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How To Fix Your Facebook Ads That Aren’t Working! – Facebook Ads Troubleshooting

How To Fix Your Facebook Ads That Aren’t Working! – Facebook Ads Troubleshooting

Adam thanks for the quick rundown and as Adam was saying guys like lots of times You’ll go through and this happens to me all the time kay. It’s not just you guys Where you’ll go through Ukraine ad and even if it’s kind of like an ad template That’s you know you like you know that works And it’s worked a million other time times you go through and you’ll set it up and for some reason It’s just not converting the way that you want it to and if guys Facebook can be super weird sometimes We’re like you can have one ad campaign you set it up. You’re running it You’re targeting the same exact people and then you want to do like a little bit of a test But you like create the same ad and you’re doing the same exact ru same everything but for one reason or another it’s not performing all right so We’ve kind of heard some people in the group talking a little bit about this and also when we’re on calls with you guys Heard a lot like okay? Well, what do I do like my ads not working and you know like you don’t need a freakout There’s just a few a couple things that you can go through and do to fix your your Facebook ads so With that said cool guys, so it looks like the the audio is going good Laura’s checking in from snowy, Utah yeah Laurie snow This get this I wanted to go skiing yesterday for all you guys that are not in Utah it snowed up at the resorts like a foot and a half And so I really wanted to go like ski for the first two hours of the day just get up I woke up at like 5:00 a.m. Just get up get you going and I found out my brother Had taken my skis in his car anyone stayed at a friend’s house Anyway, long story short didn’t go get the powder, but you know you do what you can so anyway guys That’s beside the point, but let’s um. Let’s jump in here and so for those you guys to jump on a little bit late Adams gonna kind of take the controls here, and he’s gonna go through and show some of the different things And we’re gonna go about 10 to 15 minutes or stuff up straight like just training and if you guys have questions along the way make sure you throw them in the question box and Then after the whole ten minute segment or whatever Then we’re gonna dive in and answer all your questions and stay on as long as we need to right so With that said let’s kick it off Adam. Let’s let’s jump into things Yeah, man, so my ad manager not loading so that’s a bus go, but we can still go through some of these things because it’s more analytics and And testing so Essentially what we’re gonna do first guys if an ad campaign isn’t performing very well There are basically there are basically three things that we hear a lot right so number one. It could be the actual ad itself So you know that that typically means that people aren’t clicking? And so our ad isn’t interesting to people right Number two it could be where they’re actually going in The campaign so are they going to a landing page are they going to alley? You You Facebook Messenger, so that’s the first thing that will diagnose Secondly if it is a landing page or a lead form issue then we you know we’re gonna We’re gonna address that and go through how to optimize that part it’s Something that we also get a lot of is hey, I’m getting a lot of false information right like I’m getting Quite a bit of leads, but their phone number may not be correct or their email may not be correct so those are typically the three things that will diagnose How we go and diagnose that is within ads manager and Essentially when you when you go into ads manager you’re going to have a few different key performance indicators that you’re gonna go and look at Number one, I like to look at look at cost per lead because I know My clients and you guys are looking at cost per lead So that’s the first thing that I would go and do is Looking at cost per lead number two would be cost per click How many people are clicking on the ad versus how many people are seeing the ad or what is the reach? And then what is my click-through rate right so? Click-through rate is essentially the percentage of people who are actually clicking on the ad so how many people saw it And how many people clicked on it, and then the last thing I look at is relevancy score So going through those again your key performance indicators a cost per lead cost per click Hey click-through rate and then your relevancy score So you know what numbers? What numbers there are gonna look good right so? Cost per lead it totally depends We get that question a lot like what is average cost per lead and I would say it depends on the campaign if you’re running a listing Leads campaign that you have a listing and you’re getting buyer leads I would say under $5 is good under 3 is really good right around 1 is Fantastic right so those are kind of the numbers that I look up And then looking at I would say your relevancy score for each of those is another It’s kind of a vanity metric, but it’s also important because your Facebook is going to show your ad to some more people if your relevancy score is really good and That’s typically Taken from your click-through rate, how many people are seeing your ad and how many people are responding to your ad Right so a good click-through rate would be four by early campaigns. It’d be right around Three to four percent is a good click-through rate For seller leads, it’s gonna be right around 2% is a pretty good click-through rate their relevancy score you’re looking at Seven to ten is really good. That’s typically gonna be if you have a buyer leads campaign You should be aiming to get eight to ten at least on on those you’ve got a seller leads campaign. That’s doing five six or seven or above Then it’s actually doing or Ellis doing well especially in this market where You know supply is is generally low across the board You’re you’re looking at the demand from the buyer