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How To Generate 143 Real Estate Leads Online In 1 Week With Facebook Ads!

How To Generate 143 Real Estate Leads Online In 1 Week With Facebook Ads!

What’s up YouTube Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video. I’m gonna show you the number one way We found to generate real estate leads for your business right now. We just actually passed the market we generated now over 30,000 real estate leads and these are just some of the results guys like look at this these are this is how much is costing us to generate a a Real qualified lead like someone’s name phone number and email address not just like a like or comment on a page But named for an email, so you see right here That’s a dollar or two cents 89 cents dollar seven fifty nine cents 47 cents 38 cents dollar 23 so you can just imagine if you’re spending only 10 bucks a day you can be getting a significant amount of leads for your real estate is so I just want to hit this really quick show you guys some of that before We dive in and out about you guys But when I was first getting into like the real estate lead generation space a couple of years ago I would search on YouTube for like okay was like you know videos there was gonna give the exact strategy. What happened It was just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo a bunch of talk And they don’t really show you exactly how to set things up so I got super annoyed by that and I’m assuming you guys have gotten super annoyed by that if you guys have not found a Channel that really breaks down Everything and shows you the the front end the back end like all the secrets all the details and so that’s what my goal is Here on this channel, so if you guys are brand new here My name is jason Wardrop, and I launched a new video every single day on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business so if you guys are not subscribed yet to the channel make sure you guys subscribe and Also as a special bonus if you guys stay here till the end I’m gonna show you how to be able to get this step-by-step, so it’s basically this video But broken down step-by-step how to go through and set this lead generation Campaign up so you can see like the overview The landing page setup plus the automated emails the Facebook tracking and conversion setup the Facebook ad creation the Facebook ad targeting We dive in everything is step by step for you right so Actually, you know I’ll just also let you know how you can get that right now But also make sure you stay the landing video because I’ve got other bonuses for you as well So go ahead and comment down below this video. Type real estate leads, and I will send you over This this train right here, so you guys can get that right okay? So this is let me just show you quickly the campaign Okay, the Facebook ad Lannie page the whole process and then once I show this to you I’m gonna show you how to actually set it up, and so we’re gonna go fairly quickly in this video So if you guys need me to pause or whatever Just pause the video go in take action And then go back and then also you guys can have the step by step where it’s a little bit slowed down and so you Can go through and get that set up for your business right so this is the Facebook ad right here. Okay, so it says This is a campaign for a listing right now If you don’t have a listing if you’re brand new to the business you can go through and ask a fellow agent to market their Listing or someone in your office your team or whatever like that But this has been the campaign that has consistently crushed it time and time and time again alright So you see right here pre listed see it before hits the market three beds two baths And it doesn’t have to say pre listed But just kind of like you take the general concepts and ideas right you say hey go here to get the price Location more pics so you’ve got a call to action right here Then you’ve got a couple paragraphs showing a little bit more information on the property and then once again We close with the call to action now guys I’ve seen people will they’ll go sit to something like Jason’s dinner work and literally they have like 25% of this or 50% of this guys literally do this exact same thing go hit here, okay? So like pre listed or new home just hit the market or Outstanding buy or something that like catches their attention Tell how many beds how many baths give a call to action right here? And then go through have two paragraphs hitting this hot sexy points or it’s like stainless steel vaulted ceilings two-car garage pool in the back Whatever it is It’s really gonna be hitting with your target market, and they say hey go here for price add or some more pics and then Ideally what you want to do is have about 10 to 12 different photos So you can see all these different photos here if you only if you have a video you can use a video as well or Even if you just have one photo you could just use one photo So I’ve seen it work all the different ways right so then once you see this They’re gonna click on this and they’re gonna go to the landing page says hey, it’s the same exact picture That’s right here alright. Get view the 36 photos now get instant access They’ve come in here they type in their name their email and their phone number and they hit submit alright So now at this point become a lead and they say hey by the way call or text me At this phone number or set up an appointment below So you go through where they hit this and it takes them to an appointment scheduling app that we have Where you can go set up a 20-minute call or appointment or whatever? It is any day of the week, so you can see like right here I’ve only got Monday through Thursday available, but you could do Monday Wednesday Friday Monday through Friday Just the weekends or whatever it is the cool thing is you could say like right here You could set up your time So you’re only available right here in the morning so or you could say in the afternoon or whatever? It is and they go hit 9:30 a.m.. Confirm, put their name last name email address phone number It’s scheduled bet it puts it on your calendar and syncs with your Google Calendar Outlook iCalendar Whatever counter you use syncs with their calendar, and then it sends notifications to both of you guys right so anyway guys now That’s a quick overview of how that’s actually the