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How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)

How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)

Welcome back to week three of the zero
to 10,000 dollar Facebook Ads challenge where I’m attempting to take a brand new
Facebook Ads account in an ecommerce store to $10,000 in sales within a single month
now I say attempting to but the ads have been live for a single week and the
results are in and I’m pretty stoked with the results and going into this
challenge I was pretty nervous about it because I could potentially fail
miserably in front of all of you guys because this is a live step by step week
by week updates so you know week by week I’m providing you with these updates and
I could be showing you potentially miserable results but that’s the fun of
the game isn’t it but like I said the ads have been live for about a week now
and I’m just going to tell you straight up let’s get straight into it I’m about
to hit that five digit mark within the first week of the ads being live so I’m
very stoked with the result and I’m gonna get straight into Facebook Ads
manager right now back here and show you the results and what I’ve achieved and
how I’ve achieved this so let’s get straight into it so first and foremost
you can see here there’s no data at the moment because I’m not on the correct
dates so let’s go on to the calendar here and you can see today is the 14th
of July on a Sunday this video that you’re watching right now will be set
live of course on the 18th on the Thursday of July and we’ll be looking at
the date period of 7th to the 14th quite literally as you can see there’s no data
here up until Saturday as well on the 6th of July so we’re looking at a
one-week period 7th to the 14th of July and let’s go
ahead drum roll please let’s hit the magic button update so update here you
can see amazing results I’m very pleased with the results very very pleased
because within a week of the ads going live in itself we’ve hit a purchase
conversion value of 8.6 grand it has in 600 with the goal being 10,000
I am pretty sure I’m gonna break through and surpass that $10,000 mark within a
couple weeks so I’m pretty stoked of course let’s look at the raw ass the ROI
and the mount Spence was one point four grand so as you can see the raw ass is
still very very strong and I would dive deeper into the ad sets in a moment to
show you the exact details and what has worked well what hasn’t
but that’s our overall report so I’m very very stage because within a week of
this product going live eight point six grand a point six grand and that’s let’s
be transparent here eight point six grand you have to keep in mind that that
is not pure profit of course you have to deduct first and foremost the ad cost
and then the product cost I also wanted to show you one thing as well because
last week we were talking about PV campaigns and also video view campaigns
as a custom audience and I’ll show you right here if I go into three second
video views here we go you can see that there’s thirty three thousand three
second video views what that means is I’ve obviously have a video campaign
running and we’re retargeting based off a three second video view frame and I’ve
created an audience of thirty three thousand purely from this video or
videos itself and that’s a very strong component of this campaign if you don’t
know what I’m talking about then watch week two of this challenge because I go
right into the details of what exactly I’ve done and what sort of strategy of
work towards and this does not include the page view PV campaigns as well but
let’s dive deeper into the campaign campaign ad set right now so you can see
here I’ve set the filters to only have campaigns delivered last week you saw
that those an ad sets running or this campaign running that was purely a test
campaign that I ran with a small budget but currently I’ve scaled the budget up
until $75 a day and of course you can’t see the campaign names here but I’ll
show you exactly how I structured this campaign let’s add in
an additional column here let’s customize column and search for
clicks so let’s go link clicks specifically because I don’t want to see
it clicks on the ad itself I want to see link clicks driving to the EECOM site
and let’s move this up a little here under impressions because I’m just Pat
antic like that you can see there’s a large disparity between the amount of
link clicks within this week period so this campaign here which you can’t see
this line is the prospecting campaign and this process of prospecting campaign
is a PV campaign to drive a retargeting audience so this is why there has been
so many link clicks 1,000 almost 1500 to be exact and talking to this strategy
it’s a P V campaign like I just said but a lot of people in the previous video in
the comments was asking what exactly is a P V campaign well it’s a pageview
campaign people some people made their own assumption as to what a P V campaign
is and was but a P V campaign in this specific contact context is a conversion
based page view campaign why don’t I use a traffic campaign many reasons for that
but I have found that a page view conversion based campaign it is much
stronger than purely just a traffic campaign and converts better it creates
a stronger audience if you’re interested in that exact strategy and want more
details on it let me know but otherwise I won’t go into too much detail but
that’s some reason why you can see a huge link click disparity here but it’s
also good news that it has driven conversions specifically it has created
a four times Rho ass return on adspend producing 1.8 grand with $2,000 here
worth purely from a prospecting campaign now that’s really strong so let’s just
maybe go into a single day for example let’s go into today the 14th and purely
just from today so it is currently about 2 p.m. today so obviously the campaigns
