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How To Generate 53 Real Estate Investing Leads Per Week With Facebook Ads!

How To Generate 53 Real Estate Investing Leads Per Week With Facebook Ads!

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here with Arsenal marketing And this video were going to break down some real estate Investing lead generation for you where I’m gonna walk you through step by step So this is gonna be a little bit longer video But if you guys want to know the exact way to go through and set these ads up then I’m gonna break it down I’m gonna show you guys everything the actual Facebook ad copy the landing page copy and just How the whole process takes place now If you guys are brand new here and you’re unfamiliar with me and our salon marketing We’ve actually generated over fifty six thousand real estate leads in the last 18 months And so we’ve got a lot of experience of going through and setting up these Facebook ad campaigns So I want to basically break down what’s working extremely well to eliminate a lot of the trial and error For you when it comes to Facebook ads and real estate lead generation right now. I’ve got this pulled up right here This is what we’re gonna actually be using throughout this training And this is for a real estate investing lead generation Campaign and you can see this is the ad example what the ad actually looks like and then just because you can’t copy and paste What the this image right here? I made on this page this copy and paste feature where you could just copy and paste the news feed text the headline description Call-to-action when it comes to creating the Facebook ad now you guys want this? I’ve got a link down in the description where you can go through and Grab this download it so you can follow along with this video just makes it really easy to go through and set everything up Alright, so let’s break down the whole real estate lead generation Process so what I’ve got here now this right here. This is the total game changer when it comes to a real estate lead generation What we need to do is we need to go through and get some exposure Okay, when that’s done easily through Facebook Instagram or any this different social media networks and then what we want to do is want to send these people to a landing page or a lead capture page as opposed to our main website or even our blog Okay, and then after they go through they click on this ad they go to the landing page Then we’re gonna have this email and text marketing automation this follow up process the sifted sort through all of these leads because we’re going to show you guys here in a minute like 53 leads in a week That’s a lot of it’s come in every single day and sometimes it gets pretty difficult to keep up with all these leads that are coming through so It’s nice to have the email and text marketing automation All set up in place so that it can sift and sort through there’s leads. So you’re only working with the leads Who are the most qualified right now? The reason why I want to set up a landing page as opposed to it using your main website now if you’ve been using your website for some time now you’ve been in the real estate business for a little bit you probably Seen that your main website Doesn’t actually generate too many leads for you and your business right now The reason why is because a typical landing page or a typical website is gonna convert less than 1% of people Visiting that site into actual leads as opposed to your landing page is gonna convert 10 to 25% Of those people visiting that page into actual leads now What I call lead is someone’s name their phone number and their email address now the reason why it converts 10 to 25 times more visitors into leads is because if you look at this This landing page is very simple. Okay, there’s no other Distractions on the page, no other ads links or anything else. Where as you look at this main website right here You’ve got kind of like this little squiggly line of the call-to-action here. You’ve got all these other Call-to-action all these other links. You’ve got a phone number the social media icons. You’ve got all this stuff They can scroll down search for different properties and people just get distracted And so they don’t ever end up actually opting in and becoming a lead now It’s great that they’re going through and getting all this information But if you have no idea who that person is, then it’s not really gonna benefit you or your business So let’s just jump right into this So we’re gonna come back over here to this is the Arsenal mkg lead generation and CRM software makes it super easy to go through Create these landing pages create the automated email and text marketing follow-up and you’ll get lead notifications Every single time a new lead comes in right now if you are not already a member, I’ll add a free 7-day trial link in the description below so you guys can go through grab a free account and Kind of follow along this whole process as we’re setting this up So what we’re gonna do is come over here to this leadpages And then the nice thing is is you can see all the different landing pages I’ve already got in here and you’ve got the landing page and the email and text marketing follow-up now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create another lead page and Then this is going to give us we have all these different options. So these