side is really high, right? so supply is low demand is high from from the buyer side and vice versa so Buyer leads right now are typically going to convert better than seller leads And that’s kind of why those metrics are there so Does anybody have any questions on that? Did we get any questions there yeah, so Thomas and I was just answering a chat, but you have a saying on click-through rate. Are you looking at reach or impressions? Yeah, so click-through rate is act. There’s actually a metric there what I would do is go in and click go to your ad and then click performance and clicks as a default and Then scroll to the right And you can see click-through rate in there as well Click-through rate is essentially how many people how many times your ad was shown to how many times your ad was clicked And that’s the percentage at which people are clicking your your advertisement there Yeah, so Thomas on that there’s three different metrics. There’s gonna be your reach There’s gonna be your impressions, and then there’s gonna be the click to rate so they’re kind of three different metrics there But as Adam is kind of saying It’s the click-through rate is basically that percentage of how many people saw it Versus how many people actually clicked and that kind of get you your click-through rate alright So then Laurie ransom said I had a friend who got a notification from Facebook That said he cannot discriminate by targeting just women or men and also age discrimination Yeah, that’s that’s probably he probably he or she probably called them out in the actual ad campaign itself so in the ad copy They probably targeted when in 35 to 45 and they any ad copy they probably said that Right, so hey women ages 35 to 45 Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? They probably said something like that? Or something similar in the real estate industry. I’m not really sure Specifics, but you cannot specifically call out so for instance if you have like if you’re looking for divorced leads or foreclosures or something like that and You want to call those people out? It’s probably not best to say hey. Did you just get a divorce and are you looking to sell your home? You’re gonna be flagged for that right away Exactly, so so yeah, I mean you can obviously like Facebook allows you to go through and target Just men just women or specific ages because that’s like all in the ad set targeting but as Adam was saying you can’t like Specifically call them out because thing is Facebook wants wants to be a good experience when you’re on your Facebook newsfeed They one they don’t want you’d be creeped out, which if you see an ad that like literally says your name Or like is specifically like describing you It kind of creepy dalat of people right like a lot of times Like this happened to me and my wife even will like we’ll be talking about something and then later on she’s like it’s crazy I like I literally saw an ad like an hour after we were just talking about that on my Facebook feed and I haven’t been Like researching it also like something like that can be a little bit creepy for people so They don’t want like they want to just be a good experience there All right, so then span is saying when your cost per conversion starts going up at what point do you adjust? It’s a great question, I would say I have a horrible answer for you, but it really depends so With all of this guys it all depends on How many people you’re talking to right so if you get if you get 20 30 40 loop beads, so let’s say Let’s make numbers easy if you get 10 leads and you talk to 7 of those leads and book appointments with them and actually get a conversion It doesn’t matter really what your numbers are your your? Conversion rate is insanely high right so Even if your cost per conversion goes up and you’re still seeing results in terms of appointments or responses or phone calls That’s what I would measure first otherwise What you can do is set like key performance indicator goals right so if your cost per lead goes over $5 I’m gonna shut it off if my Click-through rate goes under 2%. I’m gonna shut it off things like that Another thing I would look at if your cost per conversion or cost per lead is steadily increasing is the frequency in your ad so your frequency is Essentially how many times people are seeing your advertisement? So if your frequency is above 2 that typically means that everybody has seen your ad at least twice So you want to look at that? And then you can kind of adjust or shut off the ad run a different advertising campaign So you’re not you’re not having ad fatigue Which is typically when people see your app or your offer quite frequently? I hope that answers that well, so we’ve got several other questions coming through but as we were talking about before guys We want to jump like just to the content and Paul as evinced and get to the part about getting better leads versus bogus leads So these other these other ones? I’m not ignoring them Let’s see is it swebus st. Peter. I know we haven’t hit yours yet. We’re gonna get to all these I just want to make sure we get into the content And then if people need to go to appointments or whatever you can jump off there But so let’s move on Adam to the content And then we’ll you guys do have more questions make sure you guys throw them in the chat We will get to every single question I just want to make sure that we get to the meat and potatoes of the whole content today Yeah guys so going back to the beginning so we talked about how to diagnose what KPI is to look at Next is let’s say your ad is not performing very well, so you’re not getting very meaning leads But also you’re not getting very many clicks your relevancy score isn’t very good so Typically people just aren’t responding to your ad so what do you change and what you change first? Typically it’s your offer That’s first, so like what is the actual ad is it a seller leads campaign is it a buyer leads campaign? The next thing would be your photos And I would I would venture to say that might be