flow of the process. Let’s dive in and actually set this up alright, so We’re gonna come over here, and I’m just gonna go and I’m just gonna recreate this right here on this Facebook page I’m just actually gonna refresh this and we’re just gonna just to make things simpler I’m gonna pull down and use the same image just for the sake of time in this example Okay, so what I’m gonna. Do is come over here, and I’m just gonna copy and paste all this info right here, okay? I’m just gonna copy and paste it, and I’m gonna say hey share a photo or video upload a fit photo And then we’re gonna come in here choose the Swan of the property okay So now I’m just gonna come in here and and paste this in here Okay Now guys all you have to do is change this house like maybe it’s four bedrooms three Baths right and then we’ll show you how to update the link right here to the landing page. We’ll crate here in a second You say hey three bedroom home in Let’s say this one’s in Phoenix. Okay And then you go through and hit some of the different key points of this home in the last the next two paragraphs then once Again, you have the call to action case so for right now We’re just gonna hit publish okay, then we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna edit this a little bit later alright But let’s see it should be at the very top here so Just scrolling down Okay, right here, so this is where we want to be able to work off of and be able to create this landing page Right here, okay, and also so I’m gonna do this inside of our celeb kg, and you guys are already members This is a really easy way to go through and set this up you guys are not members yet I’ll also add a link to The description and also in the comment section where you can create your free 14-day trial has a full CRM scale the landing page templates Email text marketing social automation it’s got so much stuff guys so what we’re gonna do over Here is come over here and click create another website, and we’ve already got tons of these templates already pre-built for you So like for example right here this listing these campaign motivated sellers open house sell early sell these buyer leads, no listings We have them for mortgage brokers as well several other templates, and we also in sync in with Facebook lead forms I said in sync right there nice So alright what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna hit right here listing leads. We’re gonna click choose because this is little campaign We’re using right so we’re going to click on that it’s gonna kick us into our website builder where we can add out the image the text the Videos everything that we want to do and so it says hey look at this guy’s the cool thing is is We’ve already got this set up So it’s just like this so get this acts as a price a picture of this property already set up right there Okay, now. We just to go and let’s say we want to edit out the background image We just clicked edit this section. We come over here. Just click choose new image We go to my images choose image to upload and we’re gonna choose this one that we dragged onto the desktop store Just gonna upload that we’re going to say hey upload image. It’s going to go through upload take a second It’s gonna store it in our library right here. We could go through crop edit rotate. We do whatever we want We’re gonna use this image And this one’s a little bit big so we might want to go back and like Rotate or like you condense it down a little bit, but for now this is great This is all we really need and then let’s say you say like well Jason. I don’t have 36 photos okay, no problem like all you have to do is come over here and Change out this for let’s say you’ve got 19 photos Or you got 27 photos or whatever it might be and the headline sub-headline and call to action We’ve already tested it with thousands and thousands of dollars, so we know that it’s gonna convert for you alright So all we’re gonna do is hit publish right here It’s gonna say website saved and published we come back out here, and we get the URL So this is the landing page right here? We’re gonna copy and paste this and then what we’re gonna do is go over to Bitly, so this is a URL shortener, so it just makes it a little bit So it’s not like this long long URL ok so now we come over here And we’re gonna edit this post and we’re gonna say ok instead this URL. We’re going to type in this one type in this one Or hit done editing okay? So now we’ve got this whole thing where it’s now gonna click out and it’s going to go to the exact page We just created. It’s gonna go through ask for their name email and phone now. You might be thinking. Oh, this is cool Jason That’s all great, but how do I actually get people to see my Facebook app or my Facebook post right here? Okay, so what we’re gonna. Do is go into Facebook Ads manager, so let me just click over here We’re going to click on ads manager, and then we can go through and set up a campaign Okay, so we’re gonna come over here first thing We want to do is actually set up the pixels okay, and I know guys I know I’m going super fast go back and pause it tight real estate leads down in the comment I just don’t want this video be like 45 minutes long I want it to be shorter and so type real estate leads down in the comments And I will get you guys this bonus where it goes by a little bit slower, and it breaks things down step by step Right, so we’re gonna do over here I’m gonna click on default pixel. I’m gonna click setup gonna come over here Manly install the code yourself Come down to number to copy and paste so all you have to do is copy and paste you don’t have to understand anything That’s going on there cuz guys. I have no idea. What is going on with that code right there? I’m gonna come back in here to the website builder and what I’m gonna Do is paste it on the landing page and the Thank You page? We’re gonna come down here to advanced Paste it in the header tracking code and go over to the Thank You page go to the page Level paste it in there, and we’re gonna hit publish and we are now set ready to go Okay, actually we got to do one more step We got to create a custom conversion, and then we will got B to the next step Okay, guys, and I know I get it. This is so fast that this is the first time you’re watching this This is like going way over your head But this type real estate leads down the comment section