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How to Get A Free $75 AdWords Credit – Google Ads Credit

How to Get A Free $75 AdWords Credit – Google Ads Credit

[music] 00:07 Xavier Kelly: Hey, guys. This is Xavier Kelly again, and today’s video
is gonna go over how to get $75 free using your Google AdWords account. If you have multiple accounts you can do this
multiple times as well, and it’s very simple, as you can see on screen. All you would need to go to, is go to www.google.com/ads/adwords-coupons.html. And then I’ll put the link down below too
so that you can easily click it from there. And then head over there, put your email… Put your email that you want to do. And then, from there, you would just head
over into your email account, and then they’ll send an email to you, and just grab the code
from there. And then I’ll show you want to do right from
there as well. So we go ahead and click “Get Offer”. 00:57 XK: And then they’ll send it straight
to you. And right now they’re gonna ask you to enter
your Captcha in as well. You’ve captioned, Then, right there, it’ll
take you to it right now. So right now, basically, I’m gonna pause,
and I’m gonna hit you back in when we go back into the AdWords billing profile. So that’s it. You’ve got your code from your email. What you wanna do now is head over to the
“Manage Promotion Codes”, and this is underneath the “Transaction History”, and it’s underneath
“Billing” in the right corner, right here. And go to “Manage Promotion Code”, click “Manage
Promotion Code”, and then it will take you to a page where you can enter in your coupon. Then you can put promotion code right here,
and you can add one. And then your promotion code should be around
14 digits, and then we’ll click ‘save’, and then it took it right then and there. And all you have to spend is $25 to get the
$75 credit. 02:06 XK: So, guys, if you like these videos,
or you like videos like this, please give me a thumbs up so that I can know to do more
content like this. If you don’t, then you know what to do, comment
down below with different AdWords questions that you may have so I can help you answer
those. And, guys, if you wanna learn more about how
to build, sell, and support digital products online, don’t forget to subscribe on my channel
here, or go over to my channel and subscribe. And guys, thank you for watching, I’ll see
you in the next one. [music]

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