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How to get a UK work visa through your company without advertising ✅️(HIGH EARNER ROUTE)

How to get a UK work visa through your company without advertising ✅️(HIGH EARNER ROUTE)

If you want to settle in the UK and you
don’t want to apply under the tier one investor route and invest from 2 million
upwards and you don’t want to apply for a startup or innovative visa and if you
don’t qualify for the sole representative visa because say that you
have a majority shares in your in your company then an option to consider is
the tier 2 general high earner route. Which is one way of referring to it so
essentially if you’re paid 160 thousand and by the UK entity that you establish
all that’s already in the group and there’s a genuine role there available
for you for example as chief executive let’s say or CEO then you can apply
under the high earner route now the for this you the key point is you don’t have
to advertise so for certain categories including shortage occupation roles you
don’t necessarily have to be advertised the position to the resident labor force
because certain roles and can be taken up by local workers and the immigration
rules are designed to allow local workers the opportunity to apply for
roles. So what I’m going to do here is that walk you through exactly what the
the details involved in exactly how much it costs having said this I’m a quick
caveat these these costings etc will will be dependent on your circumstances
and you’ll need to take tax advice and financial advice on it but primarily tax
advice and but I would I do think it’s helpful to give you an overview so my
name’s Tom Bradford, I’m a UK based or if you are considering applying under any
of these routes or looking at tier 2 at a 130k plus option I’d be very happy to assist
you so let’s have a look at it I’ve called it the high earner option. Now you
what you would need to do is have a UK entity that that registers with HMRC for
PA ye purposes so let’s pay as you earn and corporation tax you’d need to secure
employees liability insurance and you’d need to secure a
lease of an office for premises in the UK now these are all just basics if you
if you’re not already set up here if you want to sponsor license which you will
need for this process then your UK company can’t just be in a virtual
office and there’s not necessarily a problem by itself but you can’t just
have a shell company if you like in a virtual office but that’s not going to
cut it it you need to actually have an infrastructure. So if you don’t have any
of these things then you would need to have these in place you need these are
supporting documents in any event if you’ve got a new entity for the purposes
of the application obviously if you if you’re not the new co stage and you’ve
already got a running UK entities may not be issues and these may already be
in place now what you would then need to do is apply for the sponsor license for
the company. So you’d need to employ basically a compliance officer to be the
authorizing officer so that’s the person within the company who’s actor who
actually discharges and or who has key responsibility for all of the duties
under a under the sponsor licence regime you have basically a delegated I think
the company would have a delegated duties from the government to manage
immigration control and they have a light trigger approach to compliance
quite rightly because it’s it’s such such an important role and you’re
responsible for you know your companies they’re responsible for bringing workers
and perhaps yourself included into the country. So as for how this part of it
works once the sponsor licence is granted and that can take up to eight
weeks in practice we’ve we have secured sponsor licences within about two weeks
then we’d assign a certificate of sponsorship and by them we would have
prepared the visa application for you in advance so we can submit it promptly so
all of these work streams need to happen in parallel in order to to project
manage this effectively and then the visa application would be under tier 2
general. So you are then at fist this stage so you’re paid I said 160 159 600
and then in terms of the actual tax etc on that your net income under the salary
will be approximately these are only approximate figures so you must check as
the regime and tax levels etc do change and you must take specific tax advice
new circumstances but approximately ninety five thousand that would be the
income and then as an employee you would need to not the company would need to
pay and approximately 57,000 in income tax and six or seven thousand in
national insurance and it would also need to pay about twenty thousand in a
Poisson national national insurance but that’s tax deductible so that’s a net
cost about sixty four thousand per year very roughly so times five because it’s
a five-year fees until you get to indefinite leave to remain that would be
about three hundred and twenty thousand. Now if you look at that three hundred
and twenty thousand as a figure in terms of cost well if you inverse 2 million
under the tier one investor route of course that capital is tied up until the
end of the period but you do get it all back but that is like a loss if you like
but having said that the tier 1 entrepreneur rule is now gone which
requires you to invest two hundred thousand which was an investment there
was at risk so if you’re sort of comfortable with that as a as a court or
as an overhead of the process then three hundred twenty thousand might be
acceptable I think this is only really if you’ve ruled out so representative
startup visa and innovative visa if you do want to speak with me about your
options feel free to get in touch my email address is below together with
details of how to contact me on whatsapp or on WeChat. So as for the application
and preparation let’s look at the detail of that, what we
would do what I would do on your behalf is carry out the sponsor license
compliance training and put in place a sponsor license policy for the UK
company or help you to formulate that policy in a compliant way then apply for
a sponsor license for the UK company and then you’d be granted the sponsor
license as I say there’s a potential eight-week lead-in time but it often
takes just two weeks the Kesey on compliance is you’ve got you’ve got to