high up there right so if your photos are grainy or they’re not high resolution, or you know they’re just not pretty to look at You’re probably not going to get the best engagement because when people are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram They were looking for cat videos Or you know their their mom’s posts or their pictures So you’ve got to have a highly engaging Picture or video in your ad so that’s the first thing I would change and then I wouldn’t change anything else Right so change one thing at a time change the picture nothing else let it run three days See if your your KPIs are better Let it run if it’s working then then what what ever you change is working better If it isn’t the photo of the now move to the headline so keep the photo changes the headline let it run for 3-4 days See if that works if it’s both of those then you can change the ad copy But typically in the real estate or mortgage space you probably want to switch your ad up Because at that point it’s probably an offeror thing So that’s that’s kind of the ad itself you can try long versus short copy But typically it’s photo and headline are gonna are going to be the attention grabbers there Next would be any in Diagnosing the problem so if it’s if your ad is performing really well, but you’re not getting very many leads Say you have like 500 clicks, but you’ve only gotten 30 leads you’re under 10% conversion right there so something is up on your landing page or your lead form or your messenger ad so I would go in and Totally change your objective because your ad is performing really well But you’re not converting at a high enough rate, and you should you’re you’re basically losing out on at least twenty leads, so Typically what happens there is people are sending them to their website, right? and then people get washed up in all of the different options on a website versus a Landing page or a lead form or a lead capture page Only has one option right you go there. They see our call to action they can either Give us their information or they can leave and that’s really what we want. That’s the goal of the ad is to get to get a lead write name name name email phone number, so That’s the next thing I would change if your ad is performing well. You’re not getting very meaning leads. That’s what I would do and then lastly If your ad is performing well, you’re getting a ton of leads your cost per lead is really good your relevancy score is great But you’re getting a lot of false information What do you do about that right? Typically what we would do is Test landing page versus lead form and The Prince there is a landing page is off of Facebook lead form or a lead generation campaign is within Facebook and A lead form or a lead generation campaign is essentially a landing page within Facebook and what’s cool about that is They auto fill those things out so if you put name email phone number and somebody clicks on your ad to the lead form those are going to be Auto filled out and whatever information they have within Facebook so that generally helps Eliminate some of the misinformation, however they can still go in there and change that and give you bogus info so That’s really tough If your if your ad is performing really well, and you’re still doing lead forms then what you can try to do is do a messenger ad or Take them directly through like a mini chat sequence So you have you’re not going to necessarily get their name email phone number But what you will get is their facebook Messenger you they’re basically going to be put on your messenger list And you’ll have you’ll have that and eventually you can ask them their name email phone number for four different things So yeah guys that’s kind of the We use monitoring KPIs and changing ad or where they’re landing or helping with false information Awesome awesome, so let’s jump in here anything else Adam you want to hit before we jump into the the Q&A here No, oh that’s everything that’s everything I pretty much hit okay cool Yeah, I know There’s gonna be probably a few of these things that maybe we’ve already touched on a little bit But a few things that we’ll want to get a little bit more specific on Okay, let’s jump back up here Is its weather st. Peter saying? I’m not able to see any numbers on CPC or CTR so what what you need to do. There is just change the? What’s it called it’s called the the columns versus or mints here. Let me just show you let me share my screen really quick um Okay Right here, okay, so Adam. Can you see my screen? Just want me to get her that everyone oh cool? Do you want to come over here, and you just want to change this up to what was she saying on there? Sorry, I told us your CPC. I would do performance and clicks. That’s everything yeah Performance and clicks is typically the best one so you can see like Your cost per result, and this is let me just go live time on. This is a out account I don’t really use anymore so cost result that’s like how much it is to generate a lead So I’ll just show you guys some of these things that he was talking about So this frequency is like how often your ad is actually shown to people and usually what I like to see is If you’re on if you’re showing like the last seven days right here. I like to see around I shoot for 1.5 okay, so Like you can see right here. This is lifetime so over the lifetime of this the audience that was targeting It was seeing my ads about three times. You can see reach right here click-through rate right so this is like the number of clicks versus the Where is it impressions? Is that what it is? Yeah right here? Okay? So that’s basically this number no this number divided by this number, and then the percentage of that right then you’ve got your cost per click and Anyway you got your link clicks, so you got your cost per click and that Involves like even clicking on just like your your ad or your post or whatever if they hit like seem or any of that stuff And then this is your link click so clicking out to the link that you’re going to and so this is the