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How to Generate 46 Real Estate Leads/Week With Facebook Video Ads – Facebook Video Advertising Tips

How to Generate 46 Real Estate Leads/Week With Facebook Video Ads – Facebook Video Advertising Tips

What’s up? You guys, Jason Wardrop here in this video i’m going to show You, how to generate 46 real estate leads per week with facebook video ads i’m gonna actually show You, how you can generate a, whole lot more than that as we go through this, whole process so i’m gonna show You, guys kind of the video right here then we’re. Gonna show You, the landing page the whole process i’m gonna dive into the backend the facebook, ads manager and show You, how to actually set up your targeting and know, who to target how To target them and all that good stuff and also really quick guys if you, guys, have not gotten my facebook Ads mini course go ahead and drop a comment down below it hit a. Thumbs up on this video drop A comment down below and i will share a link to that facebook as mini course i’ll walk you through the facebook Ads manager how to set up your facebook pixel the facebook leave, form all the components you need to be more successful with facebook Ads right so okay so this is the facebook video, ad and this is just like Any other normal post on facebook so you need to use images you can, use videos you can Use a whole bunch of different things, but the cool, thing is there’s a few different things that, we can actually Do with facebook video, ads that i want to go through and i’ll show You, guys here in a second but you can, see we’re about, what is this 19 seconds into the video and i’ll show You, guys, how, we can create custom audiences and know. How. Many people have, watched 10 seconds the video 25 percent of video 50 percent video the whole entire video and then we can go, through and remark it to those people specifically and we can go through and boost our lead generation that, way, and lower our cost per lead okay so Let’s just break this down really quick So this is like if you’re scrolling through on your mobile phone or on your desktop newsfeed and you see a post okay? Obviously this one’s looks a little bit different cuz I pull it up and they facebook’s kind of changing things they’re trying to make the video look, fullscreen, more like a Youtube type concept then having other videos down here on the side but just imagine this is a post on facebook because really at the end of day, that’s all it is Then you’ve got the video, where they can go through and play and as i mentioned guys earlier this works even if you Don’t have a video you guys can go through, and use images but i just want to throw. Show You, guys, a few of the different techniques, we can, go through, and use if you, do have a Video, okay, so don’t stress if you’re Like, jason i don’t have video i don’t i don’t think i can, be successful you still can i’m just showing you Some different things that are pretty cool, and unique to facebook videos right here, okay, so we’ve got the low Post beautiful brand-new community homes from the lower, five hun, we’ve got some different Content based off of this video right here and then what we’re gonna do is when they see this this facebook post right We want to send them to our landing page okay or a lead Capture page not our, main website okay if you guys are watching, my previous trains We know that our website does not convert visitors into leads just doesn’t okay we’ve tried it tons and tons of times We spent thousands of thousand dollars it just doesn’t okay so we’re gonna Do these are gonna click on this link here or they can click on link here and they’re gonna go here and It’s gonna, say hey get instant access to the price and picture this property they’re, gonna say click on here they’re Gonna, type in their name so let’s throw. In some test info right here just for this example And then once they hit submit They, become a lead in your database it syncs with. Your crm, with the arsenal crm, whatever crm You’re, using okay, and then a cool, thing that, we can, do here says hey, thanks for your in just click the button Below to schedule your showing so if we click here it can take them to an appointment scheduling app that we’ve created Where you can, say hey i’m only available monday wednesday friday or tuesday thursday saturday or every, day just in the morning or every Day just in the afternoon and you can just go through and break that down Okay, so that’s kind of the the overall lead generation Process but now, let’s jump into the facebook, ads manager right here and show You, how to set up some of these targeting’s okay, so what, we want to do ideally is we want to take? This same, ad right here okay, so we spent, some time on get in this video created Okay, we spent some time getting this this at all like the right copy, and everything clicked together, which We have the templates for you guys so it makes a lot easier for you to go through and use but then We want to go through and target two different audiences Okay, so we want to target our what’s called our cold market k people, who don’t know, who you are okay they Don’t necessarily, like they, don’t necessarily, like trust you or there’s