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How to Even Out Your Eyelids Without Surgery

How to Even Out Your Eyelids Without Surgery

so a lot of you guys were wondering how I was able to even out my eyelid without surgery and so far I have this great technique to show you that I actually learned from a friend of mine and so far it’s permanent it’s hard for me to show you now because my eyelids are both even but I’m going to show you a before and after screenshot of my old eyelid with the incorrect fold and the new eyelid that I have with the correct fold the answer is really really simple tape there’s two different types of tapes that you can use there’s eyelid tape which I personally love to use and then there’s medical tape what’s really important is that you want to get double-sided tape the reason why double-sided tape works better is because number one it’s stronger number two it holds on to the fold better and number three it’s actually the only way I know this can work you can either make your own eyelid tape which personally I haven’t tried yet but I know that it’s really simple there’s a lot of videos on YouTube where you can learn how to do it and it’s a great way to save money without spending too much money on the eyelid tape or number two you can buy eyelid tapes this is how this technique works basically for three months straight you have to wear your eyelid tape everyday for 22 hours I know it sounds like a long time it’s a huge commitment believe me it really is but let me tell you it’s worth it because it works if you don’t have a store nearby that sells eyelid tape I recommend going to this website called pretty and cute calm it’s actually my friends website and she’s actually the one that kind of told me about this technique so I like buying double double sided eyelid tape in here you can see it’s right here there’s different brands and different kinds this isn’t really my favorite one but because I ran out of my favorite one this is my second favorite one that I like to use you want to find a brand that uses medical grade tape medical grade tape will most likely not irritate your eyes and it’s not going to give you a rash or anything so here’s my double-sided eyelid tape I like to use tweezers just because it’s faster I know that this isn’t the proper way to peel off the tape there’s videos online where they can show you how to properly do it but I find that it’s faster and I’m really impatient using a tweezer like this a very very very skinny one that’s used to probably tweeze your nose hairs I know that sounds too testing your tape what you’re gonna do is you’re going to fold and peel this part off you see how it’s preparation so you can kind of peel it and peel the cover off and it’s gonna reveal the double sided tape it’s keeping everything clean and take your tweezer then peel your table like this this is the tape can you guys see it it’s very thin and it’s double-sided I like to hold it with the tweezer and not use my fingers because once you use your fingers and the oil will get on there and it’s gonna start getting less sticky the stickier the better it’s better for the tape to be on naked skin but I personally recommend getting the eyelid fork I don’t know what this is called but I’m calling it the eyelid work my old eyelid fold was right here see my new eyelid fold is right up there can you guys see it a little bit so take your fork and start probing around and find and locate your new eyelid fold so this is actually where I would put it but it’s all it’s different for everyone else take your tape and put it on one side like this okay this is this is one way to do it putting it on like this and then taking your your guy pushing it in and there you go another way to do it and I know this is actually the way that they teach you how to do it have the tape on your fork like this kind of its kind of folded a bit go in and find your crease again and then push in poke keep poking it and there you have it your new fold if you can’t wear tape all day because maybe someone can see it or maybe you don’t want people to see that you’re wearing tape I recommend then using glue this is actually my favorite I like glue it’s called I talk I think it’s a Japanese brand and it’s amazing there’s a lot of video tutorials on how to use this I’m just gonna pretend I want my fold to be up higher let’s just say just pretending so there’s my crease so I’m going to apply it up here so now you just want to wait for it to dry you know that it’s dry because what’s gonna happen is that the glue will become clear and that’s when you know it’s nice and sticky you guys can tell it’s a little sticky it’s almost dry all right now it’s dry because it’s clear and it’s invisible take your your fork or your prong your eyelet prong sorry I keep calling it forth and push in and start jabbing your eyeballs out like a scary movie keep doing it keep doing it keep jabbing it till now you have a new fold to remove this it’s really simple it’s water soluble so a little bit of water just Pat it on and then just peel it right off doing something like this takes a lot of dedication and a lot of patience first off you’re gonna be wearing eyelid tape for three months straight at least 22 hours a day so try and avoid wearing heavy heavy eye makeup and eyeliners fine mascara is fine but smokey eyes I would stay away from foundation on the eyes I would stay away from I know it’s all tough but trust me it’ll be worth it because after three months most likely you’ll see a difference I mean I can’t promise you that this will work for everyone but I know that it worked on me it worked on my friends and the person that recommended it to me worked on her too I really recommend wearing thick frame glasses to distract people from seeing your eyelid tape heavy fake lashes that’s that will also help distract people from seeing your eyelid tape other than that I think it’s okay people see it just tell them what you’re doing I think there’s no shame in it because I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people in this world with uneven eyelids people have different eyelid shapes has nothing to do with race the reason why I wanted to even out my eyelid was because I was really tired of always having to draw one liquid liner thinner or thicker than the other one to even it out so that’s really why I wanted to do it and there was a time where I actually thought about getting eyelid surgery because I thought that was the only way to correct it I didn’t know that there was a way to do it without surgery I remember I researched a lot of different places that were offering eyelid surgery and they’re all telling me that they couldn’t just do one they had to do both they basically had to do surgery on both my eyelids which is why I didn’t want to do it because first off I don’t want to risk going under the knife and then something happening and my eyelids are both like messed up and jacked up looking and also for me I prefer non-invasive procedures so anything that’s not going to involve a knife I’m totally up for doing this technique you can actually mess up your eyelid meaning that if you do it wrong you can actually make it looks baggy so again please try this at your discretion again also do more research I know you guys just saw this video I don’t want anyone to go on and jump and buy eyelid tape and jab their eyes with the eyelid fork I’m just showing you my technique that worked really really well on me and I’m super happy with it I really wish you guys a lot of luck on this because I know it’s it’s really annoying to have uneven eyelids I know I’ve had them for 25 years and I just now fixed them so best of luck to you guys and let me know your progress I really hope this was helpful and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye what are you doing [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Even Out Your Eyelids Without Surgery