cost per link Click okay, so there’s a little bit difference there Anyway so if you want to see different metrics like video engagement or different things you can kind of change it up right there, okay? How I ride a let’s jump over A I’m just trying to see ok Alan Alan Michaelson said dude my last campaign sucked. I got zeros across the board First of all sorry Alan before that like we need a little bit more information man like one like what campaign were you doing How much was your daily app and spends? We just a little bit more information to really know like how to diagnose that so anyway Okay, Laura’s saying. It was not the ad copy was in the preferences and Mable saying okay Oh, so they’re talking about like the discrimination thing Now with Facebook algorithm they’re their new update They’re cracking down a lot harder on this case so There could be things that like I know they like took away being able to target certain job titles like CEOs or CMOS or different things like that and so they’re they’re cracking down a lot harder so like for example Mabel saying My ads in Spanish so obviously. I was starting the Hispanic area Maybe what you want to do, and I don’t know what your target Is these are all kind of like a case-by-case basis? So it’s a little bit hard to like give a kind of like an overarching answer on this But maybe just target people who speak Spanish and not maybe like detailed targeting of like Hispanic or Mexican or Argentine or Brazilian you know something like that like you want to maybe just hit like Spanish right because they speak Spanish your ads in Spanish all that stuff Okay Paul saying get to the part about getting better lead info verse bogus We kind of hit that Paul if if you got more questions on that Go ahead type in the chat box, and we’ll make sure we get to that a little bit more Gary is sane I’ll let you answer this one Adam there, so I’m not technologies, but so would you guys touch on at the Teague a little bit? I have an ad that was killing it in December January like ten to fifteen weeds a day To now around two to three a day is it ad that’s ad fatigue Yeah what I would I would go in there and look at a lot of different metrics But it sounds like it is a fatigue. I would change it up Didn’t let an ad run for Well, you can let it run until you aren’t happy with the end result Right so like if you’re getting if you’re if you are getting in December three dollars per lead And you’re getting a lot of appointments booked or you know You’re getting a lot of results from it and then in January or February if it’s a eight to ten dollars per lead And you’re still getting the amount of appointments it just depends on your numbers Because at the end of the day like it’s at all about the end result right so If you’re if you’re still getting results if you’re still getting appointments if you’re still getting conversions from that ad then it kind of depends there are certain things that you can go in and change to alleviate the Cost per lead or the Apetit right you can go in and change the image You can go in and change the headline a little bit you can go in and change some of that stuff, so it’s not Exactly the same And that’s that’s kind of what we would do I usually like to change up The ad or offer every three to four weeks if it’s performing really well Yeah, so so on that, and this kind of goes the answer spends question as well as Gary’s question here so Sven asks. You know kind of like when your cost per conversion starts to go up How soon do you adjust and then Gary’s asking about appetit and all this stuff? Which honestly it kind of is very similar there So what it comes down to really is? Knowing your numbers and knowing what your acceptable with we’re like for me when I’m generating leads for my business I shoot for eight dollars per lead. I know my target cost per lead, okay, but I’m okay I’m fine if lead started to cost like ten dollars. I’m fine with that They start creeping up to eleven twelve dollars like I’m fine with it as long as it’s it’s turning into sales But as it creeps up above that then I’ll go through and shut it off so sometimes It could be at fatigue so sometimes. It just is like switching up the ads and rotating stuff and Gary to answer your question if it was like killing it in January so that’s like two full months And it was 10 to 15 leads a day and depending on how big your audience’s is that you’re targeting? It could be just add fatigue if you just like switching up create a new app Right now because of that think it’s going from ten to fifteen to two to three per day My guess 100% is is ad fatigue like what I do is and obviously I’ve got a little bit bigger audience And I’m spending a little bit more money, but every I don’t know three to four weeks I just go through and I create several different Variations of new ads and then I’ll throw them out there see which one’s work Which ones stick and then I’ll run it for like a day or two? And I run mine for a day or two because I’m using a lot bigger budget So I’m able to get the data a lot a lot faster Whereas we advise you guys if you’re on like a smaller Like ten or twenty dollar day budget to run it for like four to five days before you like Decide whether it’s you know a winner or a loser and so Then after that I kind of like will go through shut off. The losers keep the winners, but then every three to four weeks I’m I’m just always changing them up so that I’m never Getting to stay on a lot of times like what I view is I’ll try to I’ll try to create new ads and make them You know more creative before the other ones stop performing, so then I never have that like lull in lead generation Right what you can also do there? Quickly is you can do some retargeting to those people because they’re obviously really interested You can retarget them to another offer that you have I don’t know what the campaign is specifically, but there was you know a buyer leads listing then you can just retarget them to two more listings or or Kind of get them down the line into