ones are for real estate agents These ones are for more mortgage or loz and then this one right here. We are gonna be focusing on a real estate Investing lead generation campaign. So this one we’re actually going to do this sell the suite campaign So what we’ll do is just click choose and then this will kick us into the website editor where we can edit out and customize the images the texts the videos anything and Customize it to you and your business right now If you look at this like we’ve already got the headline and the sub headline and the call to action already done for you Okay, you don’t have to mess around with this. We know this works We know this converts so you really don’t have to play around with any of that Now one thing we might want to do is change out the background image so if we come over here to this PDF I say the image of a hat is of a house that is Local to the area and not too nice, which is tracts sellers looking for real retail right now the reason why it’s important to have it local to the area is because if like you’re in Miami Let’s say and you’re posting a home that’s in Denver. Those homes. Look a lot different, right? So you want to make sure that the home is consistent to the area. You’re actually working with and Ideally looking at this home right here something that’s not like a complete like a really nice home but something that would attract those Sellers so what we’re gonna do is very simple to go through and change out the background image We’re just gonna click on this you can edit out any part of the landing page right here. We’ll click choose new image We’ll come over here to my images and then we can upload an image from our desktop So I’m just gonna click right there and then we’ve got this house right here And I’m just gonna upload this image and this is going to be actually the same Image that we use on the facebook ad because we want that consistency Okay so you can see how I just uploaded this click this we can hit use this image and Just like that. We change out that background image. So when they see the Facebook ad it’s going to be this image They click here to this landing page. It’s gonna be the same image as well and then all we have to do is hit save and then it says website saved and published right then we hit exit and that is how simple it is to go through and actually get one of these landing pages these lead generation pages all set up and If you want to go through and add different follow-ups, you can do that here create a new email or text message It makes it extremely simple to go through and create that follow up with those new leads that are coming in now We’re not gonna focus on the follow-up in this video right here We’re gonna be focusing more on the Facebook ad the lead generation side of things. So we’ve got this page if Somebody clicks on their Facebook ad or Instagram at or whatever it is They’re gonna come here to this landing page and they’re gonna click get the free quote and they’ll put in their first name email phone Number hit submit and at that point they become a leaner system and that’s where the Arsenal CRM really takes place and can send the email the follow-up emails and the text all on complete auto-pilot now before we go through and set up our Actual Facebook ad what we want to do is we want to make sure that Facebook is Tracking every person that visit this business’s website and every person that actually becomes a lead on this website Because then our ads can actually help us and perform a lot better So what we want to do is use something called the Facebook pixel Now the Facebook pixel is basically some little tracking code That you put on this landing page and then Facebook will be able to track every single person who visits your page every one that becomes a lead and they’ll also be able to find other people who are Similar to the people that have already become leads and are already your past clients Now what we want to do is come over here to the Facebook Ads manager We’ll click on the ads manager right here And so we first want to grab this pixel Before we set anything up so that we know we have our tracking in place. Okay, so step one We want to get the landing page set up because if we don’t have anywhere to send people from our facebook ad Then it is kind of pointless to set up a Facebook ad so we’ve got to get that landing page set up We need to get tracking setup So the Facebook pixel and then we’re gonna set up what is called a custom conversion of everyone that is converting into a lead so if somebody’s visits that website or that landing page and they convert into a lead we want to tell Facebook that that person is Actually become a lead. Okay, so we’ve got landing page set up now We are setting up the Facebook pixel or the Facebook tracking So all we do is come over here to the search click right here and we’ll type in pixels Okay, so then we’ll click right here And this will be able to pull up this little code That we can just copy and paste Inside of the arsenal’ system and it makes it super easy for you and the nice thing is you only have to do this once and then it’s gonna automatically track every single page within the Arsenal’ system for you. Okay, so we’re just gonna come over here. See this pixel ID See this number right here We just select that and we copy that and then inside of Arsenal we’re gonna come over here to our profile