running and it’s early days but you can see here that exact prospected campaign
has been no purchases whatsoever however because it’s been running for a week the
retargeting campaign is so strong at the moment
it is driving all the purchases as you can see here it has an insane 22 times
raw ass so that’s basically putting in a dollar in getting twenty two dollars out
now this is purely a retargeting campaign and that is why the Rho s is so
high and looking at it $665 produced just from to 2 p.m. today and based off
a very small ad spend of only $30 that’s pretty insane guys
put in 30 bucks today produce six hundred sixty-five dollars in purchases
and as you can see not a whole lot of purchases so the cart value of the
actual order has been significantly high which is also part of the broader
marketing strategy but I won’t talk to that because we’re just purely talking
about Facebook guides at the moment but that in itself this ad set this campaign
the retargeting campaign has been the moneymaker but with retargeting it’s not
just a matter of just checking up retargeting and hoping for the best it
is really about creating a full funnel campaign and again if you’re interested
in that exact strategy I’ve kind of spoke to it last week anyway but let me
know if you’re interested so I guys I’m pretty stoked about the results I’ll go
into the ad sets real quick and show you how I’ve broken it down even further
from there but let’s go back to that week period 7th to the 14th which is
today and let’s go back into it to overall on an average just win the first
week we’re looking at a six times row s as you can see here on average of course
the retargeting campaign which is highlighted at the moment has the
highest raw ice at ten ten times but guys super stoked that it’s produced
eight point six grand within a week of its sending it live but as you can see
from this journey from this challenge it wasn’t a matter of just setting
Payne’s life it’s really about setting a foundation and a structure to the
campaign testing and then really driving the budget and scaling that budget
before you actually pour in any money into the ads and the website itself
let’s go into the ad sets now and I’ll show you more more detail of exactly
what we’re looking at here so specifically here you can see the two
campaigns here and both has produced significant amount of revenue but
essentially what this is because you can’t see the ad set name this is
basically an a/b split test that I ran pretty early on the first couple of days
typically you know one ad set usually wins out and beats the other one but in
this case they’re relatively even as you can see the purchased row s is almost
both roughly around ten times which is extremely high not one of these ad sets
have has beat out one or the other so what I have done is kept at active kept
it going for both for both ad sets and one of them I’ve switched about you know
continued optimizing and that’s a very important point to continue to optimize
your accounts your ad sets your ads itself to ensure that it doesn’t stale
out that there’s no advert agin that you’re continually optimizing so you’re
not losing out on money or you’re not burning your cash without any sort of
return on adspend and if you’re smart definitely leverage
last week’s video week to because loads and loads of value was in that video I
basically labeled out from start to finish the exact ad strategy that I’m
using for this campaign to achieve this ten times row as a result and I put so
much value into that video so if you haven’t watch it already go check that
out but of course if you want more detail if you want details around the
exact structure on the campaign ad set and ads and you want to know how to
properly fill your retargeting campaign to produce extremely strong ROI us and
to produce strong tests results – you know properly test your products
well then last week I spoke about the six-week intensive program social
marketing mastery and from last week I mentioned this first program I’ll be
opening up in the next few months I had a stack of enrollment comes through so
if you’re interested in scaling your business through Facebook and Instagram
ads like a digital marketing demigod then be sure to pre enroll today before
I close pre-enrollment to this six-week program so like I said I will be leading
this exact program and there’s a whole bunch of things that your beginning like
I said here this is not some fake guru training that shows you how to hack
together some random ads that may or may not make you some sort of return this
will be a very extreme in-depth program a six week program with the aim to scale
your business with ad traffic whether that be an ecommerce store or any other
service that you’re providing and there’s gonna be a whole bunch of
content in this program in itself and there’s going to be an exclusive slide
channel that I’ll be setting up and and again I received quite a few questions
on when this program be opening up etc but there is no exact timeframe at the
moment in the next few months is what I’m aiming for so like I said if you’re
interested be sure to enroll before I close enrollments but on that same note
I’ll be scaling my ads this week so let’s go back into the calendar dates
this week so the 14th of 21st I’ll be scaling the ads and I’ll share the
scaling strategies and results next week so again I’m really excited to show you
the results next week because I’m super stoked with the 8.6 grand within a week
I am super stoked you know almost surpassed the the mark within the first
week so I’m very keen to see what I’m able to manage in terms of scaling these
ads now next week so and if you’re interested – be sure to tune in next
week when I release the next video around scaling and the exact results but
in the meantime keep on hustling

23 thoughts on “How to Gain 10x ROAS on Facebook Ads 2019 ($0 to $9,000 sales in just 1 WEEK FAST!)

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