they’re so important. Google currently give charities up to 40
thousand dollars a month to spend on search engine advertising on Google –
that’s essentially free money to send people to your website. Charities that
are new to the scheme can spend up to ten thousand dollars a month, which is
three hundred and thirty dollars a day. So, when you go into Google and you
type in your search, you’re met with a page of listings. If you look closely,
you’ll see that the top three are ads, and that’s what we’re talking about when we
say search engine advertising on Google. To sign up for a Google Grant you need to
be a registered charity, sign up to TT exchange. Now, you may already be
registered with TT exchange because they provide discounted software for
charities. Sign up to Google for nonprofits, create your Google AdWords
account and sign up for your Google Ad Grant. Now, it sounds like a lot of steps
but it should be relatively painless. Google Reserve the right to turn down
charities for any reason, but in our experience this is really rare. They say
it takes 30 days from when you’ve applied for your Google Grant to hear back, but again this can be much quicker – in fact, it’s feasible that the whole
process can take two weeks from start to finish. Firstly they’re effective – there is
nothing more effective than being in front of a person at the exact time they
are searching for your product or service.
Imagine someone looking to volunteer for a charity and your ad is one of the
first to appear – what a fantastic opportunity to engage that person with a
well written ad so they click through to your website to find out more about
your charity. With highly targeted ads, you can ensure that all your traffic is
really relevant, and that three hundred and thirty dollars a day can equate to
over three hundred and fifty web visits a day. Once you have your Google Ad grant
you’re ready to go. You just need to ask your ad copy and your keywords and you
can get started straightaway. They’re free! This is free money to send
people to your website, free advertising for your charity and it doesn’t get
better than that. There really isn’t one! Google Ad Grants do
have some restrictions, but they’re a fantastic place to start, and a
no-brainer because this is free money to send people to your website. We love
Google Ad Grants. They’re a fantastic resource and we know how to get the best
out of them. If you’d like more information or help with your
application, please do get in contact. Thank you for watching, and look out for
the next video in our digital marketing series.

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