no credibility that you built with, them because they have No, idea, who you are right so, we want to go through and target, these people Which could, be let’s say you live in dallas it’s you target the city of dallas with a 10 50 mile radius, we’ll show You, guys, how to get here in a second then the second audience that, we want to go through and target Is what we call our warm market, okay, so that’s anyone, this visit our website okay? And we do that with the facebook pixel so if you, want that facebook gas management, where i walk you through how To, go through instead of the facebook pixel because we’re, not going to do that in this video just comment down below give a thumbs up this video and You’ll get that step-by-step setup process okay, and then, also We want to upload any of our existing contacts okay our existing leads or put our previous clients that we’ve worked with Into the facebook, ads manager and then, we can go through, and target just those people, okay so people Who, visit our website people that are already our leads and then we can, also create a custom audience of people, who have watched 25% or more of this video okay because if they watched 25% or more of this video they’ve at least seen. Your name up here in the profile section they’ve seen your
Little profile picture right there they have a rough idea of who you are and so that’s now considered more of your warm market Okay, so let’s jump back to the facebook, ads and let me show. You guys, how This is done okay, so let’s just go through and let’s create These audiences really quick so we’re going to do is come here to the search bar and we’re just gonna type in Audiences okay so we click audiences right here it’s gonna, allow us to go through and create These custom audiences so we can come over here create custom audience or create Bodies right here custom audience and then you can See we’ve got our customer file so this is gonna be us Uploading any of our existing contacts in the database our website traffic. That’s going through and dealing with People, who have already visited our website or blog or any of the other landing pages that We have and then this engagement right here this is where we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna track everyone who’s already Watched that video so we’re just gonna click on this right here and then we’re Gonna, click on video so i’m not in this video guys i’m not going to hit the Uploading your existing leads, and i’m not gonna hit Your website traffic all that pixel stuff as i mentioned earlier comment down below if you, want that facebook, ads mini course i’ll get that to you, guys i Just, want to get this quick to the point here and so we’re gonna click on a video right here and so we’re gonna say Okay, people who viewed at least three seconds of your video 10 seconds of your video 25% your video you can, see all these different options so i like to usually, stick with At least 10 seconds or 25% of your video because that’s going to give you the biggest audience And let’s get real most times people that watched for three seconds it’s just because they’re Like scrolling through their newsfeed and if they paused, maybe on that video for like Three seconds but necessarily watch it didn’t necessarily mean that they showed interest or any of that so based typically on how Long the video, is i’ll usually do 10 seconds or 25% Okay, so for this one i think, was like a. Three minute video i think we’re. Gonna do like a 25% Now, we come over here, we say choose videos and we’ll go through let’s find, that page that was on the real-estate agent page Okay, and then we’ve got right here, okay, so you can see there’s 384 people that have viewed it okay so it’s not a ton, but, we’ll hit confirm so we choose that right there we’ll say Hey, in the past 365 days, okay now if you’re doing a campaign and it’s like This post this is just a demo post obviously that i posted a, while? Ago, so, we’ll do 365 just for the sake of this example But typically if i have a, new, listing i’ll usually like to make this about 14 Days, okay, because if it’s been, longer than 14. Days, and they watch it’s like 25% of the video Honestly they’ve probably already, forgotten, about you they probably already forgot about the video forgot About what they watch what they saw and so you probably? Want to sleep 14 days this one’s kind of an older campaign so for just the sake of this example put 365 And so we’ll say video? viewed 25% okay so now we’re gonna go through we’re Gonna, create this audience we’ll hit next done and so you can see right here it says populating now that’s gonna take it could take a couple hours it could Even take up to 24 hours to go through, and populate but that doesn’t mean you can’t go through and create your facebook Ads create your whole campaign and everything, okay? So what we’re gonna do is come back over here click on this top left or actually We can just come back here let’s refresh this, is what tracks that that audience we just created and now we’re going to come over here to crate, okay we’re going to create a new campaign Okay, so when we go through and? Typically when i create, these campaigns i like to do a conversion campaign, okay, and i’m not going Through all the steps of how to set up the conversion, stuff that pixel beforehand so i want to give you guys, kind of an example of how to go through and This up so we’re gonna say conversions Demo will hit continue and so now this is gonna be we can say this is the cold market cold market Campaign right or Cold market audience because this is not Audience right here Okay, so now we’re gonna come down. And we’ll just leave so this is the the conversion you you’ve set up previously, okay? we’re not
