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How to Get Facebook ads Approved | 2 Main Reasons for Disapproved ads

How to Get Facebook ads Approved | 2 Main Reasons for Disapproved ads

hey what’s going on YouTube it’s John
here with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna help you get your
Facebook ads approved now I have a lot of people come to me and ask me for
Facebook Ads help because a lot of times people will put up these ads and they’ll
get disapproved by Facebook right away and you don’t want to keep doing that
because eventually Facebook could suspend your account permanently and
every time you try to create a new Facebook account they honestly find a
way to catch you and delete your account again so you don’t want to continuously
violate their terms their policy terms so hopefully this video helps you out to
start getting those ads approved now I want to quickly go over something I know
in the past year Facebook has gotten very very strict with their ad policies
I’m not sure if you guys remember those commercials of Facebook that were coming
out that we’re saying Facebook has gotten away from what it was here for
Facebook is now for families it’s not for friends connecting families together
connecting people together we understand that Facebook got away from that but now
we’re we’re all cutting all that stuff out because I basically Facebook had all
seen that a lot of people were getting a lot of spam feeds a lot of misleading
articles there was a basically a lot of clickbait going on with Facebook I’m
sure you guys remember there was a lot of clickbait going on and so Facebook
decided to start cutting all that out and are basically removing a whole bunch
of their ads and getting a lot stricter on their ad policies so things that used
to work before definitely don’t work now especially things like direct linking
before-and-after pictures like for example if you’re trying to do a weight
loss supplement and you have a before-and-after picture on your head
you’re gonna get this approved out of way Facebook does not like before and
after pictures if you’re a picture if your ad has too many too much text in
the picture if you post up an ad it has a whole bunch of text almost all over
the photo it’s gonna get this approved they added in a 20% text on every single
photo so if it has more than 20% of the photo then your ad is gonna get this
approved also so yeah Facebook definitely got very very strict with
their policies so it’s not as easy to promote or honestly to make money with
Facebook Ads there are still people doing it out
there so if you’re trying to give it a try you’re getting your edge disapproved
I’m hopefully gonna help you out with this video right here now a lot of times
when people ask me for facebook ads help because there as continue to get this
approved they’re usually doing two things wrong one of two things wrong the
first thing is gonna be the creator of the picture that they’re using the app
creator the photo like I said Facebook is very very strict
with this now no more before-and-after no more of these magical photos that
Facebook is on Facebook is letting go so a lot of times it’s the creative the
picture you are using which is causing you to get your ad disapproved so an
easy way to get around that and to check before you even put your head up it’s
just by using Facebook Ads managers they have a tool that will check your photo
for you before you actually post it up and try to use it as an app that way you
know if your ads going to get this approved or not or whether you’re going
to be having problems later on so an easy way to do it is just go to your
Facebook Ads manager you’re gonna click on the hamburger icon click on creative
hub next you’re gonna click on tools and go down a image text check right here
you’re gonna get to upload an image and it’s gonna tell you whether your image
passes whether it’s too low the image text is medium or the image text is too
high yet your ad may not run but if you get an ad okay then your ad should be
rated or run no problem so that’s basically what you’re looking up for all
you would do is come over here upload a photo and Facebook will check it out for
you and we’ll give you the okay right away or not so let me give you a quick
example so I got through photos I want to give to you guys as an example the
first one will be this one and this one should basically get this approved right
away there’s too much text going on here so I expect them to go ahead and
disapprove this as soon as I upload it let’s give it a try as you can see I got a flag right away
your ad might reach as you can see I got a flag right away your ad reach may be
slightly lower because there’s so much text on the image so posting this up me
getting this little o signal right here this little icon I’m already putting
myself at risk and it’s likely that this ad will not get approved now I’m going
to try a different one so there’s something pretty similar but there’s a
slightly less text on this one let’s give this one a try okay so as you can
see I got this one okay dand this one I got a flag on so here’s an easy way that
you could check out whether your facebook ad is going to get approved or
not based on your image right away come to the back click on creative hub from
creative hub click on tools and click on image text check because this is
honestly a reason that I constantly constantly see people having a problem
with not understanding why they’re at is getting disapproved it’s the image that
you’re using so go ahead and come back here and check it out see if your ads
gonna get this approved or not real quick I just want to recommend to
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your nine-to-five job so now we can move on to the second reason I honestly
always see people have their ads disapproved
so the second reason I always see people have their ass disapproved is because
they’re trying to direct link their affiliate links so basically whatever
affiliate link that they’re using whether it’s from clickbank mac’s bounty
whatever affiliate network that they’re getting their links from they’re trying
