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How to Get Clients for Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads and Chatbots

How to Get Clients for Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads and Chatbots

How can you convince clients,
that you can create for them facebook ads and chat
BOTS. And where do you find and how do you
find those clients I’ve been hearing for
years that Facebook is dying, and anyway the Facebook Ads
industry is growing month after month. The true is that if you know
how to create Facebook Ads and you know how
to manage them. And you know how to
create chat BOTS and you realize the way to sell those
things to clients, you have in your hands a golden ticket. Well, in this video I will
teach you exactly how started selling Facebook ads and chat
BOTS to an average of six clients per month. Let’s get started, welcome
to the Growth Academy Do you know what are
these things? Flyers. And me living in London,
I’m covered by flyers. Every single day I find new
flyers on my doormat. And maybe you’re not living in London,
you are living in a smaller town, but anyway I can assure you, that right
now the majority of restaurants, bars, shops, they’re still using
traditional advertising. One day when I was throwing
away all the flyers, I stopped for a
second and I thought, wait a second, these people are spending
a lot of money with traditional advertising. They’re
sending a lot of flyers to random people. Are they using Facebook
ads as well? So I jumped on my computer and I start making a
research on every different client. Everyone who sent me as flyer. I
wanted to know if they were using Facebook Ads as well. And
you know back at the days and this was three years ago, it was a little more difficult
to realize to figure out if someone was
using Facebook Ads. Right now it takes
you one minute. You lucky bastard. You just go
on the page of this client, and on the sidebar you
have the link info and ads. And on that link you will see all the ads
that that particular page is running in this precise moment. But yeah, at the time was
a little more difficult and it took more time. But anyway after
a couple of hours I had an idea, if those businesses were
using Facebook ads or not. And then what I would do, was
to send an email to each one of them saying
something like this. Dear business, I receive your
flyer and I was wondering, are you using Facebook ads? The reason why I
write to you is because I’m a online marketer and I’m managing
Facebook Ads for different clients. And I can tell you 100%
that using online advertising will give you better results
than using flyers. Not to mention that you will spend less money,
with this other way. If you want I can create an ad for you like
the one you can see attached to this mail. In this case I was attaching
for each client. I personalized ad, personalized on that client,
so I was creating an example of the ad that could
create at the end. So I was saying, if you want I can create an ad for you, like the one
you can see attached to this email. And this ad will be connected to
some messages that are predefined and this messages will pop
up on the Facebook chat. So we will ask some questions to each client
and at the end we will deliver the coupon code, if you
have a coupon code. So let’s do this, for the first month I will create the ad
and I will run it and my rate will be $200, to do this. Then if you like the results you will get and if you like how I work and
you want to continue working me so I can I can improve the
ad, I can start sending offers to every client that you got
through that ad and I can continue getting better results you can
keep working with me but from the second month my rate will be
$500. And this was the email, simple, plain, nothing special. Was
just to convince the client to work with me for
the first month. And then if they
like the results if they get results, probably they will
continue to work with me and spend a little more. In my first attempt to
do this, three years ago I send a lot of emails and at the end
five clients, five of these businesses they decided to start with
me from the first month. And two of them, two out of these
five clients, they decided to continue after the second month.
Now you have to realize that I was spending $50
per ad to run the ad. So my profit was $150 on the first month and $450
from the second month. But these things Facebook ads and
chat BOTS, they were my tripwire if you are familiar with online
marketing you know that a tripwire is a low priced offer and is meant
to create and start a collaboration with the client. And after
that you propose something else on top of it. And this is exactly
what I did with my offer. If you want to know about the
upsell what I was upselling. I have another video that I then I
shot, where I’m gonna explain to you what I was upselling after the
Facebook Ads and the chat bot. I’m not talking about this in this
video, so go to the other video you have the link in the description,
below click on the description. Not to mention, that you can sell
other things with the same strategy. You don’t have to sell just
Facebook Ads and chat bots. You can personalize your service, you
can propose a personalized service on the client. And that’s why I
created a PDF that you can download below this
video, always in the description, and in this PDF I pasted three
emails I was sending proposing three different services. First
service was about chat bots, and Facebook Ads. Exactly as you saw
on this video you can read the email I was sending to the clients. Second
one was to create a Facebook page and an Instagram profile for that
client, because there were some clients who didn’t have a
social media profile. And the third email was to propose content for their
Facebook pages. I was running the Facebook pages they didn’t have to
think about that anything every day I was posting there new
content. So you have the link in the description below if you
want these three emails, you can do whatever you want with this 3
emails. You can copy and paste the text in there. You have all the
freedom, don’t worry I won’t sue you. Or you can just print the PDF
and burn it because you hate me. I can assure that if you put
your head in this strategy and you start sending emails to
clients, proposing them Facebook Ads, proposing them chat bots, proposing
them Instagram profile, proposing them to create content for their
Facebook pages. I assure you that this strategy will work
in a couple of months, maximum a couple of months you will have
clients to work with. Before I close with this video as usual,
remember to subscribe to this channel if you like this video and click on
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I will upload on this channel. But I want to ask you
a question as well. That you have to reply
in the comments. So, if you know that
Facebook ads and chat bots are so popular right now, what stopped
you so far from creating them and selling them to clients.
What’s stopped you? Reply to this question in the comments. I will every
single comment and I will reply to every single comment. Reply below,
let’s have a discussion below and for the rest, I’ll see you there
or I’ll see you in the next video Cheers mate.

20 thoughts on “How to Get Clients for Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads and Chatbots

  1. Thanks, enjoyed your informative video. Bot chats seem to be the best engagement software in 2019. They copy what we are all doing with our smartphones today. As a marketing tool , you can now easily produce funnels specifically for any niche. However, you need a chat builder, integration and a little bit of coding skill IMO. Can you recommend any training?

  2. I’m a realtor in chicago & want to first get some results with my bot to increase leads for my biz. Once I grow subscribers with my bot and have some success I will sell bots to customer niches. For me I have unlimited bots I can develop for free. I paid vendor for this service. I’m not tech person so I just want to sell bots to niches( real estate agents , attorneys, restaurant & coffee houses) for upfront fee for bot then refer customer to someone for running fb ads.

  3. G'day from Australia!
    It wasn't super clear, but are you paying for ad spend as well as your 'management fee'? ($200-$500 inclusive of ad spend)

  4. hey, can you go over what you actually run and what you target for the clients you get using this method. do you only go after restaurants? just wondering how you only run $50 worth of ads and not more for their ads.

  5. Good video and tips. Thank you. What I want to know is what you used for the pop up asking people to give the video a like and also Selling Website with Elementor? Also, what was used to cover the half the screen and put in the graphic about your free email offer?

  6. What type of Facebook ad's are you mostly running? Lead, Offer Ads, Domain Ads? Are you offering a coupon or some kind of free service? What is the purpose of these ads, to bring in more leads or generate awareness? Thanks!

  7. I'm glad I came across your Elementor video (which brought me here.) I've recently purchase LTD's for Quriobot, and RelayThat so I'd really start selling social media services and chatbots. I need to learn the ABC's of Facebook marketing, I've never run any campaigns. Any advice on good tutorials on the subject?

  8. What stopped you so far from selling facebook ads and chatbots to clients, even if they're so popular now?

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