  1. It really works! I wore eyelid tape for 24 hours for 30 days. It’s been 6 years now and the fold is still here. Tho when i cry and my eyelids becomes puffy it comes a lil weird but when the puffing gone, the fold is back to normal again

  2. a few days ago I realized that my hooded eyes were the reason why I look unattractive. I felt so insecure about them that I didn’t even wanna go anywhere. I even planned on getting a brow lift. buuuut I just came across this video & I’m gonna try this method first. I hope it works, it will save me tons of money in the long run. 💕

  3. I think glue actually works better, because not only does it change the place of the fold, it will make the upper part of your eyelid stick to the lower part.Kind of like removing some eyelid skin! And it's waterproof as long you don't rub.

    The only downside: when I open my eyes you see this line of where the skin is glued together. But hey, it's either that or seeing tape. 🙂

  4. I have double eyelids on the left.
    Have penta (5) eyelids on the right.

    Atleast that's how I call it. I guess the more the merrier :')

    And they arent just lines… They are actual folds T WT (whenever i have a glance to it… Im. Very. Much. Annoyed. Lol)

  5. Mam the eye to which u are putting tape…. That eye is going to b larger or smaller…. Pls reply

  6. im a guy and have hooded eyes but one of them isnt as hooded as the other. i like my hooded eyes and would rather have the other one be just as hooded as the other. does anyone know what i could do🥺

  7. Would eyelid tape help lift a droopy eyelid? My left eyelid has gotten significantly droopy this past year and my eyes are super uneven. :/

  8. Its like when I look at the mirror is looks normal but when I take a selfie… then I see that my left eye lid is somewhat hooded than the right eye… Ive looked all of my earlier photos it wasn't there but later like after some years my left eyelid is somewhat hooded than the right… What's the reason

  9. I tried this years ago and it actually worked! (I did use eyelash glue rather than tape bc I couldn’t find any)

  10. Bruh, I have a hooded eye and then my other eye has hella eyelid space and it's my sexiest eye 🤧 gonna try this and I hope to God it works because this literally makes me feel ugly. I have forced myself to always have my eyes half-lidded because that hides the problem a little bit. And I also now unconsciously lift a bit by eyebrow from the hooded eye side and it also kinda helps but it's still noticeable 😓

  11. I never had a problem with my eyes before and a week ago my eye got inflamed and red it went down now but my eyelid on the left side is Lower and it’s very noticeable to me it makes me depressed and self conscious I don’t go anywhere besides work .. my eye constantly been twitching for 2 months too I’ve tired steroid drops it doesn’t help either.. hoping this tape will help me I bought 2 different kinds should come in a few days wish me luck

  12. My left eye is a little bit small to my right eye when i am mistaken i give herbal remedies nail medicine drop on my left eye i felt it because i had wasn't seen the eye drop its really my bad😭😭😭😭😭😭have any medicine for me to fix my eye👁️size👁️..?

  13. My eyelid is not even too and is it ok if my upper eyelid start to deepened I'm kinda scared right now since I'm just 17 years old

  14. I thought I was the only one! I have one eyelid that I'm fine with, and the other is hooded. I hope it can be fixed T_T

  15. Awe…. I wore eyelid for almost one and a half month and it did really work. Oh my God, my eyelids are somehow even out. Even without wearing eye tape, it has a natural crease now. But the thing is you have to wear it 247.

  16. I had this problem in school and then in the summer I didn’t it went away but now school starts Monday and it came back ☹️

  17. Ok so my left eye is more downturned than my right eye and eyeliner looks better on my right eye and I have no idea how to do my left eye so I just don’t do eyeliner 😔

  18. I know this was waaaaaayyyyyyy back but I'm just looking into using hooded eye tape. I would gladly buy some of yours if you ever made them.

  19. Omd!!! I have one hooded eye and one normal eye and when someone takes a pic of me my hooded eye looks disabled like seriously it looks like I'm cockeyed😑😑😑

  20. yall i just used eyelash glue on my eyelid and made it even, left it on for a couple hours and now my eyelids look even again. It only took me a couple hours to get rid of the unevenness.

  21. I got so much to change about myself. These three months-six months bout to be tough. Dieting, fixing my eyelids, and growing out my hair. Here we go. Wish you guys luck with this method. I will return to say how it goes.


    I watched your video yesterday and tried out the trick. Voilà ! This morning when I woke up, both my creases were perfectly equal and they still are now !!!!

    I bought a roll of one-sided eyelid tapes which is the only available kind in my local drugstore. I use it before i go to bed and remove the tape in the next morning and then I do my makeup routine. I CAN apply eyeshadow on my creases and draw eyeliner !!!!

    Before this, I can only do eye makeup after a long crying night or an overslept morning. Thanks to your trick, now I can do any kind of eye makeup whenever I want !!!

    It works even though I only put it on for few hours when I sleep !!! My new crease lasts until the end of the day. I’ll use the tape before going to bed everyday for everlasting effect 💗

    So much thanks for you and your dear friend !

  23. It help me thank you btw my eyes like a chinese now it's a big eye now 🤗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  24. I know this is something more for the Asian community but the folds of my eyes are uneven and it makes one eye look droopier than the other is it still culturally ethical to do this even tho I'm not Asian?

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