We’ll hit edit profile and then we come down here and see this pixel ID. We’ve already actually got it in here We would just paste it right in there and then that is gonna go through and track every single person that visits any of our landing pages any Person that actually converts into a lead and it’s just like a one-time thing. It makes it very very simple It doesn’t matter if you create one landing page one lead generation campaign or ten or twenty or whatever it is We said update user and that is the only time that you’ll ever have to go through and do that. Okay? So now that we’ve got the landing page set up We have all the Facebook tracking and everything that we want there What we want to do here is we want to set up what is called a custom Conversion that means that anyone that comes through this website they come in here and they type in let’s say they type in their name We’ll say their email address and they throw in their phone number and they hit submit At this point see this URL right here Anyone that visits this URL that means they have become a lead You can’t see this landing page or you can’t see this page right here Unless you have opted in from that landing pages and put in your name phone number and email address. Okay? So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through and I’m gonna tell Facebook Hey anyone that has visited this page right here. That means that they’ve become a leak okay, so I’m gonna come over here and I’m gonna type in Custom conversions that means anyone that’s converted into a lead will click right there and then we will set up a new Custom conversion. So we’ll just click create custom conversion right here So now that we’ve got this popped up what we want to do is we want to grab this URL everything from the Thanks and before Because this long little crazy number right here that is just a unique ID to each lead Okay So what we want to do is everything from the Thanks And before that that’s gonna be the same for every single person. That becomes a lead So we come into Facebook and we say hey anyone the URL if it contains This right here. We hit enter. Okay that person we know is going to be a lead So then we just come down here and we give it a name. We say sell this week and then we could even say lead because that’s the name of the campaign is to sell the sweet campaign and then we just select a category and This is a lead and then you can give it a conversion value for this I’m not going to give it a conversion value, but that’s basically what we tell Facebook Okay, we’re already tracking with the Facebook pixel. Now we’re giving them the URL of where if anyone in this is this URL right here They they have become a lead And then this is the name of the actual custom conversion and once somebody converts they are considered a lead and you can do the same for like if this is for like e-commerce if someone adds something to their cart or Purchases something but real estate just lead generation. We’re gonna be just doing the the lead right here. So we’re gonna click on crepe and Then it says okay, we’re gonna hit done and then this is all completed. So we got this all put together So see this how it says sell this week lead no activity yet What we want to do is one come back here to this Thank You page and we just want to refresh it because this is basically Communicating with Facebook telling them. Hey, somebody did actually visit this page then we come back over here to the custom conversion We refresh this as well and if we did it, right it should pop up to the very top Right here. So we see the Seles week lead active last received in last minute low volume And so this is what we need to go through and make sure we have put in place to be able to get Fifty-three leads per week and really scale up our lead generation for our business. All right So now at this point we’ve set the landing page. We’ve got the Facebook tracking. We’ve got the custom conversion We are finally ready to go through and set up our Facebook ad Campaign or ad are targeting everything to be able to go through and start generating leads So we come back over here to the Facebook Ads manager and I’m just gonna hit refresh Just to make sure that all the tracking the conversions everything is all set up just like we just put together okay, and then we’ll come over here to create and we will click on will hit start over and The custom conversion we set up we set that up because we want to use a conversion campaign now Facebook has so much data on every single person on Facebook that they know the people more likely to like or comment on a post watch a video click to your website or Actually, opt-in and become a lead now. That is why we set up the custom conversion So at this point we can create this conversion campaign, which Facebook is going to now show your ad to people in your area More likely to opt in and actually become a lead So we’re gonna click on conversions right here and we can give it a name We’ll say sell this week and then we’ll say campaign Demo, and then we’ll hit continue. All right So at this point, we’re gonna choose our targeting and we want to select the conversion that we just created So it’s choosing this one by default Just gonna eggs out of there and you can see this drop down we have to sell this week lead custom conversion that we just set up So we’re gonna click on this then we’re going to come