You know there are one lead because they clicked on it. They know you a little bit And you kind of get them down the line in that process of cold to warm to hot Yes So Thomas is saying can you use mini chat with lead forms so Thomas mini chat is gonna be a little bit different Objective, so lead forms you’re gonna choose a lead generation objective versus with if you want to use mini chat and facebook Messenger you’re gonna Choose the messenger objective, so it’s a little bit different And then Bob is saying sorry if you discussed this before but are there better days that others to run your ads Adam you want to hit that Aunt asks a question I get this one a lot Typically what I like to do is start if you’re brand new you don’t have an ad running. I would start an ad on Tuesday So that it gets Three four days before it hits the weekend Because the weekend is gonna be a little bit better people are searching for homes there They’re going through all those things So you can let it run let it optimize for three four days, and then it’ll crush over the weekend I’ve not played too much with Starting and stopping an ad I wouldn’t recommend it because the way Facebook works is they like to optimize as Your ad goes on and as your ad continues to run Facebook will get a little bit smarter with who it it shows it to so That’s generally what I recommend. They’re awesome Okay, let me just see and guys if I miss your question. I apologize I’m trying to hit every single one of them So go ahead type it in again if I if I’m like going down the little chat thing and I’m miss yours right so Okay, Paul saying this episode lead form I shot that down in the bottom I’ve got the links you might step-by-step lead form video of how to set that up Sandi said she’s also interested interested in that then Paul said if you’re spending five dollars per day on a listing lead ad With a hundred thousand audience. How many clicks and then leads should we be getting? mmm loaded question It’s that’s super tough to answer because number one. I don’t know where you are. I don’t know the competition in your area And it’s not going to be the same for everybody. I don’t know the price of the home so there are so many different variables that I can’t give you a hard fast number right because The same thing you know if I were to run the same an ad in downtown Dallas And if I were to run the same ad in middle-of-nowhere Indiana you’re gonna get different results right because there’s a little bit more competition in Dallas But there are more people in Indiana there are less people but less competition so it’s just so different That it’s hard to give you hard and fast numbers, and I know that’s a horrible answer And that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s true. Yeah, so so Paul the way I kind of like to look at it and This really cut like I shot a video actually on this the other day on my youtube channel About like just knowing your numbers and giving yourself a shot and a chance to be successful So if your if your cost per lead is five bucks per lead, and you’re spending five bucks per day You’re obviously gonna get one lead per day, right? And if you want to get more leads you gotta up your budget or find a way to kind of lower that cos plea Which obviously you know that that’s kind of a no-brainer. That’s a given but As Adam saying like California if you’re going through, and you’re you’re selling must say $800,000 home, or let’s say even like a five hundred thousand dollar home, which is pretty standard in like especially, Southern, California like An agent’s in that area should be a little bit more open and willing to spend more money on Leads just because they’re gonna making a lot more Commission than somebody in Let’s say even Utah on a two hundred three hundred thousand dollar home right so It really depends on competition house the the price of the home and a few other things right there All righty, let’s see okay How have you found a minimum cost per day to optimize lead at lead ads since the reach is so low usually do you also Every bid on lead ads do you also ever bid on lead ads? Okay, let’s sorry. Let me read that again You found a minimum cost per day to optimize lead ads since the reach is so low Usually you also ever bid on lead okay? I think she’s talking about just manual bidding yeah So anyway go for Adam. Sorry yeah, that’s a loaded question, too. I would say And not to get too complicated But whenever you choose an objective you’re basically you’re basically fighting for ad space for that objective within Facebook that’s a little bit advanced but what I would do is I would change up your Your objectives every now And then so that you’re not always fighting for lead forms With that said it depends on your audience size in terms of how many how much you’re going to spend and and how quickly? your ad will optimize So if you’ve got a hundred thousand people as your reach Generally I would spend ten dollars a day on that so that it can optimize over four days if You’re gonna. Have a hundred thousand reach, and you’re gonna spend five dollars a day I would let it run a little bit longer because it’s gonna take a little bit longer to optimize right so Depending on what your budget is you can start your ad at ten dollars a day Let it optimize and back it down a little bit But without knowing your potential reach And things of that nature. It’s hard to Give you a definitive answer But I would let it run for four days at ten dollars a day at a hundred thousand dollar or a hundred thousand potential reach cool Awesome guys really quick before we jump into some of these other questions and stuff if you guys have found today’s video Helpful if you don’t mind giving a thumbs up just because we like to kind of like see how each video is Every single week as far as like the quality and what you guys are liking and what you guys are wanting so If you guys give us a thumbs up. We’ll be able to help know if How good we’re doing of just going through and providing value make sure we’re giving you