to use that affiliate link and put it directly onto the Facebook ad Facebook
ad never ever approves affiliate link guys Facebook Ads knows if it’s going to
be in a fill a link or not if you’re using a URL
that’s an affiliate link so if you try to use your affiliate link and Facebook
Ads guaranteed you’re gonna get this approved and if you do it enough times
you for sure we’ll get your conscience bended so don’t ever ever direct link
your affiliate link into a Facebook ad the way to do it guys honestly the way
you should always always do it just make a landing page now it takes a little bit
of work but you can honestly create under great-looking landing page in less
than 20 minutes using builder or builder ah has tons and tons of landing page
templates for basically any offer that you are promoting or for basically any
ad you want to put up whether it’s a video ad or workout or fitness well
whatever type of ad you’re putting up builder ah has a real real good template
for you to be able to use so I definitely recommend you to use builder
ah for your Facebook ads because you can never ever direct link any of your
affiliate links through your Facebook ad always create a landing page guys and
every now and then I do hear people getting away with the REC linking but if
you get caught consider your account completely terminated and consider
yourself completely terminated from Facebook because if they find out that
you’ve been trying to sneak around there are at policies then for sure they will
terminate you and not let you back into the system guys I have a couple people
that are completely banned from Facebook anytime they try to create a new
Facebook account or a new ads account Facebook I’m not sure how they recognize
them but they completely terminate all their accounts right away so you
honestly want to just do it the right way you guys create a landing page when
you create one of these landing pages right here all you basically do
afterwards is attach your URL you go purchase a URL from like Namecheap or
GoDaddy attach that URL domain to one of your landing pages that you created and
that landing page you put it on your Facebook ad and it will get approved
right away so that’s a big big problem that I always see people having a hard
time with that they’re trying to direct link their affiliate link which is a big
role in Facebook they’re going to get this approved and probably suspended
pretty soon the solution create a landing page yeah if you want to use
builder ah you could go down to the description there’s a 7 day free trial
so you could get started with builder all right away
and create honestly a landing page in less than 20 minutes because it’s really
that simple all you do is go to your back-office
click on create a new website and create the type of website that you want they
have all different types of website templates for you to use food
entertainment teacher glasses tour as you can see just about anything that
you’re thinking of promoting on Facebook they have a they have a landing page for
it so I definitely recommend you to check out builder ah there’s tons and
tons of templates for you to use and it’s honestly really affordable so check
out the link in the description below for a 7-day free trial builder ah so you
can set up a landing page in less than 20 minutes and start promoting your
offer so to help you guys out I’m gonna leave Facebook ad policies in the
description below so you could go ahead and click on it and read through it if
you like to see honestly every last little thing on facebook as policies so
in case there’s another reason you could go ahead and check it out there but
that’s basically the main two reasons I see people getting their Facebook ads
disapproved their photo has too much text or they’re using direct linking so
definitely don’t do that just follow the tips in this video guys and I guarantee
your ads will be approved again guys like I mentioned if you’re trying to
make a full time income online check out the first link in my description guys
it’s honestly my number one recommended online business system to start you can
start making Commission’s up to five hundred to a thousand dollars every
single week so definitely check that out if you have some time for now that’s it
for this video go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit that like button
below for any support guys I do appreciate all the support you bring to
the channel and stick around because I got a lot more great content coming
around if yet if there’s anything you want to see if there’s something I
missed go ahead and leave it in the comments below I’ll go ahead and answer
any questions or hopefully make a video for you that’s it for now take care guys
and I’ll see you on the next video

13 thoughts on “How to Get Facebook ads Approved | 2 Main Reasons for Disapproved ads

  1. Hi – yes the creative might be wrong on a AD, but checking if there is too much text on the AD is too basic a solution ( & actually pretty obvious visually). Our ad's a repeatedly disapproved for none of these reasons. Please someone make a video that actually looks in detail at these issues!

  2. I swear on god John i was writing you a message on fb about this problem and my already third account went blocked. I write you from belgium , I need some help bro. I don’t know what the reason is !! Thanks.

  3. What about using a tracker? I've been struggling to get my ads approved in 2019. I tried to create some ads that i've used a lot in the past and for some reason they are being rejected. Maybe its because I'm direct linking the offer and using a tracker, correct? Also what do you think of iframing the offer?

  4. Hi could you please help me out with this link https://www.facebook.com/Commercial-Rent-Out-Kolkata-395136301210903/

  5. Maybe facebook has partnered with these landing pages because you can't use as a landing page from BlogSpot, Weebly, or Wix without a domain. hmmm smell fishy

  6. Is my ad under review if no data is showing up, but I don't have any updates on the current status of the ads itself. it just looks like it's running normally but no data is showing up.

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