down and let’s say that we are in Not the United States because that’s pretty general broad market, right? Let’s say we’re in San Clemente, California Okay, so we’ll say that and then we want to choose not everyone in this location because if people are just like visiting Which there’s a lot of visitors right here we don’t want to show them this ad so we only want to have people who live in this location and Then we probably want to make it a little bit smaller radius. So I probably would go with a 10-mile radius If you want to go through and make it a little bit broader You totally can you just look and kind of see like the potential reach over here and then as far as more targeting goes I usually don’t like to get too too detailed with my targeting because Facebook actually works better With a more open broad audience the larger the audience the acts are able to go through and optimize their tracking their pixel their conversions Everything a lot better for you and your business But as far as that goes I still like to give them a location and I still like to give them a certain age range So somebody that’s 18 year old 18 years old. They’re probably not looking to go through and sell them home quite yet Okay, so I’ll probably go up to about a 27 28 year old for the youngest on the low end you can see that drops us down to 73,000 right now coming down here. I usually like to uncheck this expand interest I’ve just found it just works better in all my testing I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook advertising you can leave it checked But I found it works better if you have that unchecked And then as far as like I know there’s some people like well Jason I don’t want to leave it completely open-ended that doesn’t that there’s no targeting there Well, first of all Facebook took away a lot of the demographic targeting, which I never use in the first place anyway So I’m totally fine with that, but also like as far as like if you’re a homeowner that’s options not really available anymore Okay, so but if you do want to dive in and you’re like, oh, I don’t want to just leave it open-ended Although trust me. It does work better. I’ve done this quite a bit You can come over here And if you want to type in homeowners, and then you have the homeowner association, there’s half million people in this audience But you can see it’s just an interest they’ve shown that they’re interested in the homeowner association now, I don’t know about you But I don’t somebody is gonna go like that or have that interest if they’re not a homeowner Okay, so like they’re not really even thinking about the homeowners association if you’re not a homeowner, so we’re just gonna click on this You can see it dropped it down to 1,000 people and that’s why I don’t Specifically like to go through and do such detailed targeting right? So I like to leave it open-ended especially if we’ve got just a 73,000 person audience. I’m a hundred percent fine with that. Yes Some people are gonna see it that maybe aren’t homeowners but I know in the long run Facebook with their tracking and everything is actually gonna optimize the ad and Show it to people who are just like other people who have already opted in Okay, so it’s just gonna actually get better as time goes on so they coming down here as far as the chip placements goes I usually don’t like to do the automatic placements, which facebook says is recommended The reason why they say it’s recommended is because they are running out of space to sell for advertising So they’re trying to go through and spread the wealth Like let’s say you’re driving down the freeway and you’ve got the billboards on the freeway Well, all of the billboards are completely full. Okay, so they’re trying to find other ways to Send people to to show different ads in different places And so that’s why they say it’s recommended because they’re gonna be showing it on Facebook and Instagram the audience network and all these different places because it actually helps them out a lot more but in my experience I usually like to focus on edit placements and Just do the Facebook desktop and mobile news feeds. Guess where you see the best ROI Which if you’re in business, that’s what it’s all about is all about the ROI on your ad spend. So we’re just gonna uncheck everything right here and then At this point is just showing on the the news feeds cave both on mobile and on desktop Which that’s where you’re gonna find most people. Anyway, you can see your audience drop down to about 62,000 but that’s a hundred percent fine. Okay So now the last thing we’re gonna do on this part is we’re gonna choose a daily budget now usually like if I have an audience of 62,000 people I only like to spend about $1 per 10,000 people per day. Okay. So the max that was spent on this is probably about six bucks per day, but for this one I’m just gonna keep it simple. I’m just gonna do five bucks per day now if you have a larger audience of a hundred thousand people plus I’ll usually like to start at about ten dollars per day and the reason why is because If it costs you $5.00 to generate a lead and you’re only spending five dollars per day More than likely you’re only gonna be generating one lead per day Okay, whereas if you’re spending $20 per day, you can generate four leads per day. So it’s just simple math and so if you want to go through and generate more leads with This