become you’ve got to be compliant the policy isn’t going to do everything for
you it will simply reflect the processes that you would have had to have put in
place and the authorizing officer is the most senior person in charge of
international recruitment so it’s the authorizing officer that that I would
have to train of unless they already experienced an ideally there’d be
someone already within the company who’s already in charge of international
recruitment if someone’s being brought in afresh that is it’s possible to do
that and have them appointed and for these purposes and to assist with
international recruitment but they would need to be trained if they if they
weren’t familiar with the regime. So that’s what we do there next we’ve got
the interview so normally an application for a sponsor license would trigger an
interview interestingly we haven’t been interviewed recently our applications
seem to have been granted recently without an interview but you do need to
be ready for an interview and the home office that really like hard copy
records was in the electronic record so I have had clients who have had bad
experiences really with with electronic systems for you know HR systems for
managing employees and it’s just it’s just complicated to access information
or you might not have all information in one place so the home office just prefer
you to have a file on each individual and a separate compliance file for
sponsor license matters and that’s what I tend to set up really old-fashioned if
you like folder not digitalized just with everything printed out that’s
that’s what the host like. So that’s that then you would so
after that you’d be appointed as let a level one user on the sponsor license so
sponsor management system so that’s just the software interface that’s used to I
deal with work visas typically I would also be a level 1 user and you would be
the key contact these are all official roles within the sponsor license I’d
assist to assign a certificate sponsorship and then prepare the visa
application supporting documents and arrange the visa appointment so again
all of that done done in parallel to just move things along quickly then you
would apply it from outside of the UK and provide instructions we’d provide
instructions for you to re-enter the UK and collect your biometric residence
permit which you have to do promptly and I say we enter the UK that’s if you’re
if you if you’re actually in the UK now you may be abroad now and then fees. So I
want to break down that the charges in terms of the government’s face so the
home office fees are you know at the time of speaking and again all of this
must be independently checked and checked in terms of the applicable rules
at the time you’re applying and in and against your personal circumstances but
very broadly it would be about 1820 for the skills charge that’s three hundred
and sixty four times five if there’s a small organisation for a five year
period and that’s got to be payable by the UK company and in 1000 for the
immigration health surcharge and so that’s 200 per year times five for a
five year visa that’s just for you and then the main visa fee for you
general would be 610 then the visa application processing time for a
priority service you pay for that would be five working days and then you’d have
additional as additional services which you can order from VFS, so they could
include the service for keeping your passport
you know they don’t hang on to your passport that’s 125 priority
these are purely examples so these depend on your particular
application center priority visa service 384 walking without an appointment
that’s very handy 70 and then premium lounge 75 and then as fuel so I hope
that helps in terms of explaining the overall fees the visa extension
settlement and citizenship so it allows you to apply after five years for
indefinite leave to remain and then one year after that you can apply to become
a British citizen so in an overview this is because your options really in the UK
are quite limited or can be quite limited you’ve got you know tier one
investor startup innovative visa so representative and then your only other
option really if you want to settle in the UK is this one applying under tier 2
general and it may be if you already have a sponsor license in the UK but
obviously I’ve said I’ve explained this in this session what you would do in
order to you know set up the company in the UK as part of the group.
What compliance infrastructure you’d need on top of any infrastructure you
already have in order that the company is eligible to apply for a sponsor
license if it’s not then then you won’t be able to apply but you mean you could
apply then you can bring people in and it’s possible then to bring you in or
key players within the company or on a high earner visa route if they if they
don’t already have a shortage occupation role let’s say or if to come in would
involve an advertising process then that may not be the most appropriate way of
dealing with it if for example you’re bringing over very senior executives
where you you know have them specifically in mind and they’re going
to be the key players you wouldn’t necessarily want to be advertising the
the roles for your most senior are shareholders and employees so that’s
where this this route can come in use for I’d say it’s a pretty now
route most of the applications that I’m running at the moment are for sole
representative innovator and startup and of course there may be other options too
for you if you have a British family member or a European family
member in any case feel free to get in touch with me if you’re looking at your
your options for for reaching abroad and in particular for coming to the UK I’d
be delighted to help. You you can email me or drop me a whatsapp or message me
on WeChat on the details below thanks and see you in the next live stream

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  1. Hey Tom, i have a question i am an IT professional but our company has fired most of our IT Staff, i still have more than 1 Yr on my Tier 2 visa, how soon do i have to leave the country? Can i switch to a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent or Visa? Do i need to find another visa sponsor in order to work ?

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