guys exactly what you want exactly what you’re looking for so Anyway, we greatly appreciate that and also if it’s hope for you. Hopefully it can be hoped for other agents and the more thumbs ups the more other people can go through and see it and the more YouTube is gonna be able to go through and Expand the reach there so anyway. Thanks. Thanks so much for that guys but Let’s see, okay. We’ve got Alan Michaelson saying actually you looked at lifetime, and it was way better Okay, so said 1487 impressions 2.4 9% CTR CPC was have sense yeah that that’s really I mean CPC fifty five five cents is super good So you were you say you weren’t able to generate leads with that Michael or Alan Anyway, I’m a little bit confused there so fifty five cents is awesome it so if you’re getting fifty five cent cost per click it Could have been something with the landing page so hit like let me know a little bit more on like what campaign you’re running the offer and all that stuff because anyway, well I want to I want to get to the bottom of that right so Nancy Fox is saying to run a new ad you have to follow the steps as we did when we first set up the ad including the pixel yes, so If you go through the nice thing is is if you’re setting up a new ad but you’re going to the same landing page You don’t have to go through and redo the pixel because the pixels already on that landing page You just use the same conversion. You just create a new ads like what they’re seen on Facebook in the newsfeed There’s gonna be a little bit different And then they can go to the same landing page so the only time you need to go through and do the poll pixel Conversion all that stuff is if you’re completely setting up a new Landing page like let’s say you’re getting a new listing or doing a new open house Or you’ve been doing buyer leads you want to try a so lead campaign. That’s when you have to go through and do that okay? Okay, Erin saying okay, what what about the best time of day to run your ad? A great question I would let it run all the I don’t really put parameters around Days or times when I run my ads Yeah, so guys. I would just let it run all day too because what Facebook does is they actually? Their algorithm actually is wanting to help you out believe it or not and so What they’ll do is kind of like after they get so much data? They’ll know okay? This is the time for this market that it works best As far as showing the ad and so if you have like a five dollar day budget They’re not going to necessarily just show it throughout the day They’re gonna know okay? the best people to show the ads Two are gonna be on maybe like first in the morning or afternoon and also the thing is too If you’re always shutting your ads off and then turn him back on shut them off and turn them on Kind of throws the the whole ads platform out of whack and your results just are not that great, okay? Okay Laurie is saying could you text me your best budget price for you guys to take care of all this for me on a monthly? Basis yeah, Laurie what I’ll do. Oh, sorry and Paul. I totally skipped over your questions. Oh, I’m sorry Let me get you over though Laurie This is For getting what those okay? I got here, so this is a this is a link to go through movements um who you guys are seeing right here on our team and so he’s he’ll Give you could set up a call with him You know walk you through the whole full-service thing of like kind of what we’ll do for you Source it him your ads your landing pages email, so you got it’s like completely hands-free like all the stuff is great But if you’re like hey, I’m too busy I just don’t have time to learn it we could take care of that for you. All right Okay, Paul, okay. Sorry Paul. I’ll get back to yourself. Okay. How does Facebook know someone’s income? You want to hit that one up Adam Think Adam maybe did you there Adam? Okay, let me hit this up. Hopefully you guys can still hear me I think Adam may have froze for a second there Okay, so Facebook what they’ll do is they’ll go out and they’ll get tons of data from all of these other advertising networks all these other groups, so they buy data and Lots of that data will have information on people’s income their net worth their purchasing behaviors Well, it’s just a whole bunch of different stuff, so what they do is it’s not always just Facebook’s data and Facebook’s Information they’ll go through and they’ll buy other data So that you as an advertiser will be able to go through and use that alright, so And also guys if you guys don’t mind this code Put down. It’s like say. I’m not sure are you guys still hearing me because it looks like Adam? Maybe got cut off So just go ahead and hit in the chat box and just say like yes audios working We’re good or whatever just so I know that I’m not just Just here talking to myself okay, and then I’ll keep going here, okay Terry is saying okay batches saying yes, okay cool Nancy’s saying yes, we can hear you okay cool Terry’s saying is there a video that shows how to set up an ad including selecting your audience and pixel thought I was running an ad and discovered. I was only boosting a post so frustrating okay Terry’s saying that and then Matt saying Terry same thing here, let me just get you guys Since you guys are on today I’ll hook you guys up with a little bonus. We’ve got for you here kids. Let me just grab the link and This is the step by step Listing leads campaign link okay, so you guys click on that they’ll walk you through creating the landing page the ad the targeting the pixel Everything that you need to do step by step, okay? So yeah, you don’t want to be boosting posts boosting posts are just gonna get you likes and comments It’s not really gonna get you real leads, so we don’t want to do that But follow that exactly and it’ll be a whole be able to help you out, so that’s if you do have Listings, and then you guys don’t have the scenes. I’ll hook you guys up with another little bonus for being on here today Hey, it’s that one’s another one those are some both great campaigns to go