conversion set up then you just got to understand What is your cost per lead? How many leads you want to get in the week and then figure out your budget based off of that? Okay, so now we’re gonna come down. I’m just gonna leave all this we’re gonna click continue and Then this is where we’re really gonna use this dock right here. Okay, so we’re gonna choose your Facebook page So I’m gonna come over here. I’ve got a real estate agent Facebook page right here this demo page we’re just gonna use a single image ad and Then we’re gonna upload the image the same one that we use on our landing page So we’re just gonna hit upload image and we are gonna choose this is the exact image right there. So we’re gonna hit open okay, because once somebody sees this image on their newsfeed and they click on it and if they go to a landing page it has a different image it creates confusion and your Conversions and your cost per lead goes up your conversions go down. And so it’s just really good to have that consistency. Okay So now right here all we do is come over here And remember this little copy this little PDF is down in the description. You can download this 100% for free, okay I wanted to help you guys out as much as possible. You just copy and paste everything below. So we say okay the newsfeed text Right there paste it in right there, and then we want to get the URL So we’re just going to create we’re gonna pull this up. So we’re gonna copy this and If you don’t want to have like the site star celebrity com4 slash some number What you can do is use what’s called a URL shortener. So if we go to g.o Oh gl This is gonna shorten the URL. So it’s not so long and crazy Okay So we just paste it right in here and now just shorten URL and so it creates it’s a little crazy But it’s a little bit shorter. So we just copy that URL we come back over here to where we’re actually creating the ad and we paste it in and then for this website URL I’m actually just gonna grab this one and So we’re just going through this is where we’re gonna send people from because remember when they click on this ad We want to send them to this landing page and another thing to remember is that when we want this this image to be the same as on the landing page and then if you look The headline and some of this information right here is going to be the same as what we’re putting on the actual ad To keep that consistency. Okay. So now we come back over here The headline what if you could sell your house this week? Okay. Just paste this in then come back over here It’s just a little simple copy and paste guys the description the search is over Okay, so we come over here Go down here to this description right there paste that in now as far as the mobile view right here It’s not gonna show this but if we click over to the desktop view You can see there’s an searches over no realtors. No fees. We pay cash. So all that’s already done in there Okay, and then as far as the call-to-action? I typically just like to use learn more and so we’ll just leave it at that as is so guy this here Hey there Do you have a house you need to sell? And sometimes I even like to go through and put in a space just to make it simple to Reese It’s not just all bunched up Our approach is a little different for what you might be used to we buy homes for cash Which means you can skip the repairs listings appraisals and more learn more about how our process works here And you’ve got the link out to the landing page. So they see this in their their desktop or mobile newsfeed They click on this they come over here to this landing page and then they become a lead in the system where you can be notified that the leads came in and get A text or an email or you get notified on our mobile app? And then you’ve got an email and text marketing fall just like this you can go through and have all of the leads go through this follow-up process to convert more leads into Actual appointments and deals clothes and sales so that you can go through and make some more money. Alright So anyway guys hopefully this was helpful a complete brick breakdown. I’m setting up this real estate lead generation Investing campaign, so I just I hope I gave you guys everything you could possibly need to go through and get this done I don’t like to go through and blur out what I actually put on the headline and be add like a lot of people do On YouTube because I want to give you guys the information everything possible to really succeed with this So with that said you can download this right below also You can grab a free 7-day trial to the arsalan catchy software in the description below as well Get this all set up in that first 7 day trial that first week You can go through check it out all the whole CRM the email text marketing follow-up the social automation tools will automatically post a Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn for you And so it just makes your life a whole lot easier as a real estate investor Real estate agent really whatever space you’re in in the real estate community. Alright, so thanks so much for watching guys Also, if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe the channel We launched new videos every single week teach you how to generate more leads make more money and grow your real estate business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video

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