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How to Fire Your Marketing Agency Client

How to Fire Your Marketing Agency Client

In terms of you know how to say bye to a prospect
or a client that isn’t the best fit, there are a couple of ways to go about doing that.
First of all, you need to look at your agreement. So you should be having clients sign
agreements before you work with them. So contracts, agreements, whatever, however
you like to word them. But and you need to make sure before you fire
a client, step one is to look at what is in their agreement to make sure your not breaking
any of the you know engagement rules as well. So that is you know step one. Step
two would be to really just talk to them about it. Okay, so if and
it depends on how tumultuous the relationship is, right. So if it’s
really just if you have a good personal relationship with them and it’s just time
to part ways because their low paying your ready to work with other clients,
you have stuff coming in, and it’s just not a good fit anymore
then pick up the phone and call them and talk to them about it, right.
Now if it’s something that it you don’t want to talk to them on the phone then obviously
or you should talk to them on the phone but if for some reason you can’t or something
happened then you can send them an e-mail but you just need to explain that the paths you
are taking are different and you feel like it is now time to cut ties and
you wish them the best of luck. And if you have someone to refer them to,
so if you have another agency or consultant to refer them to then do that. Or if
you have a piece of advice for them, maybe I recommend that you go here
and find someone that can help you. So I’ve done that before. So when I cut ties
with low paying clients, like for example I cut ties with an SEO client. I referred
her a couple of SEO agencies and then I also gave her like I gave her tips on how to hire
an SEO freelancer because I said you know you might find with your budget that your
better off hiring an SEO freelancer. You can go to Upwork.com and you can search
for talented freelancers, make sure you look at their reviews, and looked for
United States only. And so you kind of just got and thats you
know if you wanna take if you have a decent relationship with these people you don’t want
to burn bridges, right. So you definitely want to try to help them while still
cutting ties with them. So guide them along if you can and then say
thanks so much for or working with me its been great, I wish you the best of luck,
thanks. And then say bye. So that’s kind of my tip on we had someone
ask on how to say goodbye to a client and that’s kind of my recommendation.
So if you can, do it on the phone. If not, you can do it via e-mail but just
be nice and refer them to someone if you can or give them tips on how they can hire someone,
or send them to a blog post, whatever it is, just do something where your ending it with
value so they come back and they refer you to you know they might come across someone
who is a better fit for you and they could refer you to them. So just because you
have to fire a client it doesn’t mean it has to end on bad terms. It shouldn’t
end on bad terms. At all. Unless their unless something happens and they are kind of crazy or whatever it is.

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