through and use camp all right Let’s see Terry Lori. Could you text me Terry Thomas? Gary doing a perfect job. Dude. This is so valuable I literally lost sleep last night Chinese are the question your ass right now you guys are blessing okay, awesome Gary. I’m glad that uh Glad that we’re helping you guys out here, so Back to saying talk about pixel if you already have a pixel Facebook wants to use that pic so can you or should you create a new pixel so great question you only want to have one? look you only have one Facebook pixel per ads account and You only want to use one? pixel per like for your business right so if You’re if you want If you have multiple businesses you would want to have multiple ads accounts and therefore use multiple pixels But like for example if you’re just in real estate like mostly everyone on here or mortgage or whatever You’re in you Just want to use the one pixel right and the reason why is because Facebook that pixel has a lot of data and information behind it and so Facebook’s able to go through and the more you use that one pixel the more Facebook’s able to get you higher quality information higher quality leads and they just learn a lot through that pixel for your business, okay, so You just want to keep on using that same pixel there All right shippi Realty is saying difference from boosting a post versus running an ad so right like when you boost the post you technically are running an ad but the difference is we want to do when you’re Boosting a post versus like a conversion ad or a lead format of like what we want to do to generate real leads boosting a post is Geared towards this Facebook’s going to show that that post the people who are more likely to like or comment or share that post Okay versus like when we set up a conversion ad all right or a lead format Which we’ve shown some different links here earlier. Okay, those ones are going to show your The people more likely to become a lead or put in their name phone number email address Okay, so those are kind of the the main differences right there Okay Matt’s saying they’re all going to the same link So they look they look the same, but they’re different Okay, so once buyer leads with no listings and the other one is a listing lead set up okay Matt So they look they’re like the exact same page just different different trainings there Okay, what are the plus minuses of putting the price of the home on a listing Lee dad? honestly like Really, it just it’s it’s up to you I mean it kind of comes down to testing it out and seeing what works best and what’s you know? What’s really connecting and clicking with your audience? I mean the pluses is it’s gonna probably weed out a lot of the Sorry, I just blanked for a second. It’s gonna we I was just reading another comment there It’s gonna weed out a lot of people that like maybe just opt in because the the pictures are pretty or whatever if you’re putting The price so that people kind of know like okay, that’s the price point so if it’s it’s gonna like probably prequalify in a sense your leads Whereas you might be generating leads it a little bit higher cost per lead, okay? Is that make sense like? It could be like because it’s filtering out those people it could cost a little bit more to generate a lead But those leads could be a little bit higher quality Lori’s saying do you get better results on Instagram than Facebook I do I Personally do in in my area, so you just got a test for your area I I just feel like The Instagram platforms a little bit different in the Facebook platform Right like people on Facebook are more open to go through and like I don’t know it could just be me But like I use Facebook more for business whereas like if I’m going to Instagram it’s more for like just a mental relief and just kind of like just look at cool pictures of my friends or Just like I follow some travel accounts or something like that not really going on there to like be sold and like ads I’m more likely to go through and scroll through them faster that me personally and then also just through my testing I’ve tested a lot I see Facebook works better cam Okay Allen say yeah, didn’t get any leads my landing page is my bank So I can’t add a pixel should I create my own page yes a hundred percent so that is why so a landing page? And if you guys have not been on my my webinar on that I do every single week that I do it live I’m actually doing tomorrow instead of Thursday like normal because I’m going to New York For a marketing conference this weekend, but you You don’t you want to make sure you’re using the right type of landing page, right? You can’t be using just a normal website a website is like your homepage Is not necessarily a blaming page like yeah obviously it is a landing page where like you’re sending people to but it’s typically not optimized to go through and generate leads and Allen if you’re if you’re getting fifty five cents cost per click Most likely the the page website whatever your sent him to is Not very good and not set up very well for conversions Kay because you should be getting several conversions several leads with that Okay, okay, awesome you say night here yet. Yeah, so what you want to do is just go set up a landing page specific to Whatever you’re doing and get that all going so if you’ve got an Arsenal account you can easily set one up We’ve got all the pre-built templates. You can go through you step-by-step, but Anyway, hopefully that’s helpful there umm Bats say they’re all going to sit okay, that’s I said earlier they all require an account then I’m not sure. It’s Matt talking about the same links. I’m talking about The Arsenal marketing guy oh four slash listing leads and an arsenal marking de IO for some fire leads, no listings You don’t need an account I mean you’ll need to account to actually go through and set up the the ad the landing page all that stuff She’ll need some software tools to go through and set it up but to actually watch the videos. You don’t need an account there Okay, batch is saying is there a