We didn’t go into this bit into this in this video I have tons of other videos and trainings on how to go through and set that up But this is just kind of the example where i want to show You, guys, how to take these facebook video, ads and mark it to your cold audience as Well as this form market that we’ve just kind of gone through and created Okay, so now for the cold market we’re just, gonna say it’s like, we’re gonna say lists for example people Who, live in dallas i don’t know i always choose, dallas but i just do So let’s say, okay? 25 mile race that was a pretty big community so we’re gonna take that down to about 10 miles you can, see we’re about 2.3. Million people and now, we don’t want to do everyone in this location Because that could be people traveling it could be a lot different people dallas is a pretty, big hub of you know People coming in and out of dallas so we’re just gonna say People, who live in this location, okay, because if we’re? Going through our buyers your sellers or whatever type of leads we’re trying to generate, we want just people? Who, live in this location you can see that already eliminated half a million people right there, okay, so that’s a That’s quite a bit of people so now we’re going to come down now someone looking to buy or sell home probably not eighteen i Would probably start with a minimum age of 25 but it really depends on your development it really depends on you know the community you’re targeting The price range of the home and everything like that and then for this example, we could go through, we could hit Some more targeting options i’m not necessarily, gonna, do that here in this example because i usually like to make it pretty Broad give some data in and then after i get some data in then i focus in on some more specific interests okay So now i like to uncheck this So it says expand interest when it may increase conversions i like to just kind of like keep it to this 1.5 million people right here and then as far as the placements, goes i Like to just keep it to the feets Okay, that’s the mobile feed and the desktop newsfeed i just seen it work the best if you Want to go through and you, want to use instagram you can Come through and check on instagram right here but for right now we’re just gonna leave it as the facebook mobile and desktop news feeds Then we’re, gonna come down for a budget let’s say Okay, so if we’re testing the cold market as, well as our warm market, okay? Your cold market is gonna be a bigger audience There’s probably, more people, who don’t know, who you are as opposed to people who actually know, who you are right so, maybe i’m gonna do a $10 day budget on this one Whereas i’m gonna, do on my warm market, which we’ll show You here in a second i might just do a 5 dollar a day budget okay, so now, we’re just gonna hit continue go, through, we hit use existing post and Just because we’ve already got that post set up and created real estate agent and This one i haven’t might have to go kind of far back to go, through and Find the post okay so i went through i just save you Some time and i just went and found this in this because that post is posted a long time, ago and then We would hit confirm, okay, so now, let’s just go back to the ad set let’s just go say, like, okay? We hit confirm we’re now created a, new, ad set and now we’re gonna go through and we’re gonna hit our warm Market audience, okay, so we’re gonna go through we’re Gonna, say okay, we’re going to do the same conversion but instead of doing dallas within a ten-mile radius We can just leave this pretty open-ended to the united states Because and i’ll show. You guys, why, this doesn’t matter anymore because People, who have visited our website, who have watched our video who have already become a lead, they’re already showing that they’re in that target Demographic that, we want to include so even right here, we can just leave this as open-ended as possible Well maybe not 13 but i’ll go down, to 18 right here so now We come up here to custom audiences and i’m gonna Say custom audiences and remember This, video, view 25% it says less than 20 people just because it’s still populating but i’m just going to go through Inclined and click that right there, okay now let’s say Okay all visitor this is a previous demo i did let’s say That’s all visitors people that have visited your website will click right there on that one you can Say, page engage case the last people, who have liked your comment on a post on your facebook page We click on that one right here and then we can, say? Okay, real estate leads right here let’s click on this one and so now we’ve got okay, people Who have engaged with our facebook page people have viewed at least