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How to Export Banner Ads made in Animatron, to Google Adwords and DoubleClick

How to Export Banner Ads made in Animatron, to Google Adwords and DoubleClick

hi there! I’m Bryce and I’d like to show you how to export your Animatron banner ads for Google Adwords and DoubleClick here, I have this banner ad with an image, some text and a little animation sprinkled in before I consider exporting this banner ad I will need to be sure my project is optimized properly, so that it meets third-party uploading requirements to keep the file size of your banner ad down to a minimum it is highly recommended to select from our Google-approved library of web fonts if you have text elements that are using custom imported fonts simply, right-click on them and choose “Convert Text to Shape” from the Context Menu this will convert all of your custom text into vector shapes drastically lowering the banner ad’s file size and helps to avoid unwanted animation hiccups now, onto optimizing images be sure they are scaled properly to the size of your canvas dimensions this will ensure that the attached image does not exceed some external size limitations traditionally, JPEG is the preferred image format for banner ads due to its smaller file size however, PNG images can still be used if they maintain smaller dimensions as a final note on images vector graphics will always be a better option when considering image clarity, scalability and transparency and finally, the video duration and canvas dimensions of the banner ad are the last details to consider adjusting, while optimizing once you’re satisfied, click on the “Download” button and select “Download HTML 5 Code…” from the pop-up window here, you can choose to export your project as a “Generic” HTML5 video or for use in Google AdWords or DoubleClick simply choose your thumbnail image, canvas size and player options, before downloading an estimated file size is displayed here, so you can see just how optimized your project really is last but certainly not least, you will need to include a “target URL” so your DoubleClick banner ad knows where to go that’s it! now just download your file and you’re ready to launch your new banner ad! you can test out your DoubleClick banner file with this handy online validator just upload the zip file and see your results if you come by this notification, don’t panic this is a known issue and you can rest assured that all is well! congratulations! you now have the power to create and manage your very own banner ads best of luck with your campaign! and be sure to come back again soon for some more helpful Animatron Tutorials!

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