way of determining, which type of ad will return quality leads, Oh? Honestly, it comes down to testing right like most things it’s just going to come down to testing and see which one’s work the best and If you’re if you’re not getting great quality leads we kind of Adam hit this a little bit earlier Which Adam looks like he got kicked off so if you guys are here more for Adam than for me, then I’m sorry guys, but So what I would do is if you’re wanting more quality leads I’ll be setting up a lead form and I shot the video to that a Little bit earlier where is that if you guys scroll up in the chat I message like Paul And I was like hey Paul. Here’s a lead form video. That’s a video on my youtube channel Is back baby form okay Alright guys, so I looks like I’ve answered all the questions you guys have any more questions I will stay on here for another minute or two I’ve got a call I’ve got actually a team meeting at 11:00 my time, so that’s in about 12 minutes So we’ll have to jump off here in a second, but once again If you guys found today’s video helpful, and if you guys think that these trainings are helpful Go ahead give it a thumbs up. I would really appreciate that also make sure you guys subscribe to this our celebi Youtube channel because every single week. We’re doing these live trainings on tuesdays at 12 p.m.. Eastern time 9:00 a.m. Pacific time so hopefully you guys can work that in your calendar And if not it’s all good because like it’s cool the way YouTube lives work Is it just automatically uploads it so you can go back and watch it later obviously you can’t get your questions answered live you’ll have to do that like in the Facebook group or something like that but Anyway so if you guys found it helpful Give it a thumbs up would really appreciate that just hit that little button there Subscribe to channel it looks like a couple more questions came in so I’ll answer those and then we’ll wrap it up here in just a minute Was the like training you just mentioned on Thursdays, I don’t think I’ve heard about that one Bob. Let me shoot you the link Yes, so this one So Bob and There’s the link so I’m actually doing tomorrow because like I said I’m flying out Thursday, so I can’t do it then Gary say hey Jay said the links are going directly to the arsenal’ CRM page and not the training I think that’s what Matt is talking about really We that is true guys So weird Let me just try this again, I just That’s really weird Gary and In Matt and everyone, so let me just see I just typed it again Okay, I’ll have to go fix those links and I’ll throw them in the chat here or like once this video is done I’ll comment down below I’m sorry Matt. I was thinking I was like What are you talking about but? I totally see what you’re saying now because I just click the links right in there so if you guys go – I’ll just I’ll just type it in here for a second so if you go to Arsenal mark me dot IO and Then Ford flash you guys if you type it in it’ll work. Okay, and type in /list een – Leads I put a space in there Because so don’t click on that I put a space in there because it wasn’t working so type in Arsenal marketing guy Oh forward slash listing – Leeds, okay And that should pop up just fine for you if it doesn’t hit me up again And I don’t know I gotta go figure that out. I don’t know why it’s not working Okay Batches saying I’ve been using a lead form ads and I don’t see much difference As far as as far as the lead generation or like the lead quality okay um I’ll have to nail that down or doing anything with real estate investors I’m working on get into that space a little bit more Okay, so we’ve got some campaigns on foreclosure leads on you know couples that might get divorced And they’ll go through and be able to get that But as far as um as far as like you know wholesale leads all that stuff. I haven’t done a ton with that I’m working on connecting with a few different people to nail that down a little bit better but anyway Cool, okay, so batches say lead quality hmm So what I would do batch It is I would go through and I would test out a little bit more with your audience targeting okay excluding maybe some people excluding like lower income individuals excluding lower income net worse I would I would match up the targeting with whatever type of lis you’re looking to generate okay? That’s what I would do there. All right guys awesome. Thank you so much I would stay on a little bit longer But I really do have to go now Jump on this other call and get some stuff prepared for our team meeting here this this weekly team meeting But once again if you guys found today’s video helpful give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that all so if you don’t mind sharing it if you have some other friends that are agents brokers whatever go ahead and hit that share button share it with them and Subscribe the channel we’re gonna Do these every single Tuesday? Live YouTube live so that you guys can jump on watch them kind of see what we’re doing here and kind of get some more information of how to help you with your business and your lead generation Facebook Ads all that good stuff and Yeah, I think that’s about it guys, so okay Thomas saying. Thanks Jason awesome as always okay? I appreciate you guys and once again if you guys did find it helpful give a thumbs up subscribe Comment down below to once we like we hit end on this and I would greatly appreciate that If there’s other topics you guys want us to hit Comment down below this video once we finish up and we’ll make sure we get to those or eyes We’ve got for next couple of weeks Scheduled out and ready have some ideas that we’ve got for you guys are just things that we’ve been seeing over and over again But we want to be able to help out every single person on here, so Thanks again guys for watching today I hope you all have an amazing rest of the day may see week and with that said Erin saying boom Awesome, okay. We’ll talk to you guys later. See you guys. Thanks so much

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