twenty-five percent of that video people Who, have visited our website or a Blog, and then people, who have been previously leads or past clients okay, so now, we come through and we can set up the same campaign Going, and but we’re. Gonna just maybe target, and maybe say, five, bucks per day, because it’s a lot, smaller audience okay So now this is unavailable and obviously this is just a demo so it’s a lot of demo data? It’s probably, not as accurate as what you guys are putting in right now but that’s how I would go through, and set it up so you’ve got your cold market your warm market You’re, showing the same ad too but you can see your cost Per lead on your cold market versus your warm market and If i was a guessing in betty man i would say that your warm market is gonna outperform your cold market, ad every single Day of the week, okay, you’re probably, gonna see about a third of the cost, per lead on your warm market Versus your cold market, okay? So now really quick guys i know this is a lot i know this is going through a lot of things very quickly and Honestly a lot of you guys, you’re, like, jason this is cool but i just really Don’t have the time to go through and set up the facebook Ads the landing pages the emails The text messages the facebook message are like all is different this stuff doing the warm market the cold market all these different campaigns and I get it guys, you guys are best out there in the field working with. Clients one-on-one, and where we? Succeed and where we excel is going through and setting up these facebook, ads for agents just like yourself okay so i just wanted to go through and i wanted to offer you guys the chance Where we could go through, and set up all the facebook, ads set up the warm market the cold market We do this every single, day, and we’ve now, worked with over 3,000 agents and brokers and we have spent over a? Half-million dollars on facebook advertising so i would, say we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works so if you guys jump over to arsenal marketing i owe 4 pro You’ll see this page right here and i’ll drop the link down in the comment section as, well as the description so you Guys, can have that but you guys can get started Where our team will set up one new lead generation campaign for you every single month we’ll set up the facebook messenger Bot so if you guys can, see down here where it says like, hey You know is this your first time looking to buy or sell home yes or no and this is okay great how Soon are you looking to move within four months four eight months we can set up a, bot just like that for you, okay? We can post 30 times the social media for you of real estate specific content, ok? We’ll post on facebook we’ll post on twitter and we’ll post on linkedin to get you maximum exposure? To, bring in more leads to your landing pages it will also go through And help take your contacts from trulia zillow Realtor com or any existing leads that you might have generated from facebook, and we’ll import them into the arsenal crm And we’ll roll them through a real estate specific email campaign sequence that last six months so you’re having more touches with all of your leads and so you’re staying top of mind Okay, you’re, also going to get engagement tracking lead notifications with this and you’re Going to get access to our our celeb catchy pro account will you be able to go through and generate you know as many leads It’s like up to 10,000 contacts in the crm You’ll get access to our crm or email text marketing tools our social automation tools Our landing page builder will you’ll be able to create unlimited landing pages for your real estate business and as I mentioned guys will create one new lead generation campaign for you guys every single month and you guys can get started with this for just $1.99 A month, okay, so there’s no contract on this this is just month a month, we want to go through We want to help, you guys, we want to help? You, guys get to the next level with Your business and just go through and eliminate a lot of that time that it might take you to figure out. How To, run facebook, ads how, to set up the technical aspect of things and Let us just go through set up the as, we do it every single Day set the landing pages on the pages that, we know will convert visitors into leads for you and then We have several different follow-up sequences that we’ve been Using to set four to five times more appointments from the leaves generated then, we previously were before without? Using, these fall sequences k because We all know the fortune is in the follow up so head on over to Arsenal marketing dot io for slash pro if you, want to get started with this and once again guys If you, guys, want my facebook as many courses, well drop a comment below Give this video a thumbs up and also if you’re, brand, new here to the channel My, name is jason wardrop i try to launch a, new, video every monday wednesday friday and even some more for you Guys, specifically to help you generate more leads to make more money and grow Your real estate business right so thanks so much for watching. Today, and with that said, i will talk to you, guys all later

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