and literally I break it down super slow step by step showing you Exactly what you need to do alright, so we’re gonna come back over here To this landing page we’re gonna click on this and we’re gonna say hey We’re just gonna put it in a test lead, okay So for this example because what we want to do is create a custom conversion Okay, so now this is the thank-you page so anyone that hits this page right here It means they became a lead in our system right they put in their name for an email. They hit this page They become a lead so now we want to tell Facebook that anyone that hits this URL. This is a long. It’s a unique ideas kind like your driver’s license number It’s unique to every lead that comes in so we want to come back here and go to conversions custom conversions We’re going create a custom conversion really quick, so we’re gonna click create custom conversion And then we’re gonna say hey the URL contains that site right there this is the demo lead and we’ll say this is what is a 2-8 okay Select a category. This is a lead create. Okay, so now what’s happens is. It’s going to go down and We go through, and we just hit we can actually exile that so this one right here It has no activity yet, so we’re gonna have to go through we’d have to like refresh this page, and then refresh this page But for right now I’m just gonna skip that really quick and we’re gonna go into the ads manager and actually create this campaign Okay, so we’re gonna come over here to create campaign And we just set the pixels and a custom conversion so we want to choose is actually conversions We don’t want to click that boost post button on your Facebook page because that’s just gonna get you likes and comments But not really get you any leads, right? We’ve tested this guy’s tons and tons of times so this is exactly what you want to do So you want to click on conversions you want to come down here, and we’ll say demo conversions 2.8. Case, that’s the date today. That’s all only reason why I’m doing that then you can put in a name right here But we’re gonna do is come over here, and this is the conversion where we just set this up. Okay guys here It is right here so the demo lead 2.8 We just click that and obviously it’s we’re still red because we didn’t refresh it But just needs like once once traffic hits that once somebody hits that Thank You page. You’ll turn green He’ll turn active and now we could go through and say like okay We’re in the Phoenix area alright, and we’re in the Phoenix Arizona area and instead of putting everyone this location we want to put people who live in this location and Based on the audience size so Phoenix is a pretty big area So we actually want to maybe go down to just 10 miles radius K so 1.9 million then someone look based on the house that you’re going through in your marketing if it’s like a four hundred thousand dollar home just Keep that in mind with the age range so maybe we go them down up here and we say okay people only 28 and above are probably gonna be able to afford this I always like to uncheck the expand conversions right here and Initially what we could do so maybe like we say hey We’re gonna hit the English market And then what we can do initially is just leave it broad and then I like to leave it brought it first and then based Off the leases are coming in I then narrow it down from there So we’re just gonna leave abroad for right now, and then down here on placements I like to edit placements, and I just use the Facebook newsfeed news feeds now I’m testing a lot with some of these other placements right now guys But still the Facebook mobile and desktop news feeds are still the ones that have seen I’ve seen Work the best right so now. We’re going to come down here in the daily budget Let’s just set it at 10 bucks a day you can start at 5 bucks a day 20 bucks a day it really just depends On your budget, and then we come down we just leave all this stuff the same we go to continue and Now the cool thing is we’ve already created that post we’re just gonna click use existing post We’re going to select the Facebook page We just created on so was the real estate agent page okay, and then it’s gonna pop up our existing post right here So we’re just gonna say hey select a post This is the post we just created. You can see right here pre listen to you before it’s the market for best free bass It’s right there we hit confirm, and we are done. Okay guys wow that was so fast if you guys are still here Props to you because I know I went through that super fast now remember guys if you want the step-by-step Tutorial on how to make this all happen That’s a little bit slower than this video go ahead type comment real estate leads down below also, give it a thumbs up if you guys felt like this was valuable because you know I want more people to be able to see this so they can go through and implement in their business because As I mentioned when I was starting out in this whole space I would see all these like gurus and stuff talking about lead generation They talked about all this theory mumbo-jumbo tell stories They never actually show you how to actually go through and do it ok So I want to be able to go through and show you how to actually do it so we can help you out and this Is a way you can do it self-serve all by yourself or if you guys want our team to do it we can easily go through it set it all up for you and Eliminate all the hassle the time constraints the technology all the learning all that stuff And so if you guys want that as well comment down below And I’ll shoot you a link where you can set up a call with a member of our team, but guys Thanks so much for watching today comment down below real estate leads I’ll give you guys this bonus And I’ll get you like the guys the link to sign up for a free 14 day of Arsenal mkg. If you guys have never Jumped on here yet really cool stuff full CRM lani paid his email text marketing Automatically posted you for the facebook twitter and linkedin, so you don’t have to worry about it We have Awesome support team to be able to go through and help you out every step of the way if you guys are brandon here make sure
You sure you subscribe Because we launched the new video every single day on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business with that said guys. I’ll see you all tomorrow

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